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  1. What time.......
  2. Is TU4 bringing more content as well as a new specialization?
  3. Since the generic mods are not able for WT5 items(high end, set, etc.)
  4. Need clarification on Gear mod changes. Question to the developers.
  5. Skill changes
  6. on loot drops
  7. Problem Throwing Hand Grenades
  8. Chris Gansler said there'd hopefully be more info this week regarding Skills...
  9. Night vision goggles and thermal scope
  10. Gunner not available without research on PTS?
  11. First part of the Field Research, how?
  12. How to shock Roach on Bank Headquarters?
  13. Special Field Research Challenges to unlock Gunner specialization is too tedious
  14. New Specialist Not Being Unlocked
  15. Specialization unlock phase one issue -CONTROL POINT-
  16. Exotic Holster coming in TU4.
  17. Survivalist sidearm D50
  18. Surprise with a shotgun
  19. Stage 3 Confusion
  20. GE Currency?
  21. Generic mod isnít the issue, the incapability to embrace players decision is.
  22. Headshot Sound
  23. Specialists changes on the PTS
  24. 30% increased reload speed (Removed)
  25. ENTIRE GAME is changing with TU4. Sharpshooter is bunk for ARs now.
  26. Please unlock Gunner sper for testing
  27. Demolitionist ammo -- can't pick any up
  28. Gunner unlock ?..
  29. Unable to pick up specialized ammo
  30. Where is the apology from Massive to the PTS base?`
  31. PTS Login
  32. Headshots are SO satisfying now!
  33. Gunner Spec Field Research Write up and tips
  34. Gunner melts anything
  35. TU.4 Generic Mods changes ?!!
  36. No spec points?
  37. ViewPoint Recower intelligence
  38. NA PTS Server Delta'd now joining Asia server...no thanks I'm done.
  39. Ok so I shocked Roach several times...
  40. pts
  41. 4th mod slot on skills?
  42. First week badge and exotic AR, dev plz read
  43. Gunner- Food for thought
  44. what is that? what is it for?
  45. Thank you Massive for getting rid of protocol/system mod slots.
  46. Gunner Spec Minigun Damage Progression
  47. Exotic drops and the RAID
  48. A good thing for 3 bad!
  49. Sidearm damage
  50. Where are my mods?
  51. Jefferson Plaza Glitch
  52. Special amo bug
  53. Cannot collect special ammo
  54. Any idea why the banshee duration is 20 secs but the effect is 5???
  55. Why did you increase AI damage?
  56. Clothing Question
  57. Cant finish Jefferson Plaza Invaded mission
  58. How many people are playing PTS?
  59. Shields need to have their base health increased!
  60. Ubi/Massive please reverse the change of Deft Hands
  61. Dont nerf lmg!!!!!!
  62. Generic Mods dont work on my level 20
  63. Adding two new (old) skills
  64. http://www.kingofsupplement.com/alpha-titan-testo/
  65. plans or desing of the P416
  66. Thoughts on next PVP meta?
  67. PSA: Specialization Points Unlocked
  68. Demolitionist Ammo Bug
  69. Merciless Nerf?
  70. Why nerf Crossbow?? Why? is this a bug?
  71. Patchnotes?
  72. Signiture Weapon Damage - Miscalculated?
  73. upcoming exotic/merciless nerf
  74. Rooted nerf??
  75. New UI Elements - Colorblind Issues
  76. Free Weekend
  77. Why are you always weakening players'equipment and talent?From Tu2.1 to 4.0
  78. Why we can't craft attachments more than once ?
  79. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online
  80. Nemesis parts
  81. lack of multiplayers
  82. Matchmake not working for about 4 days now