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  1. The raid and 4th and final boss...
  2. My experience with Wildlands AI today
  3. inverted camera
  4. Regulations that affect advertising
  5. Golem Island - Solo
  6. I've seen the worst raid copy since the Division 2
  7. Raid Loot Drop Fix
  8. A-tacs ix
  9. I just reinstall the game yesterday and...
  10. Turning off red blast zone layer...
  11. Silent Hill
  12. Question with default preset
  13. will there any survival mode like the division in GRB
  14. Solo vs coop vs pvp
  15. The visual similarities between the Scorpio Scout & CHEYTAC M200 Snipers opinions?
  16. Cant start the Raid
  17. Tier and Ilevel remove what that mean for Raid?
  18. New Dev team
  19. Want sound like wolves?
  20. Raid second run content?
  21. Poll - What do you think about the raid?
  22. Ghost war top dog mission
  23. I am gear score 260+ but store and drops stop at 250 and raid normal mobs drop 252...
  24. 4 nights and 4 raid bosses
  25. The game is solid
  26. Just had to say it
  27. GRB pvp needs more variety
  28. what is the plan for new guns and rewards for different modes?
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  30. What about the crashes in the high mountains with lots of snow?
  31. A man walks into a pub!
  32. Koblin from the RAID
  33. So the Promise that [b]ALL[/b] Weapon Blueprints Would Be Available in Solo PVE
  34. Who survived the raid?
  35. human verification
  36. It's odd that the best tactic in a Ghost Recon game is to be seen...
  37. Biggest explosion you've made so far?
  38. problŤme (Bug) ??? raid l'ordinateur quantique
  39. Questions to Community Managers
  40. Dlc
  41. Raid Island is great
  42. Survey Results Look Manipulated - What Do You Think
  43. [Maintenance] Live Update December 3, 2019
  44. Was the Black Friday sale a good thing?
  45. Question for tomorrow's update
  46. Random Crashes
  47. Battle rewards change.
  48. What's the point of blueprints?
  49. Battle Points PVP Issue
  50. I want to love this game but you make me hate it ubisoft
  51. Tomorrow's Update - Determines my Plight
  52. Gunsmith, Gear, and Groups
  53. Battle Rewards bug forcing disconnect MOUNTAIN 00D10 *video*
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  55. After playing the raids I can honestly say, let it die in peace!
  56. 516 Shorty
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  58. Ubisoft, are you enjoying designing gun variants?
  59. Faction Rewards BS Sill Ongoing!
  60. Best GR Excluding GRW+GRB
  61. Battle rewards unlocks are stuffed completely this episode
  62. The enemy AI is changing?
  63. Hey, Ubi reps, why won't you talk about "offline play" ? stop ignoring EVERY thread
  64. Battle Tier reset to Tier 3 from 38
  65. So, are they going to explain this Act 2 change?
  66. Josiah Hill Work Around Xbox One.
  67. Drones ruin the game.
  68. Fired from Delta
  69. Wann kommt die neue Klasse? Gibt es da ein genaueres Datum??
  70. Dr Ballard
  71. When will the new class come? Is there already a more exact date?
  72. Refund ?
  73. Add an option to disable sfx for skell credits loot
  74. Symbols on weapons
  75. About Ghost Recon Breakpoint's soundtrack
  76. Waterfalls birds
  77. Story inconsistency?
  78. [Raid Review] Completed Raid - The Good and The Bad
  79. Are you currently playing Wildlands or Breakpoint?
  80. new Battle rewards are glitched
  81. Raids (allow smaller teams)
  82. I lost the Ghost Gillie suit from previous battle pass
  83. Any changes to Faction Missions?
  84. Raid
  85. Dismantle Gear and pin on map
  86. Continued discussion
  87. Bar Jokes
  88. Ubi Mods, please take a step back and give a moment
  89. Combat movement.
  90. A man walked into a forum bar ...
  91. Sentinel enemy talks with someone but he is alone
  92. No Controller Feedback with Certain Guns
  93. hill having hair sums up breakpoint.
  94. Now hiring : Quality control Manager and entire staff (10 full time positions)
  95. Error kicked out of PVP
  96. Koblin Not dropping??
  97. why do i get a you are to far from Dr. ballard warning after completing mission?
  98. Ubi Bard
  99. Battle Rewards
  100. Game Crashing on Xbox1, Losing Network Connection
  101. Battle Rewards Crates Bug
  102. Just a heads up about the raid island being solo
  103. I am Struggling to Understand You Ubisoft...
  104. Quick update on the state of the game
  105. Battle rewards 2nd season epic fail
  106. Generated missions in Raid
  107. I just want to apologize
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  109. Uhh some The raid guns are glitched using the wrong calibers.
  110. LF Scorpion Evo3 Tactical
  111. December 2019 Roadmap?
  112. The study of ignorance and poor managing.
  113. Equipment camo
  114. Raid Drop Table
  115. What ever happened to UbiBard?
  116. no checkpoint after get intel in elite faction mission?
  117. Helicopter controls
  118. Any news on screaming headshots? Has the issue been addressed? Has this been patched?
  119. Playing Xbox One version on PC
  120. Humbled and Honoured.
  121. Raid - question. Thereís no random group join options?
  122. Uplay + and Battlepass Progress Question
  123. Useless Fluff Items - Emotes, Cards, and Plaid Colors
  124. Ubi's answers about previous battle pass rewards
  125. Breakpoint is unplayable, hear me out....
  126. Prayers from the Wildlands continue ...
  127. [Possible Fix] Suggestion on utilizing gear score, weapon stats, bivouac weapon fix.
  128. Missing rank 40 Battle rewards. Ghille top
  129. Just Played Both GRW and GRB - GRW Blows GRB Away, IMO!
  130. Bivouac Intel Page
  131. Are the NPC's in Erewhon infected?
  132. Battle Rewards - [Update Coming] Discussion
  133. Battle Rewards Update?
  134. Missing Items from the Battlepass Crates
  135. Battle crates WAU!! -_-
  136. Canít play
  137. The Terminator Event? & Missed out on battle rewards goodies?
  138. Silent 1000b
  139. Nothing but downed servers tonight on xb1 for me lol
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  142. Scope breaking bug, Having huge issue with game studdering when entering T5XI scope.
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  145. Anyone being compensated?
  146. I Killed the Gargoyle...
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  150. Confused Veteran
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  153. [PS4] recuiting players for in my team!
  154. crashing game
  155. Okay. The RAID. Just watched a video...
  156. 1 year pass
  157. Explain gun stats
  158. hornet 118
  159. For current Breakpoint Players
  160. HTI Survival & Tac-50 Brown
  161. Why is there no PTS?
  162. This post was deleted from the ghost recon subreddit and I've received a 30 day ban.
  163. Ian Blake Mission Crashing all the time ?
  164. Battle pass rewards and crashes again...please help.
  165. Honestly, what is the point of playing anymore if the reward grind is broken?
  166. Why bother having a wrist watch
  167. [ ghost recon public service announcement ]
  168. A few questions for You, Mr. Ubibard.
  169. How rich is your character?
  170. PRINTABLE Spreadsheet/Checklist for battle rewards
  171. Ghost Recon Breakpooint - $19.99 via Walmart
  172. Thanks Ubisoft!
  173. AI is blind, deaf and dumb
  174. Battle Tier Rewards update- rebuttal
  175. GRB - All Battle Rewards from ACT 1 & 2 for "FREE"
  176. Starting Chapter 1
  177. Since you're in the giving mood Ubisoft...
  178. The Weapon that Nomad use
  179. Ubisoft should have listened to him about Breakpoint
  180. Get rid of the coughing guy at base
  181. I don't do PVP
  182. Mines - Can't believe it took me so long
  183. Behemoths - More intelligent and greater range?
  184. Follow "breakpoint_meme" on instagram
  185. Stutering when taking shot
  186. Breakpoint could still be fun if we only pick up what's good in it
  187. Patient Zero Mission ?
  188. I feel dirty...
  189. Implementing positive mindset...
  190. December patch?
  191. Faction missions
  192. Delta Company Update
  193. Stealing vehicles
  194. New statement by Ubisoft development on Delta Company
  195. Keep crashing!!!!
  196. Breakpoint Known Issues List
  197. everyone get Battle rewards ?and people who doing mission every day some compensation
  198. Integrally Silenced Weapons -- Panther Class
  199. December Roadmap
  200. Really enjoying the drip feed of the story
  201. Engineering class release date?
  202. Suggestions for a more "ghostly" Gameplay Experience
  203. Not right Gear score in store
  204. So why did I spend anytime at all doing the battle tiers in act 1? Waste of time
  205. Scorpio scout in Battle Pass? WTH??
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  214. Is campaign progress stored locally or only on Ubisoft's servers?
  215. I just play RDR2 for the last few day
  216. Raid collectibles location
  217. A beautiful game gone bad
  218. COD, modern warfare , not as good for the money single player like GR
  219. If you canít beat 'em, join 'em - Going loud
  220. Bye all
  221. Has your frame rate improved?
  222. Raid Wall is Stupid!
  223. Another drone thread
  224. Survey wasted
  225. Please ubisoft im begging you to tell me something to keep me interested in this game
  226. Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  227. Simple thread. Has the screaming headshots been addressed yet?
  228. Rolling gun buffs - endlessly
  229. Motorcycles in Breakpoint
  230. All I want is a god damn hoodie.
  231. Curiosity Only (RAID)
  232. Year 1 Pass
  233. Anyone from Ubisoft reading any of this stuff?
  234. I like a Refund
  235. Graphical downgrade
  236. Battle Reward System Camo Complaint
  237. IA or Clothing Poll
  238. interesting solo-ish raid video
  239. Donít buy the MK 17 Wolves - itís seriously bugged
  240. Regarding Golem Island
  241. Looking for a few volunteers...
  242. A few immersion killing things...
  243. Milsim Groups Intel and briefing package
  244. Only ambient sounds
  245. Cloak Spay not restocking
  246. Weapon Perks
  247. Another day in the forums
  248. Can we get a height option for character creation
  249. Change the color of the Figure Gear Set Pieces
  250. The vest with mag pouches keeps reverting to the plain one!