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  1. Welcome!
  2. I wonder if this game will have Sniper Rifles....
  3. Co-op Play?
  4. Guns that are In Rainbow Six 3
  5. Real-Time voice-activated commands... ?!?
  6. problem with the mouse
  7. Handed
  8. New Rainbow Six 3 screenshots at Gamespot
  9. new r6 info
  10. I'm too excited about this game...
  11. any proof that this game won't lag with 16 people online?
  12. Developers, could you give us some information?
  13. Raven Shield
  14. Body Armor
  15. Xbox RAINDOW 6 NEEDD!!!!!!!! REPLY !!!!
  16. 2 player co-op
  17. Hmm... Wierd.
  19. Will XB RS3 have this?
  20. question about ravenshield for ps2
  21. Full Spectrum Warrior NEED INFO!!!!!
  22. What ports do i need to open to host a MP game?
  24. New article on R63 Xb
  25. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  26. Where's the Grenade Launcher?
  27. New info
  28. Is Raven shield Duel processor compatile?
  29. want to play anything -nt
  31. Favirite Rainbow opritives?
  32. Why the Hats?
  33. Recriutment
  34. Any Screen Shots Lately?
  35. I hate the changes to the Xbox version
  36. What is the Game like
  37. Gun behindview?
  38. What would you think of this in the game?
  39. split screen
  40. number of operatives?
  41. RS3 forum at the xbo forums
  42. How To play? -nt
  43. How To Play The Game At First Time?
  44. Suggestions for the Devs
  45. Revolvers
  46. Guns youd like to see...
  47. This Board is boring
  49. Downloadable content
  50. Door ?'s
  51. M203 Grenade Launcher
  53. [Live Team Update] Can we get an other Live Team Update
  54. Creating a dedicated rs3-rs server
  55. Weapon Additions
  56. Colored thermal vision
  57. A 'launch game' command is needed here
  59. Topic Closed
  60. saving
  61. rainbow six games
  62. some screens showing on-line play (with gas-mask!!)
  63. does anyone know exaclty how many operatives there are in a mission(all of the teams combined)and...
  64. New Info Maybe for some of u
  65. XBOX 2 DATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  66. l
  67. 1.41 Patch Delays
  68. Mp on Xbox
  69. Release date?
  70. offical Xbox magizine
  71. An easy question ??
  72. some screens to c
  73. But they'll rise to fight another day!!
  74. help a bug!!!
  75. CD key for MP play
  76. CO-OP on Xbox Live?
  77. About the reticule...
  78. Full site coming so....years later.
  79. What about Single Player?
  80. cd key server not responding
  81. Do some screenies looks odd to you.
  82. R6-3 Mission Breifings Parts 1 & 2 (IGN)
  83. Rianbow Six 3 demo on 9/22/03
  84. We need the R6 site....
  85. Error while installing Rainbow Six 3
  86. SWAT vs Rainbow
  87. does anyone got the game by a graphic card like hercules card ???
  88. CREDIT GOs to em
  89. EB games pushes demo to the 16th
  90. OICW design and stuff
  91. Rainbow Six 3 Demo Disc on IGN
  92. You know wats weird?
  93. Snipers
  94. qestion about pre order
  95. can someone please answer this forum subject.
  96. i am in desprate need of this question being answerd
  97. please godddd ah man pleaase answere
  98. just called the store and i'm on my way to get the disc
  99. sorry about posting so many subjects.. -nt
  100. i hope we get to use the communicator for the demo
  101. Ok, to settle it here is the price for the demo...
  102. Things to do while you wait for demo...
  103. Full Spectrum Soldier
  104. Where's the site?
  105. r6 out in november
  106. Live Xbox Communicator Voice Set Up...
  107. new reminder about demo disk
  108. what level do you think we get to play in the demo?
  109. did any of you guys see the new SC pandora tomarrow trailer?
  110. "proper" silencer sounds.
  111. Good vibes from X03 & ECTS 2003 :)
  112. IM BACK
  113. New UK Game pre-order
  114. Extra Disk
  115. Where is the Demo!?!?!?!
  116. Multiplayer Questions.
  117. Xbox Live Questions
  118. High Definition Qeuston.
  119. Message to Devs: Has the core gameplay changed?
  120. EB games order status changed!!
  121. What grenade will you use the most on the M203?
  122. xbox link play
  123. Demo is.......INCREDIBLE
  124. voice commands work on the demo
  125. Why?!?!?
  126. What Level is on the Demo
  127. Control Issues
  128. Now that the demo is out.......
  129. New Reticule
  130. To those who have the demo
  131. Grenade Types in the Launcher.....?
  132. damn Gamestop\all you guys that have the disk are very lucky.
  133. Demo Review by a Rainbow Six Junkie (On Consoles)
  134. Weapons list?(now that the demo is "out")
  135. M82 (now thats good eating if your a tango)
  136. Demo Voice Command List
  138. Help me godd@mn!!!!!!!!!!!!
  139. Can you Play Live with the RB6 Demo???
  141. Just pre ordered from eb, lets hope they dont screw me!
  142. Sneaky one shot kills on MP?
  143. Xbox Live Co-op
  145. So for those of u who do have the demo.... -nt
  146. Gamespy's take
  147. UK demo
  148. Helpful Suugestion for RB6-3 (Xbox)
  149. Hancuffing terrorist
  150. I just played the demo and all I can say is.... WOW WOW WOW
  151. cool little feature i found
  152. Got the UK Demo!!!
  153. My Rate of Fire issue
  154. split screen co-op for RS3??
  155. alternate nicknames?
  156. What are the gore effects like in the game?
  157. I Must Suck!!!
  158. Anyone know when the Full Site is going to be here?
  159. Xbox CS to nolonger include "condition Zero"
  160. new Xbox mag cover Photo?
  161. Is it Rainbow Six?
  162. Why is it I keep hearing only 4 Human players for Live.
  163. I have another question about the demo
  164. XBL Gamertags
  165. What happened to the real bullet physics Ubi?
  166. RS3 Preview on GameSpot
  167. how do i use the other weapons?
  168. Someone Plz.... -nt
  169. AI on the US Xbox demo...
  170. So when is it coming out?
  171. Demo, my Impressions
  172. Revised Voice Command List ....
  173. weapon mods
  174. About the Site and Laddering...Volkan or anyone
  175. If you could choose the only 4 operators that are in Rainbow Six 3 who would you choose?
  176. Why do ppl keep dismissing the rate of fire?
  177. What Are The Vocal Command (for the demo xbox)
  178. Have a question...
  179. question about RB6 3 xbl 4 UBI
  180. Rainbow Six 6 Box Art.....HEADSET INCLUDED(pic)
  181. Just picked up the Demo
  182. Shots hit the dot, or anywhere within the circle?
  183. Suggestions before Final Release
  184. I think there is going to be ROF in rs3
  185. Melee attack?
  186. question about online rb6 3????
  187. Helicoptes???
  188. Heh Heh
  189. is this for real?
  190. Ding,Louis,Dieter and Eddie?! Which "4" would you prefer to play with?
  191. Where is the cd-key ??
  192. Game Modes
  193. Plz i need to know ..... what happened Ubi???
  194. Is there a Problem again with UBI
  195. So what different types of camo are in the game???
  196. Rate of Fire
  197. I need help with my RS3 Demo FAQ.
  198. Hope ya didnt take out all the goodies Ubi
  199. What problems do YOUR team have?
  200. Rainbow Six 3 for Xbox ingame save?
  201. A few questions about the final version of the game.
  202. Can I pre-order the game at Future shop?
  203. Release Date for R63
  204. Big Disapointment in xbox live games modes...
  205. My New Rainbow Six 3 Website!! "Check out the Video"
  206. About "Add-ons"
  207. How do you use the voice commands?
  208. If you have XBL and has R63 reserved post here!!
  209. Come and check out my Demo FAQ for the game.
  210. Us Brits get a good deal! Shocker!
  211. If this is the killer app for XBL then why..
  212. Split Screen Multi
  213. uniforms
  214. Notice?
  215. my gamer tag
  216. Need Help. I Can't damn get my game installed ! Please Read
  218. Headset + Preorder
  219. Rules of Engagment....
  220. dude, what the heck? flash and frag are useless
  221. Multi-player Split-Screen Lover's: Post your thoughts of it's exclusion from the Xbox version
  222. New Headset
  223. Yeah...
  224. New Site is up...WOOOOO
  225. Wheres the FAQ
  226. Thermal vision limited to AUG and sniper rifles?
  227. when you get the game....
  228. Cool things you've noticed in the demo.... the little details
  229. Voice commands are for women and little boys
  230. SR-2 pistol not listed
  231. Monkeys from Outerspace.
  232. Post Here if you want a PILOT/PRESIDENT game mode!
  233. What!
  234. LAG!!!?????
  235. Attactchments
  236. lucky shot
  237. gamertag....
  238. Price of the game please : )
  239. help lol =/
  240. Rainbow Six 3 Gamer's Please post your GamerTag and Information here !
  241. It's pitiful that Redstorm can't put objective-based mp modes in games!
  242. No Attatchments?
  243. nice new about the hostage & bomb ???
  244. Ok I preordered Raven Shield for Xbox last week from EB, do I get the headset?
  245. I need some advice.
  246. Mods: Geiger, Witness, Ickabod, Pope...PLEASE READ!
  247. Anybody notice this.....
  248. Tournament Time?
  249. dead teammates
  250. What happened to the realism?