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  1. Ar wing not working
  2. Shaid ship won't scan
  3. Our Nadir has stopped detecting it's wings.
  4. [RESOLVED] Cryogenic Trophy glitched?
  5. missing crashed cargo shuttle on haven
  6. Crusher Physical Weapon Wobbly when attached
  7. Nothing is working!
  8. Game crashes if you have too many mods collected
  9. Any upcoming patches soon?
  10. Stolen Parts (Equinox Upgrade) Doesn't Function
  11. Physical toys chip connector loose
  12. In post-game, Imp Hives aren't being constructed
  13. Should we assume the devs have abandoned this game and no patches are incoming?
  14. Game missing from Starter Pack! Support/CS/Development team not responding
  15. No more toys, will physical users get permanent digital unlocks to use w/ future DLC?
  16. Unable to play via Steam
  17. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  18. PC troubleshooting for various issues
  19. Deluxe Edition content not unlocked
  20. No PC version on club website
  21. XBOX One Controller PC
  22. Starlink Cannot run under a Virtual Machine (Straight PC Windows 10)
  23. Sentinel enemies still do not appear after April update
  24. Weekly challenges not working
  25. XBOX Controller - heavy stuttering in menus
  26. Exclamation mark always showing in collection
  27. Ring Prison boxes missing
  28. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online
  29. Hotas?
  30. The game staarts to freeze every second after roughly 1-1.5 hours
  31. Can we get super ultra wide support?
  32. Shield controller not working
  33. Weapons disabled after death/respawn
  34. DLC pack 2 no longer in Uplay+?
  35. Camera slightly moving on its own / Ship animation issues
  36. [Ubisoft Connect] Starlink Ubisoft Challenges not unlocking when completed
  37. [Keys/Codes] Whatsapp:+1(443)7189645 buy wine and whisky in kuwait,qatar,sharjah
  38. Ubisoft Club Rewards unlocked for all players
  39. Starlink DLC inactive in game
  40. [Download/Installation] game not started
  41. [Peripherals] Xbox elite controller, ship mount not detected
  42. xbox series controller big problem
  43. Controller buttons not working
  44. [Gameplay] Turkish language support request
  45. [Missing Content] How to start cooperation mode???
  46. [Gameplay] need help to exit
  47. Are the servers down?
  48. Sorry, this application cannot run under a Virtual Machine.
  49. Sorry, this application cannot run under a Virtual Machine.
  50. [Missing Content] Block DLC content
  51. [Issue Not Listed] press X or OPTIONS to join!
  52. [Bug/Glitch] Starlink Battle for Atlas
  53. [Missing Content] locked pilots, ships, and weapons on new game.
  54. Challenges Currently Unavailable
  55. [Ubisoft Connect] Starlink:Battle for atlas game launch arguments commands resolution