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  1. Ok wtf
  2. Falling and parachute?
  3. How to restart missions?
  4. OH GOD, IT'S HIDEOUS!!!! (416 Shorty)
  5. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is CRAP
  6. And this is why I'm glad I didn't purchase the game...
  7. No drone; cannot use drone; drone stopped working; software reload
  8. Shot opponent wt 100s of rounds, did not die, see video
  9. experience / XP px value] help
  10. Sell/breakdown multiple items
  11. Standard weapons parts after LV150 ?
  12. Slowing Down Gear Score Advancement
  13. Bugs
  14. Vehicle damage...
  15. Faction 15pt "support" missions... just why?
  16. Make bipods usable
  17. PSA - How to "Unequip" Weapons
  18. Some important points regarding the alert System!!
  19. Flashing colours during game play, Ghost recon breakpoint
  20. PSA Do Not Delete Your First Save
  21. So F'ing RANDOM!
  22. Ghost war leaderboards
  23. Movement Mechanics
  24. Half-way conclusions on the title
  25. Same gear, different class
  26. My Report to Ubisoft
  27. Common Bugs, Errors and suggestions
  28. What mission is this? i cant select or find it.
  29. Anyone seen the last scope?
  30. Gold edition dlc
  31. PC controller support completely bugged.
  32. Revamp the Gun Tier system
  33. Does Predator Drone make a noise?
  34. Underwater cable station, advise
  35. Cancelling Uplay+ vs. Game progression?
  36. SLI Support???
  37. construction truck theft
  38. Random explosions intentional?
  39. Battle Points and Rewards
  40. Community Managers? Hello?
  41. They need revamp the graphics on the females
  42. Holt character
  43. See No Evil completed, Act 4 mission doesnt trigger
  44. Sync shot drones.
  45. Ubisoft Club Rewards
  46. Which scope is this, and which key is it to toggle scope?
  47. going to buy GRBreakpoint will it install over my GRB BETA?
  48. Whats your favourite guns?
  49. Gearscore and gear drops always lower.
  50. Ammunition
  51. Pvp audio while planting/intel
  52. Missing Items after leaving PvP
  53. Is there storage or a way to favorite things?
  54. Cant deploy drone !?!?!????!!!
  55. Battle Rewards
  56. Carrying people
  57. Battle points
  58. Rainbow Characters?
  59. Is UBI support really trying to piss people off?
  60. Remove all from favorites?
  61. Still missing closed beta emblem
  62. are the other camo's going to be added to the shops?
  63. Ak47 yes but where is Fn Fal ?
  64. we need standard weapons
  65. Faction missions - Find a sentinel soldier
  66. Are you using a variety of guns now?
  67. WAY TOO MANY random enemy encounters
  68. is under herzog's control bugged?
  69. Simple feedback from someone who really enjoyed Wildlands
  70. very enjoyable game
  71. Is Breakpoint more LINEAR than Wildlands?
  72. Items in store vs items available by playing
  73. Is there a way to get new vehicles without buying them with skell or real money?
  74. Do the vehicles transfer with a new character save?
  75. HELP!!!! sentinel outfit that was promised...... still not here
  76. Bring back the SMG-11 / MAC-11?
  77. Is GRB kinda like the courtesan of gaming?
  78. How to kill the invulnerable Walker?
  79. I love it!
  80. We need
  81. How do I get medic drone in pvp?
  82. Why are all the 50 cal rifles using .338 rounds?
  83. We don't need Azrael drones/helicopters every 5 minutes!
  84. Breakpoint has good bones, but it needs some love.
  85. RU Collimator Sight
  86. Self-Stick C4 on character arm yet lol
  87. Stutter. Micro lag.
  88. MGS V vs GRB: 4 year old game vs new game
  89. ASR 805 BREN Schematics Glitched - Dev Assistance Request
  90. Cqb?
  91. Decent Game
  92. What drones is cloaking spray supposed to work on ?
  93. (Bug?) Enemy's delayed spawning (PS4)
  94. It's Official, The Results Are In, Breakpoint Has Bombed...
  95. Torch
  96. Gillie suits
  97. Bug? Skill points enabling gear based stats in pvp?
  98. Sound Markers / Hit Markers?
  99. Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  100. Night vision gone
  101. Unable to use any vehicles
  102. Weapons on Demand Rarity?
  103. A wild Tornado Truck Appears!!!
  104. How to use Medic Drone
  105. Bugs/Suggestions/Thoughts
  106. What are the optimal breakpoint HDR settings on LG Oled C8?
  107. Gear score 150
  108. Whats the minimum level to kill walker?
  109. Fantastic weapon customization and options
  110. gear craft ? gear materials ?
  111. Game purchase
  112. Battelpoints factions mission
  113. Assault 8: Rank Up Challenges
  114. Where is the chocolate chip camo?
  115. 30 kills w/0 dying?
  116. How to play stealthy
  117. Class leveling - rewards question
  118. The current concept of Loot ain't working in Breakpoint
  119. Issues in game
  120. Side mission, secure Samuels cabin
  121. Audio ducking after firing or combat. Working as intended?
  122. anyone tried a 1060 3gb card ?
  123. Now i know for a fact you people at ubisoft dont play your own games.
  124. Some Issues I've Noticed...
  125. PLS add Trucks with enemy units in it roaming the streets! More random enemies pls
  126. Getting battle crate items that aren't in the crate
  127. Pvp
  128. Assault class and higher difficulty
  129. Paid Negative Reviews Against Breakpoint?????
  130. Panther class, PVP, how to acquire smoke screen?
  131. Ghost War mission Survivalist
  132. Breach Torch?
  133. Directional sound in Breakpoint PVP?
  134. Ghost War - Ubisoft Plan againt cheating?
  135. Why do faction missions not show the rewards half the time on the objective board?
  136. Long road to victory - steal the hardware truck.
  137. [FEEDBACK]Please turn down the 'dirt effect' on weapons, and fix the pouches.
  138. How unlock holt figure
  139. new update
  140. Ny drone dont work!?!!!!
  141. Ultra fast keto
  142. Misinformation in game and final transits using store
  143. Bug Weapon preset
  144. Weapon Preset
  145. How am I supposed to destroy servers in the data centre
  146. can't pick up gear, ammo our even skell credits
  147. language pack
  148. So... Walker is dead. This is the end?
  150. Is there 80 Blueprints ?
  151. Zoologist “Treasure maps”
  152. Crosshair bugged!!!
  153. Red gear???
  154. Found walk by accident
  155. Immersion
  156. Anybody having problems with the crosshair??
  157. Duplicate battle rewards
  158. Drop Standard Weapon Parts At High Gear Level
  159. Lost in the Wilderness
  160. 516 Variant
  161. Uplay+ does't inlcude Ghost Wr PVP, only reason i sbscribed...
  162. Why are there no ghillie hoods, sniper hoods or hoodie hoods at all
  163. Number 1 reason I die
  164. Battle Rewards per character?
  165. Losing my mind over the Protect the Programmers mission.
  166. What does it men to be "detected"?
  167. Request to Join squad?
  168. (ubi paris) do we need to speak in french for a dev response and update
  169. https://www.myfitnesspharm.com/ultra-keto-max/
  170. Does Pack Mule increase explosive items?
  171. Can't locate profile info (NEW ARGYLL - Clipper Islet & Promised Land)
  172. Kind of like an Easter Egg
  173. G36 total wrong :( / fantasy rifle
  174. PvP os the worst experience possible
  175. Pillbox door in Fen Bog
  176. Raids? Oo
  177. how to access locked houses?
  178. Breakpoint - Discovery Tour
  179. Company Health Care Faction Mission Bugged.
  180. How many weapons
  181. 2 questions i cant find the answers for
  182. Wont start
  183. Daily Progress, what time reset?
  184. Final grip for the M4A1 - where is it?
  185. Please give option to delete standard preset or an option to hide our primary weapons
  186. Skill Points what would you use them on
  187. Matchmaking
  188. Helicopter clear.
  189. I guess I dont understand this gear score stuff
  190. Todays thoughts
  191. Elite weapons question
  192. Where is the info on the Oct. 15th patch?
  193. you cant BUY GRBP you are only RENTING it!!!
  194. Convoys, where are they?
  195. Well I having good time playing the game
  196. how to get binoculars in PVP?
  197. my breakpoint dosent load help
  198. Hunter Drone Down !
  199. Will current $ only items be faction rewards later?
  200. So you steal a truck...Then what?
  201. So you steal a truck...Then what?
  202. Guitar in biuvac
  203. Just a small niggle.
  204. Convoys
  205. What happened to fury figures?
  206. What is the message that pops up occasionally?
  207. Your game suck
  208. Challenge 9 sharpshooter
  209. Armor Parts
  210. How to get true grit perk for assualt
  211. Battlepoint daily reset?
  212. Weapon kills on player profile page?
  213. This is a game that is only suitable for new players.
  214. Uplay+ suspended....
  215. Urban ERDL camo unachievable
  216. Attachments store VS finding Them in the world
  217. Shot gunners
  218. Can't buy Intel grenades?
  219. Game problem
  220. Sensor launcher
  221. Ghost Mode?
  222. Disappointed
  223. Realistic mode (joke intended)
  224. Refund request
  225. A lot of Minor Bugs
  226. 516 Blueprint?
  227. Which is the best helicopter with rockets?
  228. The usp tactical
  229. Unpolished but still great fun!
  230. Aim Assist and Enemy Marking Issues
  231. Ghost War Round Cap
  232. Raid
  233. 8 Simple Ways to Fix the Dumb AI...
  234. "Le verger" heure funeste...
  235. Problems choosing between weapons. (Problemas na escolha entre as armas.)
  236. limited or missing optics and attachments
  237. My sentiment about he battle rewards
  238. Vente de matériel et de armes
  239. Where To Purchase IntelliFlare IQ Review!
  240. Yes. Ubisoft is doing battle royale the ghost recon way.
  241. Problème avec le drone
  242. Today in Auroa
  243. Long Shot record?
  244. Ranking the Ubisoftverse Operatives (4E, Ghosts, R6, Division, etc)
  245. photo mode
  246. The Azrael drone/helicopter most annoying mechanic of all time
  247. Anyone else notice this
  248. Temporal Injection makes the game look really bad and blurry
  249. Is there anyway to get in contact with Ubisoft support?
  250. Enemy IQ