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  1. Assassin's Creed: Rebellion
  2. Assassin's Creed: Rebellion > Soundtrack
  3. Purchases for Rebellion not working?
  4. Assassin's Creed: Rebellion question
  5. AC Rebellion Bugs/Suggestions
  6. Assassin's Creed Rebellion - Feedback - as thorough as I can...
  7. AC Rebellion: level capped at 39. Mission asks for level 40
  8. Assassin's Creed Rebellion Question
  9. Assassins creed on mobile
  10. Assassin's Creed: Rebellion - Stuck in Tutorial
  11. Stuck in Rush Tutorial in AC Rebelion
  12. Helix rift offline prob
  13. Assassin's Creed: Rebellion Cloud Save, Infinite Loading
  14. AC Rebellion release ?
  15. Complete Game Save Lost
  16. Stuck in tutorial
  17. Assassins Creed Rebellion - Stuck on Ceremony Room can't do anything else
  18. Physically can’t profress in AC rebellion
  19. Assassin's Creed Rebellion - Spears for Hire event too hard?
  20. Assassin's Creed: Rebellion - Mario Auditore dna
  21. AC: Rebellion - Lost 29 DNA Cubes
  22. Keep losing intel and rift token ..... Stuck on mission bug (AC Rebellion)
  23. Assassin's Creed Rebellion - Need help with Spears for Hire event mission 9 - 10
  24. Stats
  25. Is Helix Rift event over?
  26. PVP and CLANS???
  27. Cannot craft Myrmidon Spear (T2). Glitch?
  28. AC Rebellion - Can't build T2 Myrmidon Spear or T2 Ritualistic Xiphos
  29. Assassin's Creed Rebellion sync new game isue
  30. AC: Rebellion. Been playing for a year. AMA game related and I'll try help.
  31. I think you should get to keep the rewards of the highest tier reached
  32. Event leaderboards
  33. Assassins creed rebellion crashes every Few minutes
  34. Assassin's Creed:Rebellion Invalid ID Bugs
  35. DNA Fragments for Gold Characters
  36. AC Rebellion - Level up character (daily mission), DNA Cube Tokens and Helix Credits
  37. Luciano Cavazza Vengeful Assassination Buff issue.
  38. Best mission ever
  39. Really Enjoying the Game
  40. Link Rebellion to Ubisoft Account
  41. Latest event gone suddenly.
  42. Timers stopping when device is off
  43. Maria - DNA fragments
  44. Assassin's creed rebillion
  45. Region 5 unlocked
  46. AC Rebellion - Community poll - Future of the game
  47. AC Rebellion: Will Helix Rift events reoccur after some time?
  48. Oddly quiet in here
  49. AC Rebellion, connection issues on Android today?
  50. Let's talk about the big storm bug about the last update. We can't accept that !
  51. I think the pricing is extreme
  52. Helix Rift bug after Dec. 19 update
  53. current animus challenge (about lockpicking)
  54. Current Animus Challenge (crafting)
  55. AC: Rebellion - plans for the future
  56. AC Rebellion - Bug Report - Odd Camera Behavior
  57. Suggestions: Assassins abilities bar & team presets
  58. How do I reset the free Cube timer?
  59. AC Rebellion
  60. Bugged Animus Challenge (daily challenges)
  61. Current challenge "pacifist
  62. Impossible to complete Event Trial.
  63. AC REBELLION region 5
  64. How to unlink the facebook account?
  65. AC Rébellion won’t load
  66. Bad connection during hero promotion?
  67. Anyone experiencing unable to complete drinking problem animus challenge?
  68. asassin’s creed rebellion
  69. Assassins creed mobile
  70. AC Rebellion: Rift Event Sync Bonus Heroes Bug
  71. Aleksei DNA reward
  72. Experiencing an issue? Here's how to report it!
  73. So...AC Rebellion is a dead game now?
  74. DNA cube fragments
  75. AC Rebellion: Can I get event characters long after the event ends?
  76. New assassins, level cap
  77. Low star legendaries stats
  78. Events: How are Chest bonuses calculated
  79. New HQ Room and Upgrades Speculation
  80. Tips for completing Animus Challenges
  81. lupo rank reward
  82. Training Assassins Hack
  83. Elite Training Room
  84. Bug reports
  85. Is this game becoming more and more P2W?
  86. Maria Thorpe's DNA Requirements
  87. DNA cubes
  88. Character menu glitch
  89. Has anyone upgraded weponsmith and armorsmith to level 10?
  90. Free Intel day
  91. No more Legacy dailies?
  92. Characters are locked bug
  93. Updated and lost all my heroes
  94. **List of the best items of all characters in alphabetical order**(For letters A-K)
  95. **List of the best items of all characters in alphabetical order**(For letters L-Z)
  96. Crashes
  97. Animus Challange bug
  98. Thank You!
  99. Do not waste your time or money!
  100. Beta
  101. Legacy Mission High Low percentage
  102. Lost progress due to syncing between devices
  103. Has anyone else gotten screwed out of DNA fragments?
  104. Event prizes
  105. Story Mission 28 The Forge - Cannot do it
  106. Rift event rush not working properly
  107. Road map - Life after completing everything
  108. Couldn’t even get into the game this morning.
  109. Domingo dominates!
  110. When is Altair coming back?
  111. What are the system requirements for the game to run smoothly?
  112. Mid-week helix rifts
  113. Maybe we can talk ablout what is the mean of "more powerful"?
  114. Bug found in Sell function
  115. Friends at my back
  116. Why did Altair's stats drop with the new update?
  117. About the new route until unlock region 5
  118. Cancelled my premium subscription today
  119. Maria cannot pick up armor but meets the requirements
  120. New armor listed for Niccolo but there is no wearable armor with better stats
  121. ¿Por qué ezio es tan débil comparado con María y otros personajes?
  122. Cannot log in after update
  123. Cannot log in after update
  124. Anniversary
  125. Helix Rift Event Bug
  126. Enzio DNA Fragments in Story Missions
  127. Cinnabar reward
  128. ADN de faille
  129. Level cap?
  130. Keeping game progress when transferring to another device
  131. Gems drop chance
  132. Waiting so long...
  133. Heroes and power ratings required for Helix Rift Events
  134. Tier 5 weapons and armor gaps
  135. Help! Lost my tokens due to server's problem to change to Daylight Saving Time
  136. Dna helix rift events
  137. Are we getting new heroes
  138. Crafting Rebellion's Edge
  139. More Than 50% of game is broken
  140. Not getting 5* gems
  141. Accuracy in Characters
  142. Save corruption or connection issue?
  143. Why does Yusuf get screwed on armor?
  144. October Coral
  145. Is Luciano's Tier 5 weapon bugged
  146. Elite Training
  147. So will we get the Ezio DNA this year?
  148. There will be another Darius' DLC?
  149. Dailies, or Daily Doubles?
  150. Helix Rift rank back to 0
  151. Game Balance since Update 2.6
  152. December calendar
  153. Current list of characters without T5 equipment
  154. Aguilar can air assassinate now
  155. I love it! ***SPOILER ALERT***
  156. "Echoes Through the Animus", Anniversary Event: mission 4
  157. Special offer cubes promises 4 cubes and fails to deliver the Altair cube ;(
  158. Ubisoft,you disappointed me!
  159. Echoes Through the Animus Missing 1,5 million reward
  160. Unique not unique?
  161. limited scrolling on FHC chance distribution screen
  162. Training room
  163. The important thing in 2.7.0 update is that Ubi did not mention
  164. Achievement Issue
  165. Holiday Offer Glitch - Answered
  166. Hilariously Intimidating
  167. Do they cheat ? Or am i missing something ?
  168. Nightstalkers
  169. is Anyone Else Getting Bored of This Game
  170. Darius killing side by side ... Himself? And narcissistic Alexios :D
  171. Game Supportability?
  172. No save unless you have Facebook?
  173. End Game Strategy
  174. There will be and Alexios(eagle bearer) helix rift
  175. Will be there an helix rift with Alexios like eagle bearer??
  176. Will be there an helix rift with Alexios like eagle bearer?
  177. Party at Night
  178. Bracket Changes
  179. What a Long, Strange and Wonderful Journey It's Been!
  180. Customer Support
  181. Myrmadon and Xyphos
  182. Old heroes. New game
  183. The new Star Bonus scheme is useless
  184. Horatio's Retribution Lineup
  185. Performance issue
  186. Why not change?
  187. I Missed This...
  188. Screenshots
  189. Eagle's Shadow - March 6th - 9th
  190. Question for Players with All Charecters at 50
  191. Gameplay Artistic Screenshots
  192. R6, 4th Echelon, Ghost Recon, and the Division.
  193. Linking iPad account
  194. List of bonus heroes for the Edward Kenway-Dead Men's Gold Helix Rift event and award
  195. When During Edward's Life Does the New Rift Take Place?
  196. Dead Men's Gold Map
  197. Get Your Tokens Back! (Must Read)
  198. Favourite Timelines Discussion
  199. Maintenance and Dead Men's Gold Leaderboards
  200. Rift Event Brackets
  201. No ads at the Animus Carousel?
  202. Moving on...
  203. Kassandra rift obsession
  204. Character Abilities
  205. Inconsistency in multiplayer at level 50
  206. APRIL 6TH - APRIL 10TH "INVINCIBLE"-Animus Challange Bug?
  207. With which feature,"Escape percentage of Bullets" increases?Agility? Dex.? Dodge?
  208. Is it a Bug to accumulate 100+ Rift Tokens for future use in Helix Rift events?
  209. All characters with 50 LvL,5 *DNA,5*Equipments All level 10 Elite Training Room stats
  210. Gear badges bug
  211. How is the "Damages" we deal to enemies calculated in the game mechanics?
  212. Dead Men's Gold
  213. Dead Men's Gold bugged?
  214. Lost Máximo DNA Fragments??
  215. Daily objectives
  216. Game transfer to another device
  217. Bug Report
  218. Could it be bug in Blackbeard Edward Thatch's "Terrifying Presence" skill?
  219. I need to vent.
  220. Assassin's Creed: Rebellion in the Viking Age, How do you think it would be? :)
  221. Tookers
  222. Supply room bug
  223. Didnt get the Rewards from the helix event
  224. Altair Weapon
  225. iPad Touchpad Gestures
  226. List of all Missions with the most Treasure Chests and Coins
  227. Resources to sale
  228. Is this how they normally do events ??
  229. Stuck in tutorial
  230. B.S. with DNA fragments just before the promotion
  231. New characters and events rotation
  232. What did you do in update???
  233. Thoughts on new gear items in v2.9
  234. visual bug or character rebalance of the update?
  235. Information room bug
  236. About bugs, 2.9 update and future updates
  237. Some visual bugs
  238. What was done with the last patch?
  239. Game freezes more since the latest update
  240. Offers
  241. the game crash in The Bounty of Thoth if in Auto in the last mission.
  242. Who can be the new character in the Darius' helix event?
  243. Discord Server Coming Soon!
  244. Congratulations ACR!
  245. *Check this out Gang!*
  246. Too many bugs
  247. Internet Connection
  248. Great Work from Ubisoft
  249. Twitch Sync
  250. Hero - corvo