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  1. [Suggestion] Trade routes after Sunken treasure patch
  2. Installation from Epic store
  3. Upgrade Bug I have found after update 4
  4. U-Turn option for ships on trade routes
  5. [BUG] Quest objective not displayed
  6. Bread is suppost to be made with Flour or Grain
  7. [BUG] Items repeat
  8. Invisible treasure maps break game
  9. [BUG] ship stuck at the world map
  10. DLC sunken treasure should give amount of island depending on amount of players
  11. [BUG] [Multiplayer] Sunken Treasure DLC - Problems
  12. New DLC
  13. [Bugg] Fair construction finishing CTD
  14. Feedback
  15. Suggestion [New citzen tier]
  16. [Bug] Ships going to a distant port to unload cargo
  17. Ship Building
  18. [Suggestion] Make ship "ping" on the minimap when selected
  19. [BUG] Multieplayer Sunken treasure DLC crash/desyncing
  20. Unblocking areas of my island
  21. [Suggestion] End Game "Influence reward for Quests"
  22. [BUG] Mouse-over during expeditions
  23. Why can't we be the RED player?
  24. [Feedback] Campaign island of prosperity question
  25. [BUG] Anarchist popup quest
  26. [SUNKEN TREASURES] Achievement "Ocean of Knowledge"
  27. [Suggestion] Make storage panel easier to browse
  28. [Suggestion] New Game+ ....pretty please...
  29. [Suggestion] Credits localization - the musical
  30. [Suggestion] Port zone - better connection with road
  31. The Better Anarchist?
  32. [Suggestions] Sunken treasures small problems
  33. [Suggestion] lack of elevation nivelation for fair ornaments
  34. REQ: Fleet decommision port - mothball EQUIPPED ships
  35. [BUG] Crashing when saving
  36. [SUGGESTION] Treasure hunter ship
  37. [Suggestion] Notification system settings
  38. [Suggestion] Sending ships between regions but to specific islands
  39. [Suggestion] How to use excavation site from campaign in sandbox mode
  40. [Suggestion] Move game balance from high consumption to more complicated prod. chains
  41. [Suggestion] Trains and Oil Harbour
  42. REQ: Blacklist hostile areas / hostile gun-range
  43. [SUGGESTION] above 100 reputation - managing pirate relations
  44. [Suggestion] A way to make niche and low quality items more useful
  45. [Suggestion] Influence difficulty option
  46. [Suggestion] Customizable Royal Tax Cap
  47. [SERIOUS] Bald Portrait
  48. [Feedback] Permanent Propaganda debuff
  49. [Feedback] trade limit removed with update 4.02
  50. [SUGGESTION] - A case - Lets get influence that is "rentable" from the queen.
  51. Game speed settings and puase active
  52. Make Market, pub, etc... upgradable for aesthetic reasons
  53. Can i capture an islan WITH all the buildings in it?
  54. [SUGGESTION] - Expedition flagging
  55. [Suggestion] Tethering gunships to island defense
  56. [Suggestion] Add additional waypoints to trade routes
  57. [Suggestion] Zoom out farther and ship view tracking
  58. Suggestion for right klick
  59. [Question] Does Anno 1800 support SLI?
  60. [suggestion]
  61. Boat Return Home Function
  62. A few suggestions
  63. [Suggestion] Life in 19th century
  64. [Feedback] Anno 1800 Free Week
  65. please never dismiss any of your devs
  66. New friends
  67. [feature request] copy drag and select tool / copy paste multiple building blueprint
  68. [Suggestion] Allow modding of Fertility to increase difficulty.
  69. [SUGGESTION] Model versions.
  70. Steam
  71. Crash when Windows turns off screen.
  72. Feedback "Free Week"
  73. Statistics Building
  74. [Suggestion] Display residence count per tier
  75. Question/suggestion regarding trade union items
  76. [Suggestion] Add compass rose and speed over ground when viewing ship in "F1"
  77. [Feedback & Suggestions] Influence Balancing
  78. الوكيل الرسمي المعتمد يونيون اير|| 0235695244 || صيان 
  79. Electrical wires look kinda ugly.
  80. [Suggestion] What if the generator could work into the town hall
  81. Suggestions regarding resource/industry management
  82. [BUG] Damaged ships pile-up in harbours, ships lose hp-regen
  83. [New Building Suggestion] Oil Warehouse
  84. [SUGGESITON] Ship loading in series in stead of parallel.
  85. [Suggestion] Trade union Town hall radius shape
  86. Anno 1800, re installation
  87. Gold Edition , but don't have full season pass DLC
  88. NPC advancement
  89. Question Re World Fair
  90. little things
  91. How do I lay out train tracks?
  92. Question Re Oil Power Plant
  93. Anno 1800 is difficult for me
  94. [Suggestion] Docking permission toggle at Trading Post building
  95. [SUGGESTION] Ship (sink) notifications
  96. Anno 1800 is the best Anno.
  97. i bought season pass and it didn't done
  98. Saves being held Ransom.
  99. [BUGS] Club Rewards Don't Unlock, Piers Can't Load Ships Manually, Balance Dropped
  100. Questions re Updated
  101. DLC BOTANICA Pathway ornaments are useless , I think because you must always put
  102. How Pathway Ornaments works?
  103. Botanical expeditions
  104. Item Rendering Lag
  105. Bug report
  106. Trains
  107. Ship-of-the-Line selling price dropped from $50,000 to $25,000
  108. Zoo set: Extinct Species. Bonus not working?
  109. Ubisoft, this is a disgrace
  110. Add paper production
  111. So DIFFICULT to find ships
  112. Ships waiting and resources being bought randomly
  113. [SUGGESTION] - Expedition success chances with 'guaranteed success' option.
  114. [New Bug Discovered] Ship Collisions Bug
  115. [Exploit?] Echo Locators too cheap to make, sell for too much.
  116. Expedition Return Island
  117. Any new on 5.2?
  118. [DLC Botanica] Ghost ship carry
  119. Ornamental Lawn
  120. [Bug] Failed to synchronize cloud saves
  121. [Bug] Failed to synchronize cloud saves
  122. QUESTION re Possibility of sharing an island with an Opponent
  123. Claim island after takeover
  124. Game crashing
  125. [Suggestion] Ornamental Lawn
  126. play vs more ai players in free game
  127. [Question] How do I manually sail between the old and new world without trade route?
  128. Hotkey to jump between own islands
  129. Release Notes and Overview of all Game Updates
  130. Expeditions are fun, but get tedious to read. Please make it easy to read.
  131. Graphic changes without required restart?
  132. Free Camera Key
  133. [SUGGESTION] Increase transfer distance for Salvager
  134. Active pause
  135. Trade/Charter Route Bug! Unplayable
  136. [bug] cannot buy back flag ship
  137. Request: Commuter Pier for The New World
  138. Serious Anno 1800 issues after last update
  139. Where to post your co-op playtest feedback?
  140. [Bug] First 3 charter routes now cost influence
  141. Fix the Ship AI
  142. Salvanger destroyed - how to get a new one
  143. [Suggestion] Chartered Company Achievement
  144. [Suggestion] Depot capacity & coffe consuption effect in big cities
  145. Product and trade
  146. Bug Report: Infected ship on Expedition. Campaign is stuck.
  147. Knee high in Fish.
  148. Shouldn't the Pirates be Boarding Us?
  149. A Way to Sell Ships to Human Players in Multiplayer
  150. Asia as a destination
  151. [Question] Shouldn't the Pirates be Boarding Us?
  152. [Question] Problem with tradelog
  153. [Bugg] Piers wont load commodities
  154. [Feedback] Shouldn't the Pirates be Boarding Us?
  155. Adding Coastal Decoration
  156. [Suggestion] In minimap add a flashing dot for ship selected in command bar
  157. Suggestive Buildings in Future Developments
  158. [SUGGESTION] - Paused loading
  159. [ISSUES] WHAT just happened here?
  160. [Suggestion] Buildings upgrade
  161. [B]Anno 1800 Suggestions:[/B]
  162. River Buildings Fishery , Mill
  163. More new world residence items
  164. Extra range trade union / town hall item
  165. (Suggestions) Change electricity poles
  166. [Bug] Train and Oil Well?
  167. Anno 1800 Trade Route Management Improvement
  168. I'm not as fast as the AI.
  169. New game option that preserves my character, it's name, banner color, and flag design
  170. (Suggestion) Show number of residences per tier on each Island
  171. https://pillsenergy.com/massive-male-plus/
  172. Trading Oil (Suggestion)
  173. City building wishlist
  174. Power Plants need a serious overhaul!
  175. Questbook Show Quests for all worlds no matter which one your in.
  176. Trains, Plants, and Oil Docks or Ports been a while so I don't remember the names.
  177. Anno 1800
  178. [SUGGESTION] - Expedition ships vs all ships
  179. [Suggestion] Make Crown Falls optional for Multiplayer
  180. Make trading easier
  181. Option to choose our 'Notifications'
  182. Statistics/List/Overview of Buildings
  183. [Suggestion]Add setting to delay popup of dialogs when mousing over UI elements
  184. Setting Maximum Stock
  185. END Game issues - Zinc, Coffee
  186. [Suggestion] Immersive city laws
  187. NPC Diplomacy
  188. Selling Islands
  189. Multiplayer crashes somethimes
  190. Bring back sector projects
  191. i Just wish i could move a collection of buildings
  192. Naval expeditions are stupid
  193. Proper dishes for all classes
  194. 5 hours at 9.44 Mbps for 16GB just to try it?
  195. [Question] Benchmarks
  196. [SUGGESTION] / [FEEDBACK] ~ update 6
  197. Influence
  198. Cargo Ships
  199. Can a dev come to my house and make sure I don't say bad words?
  200. Sunken Treasures Questline not triggering?
  201. For God's sake give us our WASD Keys!
  202. Change the default multiplayer winning conditions
  203. [Suggestion] Show special tourist skills with a tooltip
  204. [Suggestion] Key to resume patrolling
  205. Larger maps
  206. Suggested Improvements
  207. Pretty game . . . pretty BAD!
  208. Anno Trial and retail MP - compability
  209. [Suggestion] More colours?
  210. [Feedback/Suggestion] Statistics building
  211. can't find address to accses my game.
  212. [Suggestion] Patrolling by mini-map
  213. [Suggestion] - Regional dynamic sorting
  214. [Suggestion] - Regional filter in trade route menu
  215. [SUGGESTION] - Event Log
  216. [SUGGESTION] - Escort Simbol
  217. Suggestion!
  219. Few Suggestions
  220. One-off transport automation including items
  221. Build automatically as soon as resources are available
  222. Tropical islands need some balancing
  223. Future DLC Idea
  224. [Suggestion] Arabic desert map and other (DLC) suggestions
  225. https://fitpedia.org/control-x-keto-reviews/
  226. [Suggestion] Fast ship to harbor tool
  227. Buying an island is a waste of money and time
  228. A very important suggestion!!!!!!!!
  229. Small Change Suggestion for Newspaper reactions
  230. trouble getting started
  231. [Suggestion] Set default harbor for transfer to other region
  232. [SUGGESTION] - Auto Focus on/off setting
  233. [SUGGESTION] - Global blueprintmodus setting
  234. Suggestion for continuous play
  235. Ship system is Atrocious...
  236. [Suggestion]: Trade route improvements
  237. The Golden Tier... For the Elite
  238. [Suggestion]Railway station DLC
  239. Suggestion on rail building control
  240. Submarines
  241. [Question] How can I destroy airships?
  242. Can we have a more visible construction placement grid?
  243. Groups/Folders for trade routes