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  1. Forum Rules & Code of Conduct
  2. Ghost Recon Breakpoint REACTIONS THREAD
  3. Feels like a drone overload
  4. Pvp - speculation thread
  5. Looks amazing
  6. Question about AI teammates in Breakpoint
  7. Will there be gender customization for AI Team ?
  8. NOT a fan of classes
  9. Map size?
  10. Offline play
  11. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Official Announce Trailer
  12. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Official Gameplay Walkthrough
  13. Backpacks and other character customization
  14. Shared World for the future?
  15. Weapons questions
  16. "Theater Mode" in Breakpoint
  17. Petition to add AI teammates to the game
  18. vote for add AI teammates
  19. Bring back AI teammates
  20. Hey Ubi - tell MS their Preorder button doesn't work...
  21. Survival aspects
  22. Please have character face/body slider and options, make characters look nicer
  23. We wanted AI team improved, not removed
  24. ghost recon rewards program PS4 to PC
  25. No Room Clearing, Entry Stance?
  26. AI physics and gameplay are still unsatisfying? Will they fix it?
  27. Many questions for ubiteam but anyone who know please answer. No rumors please
  28. No AI team is a deal breaker for me
  29. Well Done I'm In
  30. I am afraid classes system will limit tactical choices
  31. Co-op options
  32. M/K for consoles
  33. PVP - Conventional Respawns please...
  34. Rifle Scopes question
  35. Combat Environement
  36. Breakpoint = Far Cry
  37. Poll : Bring back AI teammates for Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  38. Thoughts on bringing AI teammates back or not
  39. What features/mechanics will carry over from Wildlands?
  41. South Pacific Setting
  42. Tiered loot drops in Breakpoint?
  43. First person view ?
  44. Character creation?
  45. Remove Tiered loot, GR is not a looter/shooter!
  46. Beta Registration
  47. [Feedback] about Generic Scifi Shooter 10.
  48. The question : Have you bought in?
  49. 8v8 it’s not too late!!!
  50. You guys really know how to LOSE customers.
  51. Thank you for upcoming sequel, looking forward.
  52. Take Drones out of PVP!! Take out all the Markers when you Snipe
  53. So whats your opinion on the state of Splinter Cell
  54. Breach > Bang > Clear, the tactical dream unrealized... yet?
  55. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint beta questions.
  56. What you want & dont want for PVP.
  57. Will we ever get cross platform?
  58. Suggestion (Mic Communication)
  59. No improvement to features and removal of features mans the game is not worth 60$
  60. Man y’all messed up not putting A.I. in Breakpoint
  61. You know what would be a badass way to bring in AI teammates?
  62. Poll: Bring 8V8 PVP to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint
  63. With no AI teammates, the gameplay and reveal trailers are very deceptive
  64. How big is the map?
  65. The impression of a brand lover ! Congrats to the team
  66. 4v4 will not cut it
  67. This is not Ghost Recon.
  68. Insulted Former Customer
  69. THIS TIME dont make the following mistakes. so will buy the game!
  70. Ideas for Breakpoint PvP
  71. Do enemies also suffer from injuries?
  72. Why is this not available for PC?
  73. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint: World Premiere Livestream
  74. Leveled enemies
  75. any plan for cheaters in Ghost war cheaters paradise?
  76. Wearing the 1, 2 or 3 point webbing weapon
  77. What we really want in the PVP mode
  78. Breakpoint reveal feedback: what I'm looking forward to, what I'm concerned about
  79. PvP Question
  80. Bullet Drop Rate
  81. We really need those AI teammates!!!Don't remove them plz!
  82. No massive patches this time please
  83. Will character will be always on the left side of the screen?
  84. Co-op
  85. don't cancel AI team mate in SP
  86. PC - PVP questions.
  87. So the focus of the game after end game is pve or pvp?
  88. Classes are OP
  89. Ubi - “We want you to play anyway you want”
  90. My speculation of what Ubisoft is trying to do
  91. Why RU/CN price is so expensive?
  92. What is Breakpoint being balanced around?
  93. No AI Teammates, NO MONEY UBISOFT (Sign please)
  94. Hardcore mode?
  95. RIP Holt, Midas, Weaver
  96. UBI just learn from the ghost mode of wildlands that u can disable ur AI teammate plz
  97. All I want in Breakpoint is a proper camouflage customization system.
  98. Can we please ditch the store exclusivity BS
  99. Let's talk about what's awesome about it instead of bashing it.
  100. Please we do not want a ghost recon 76, add AI teammates and I will buy them and pay
  101. Steam
  102. Please make host decide the difficulty
  103. Metal Gear: Breakpoint
  104. Will get into fires of hell but I think this game is on the right track.
  105. Year 1 Pass
  106. Any plans on adding GRFS Features?
  107. Buttstocks
  108. side mission - dlc
  109. Pro Classes and no AI thread.
  110. AI Teammates now CONFIRMED
  111. You know what’s funny
  112. The Good, the bad/concerns and the wishes
  113. Want a grounded Tactical Military Shooter not a Division meets Skynet sci-fi game.
  114. Parachuting???
  115. DLC Pack idea?!
  116. My fav things about Wildlands
  117. I heard you were "Listening" to feed back.. Rerelease GhostRecon 1 ground up.
  118. NO to CLASSES in PVE
  119. My reaction to Ghost Recon Break Point
  120. tier loot system...
  121. Personal Emblem / patch editor
  122. Breakpoint Battle Royale mode !
  123. ghost recon breakpoint to require constant internet connection
  124. Will Nomad have a voice actor?
  125. [SUGGESTION] Ghost Team Support Perk......
  126. GR:BREAKPOINT will be downgrade graphic?
  127. Wallpaper Fanart ;)
  128. Suggestions for GRB
  129. Flashlights with/without IR filters? & other gear and equipment that should be added.
  130. Stamina, fatigue, weight and equipment
  131. 10 vs 10+Free for All+BR= EPIC TACTICAL SHOOTER SINCE SOCOM 2
  132. Breakpoint’s Direction
  133. Please enable all 3 fire selector options: Single, 3 round burst and full auto
  134. [FEEDBACK] About Online Only
  135. emmm.......Could we customize the size of the character's ***?
  136. Online and AI Team Question
  137. As a RU region player I'm concerned
  138. PC controls
  139. What is s Raid?
  140. Why Preorder?
  141. Classes flexability
  142. [Suggestion] An off-line mode without progression: Yes or No
  143. Please, No Weird Jamming Effects That Also Affect Player's 3rd Person View
  144. Are Requested Vehicles Going To Drop Out of Thin Air Again?
  145. If I don't preorder the Gold or Ultimate edition, what classes can I use for PVP?
  146. Make supressors have a duration
  147. Breakpoint reveal feedback
  148. [POLL] What percentage of the time do you play Co Op?
  149. Only online is a restriction for many users
  150. “Friends, or suffer”
  151. Question about Weapon Tiers and Loot Drop.
  152. Elephant In The Room
  153. Bring back AI Teammates
  154. Breakpoint, fitting title
  155. What we should actually be petitioning
  156. "We listened to Ghost Recon Fans..."
  157. Remove Devision Type Gameplay Mechanics and Features from Ghost Recon.
  158. Ultimate Edition Price Uplay vs Epic
  159. How about NO AI teammates?
  160. GR: Breakpoint need to fix vehicles. Make more details!
  161. connexion obligatoire
  162. You're doing something right, Ubisoft!
  163. The Tom Clancy name is dead..
  164. Implement new traversal features!
  165. Petition make solo play offline!!!!!!
  166. Looking forward to it
  167. Wolves Collectors Edition For PC Missing In Australia
  168. Break Point: PVP WISHLIST THREAD!!!
  169. High tech
  170. Ubi should release an official solo mission narrated playthrough video soon
  171. (Feedback)No offline mode raises privacy concerns in buyers and decreases game value.
  172. How will the beta work?
  173. Petition: Make Ghost Recon Breakpoint offline!
  174. You dont like randoms?
  175. Please Don't Ever Attempt To Monetize Classes
  176. Loot shooter fears.
  177. CM confirmation, please: Dialogue options?
  178. Getting Back On Track (Without Losing Face)
  179. No suppression in pvp
  180. Nowy Ghost Recon, jakie zmiany chcielibyście zobaczyć?
  181. Prediction for classes
  182. For the love of mankind please add 6v6 or 8v8 PVP option this year
  183. NO AI teammates,this is GhostRecon ???
  184. Battle Royale mode, or the lack thereof
  185. Classes and cheesy drones = No $$ from me
  186. Please bring back first person as option
  187. [Suggestion] Devs focus on PvP community request
  188. PC Games interview with Q&A illustrates the level of disconnect.
  189. I have a suggestion for Offline mode
  190. Jace Skell Audio#1
  191. Please make stealth better in this game.
  192. Make an enemy AI who wants to survive.
  193. Suggestion First Person
  194. Plz I'm begging you!
  195. "Theater Mode" en Ghost Recon: Breakpoint
  196. Interesting Proposal
  197. We're still going to have motorcycles ? please say yes!
  198. Here's an IDEA...
  199. GR Breakpoint, does it require PS Plus
  200. TM deathmatch
  201. False twiter account ? SKELL Thecnology ?
  202. Speaking of the reveal trailer, do you all remember this one?
  203. @Ubisoft -questions for solo players which need to get answered at some point (E3?)
  204. Game Informer Review
  205. Language in Portuguese br, and abusive prices in R $ (real)
  206. Can we get immersive air transport already?
  207. Militarized Watch Dogs??
  208. New Weapon Compound/Recurve Bow suggestion
  209. Not buying until...
  210. Ghost Recon Store Credits
  211. I Already Own The Division
  212. can't we all just agree that a good game is most important?
  213. The island of Aroa
  214. Sad story Ghost recon will be a full rpg
  215. 5/13/19: GRB ANNOUNCEMENT HIGHLIGHTS (A little more info)
  216. Breakpoint Recap Articles
  217. Mu suggestions to the Ubisoft team for GR: Breakpoint.
  218. Wow, no AI squadmates for single-player? Guess Ghost Recon is kinda dead to me now.
  219. Thanks for the Info Ubisoft
  220. I want my HoneyBadger Class
  221. Are we really going to grind Ghost Recon Breakpoint?
  222. UBI, No AI teamates, can consider this for matchmaking?
  223. Could we have proper high powered sniper scopes with variable zoom levels this time?
  224. Few questions
  225. It'not Ghostrecon! any more if you add...
  226. [SUGGESTION][DEV request], weapon stats.
  227. what kind of connection? P2P like Wildlands? or will be as The Division?
  228. Keep the AI teammates, there must be better ways
  229. Social Hub
  230. [SUGGESTION] Bivouacs
  231. The Most Important Question To Ask - Is there a currency system for upgrades?
  232. Ghost War Request for Devs - Enable a Blocked/Blacklist
  233. So What Game Series Is This?
  234. A small gameplay suggestion for Breakpoint (console/controller weapon swapping)
  235. From Wildlands to Breakpoint
  236. This is Ghost Recon
  237. Ghost recon trying to be The division?
  238. This is the game that Chuck Norris would be proud of
  239. [SUGGESTION]Deep six the social hub
  240. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Global Threat Story Trailer
  241. Is Ubisoft Planning To Drop AI Teammates In Ghost Recon Breakpoint?
  242. Question about different versions of the game
  243. Question about character customisation.
  244. Interesting twitter message from Ubisoft's creative director Julian Gerighty
  245. Run away to Paraguay ???
  246. Ghost war weapon customization and movement
  247. More questions
  248. Graphics update?
  249. [Suggestion] Fate of Nomad's team NEVER should have been revealed.....
  250. [Suggestion] Wildlands stats carry over to Breakpoint.....