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  1. Experiencing an issue? Here's how to report it!
  2. FAQ for Assassin Creed Rebellion
  3. Initiative and ringing the bell
  4. Stunned enemies and miss chance.
  5. about "Auto" function
  6. Ishak skill bug
  7. Using potions
  8. No rewards
  9. Lock picked chest contents
  10. Saving time
  11. DNA Cube updates?
  12. My account is missing
  13. Region 5 Heroes
  14. No rank 5 equipment for certain characters?
  15. Class specific crafting material
  16. Last Helix Event
  17. Stance of the Asp
  18. Rank 5 legendary heroes
  19. Mission 28 The Forge and Luck
  20. Horacio's Retribution mission rewards swapped?
  21. Next Rift
  22. Helix Rift Glitch
  23. DNA Rewards
  24. Beta testers
  25. Unexpected healing - maybe a bug?
  26. Mission 28 The Forge Clear - Simple 3* run with comparatively less requirements
  27. buf of equipment
  28. Darius event
  29. Altair event last mission bug
  30. Altair Mission, Alexios Cubes for what?
  31. Featured Hero Cubes (Purple)
  32. Freerunner Frenzy Coral
  33. Payday
  34. Noobie q: drop chance/ low standard missions
  35. I wouldn't call it FRAUD, but ...
  36. Selling items
  37. DNA Conversions
  38. Polearms for Jaime?
  39. Shop Glitch
  40. 100% sure success abilities STILL fail
  41. When to switch "main" characters
  42. Today's Update
  43. Restricted Altaïr DNA? What does that mean?
  44. Region 3 power confusion
  45. Question about character death in helix rift events
  46. New player
  47. Bumble
  48. Herald's Morning Star
  49. January Sequence
  50. DNA Cubes
  51. HQ xp/time/cost perks lvl 50 reached.....
  52. Lunar Event
  53. Venta de recursos
  54. Altaïr using his right hand instead of left to assassinate
  55. Vinculating game to Facebook account
  56. Mid-game giudance
  57. Best way to obtain Coral / Jet?
  58. Rift Mission: 5th Century BCE bug
  59. New minimum system or device requirements after 2.8.1/2 patches?
  60. Event bug - rush cost incorrect
  61. Financial question
  62. Inconsistency in multiplayer at level 50
  63. Friday Event - High Low DNA shards switch
  64. Hamid 5*
  65. Lost DNA fragments? What am I supposed to do??
  66. Chest content
  67. Misiones de Legado Alto y Bajo
  68. Question about Mission 5 in 'Echoes Through the Animus'
  69. Xiphos swords
  70. Selling resources
  71. Cant reach my account
  72. Luciano Bug After Update
  73. Please bring back the "SAVE CONFLICT" warning notification to the game
  74. Level 50 question
  75. Link facebook
  76. After v2.9.0 in the game,the problem of freezing on game/Bluestacks 4 (Android 7.1.2)
  77. Recover account after replacement phone
  78. too much characters?
  79. Rift event and leveling into new tier
  80. Flora or Rosa ?
  81. Yusefs throwing knives don’t grant initiative
  82. Daily objectives
  83. When do you "join" Rift events?
  84. Xiphos Swords with Natakas
  85. New Bugs
  86. Event bug
  87. The Eagle’s Shadow Chapter 2 With Arms Open
  88. Rebellion
  89. Ac Rebellion
  90. Best way to...
  91. Region 5 advice
  92. Actions chance of success
  93. Is it just me?... Can’t collect information in information room
  94. Alexios or Cassandra DNA in For Democracy
  95. DNA fragments help
  96. Log in issue
  97. Daily Objectives
  98. Smoke bomb bug in "The Hunter's Hound"
  99. [Accessibility] Whatsapp:+1(443)7189645 buy abortion pills in kuwait private clinic
  100. [Gameplay] Helix Rift Events' ranking opponents
  101. [Missing Content] Event Rewards
  102. [Gameplay] Aguilar weapon query
  103. [Gameplay] Crafting and Equipping 5* Gear
  104. [Download/Installation] Is there a way to download my lost progresses on my new phone?
  105. [Bug/Glitch] Any way to track the helix record?
  106. [Bug/Glitch] Assassin´s Creed revelation
  107. Training problem with F-Eivor
  108. "For Democracy" not working
  109. [Bug/Glitch] "Kingslayer" event crash issue
  110. [Issue Not Listed] Eivor's weapon, Wurmsbreath has an error in its description
  111. [Keys/Codes] Info database credit
  112. Crash before latest update
  113. [Gameplay] Sword of Demokles in Rebellion
  114. [Bug/Glitch] Game more unstable on Android?
  115. [Gameplay] Database Credits
  116. Issue in Animus challenge
  117. Switching from Facebook to AppleID
  118. Switching Android Phones
  119. [Ubisoft Connect] Impossible de se connecter
  120. [Crash/Freeze] Constant Crashing
  121. [Gameplay] Artificial Intelligence
  122. [Missing Content] Alexios DNA missing
  123. [Gameplay] Looking for Endgame
  124. Missing Content After 3.0 Update
  125. [Bug/Glitch] Messed up DESYNC buttons in Campaign; Synchronization gauge wrong
  126. [Bug/Glitch] Mission Hangup for "HORACIO'S RETRIBUTION" event after upgraded v3.0.0
  127. "Free" Desync Nodes
  128. Failed updating v3.0.0 in China
  129. Unable to connect
  130. Item Missing
  131. Aya cube missing
  132. [Gameplay] Top End Game = The grind for Rubies & Fine Silk
  133. Help please with level 5 weapons
  134. characters tokens in abstergo rewards...
  135. Pieces of silver
  136. [Connectivity/Multiplayer] Multiple devices
  137. Mask of the Ibis bug
  138. Saving Helix Rift Credits and Featured Hero Cubes
  139. [Bug/Glitch] Many of my Items in my Inventory are missing in the Storage Room-iPad Pro(4th Gen.)
  140. Ishak Armour
  141. Game crashing
  142. [Bug/Glitch] DNA from Campaing, LOST in Cerimony Hall
  143. [Missing Content] I'm done with the game
  144. Endless loading when purchasing 10 Event Cubes.
  145. [Bug/Glitch] No prizes after The Ottoman Connection event
  146. [Bug/Glitch] Dont collect unclaimed rewards(ottoman event)
  147. Adding pics to posts
  148. [Bug/Glitch] Animus Challenge
  149. [Bug/Glitch] Vanished heroes in Heroes section
  150. [Bug/Glitch] Sorting Assassins
  151. Compensation Update - June 30th(Compensation Awards for The Ottoman Connection Event)
  152. Persistent crashing
  153. [Gameplay] Caribbean Campaign
  154. The Mask of the Ibis-Kill the Last Enemy with Edward Kenway-Brace of Pistols
  155. [Bug/Glitch] Bug Report: Patch 3.1.2 - Dear Friends, Please try not to buy "Event DNA Cubes"
  156. Bugs
  157. [Bug/Glitch] New Bug
  158. I give up - this is not gonna get better
  159. The forge mission
  160. [Crash/Freeze] “cannot complete purchase"/"cannot play offline"
  161. [Issue Not Listed] Wrong Chars at Event cube
  162. All Information Required to Submit In-Game Tickets, CURRENT THREAD, year 2021
  163. [Bug/Glitch] Try this if Chat Window cannot be displayed in In-Game Customer Support
  164. Points to consider to avoid Softlock in "THE HUNTER'S HOUNDS" Helix Rift Event
  165. [Missing Content] No Apollodoros DNA Cube in in last Rift Event
  166. Recommendations for a prebuilt gaming PC
  167. Stuck Facebook Login Prompt Loop
  168. [Crash/Freeze] Ac odyssey keep crashing on specific point
  169. [Crash/Freeze] Endless loadins and freezes
  170. [Connectivity/Multiplayer] Connection to Helix Server
  171. Cant access to rebellion
  172. Patch 3.2.1 bug
  173. [Crash/Freeze] Unable to lunch thé game
  174. [Crash/Freeze] Connectivity bug