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  1. Rules for this Section
  2. [Suggestion] item window is a bit small (experience from open beta) and dirextX12
  3. Speed
  4. (Question) - What does the time (clock) next to a structure when placing it mean?
  5. Building Bridges Should blueprint it.
  6. News Paper Influence cost.
  7. Open beta to full game file transfer
  8. [Suggestion] Pause menu.
  9. Thoughts of improvements?
  10. The UI needs to be scaled down, its way too big and gets in the way.
  11. chess park
  12. [Feedback] [Suggestions] A few things I would like.
  13. [Question] Missing decor?
  14. Looking for the manual in PDF or other electronic version
  15. [Question] Income Balance Coins
  16. [Suggestion] Add the "co-op MP" (2 to 4 players for 1 faction as in 1404 & 2070)
  17. Suggestions for trading
  18. [Suggestion] Hostile Takeover of an island should include the production on the islan
  19. Bug Report:Unable to grow Bell Pepper and Hop in game
  20. Power Feedback and Oil bug?
  21. [Question] How do i access my pre-order bonus?
  22. Bug Report: Cannot finish the mission emergency evaacuation
  23. [Bug] & [Feedback] Side quest bugged can't pick up fashion clothes
  24. [BUG] Museum quest
  25. [BUG] Charter-Route
  26. (Feedback) I prefer not to build a pig farm
  27. Multiplayer-Custom game
  28. [QUESTION] How can i toggle Minimap?
  29. Game language
  30. [Bug] expedition tools tips
  31. Installed latest game patch 17th April Australian time... and Boom! Crash time!
  32. Bug: Felder werden nicht dem Betrieb zugeordnet
  33. Suggestion/Feedback: Pls add a color blind mode
  34. Charakteritems
  35. Suggestion: trading feedback
  36. Give us a way to quickly identify a ship visually.
  37. Please give us the option to adjust ship prices when setting up the game.
  38. Setting a minimum goods amount for an island
  39. [Suggestion] Setting a minimum goods amount for an island
  40. So where are my stats?
  41. [Suggestion] Copy-Paste an entire zone layout
  42. removing items from trade union
  43. Steam Achievements no longer available?
  44. Bug about Winddirection
  45. The minimap is too small!!!!!
  46. Allow moving blueprints in Expert mode
  47. [Suggestion] please reconsider the prices of Maintenance and re-evaluate the price.
  48. Full conquer victory condition + Bigger islands
  49. Items, Ships, Minimap, and Ship Speeds
  50. [FEEDBACK] Pause function and Patrol Routes
  51. Naval combat needs some balancing work
  52. Scenarios would be great
  53. [Question] Anno 1800 Crashes
  54. [BUG] +50 engineers
  55. [Feedback] 1440p on 4K display + Windowed Fullscreen
  56. [BUG] trade history
  57. [Suggestion] Adding support for Phenom processors
  58. trade routs seling price etc ...
  59. How to lower the pollution
  60. Does anyone use duplicate?
  61. Mouse Button Support?
  62. Kakc Spiel ist Kacke
  63. Managing the Surplus on your GOODS - needs more improvements or clarity
  64. [Bug] Tab+Shift shortcut (Controls settings) is inconsistent
  65. Suggestions of overview almost like Anno 2205 calculator and full information
  66. (Feedback) Please try to find a way to make difficulte enemies not cheat.
  67. How do you Fit a Ship for an Expedition?
  68. Upgrading roads from dirt to stone suggestion
  69. Can't finish two assignements (Zoo & Newsstand)
  70. [Suggestion] Higher Zoom-Out Level
  71. [Suggestion] Starting a new game
  72. [Suggestions] About workforce transportation
  73. Oil required to make oil ships?
  74. [Feedback] error on tortillas production
  75. DLC I would pay for and you got pretty much done already
  76. [Suggestion] NPC ask permission to buy a island. Yes but wich one?
  77. why the deluxe edition don't include DLC
  78. BUG Report
  79. [Question] what is Character Item ?
  80. [Feedback] Bug: Campaign broken if you loose the new world isle
  81. [Suggestions] [Feedback] I like to start game without logo in the game.
  82. [Suggestion] [Feedback] Museums are super weird
  83. [Question] How to reserve goods?
  84. [Suggestion] [Feedback] Variety of Meats product design
  85. [BUG] Firehouse
  86. [Feedback] Typos in quests and other text
  87. [Feedback] My Flagship, name after my real-life Puppy, is stuck in an Expedition :(
  88. quality of life improvements
  89. [Question] How long will Anno 1800 get patch before Ubisoft said time is up?
  90. [Suggestion] The islands are too small.
  91. [Suggestion] Battle cruiser revamp
  92. [Suggestion] Achievements, scenarios and more
  93. [Suggestion] Night-time
  94. Having a Newspaper building
  95. [Feedback] Battlecruiser is useless, needs rework ASAP (Sail ships still dominate)
  96. [Idea] hide + build on top of whole rivers with stone foundations
  97. I would like a larger goods menu
  98. Home button, tabbing through warehouses
  99. Crash when game is paused and monitor goes to sleep, then comes back
  100. Quality of life improvements
  101. UI/HUD Usability Flaws || quests near transfer/spawn area
  102. Getting annoyed by the bankruptcy penalty
  103. cannot perform a quest and weird confrontation
  104. Feedback - things i would consider a bug - list
  105. (Question and might be bugs) Flagship's speed bug?
  106. Bug: Farmer/Jornaleros workforce vanishes after getting investors in multiplayer game
  107. item not functioning properly
  108. Ship behaviour needs improvements
  109. ADD Trams please
  110. How to manage with oil?
  111. Please add AMD Phenom II support
  112. How the game could look like with proper interface scaling
  113. Add an option for more random fertilities on islands
  114. [Question] New Game for Difficulty Level and Bugs
  115. [Suggestion] Listing Items/Goods for Expeditions
  116. [Suggestion] Legacy Patch for Anno 2205
  117. Influence should not be spent on defense
  118. [Feeback] Bug ó mission "Pigs on the Loose" not working
  119. cease fire - why do i have to pay?
  120. [Suggestion] 4+ Multiplayer
  121. [Sugestion] Please change or fix Save engine system
  122. "Back in Business" club achievement trigger broken?
  123. Reclaiming pirates should alway spawn on the opposite end of the map!
  124. [Suggestion] Embankment
  125. osdfopsdofopfos - placeholder?! it get it from time to time
  126. [Suggestion] Resolution 21/9 WQHD
  127. I think we need a lobby
  128. Fatal game flaw - New world and cotton/rum
  129. [Feedback] Oil startup too difficult
  130. Quest Bug?
  131. Ideas and Improvements
  132. [Suggestion] UI scale and Scenarios
  133. Anyone else having issues with Grain Fields?
  134. [Suggestion-Improvement] Income counter fluctuates to fast and is destracting
  135. My list of bugs and improvements
  136. Strange ship behavior and AI things which are kind of meh
  137. Qol suggestions.
  138. Feedback
  139. Trade Balance Sheet
  140. island for the finish of the expedition
  141. Campaign: Lost my flagship in Chapter 2, how do I get it back?
  142. [Suggestion-Feedback] 'Balanced' option for trade routes
  143. [Feedback] Plague is impossible to manage in lategame when AIs are still there
  144. Charter safe
  145. [Feedback][Question] Advanced Music not playing - Bug?
  146. Possible bug on Item in Archibald's warehouse
  147. [Suggestion] Develop software which works or hand it out for free until it does so!
  148. [Question] Leadersboard
  149. [Question] How do mixed-ship trade fleets work?
  150. [Suggestion] [Feedback] A.I player should ask or offer on based of percent of player
  151. Please add a ACTIVE PAUSE
  152. Ai relationship degrades too fast, too many points
  153. Legendary Chef bug - replaces only 1 of 2 ingredients stated
  154. Ship hotkey assignments
  155. [Suggestion] NPC Vendors trading post changes.
  156. Notre-Dame support
  157. Battlecruiser rebalance?
  158. [Suggestion] New Option for Charter Routes
  159. Alcohol consumption is way too high compared to all other luxuries.
  160. great game mechanics, if only the UI wouldn't kill the fun
  161. All my patrol ship captains must have narcolepsy.
  162. [Feedback] & [Suggestion] Idea for future DLC "The Passage"
  163. Why the multiplayer game canít get faster
  164. สั่งซื้อตัวเกมส์ เกมส์ไม่เข้าในตัว Uplay
  165. [Bugs and Suggestions] UI,AI and some gameplay.
  166. [Suggestion]Pause during Expedition preparations and events, please.
  167. [Feedback] Bugreport in German
  168. [Suggestion] Colours for the logos, different from the flag?
  169. (BUG) Resource Drop off location
  170. [Bug][Feedback] Blueprints vanish when loading saved game
  171. [Bug] & [Feedback]
  172. [Suggestion] Access to higher-tier buildings in blueprint mode.
  173. The sickness is a bug! The AI does't know how to cure the illness on ships!
  174. You have a fire!
  175. [suggestion] filter/sort by for trade route
  176. Missing Information
  177. Add please better zoom
  178. Game Saving - immediately after loading a copy of a save file. duplicate saves.
  179. Bug- In mid and late game
  180. [Feedback][Suggestion] Oil tankers in the New World
  181. Ship Sickness
  182. [Suggestion] Stop time
  183. Suggestion regarding the Flagship
  184. [Suggestion] [Feedback] well, a lot of stuff
  185. My Phenom II CPU can start the game now - thank you!
  186. Why was 2nd island type in The New World removed?
  187. Suggestion: Have ships avoid enemy harbour defenses
  188. [Suggestion] Royal Taxes to unemployment Tax
  189. MrDragonfyr - Anno 1800 - Grain Farm - Crop Field Bug
  190. Please stop dumping my rewards in the ocean
  191. Passive ships?
  192. [FEEDBACK] Inconsistent timers
  193. [Suggestion] Including the First Industrial Revolution
  194. Limit and Overwrite Auto-saves
  195. Give option to skip event entirely or cancel expedition mid event.
  196. [Suggestions] & HIGHLY NEEDED FEATURES! (Large effort thread, please notice!)
  197. Missing ornaments from the test versions
  198. Blueprint Costs
  199. renaming ships [possible BUG?]
  200. [BUG] blueprint buildings lost
  201. balancing issues (ships / warfare)
  202. Multiplayer session becomes unplayable after a few minutes since the patch.
  203. useless items
  204. Electricity Power Range Needs To Be Further.
  205. Townspeople Quests when you own multiple islands...
  206. doubt with the expeditions
  207. Season pass i bought today:Question about how too use it?
  208. Relative Count of residents on islands
  209. Goldmangel
  210. [Suggestion] Production lines' building "targeting"
  211. [BUG] War & Influence [Oversight?]
  212. [Suggestion/Request] Farmers/Workers Not Enough Per Unit
  213. [Suggestion] Influence bonus - Optimization
  214. Competitor's island take over and blocked areas on map.
  215. No reason to develop colonials
  216. Commuter Pier is too strong
  217. Transport DLC
  218. How can know in advance the description of the islands
  219. [Suggestion] Gold Mine Balancing & New World Commuter Piers
  220. [feedback] that bloomin turnip was the size of er head !!
  221. New World, can't build trading post?
  222. Finished game and uninstalled
  223. Few Short Suggestions
  224. (HELP!!) Can't delivery Father's diary to Madame Kahina's Lighthouse
  225. [Bug] Newspaper article after opponent defeat missing opponent name
  226. Useless Item(s)
  227. [Suggestion] Don't have camera hop and skip while following countours of mountains
  228. Movable Panels?
  229. [Suggestion] Bring back "Tool tip delay" setting from Anno 1404
  230. Coffee Consumption seems too high..
  231. SUGGESTION Trade Union type buildings shouln't cost Influence if empty.
  232. lack of statistics center
  233. Implement mouse scroll wheel functionality
  234. Move to island
  235. Ornaments, World's fair, white tiles? Making a city more beautiful!
  236. Balance function for the ships transporting goods
  237. Red flag
  238. Ability to add goods to the top of the island bar
  239. [BUG] NAT Type OPEN, Matchmaking Not Available
  240. 20% uplay token discount for friend
  241. [Feedback] Missing Achievements
  242. Thoughts for a DLC
  243. Item filter for expedition management
  244. Suggestion
  245. [Question] How to view you're city in photo mode?
  246. Pyrphorians in Final Battle don't fight back
  247. feedback on Influence system
  248. Suggestion: put a cooldown on AI island settlement at start of game
  249. Where do I download the music for Anno 1800 Deluxe Edition?
  250. [Question] Ornaments?