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  1. Device sync without using Facebook
  2. Something Naval
  3. Unnecessary “Collect” screen
  4. Daily quest
  5. Improved Scroll Bar
  6. Unselecting heroes for team
  7. Ability to show Heroes in Reverse Order
  8. Patron of the Brotherhood achievement modification
  9. Surplus weaponry and resources
  10. Trade coins
  11. Ideas for expanding after the release of Region 5
  12. More weapons from Ancient Greece
  13. Gift screen
  14. Simultaneous multiple Rift Events
  15. Coop?
  16. Language Change
  17. Swap equipment & equipment visualization
  18. Character costumes
  19. Training Characters - Select Goal Level, not which items to use
  20. Intel skills
  21. Calendar
  22. Tier 5 weapons: some notes
  23. Stock over 999/99 pcs
  24. A Request
  25. Rush Scaling
  26. Request: Add upgrade teir in hero stats window
  27. Question and suggestion
  28. Apothecary is unbalanced
  29. My sugestions
  30. Something to think about
  31. Problem with online check.
  32. Some Tips
  33. Mario Auditore DNA
  34. Tier 5 gear
  35. Air Assassination for all Assassins
  36. About Game play
  37. Upgrade Intel and Treasury for Region 5
  38. Legendary Aguilar
  39. new options
  40. *Assassin Creed Rebellion should continue with new maps and story missions*
  41. Auto MODE suggestions
  42. Please remove class-specific requirements for 5*-gear
  43. Audio issue on Android
  44. More/Faster Intel
  45. Emeralds, emeralds, emeralds...
  46. Elite training room
  47. Future Heroes
  48. Some suggestions and potential features for ubisoft ACR team in general
  49. Some Greek rift event comments
  50. Training Room
  51. Epic Aguilar
  52. New room - up heroes type
  53. Ezio se queda corto
  54. Inventory Sell Mode Suggestion
  55. Database credits
  56. Intel
  57. T5 Stones
  58. Tier System
  59. End Game Dailies
  60. Saving Progress
  61. Inventory - selling items
  62. Premium rewards
  63. Ability to Delink Facebook
  64. can we increase the chance to get T5 materials?
  65. Return of "Spears For Hire"?
  66. Intel room, Treasury, DBC, Skills enhancements.
  67. Multiplayer?
  68. Elite Training
  69. Helix Rift Sequence
  70. XP into GOLD
  71. T5 Gear ideas thread
  72. More things to spend Database Credits on!
  73. Vitality of the Covenant
  74. Spartan Kick
  75. Kassandra
  76. Challenges and Achievements
  77. Rotation
  78. Store Room
  79. Fixes
  80. 10-at-a-time mechanic
  81. Ranged weapons - the visual experience
  82. Mask of the Ibis reward suggestion
  83. Data base credit / DNA fragments / Events
  84. New Blue Icons Polling
  85. Navigation Medium Armour
  86. Helix rift event rare resource reward
  87. Elite Training Room Boost
  88. Elite training and increasing atk skill
  89. Ancient Heroes/Foes
  90. Elephant in the room: Aleksei
  91. New Rarity Roles
  92. Eagle Vision
  93. New Rooms!
  94. New Features!
  95. Featured Heroes
  96. Late- / Endgame Deadlock
  97. Helix Rift Reward
  98. Character creator mode
  99. Confirmation when spending helix/database credits
  100. Redundant resources
  101. Rare ressources
  102. Progression Rewards
  103. Weapon Rewards
  104. Progress DNA
  105. Rebellion's Edge
  106. Possibility do disable tips on the loading screen
  107. Can be there an helix rift with the new characters?
  108. New T5 gear and Elite forges
  109. New and improved class challenges
  110. Would "Modern World Missions" on AC:Rebellion be nice? What do you think?
  111. Set decks and/or auto recommended.
  112. Better star rewards
  113. It would be nice to make 25% discount for "Elite Training Room" training every Friday
  114. More skins for the characters
  115. Volume Bug
  116. Character Rarity Swap
  117. It would be awesome to put extra ADN in Animus boost
  118. Daily XP
  119. Legacy outfits
  120. Please fix
  121. Money problems - update selling system
  122. Losing many tokens because the games keeps getting jammed
  123. Black boxes and toons
  124. Higher Heroes and the legendary armor of Ishak Pasha
  125. Eliminate or Promote Commons!
  126. Swap Heals
  127. Play Points
  128. Achievements
  129. Add Benedicto
  130. Add Aya/Amunet
  131. A Use for XP After Reaching Brotherhood Level 50
  132. Some updates suggestions to make the game better
  133. Get rid of the carousel!
  134. Artisan craftsman
  135. recycling of equipment, armour and weapons
  136. Add Arno Dorian and the Twin Frye
  137. Character question and advice
  138. Some updates make the game better
  139. Add Leonardo Da Vinci
  140. Inconsistency in multiplayer at level 50
  141. Threadmaster
  142. End Game - New Features
  143. New Charakters
  144. Database credits to gold
  145. New game plus for Story mode
  146. A few suggestions...
  147. Being able to see people’s brotherhood?
  148. Legendary disarm
  149. New Characters
  150. Complete 5-Star Equipments for all Characters:Legendary,Epic,Rare,Common Characters
  151. Elite Training Room Training cost list for each level,Please can you get 25%discount?
  152. Optimization for Old Devices,Game Crashing and Reducing Graphic and Visual Effects :)
  153. DNA fragments
  154. Should Aguilar be legendary?
  155. Teacher or master in the training rooms
  156. All Missing 5-Star Equipments and All Equipments We Want to See in Future Updates
  157. Skins, Costumes and "New Room İdea" to produce Skins-Character Costumes
  158. New trainers
  159. Dismantling and wishlist
  160. Extra Library Slot
  161. Recommendation to Prevent Rift Tokens Losses and Intel Losses
  162. Please provide real value for Sell Mode
  163. Progression Synchronization
  164. More slots for rooms
  165. Position Preview
  166. New country with new 5 regions
  167. Database credits
  168. New Room Idea = Increasing the Rank of Enhanced Skills of T5 Equipments
  169. Anti Facebook or Pro UPlay game sync periodic plea
  170. An Eivor's helix event before the game's release.
  171. New Contents=New Regions,New Helix Rift Events,New Musics,New Missions,New Skins
  172. Add new contents~
  173. Content Suggestion for Pirates and T5 Gear
  174. Completion checklist
  175. Enforcer class damage output
  176. Calendar/Cube/Shop DNA
  177. Story Mission Replay - Rewards
  178. New Auto Mode Suggestion:"Record Our Movements for Auto Mode"
  179. New Toons and Events
  180. Nightmare mode
  181. 3 Accessories
  182. Add Neema to the game,even if she isn't canon.
  183. The Apple of Eden
  184. Chronicles Helix Rift
  185. Random T5 Gems
  186. "Freedom Cry" New Helix Rift Proposal - Suggestion for Adewale to join AC Rebellion
  187. Patron of the Brotherhood Help
  188. Customs House
  189. Elite Training Room Upgrade Proposal-Increase HQ Values=Crafting, Production,Learning
  190. Elite Training Room
  191. New Trainers
  192. Please,Add "New Achievements" to the game, Here are some Suggestions :)
  193. Proposal to Increase Minimum Coins Amount and Intel Limit-Treasury Room & Intel Room
  194. Return of event Spears for Hire
  195. DNA cubes, Database credits and issues.
  196. Ideas 3 new rooms
  197. Animus Challenges
  198. Increase the probabilities
  199. HQ Macro
  200. Progression Rewards
  201. Please,Add "Evie Frye" as Legendary Assassin Class character with Hooded Skin to ACR
  202. Add ability to sell Supply Room Materials
  203. Daily Objectives XP Reward
  204. Animus Bounties status buttons
  205. Animus Bounties Missions - Treasure Chest Rewards Suggestions
  206. Kassandra's Sword of Damokles graphical glitch
  207. Persist filters in rooms
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  209. Database Credit Conversion
  210. "Level Up" Objective should not be required to complete the "Complete All Objectives"
  211. Introduce the sword of Vlad III Tepes(Dracula).
  212. Update the DNA cycle with new characters
  213. Please add Graphics Settings and Effects Settings Tabs to the Options Tab
  214. Language support
  215. Skip cutscenes in events
  216. Time Race-New Game Mode Suggestion, Let the Fastest Win!
  217. Main Weapon Proposal for Evie Frye Legendary Cane-Sword (Assassination Role)
  218. New Genre Animus Boost Calendar Proposal for Fridays "Jackpot Hour"
  219. For 6th chapter
  220. Assassin's Creed Syndicate Themed New Helix Rift Event Proposal
  221. Mtlbn.creed request
  222. Proposal to add Limited Assassination skills to Evie Frye
  223. Dear Ubi-Bunny,ACR Team,I beg you,Could you please give Assassination skill to Evie
  224. Level 5 weapon for Malik
  225. HQ
  226. Needed Hero
  227. Aguilar's rank highground.
  228. Add an Asgard event for male Eivor (SPOILER)
  229. I think the Damage and Critical Chance of "Throwing Knives" skill should be increased
  230. It would be nice to add Elite Level Accessories to the game that All Heroes can use
  231. Retrieving the DNA of Old Helix Rift Event heroes with the help of "Animus Bounties"
  232. New Suggestions that can strike a balance between New Players and Endgame Players
  233. Please,don't ignore male eivor in region 6!
  234. Hero filter suggestion: Filter by alert
  235. Remove Desync token from the Home/HQ screen
  236. Add Spain-HR-events to the map
  237. New Scottish Knight Hero
  238. Other Cloud
  239. Smoke bombs
  240. Nintendo switch
  241. Comments on 3.1.0 and fault in Caribbean Sea Campaign
  242. Database Credits. Nowhere to spend ...
  243. Auto equip
  244. Wood and Stone bounties
  245. Campaign Mission Failed Report