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  1. High end mods have too many meaningless stats
  2. Since the generic mods are not able for WT5 items(high end, set, etc.)
  3. Fix forum link for PTS TU4
  4. Mike-01 erroe can't login in pts
  5. Specialist sidearms need a redesign
  6. More needs to be done on PvP balance and build diversity
  7. TU4 and High End Mods - I'm ok with low tier generic mod nerf, but....
  8. Grenade swap button
  9. [Feedback] Ballistic Shield Skill in dire need of a health increase
  10. Mod inventory is show 22/60 when I only have 4 mods now
  11. We want some rewards
  12. Negotiators Dilemma took a direct nerf due to no Explosive dmg Generic Mods
  13. The loss of color highlights on gear for talents is awful
  14. error on stats on sidearms
  15. Sound on headshot kill
  16. Need a way to view Field Research progress while out in the field
  17. Gunner Field Research Progression Issue
  18. Swap loadouts hot keys
  19. Status effect damage and duration issues
  20. New spec tree just made it worse...
  21. Talent activation requirement coloring.
  22. Removal of “bulletproof” backpacks
  23. Trash/Favorite needs to be consitent - and a thanks
  24. Sawed Off Shotgun as Sidearm
  25. Decreased acceleration of NPCs when repositioning in cover
  26. Specialization changes feedback
  27. Skills are ineffective
  28. Don't change weapons used to unlock specialist weapon mods (or make both unlock).
  29. Feature Request
  30. Not getting credit on killing basilisk after stripping armor - Stage 5 Field Research
  31. Feedback: Thank you for alphabetizing the friends list.
  32. unlocking Gunner
  33. blueprints/attachments should be shared across chars
  34. Post-Mission Stats
  35. Gear, stats, recalibration and the whole meaning of accomplishment..
  36. Spec ammo audio cue.
  37. RIP Offensive protocol mods
  38. MODS/CHEST Suggestion
  39. Sniper/Scoped Shots Nerfed?
  40. Re-evaluate the Nerfs to Sniper Spec with TU4
  41. Suggestion - add actual new content if we have to grind for specialization
  42. My Feedback starts with P and ends with OOP
  43. Tasks for a new specialization
  44. Convert crafting materials
  45. Big problem pnj invincible!
  46. Feedback about Field Research - Weapon-specific requirements
  47. Cluster Seeker Feedback
  48. Stages
  49. The minigun feels more like a frenzy LMG than an actual minigun
  50. 1 BIG Specialization Tree
  51. Make all Weapons feel viable and balanced
  52. Put in-game clock on the Map
  53. Divison 2 Needs
  54. To ALL DEVS and Major Bosses over TD2
  55. DPS change?
  56. Global Events - When?
  57. Special Ammo drops
  58. Gear score and other small suggestions
  59. Enemy AI seems to be "odd" again...
  60. Feedback
  61. Have Specialization saved in Loadouts and changed out in the field.
  62. My two cents on the new minigun specilization quest, mission, thing.
  63. Exotic holster is more fun than gear sets
  64. Please keep the reload speed bonus from Sharpshooter on Rifles and MMRs only.
  65. Changes - The Good, Bad, Ugly
  66. Suggestion - make crossbow bleed last longer or do more damage
  67. I just have a question for the devs.
  68. PTS Feedback, Suggestions & Requests
  69. Suggestion let people refund individual points in the specialization tree
  70. Special ammo for gunner and bug with cover
  71. [BUGs] Some quick things I noticed on PTS
  72. PVP Balancing suggestion
  73. Feedback-Firefly
  74. [Bug Report] In PTS, the generic mods in inventory can not be moved
  75. Specialization Skill-Tree Changes
  76. Barber Shop
  77. New Exotic Pistol???
  78. Small UI suggestion for gear brand icons in inventory
  79. Camera when wielding minigun
  80. Ongoing Directive
  81. Looting ammo box sometimes resets skill cooldowns
  82. Shooting dogs procs special ammo
  83. Gunner special die loop
  84. Suggestion - LMG class bonus
  85. Suggestion Invasion
  86. Please give us all the spec points so we can actually test the gunner!
  87. Stop nerfing Sniper and Buffing LMGs
  88. Aux battery mod
  89. Gunner Banshee Range Mod doesn't increase range
  90. Credits cache in PTS
  91. Convert Generic Mods
  92. Talk To Quartermaster
  93. Checkmarks on gear
  94. Hope we can have a difference barrel length p416
  95. Gunner medkit will break PVP
  96. Cannot pick up ammo w/ Gunner class
  97. Foam grenade a grenade for ants.
  98. [BUG] Group member bonuses
  99. What is the point of +15% damage to [insert weapon type] in Specializations?
  100. Pulse Spotter vs RAW DPS
  101. PTS -TU 4 Specialisation changes and the impact it will have ahead of time.
  102. Compensated Talent in TU4
  103. Invaded Jefferson Plaza Bug
  104. Suggestion: Introduce gear that focuses around specialization weapons specifically
  105. Rifles
  106. My little feedbacks on Gunners Specialization and PTS
  107. Buff mods with the System/Protocol Mod Changes to Compete with ~6-7% weapon damage.
  108. Black Tusk grenade spam/explosive drones
  109. Gunner Field Research Feedback
  110. Why?Why did you increase AI damage?
  111. Switch mods between charactera
  112. please finish loots that are worthless ..
  113. Specialization weapon damage, blue mod exclusion, what do developers want?
  114. Shield vs stairs vs the enviroment.
  115. Feedback-Hive
  116. Suggestion - changes to crossbow
  117. Crafting station
  118. [Feedback] Ballistic Shield Skill in dire need of a health increase
  119. How to get ammo for specialization weapon.
  120. Clothes
  121. General Suggestions and Feedback
  122. Small suggestion for exotic holster
  123. Talk about variety and maybe idea to fix some skills and weapons
  124. Feel rippped off yr 1 pass
  125. Activity log: projects
  126. i want old gear sets from Divison 1 and i want more ways to get exotics
  127. Pulse rework
  128. TU4 Phase 1 Bug report.
  129. Skill mods need to read "partial credit" for values below requirement
  130. Recalibration costs high, leads to hoarding. Lower cost or make "stat concentrate" sy
  131. Ongoing Directive has too many utility rolls and system mod slots after mod change
  132. System vs Protocol effective stat allowance seems uneven. Protocol need a value boost
  133. The team has done a better job, but the players have the right to ask for more.
  134. Dog dropping Special Ammo for the Mini-gun?
  135. Gunner
  136. Colored Text hard to read?
  137. Gunner mask need a fix
  138. Hip fire ar/lmg
  139. The signature weapon damage nerfs need to be reverted
  140. Feedback from PTS on mods, specializations, Gunner tree
  141. Merciless Nerf to Armored Enemies went too far
  142. Buff bleed and fire damage
  143. Request: inventory app
  144. My suggestions - good and bad!
  145. Loading Time so long!After yesterday update
  146. Stealth and suppressor's
  147. Please decrease the amount of useless info in the Worldmap regarding missions
  148. Suggestion : Quickly knowing mod slot type
  149. Why is no one addressing this ?!?!?!?!
  150. Testing the PTS build without patch notes?
  151. Buff gunner damage
  152. Feedback: Minigun feels weak after yesterdays patch
  153. Fix rng/recalibration
  154. upcoming merciless/exotic nerf
  155. Why were we not able to test Raid gear sets?
  156. Why are you always weakening players'equipment?From Tu2.1 to 3.0 to 3.1 to 4.0
  157. Numerical balance and mechanistic problems
  158. PVP still same game breaking problem LMG
  159. The Gunner Specialization is really good. Balanced, but really good.
  160. Please Remove Special Ammo Audio Cue
  161. Merciless explosion not doing damage to armor now.
  162. Buy documents online Buy IELTS and TOEFL Online
  163. Reload time bonus for marksman rifle
  164. Specialist weapons
  165. 15% to each weapons, what is the goal
  166. Optimisation station will keep players playing!
  167. Need option to see my network info
  168. Riot Foam Grenade Feedback
  169. Generics, ar, odz talents.
  170. General feedback from a returning player