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  1. Download never starts
  2. game freeze after around 6 hours
  3. Anno 1800 - Useful Links
  4. i am live :-) but still same like open beta crash
  5. After CD Intsall uplay Reinstalled via Download
  6. Can't transfer political prisoner / Quest not resumable
  7. How to change Language?
  8. Anno 1800 Support FAQs
  9. Epic Store Release
  10. How to use Player Support & Being a Ubisoft Companion
  11. How can I change the language ?
  12. Voice Over problem (Skirmish)
  13. mode campagne ne demarre pas
  14. Anno 1800 - Released Version - FAULT - No ingame dialog
  15. Dx12 ctd
  16. Still not fixed: Broken fields
  17. City Name cannot be collapsed
  18. i bought the game but its not in the library
  19. First Mission Campaign Bug. Cannot finish missions after pause.
  20. Game cannot be unpaused in fullscreen mode [open beta]
  21. Steam Version Stuttering?
  22. I can't hear any voices when playing the game.
  23. Language keeps switching
  24. Why DENUVO?
  25. I need a disc to play ? disc error
  26. Strange Dialogue Bug After Save
  27. Patch notes?
  28. Game crash on startup
  29. Reminder: Driver Updates
  30. Game crashes on startup after latest patch
  31. Bugged game
  32. Campagn bug
  33. комплетация Digital Deluxe Edition
  34. My game wont start at all
  35. Bug with the trading post history.
  36. Steam version 10FPS...
  37. Game crash after starting campaign.
  38. Change precompiled shader location?
  39. Chess Park
  40. Campaign Glitch : Cannot progress 'Prosperity For All'
  41. Bug Report
  42. Stuck on the quest in Chapter 4 - Prosperity for All
  43. Need some help regarding a steam refund.
  44. Where to find deluxe edition content
  45. Keybind Bug
  46. Steam Season Pass
  47. Unable to bind mouse's side buttons in game
  48. Campaign doesn't start - Stuck in loading screen
  49. Multiplayer - NAT-Typ: Unbekannt
  50. Bug Report: Cannot finish the mission emergency evaacuation
  51. Cant startup game after the update
  52. Game crashes after choosing Character etc. [Only Multiplayer]
  53. Delux Content Question
  54. Unplayble Stuttering
  55. Blocking BUG Steel beams
  56. Missions stopped interacting in Campaign Chapter 2
  57. ALT TAB causes games to crash?
  58. Patching the game reallocates the whole game
  59. Pre order bonus - missing
  60. DirectX option is missing from the menu
  61. Game freezes on exit
  62. Stuck on Isabel Sarmento's quest
  63. Steam user multi player issues.
  64. [multiplayer] crash to desktop at expedition end
  65. No save possible
  66. Activtion Code
  67. Quests cannot be started/finished
  68. No interaction possible with ships in quests
  69. Game crashes after 5 min. of gameplay, followed by startup crashes.
  70. [multiplayer] Crash on moving a market
  71. DirectX Error
  72. Unable to progress 'Pay no ransom'
  73. game crash and windows defender.
  74. Multiplayer Players switching places
  75. Expeditions (Bug & Typos)
  76. I do not have the game in uplay ... how do I do?
  77. [Multiplayer] Re-invite option disappears.
  78. Cant run after start
  79. No voice sound
  80. AMD Phenom II Support
  81. Bug: Bedürfniss nach Schule und Universität nur bei 90%
  82. Big problems with FPS
  83. Bug: Photography quests in the New World can't be completed
  84. Hotfix - April 16th
  85. Game Freeze when exiting game
  86. Quests: Delivery quest turns to escort quest.
  87. Failed to enumerate the DXGI adapter
  88. DirectX Crash with DX12
  89. Ubisoft Club not working in-game
  90. Campaign save games island ownership bug
  91. Cant transfer ships between regions
  92. Unable to start multiplayer
  93. Uclup points cause crash
  94. crashes after starting game & Unable to change video setting
  95. Quest bug? "Release and Ease"
  96. bug: the mission stop in "One Hand Washes the Other"
  97. The Pyrphorians - Diary Missing
  98. [BUG] Ressource steel beams Bug
  99. [Bug] Numbers for money, balance and workforce only shows the thousands-digit
  100. [Bug] Fire Station
  101. An unexpected DirectX error occured.
  102. [Bug] Resident puzzle quests can't be completed
  103. Game is not in Uplay Client after purchase
  104. Campaign stuck at hunt the pyro in newworld
  105. Crashes every time
  106. Anno 1800 - SLI Support?
  107. Bug: Campaign Quest/NPC Interaction Pop-Up Issues
  108. Bug On the "Hibernation" Task
  109. Can't load campaign but sand-box work
  110. Oil issues, missing decorative, pointless events and frequent disasters.
  111. Failed to synchronize achievements
  112. Campaign - No NPC popups while clicking quests, near objectives etc.
  113. Stuck in quest to discover the new world
  114. bug in quest campaign
  115. Bug - Fire Station had Hospital UI
  116. [Crash] [Multiplayer] inject_impl.cpp (93) Injected thread has exited. code 322122577
  117. Never received Download in UPLAY
  118. AI Harbor design interfering with quests?
  119. Multiplayer on LAN
  120. Ch. 3 Wolves In Alpaca's Clothing
  121. Placing Bear in Enclosure at the Zoo not responding! (BUG)
  122. [BUG] Building matrials UI and warehouse not updating when transferring goods [Video]
  123. I bougth the game but didnt receive it. Also lost my 20% promotion code. Paid for it
  124. [Issue] Bad performance with GTX 1070 G1 Gaming
  125. [DE][BUG][Kampagne][MAIN-QUEST] Prosperity für alle
  126. Game randomly crashing + Quest bug
  127. Multiplayer Quick Join not working
  128. Crash when new world is discovered
  129. Game Freezing
  130. Campaign mission bugged, can't progress
  131. [Patch 01] Patch Notes - April 25th 2019
  132. Stuck on Wolves in Alpaca's Clothing
  133. (Bug?) Beryl O'Mara A.I is in Easy default while Bente Jorgensen is in Medium
  134. If you purchased the game and haven' received it, like this so the admins can know!
  135. Game crashes on multiplayer when other player goes on expedition to new world
  136. DirectX - IGXGISwapChain::Present failed
  137. Crash when enter new World
  138. Ship Stuck in Expedition
  139. Stuck on Quest: The Confrontation. Deliver the contract of sale.
  140. Anno 1800 keeps crashing after update, doesn't even styart
  141. Low FPS / Performance in Anno 1800
  142. One Hand Washes the Other Bug
  143. DX 12 - Crashes.
  144. Blown-Apart Epic 12-Pounder cannon Only Fits in Cargo Slot.
  145. Quests failing for no reason:
  146. Retrieving chocolate for Archibald failed but quest won't end, no new quests appear
  147. Awful optimization
  148. Can't find content of season Pass!
  149. Game crashes with every campaign video
  150. Cmpaign ending by selling the enemies Kontor
  151. Auto Saves
  152. Bougth the game 2 days ago. Still no game in library or receipt. Charged my account
  153. Problems with the servers
  154. Bug on Hospital and Fire stations
  155. Quest Description Issue (expidition)
  156. Campaign doesn't load and free play crash after 2 hours
  157. I can not install the game
  158. Defeat in sandbox
  159. [BUG REPORT] Chapter 4 : Prosperity for all
  160. Bugs
  161. Purchased game not showing in Uplay
  162. Ships disappear bug?
  163. [BUG] [Quest/Assignement] Clueless Courier
  164. It crashes when I start any game or load previous one.
  165. [Bug Report] Can't accomplish the mission "emergency evacuation" in Chapter 3
  166. Bug: Fire Station
  167. [Bug] ship icon when moving
  168. Can not move ships between regions
  169. Need help
  170. BUG Trains dont like railway
  171. Spontaneous replenishment goods in warehouse. Bag or or anything else?
  172. BUG: Firestations are preventing Illnesses
  173. (BUG) Commuter Pier breaks Happiness
  174. BUG: Monument Event gone missing
  175. Weakness in game mechanics to overtake islands
  176. Interesting bug just suddenly appeared.
  177. BUG: Expedition Event "The Storm" cannot be completed
  178. BUG: Expedition Event "The Storm" cannot be completed
  179. Borrowed Tea Quest bugged
  180. The game doesn't run anymore
  181. Is my game bugged? Lots of in-game issues (Screenshots)
  182. Game crashes on launch
  183. winter is coming achievment crashes game
  184. Using Epic Ship Tool Trolley on Battle Cruiser has a chance to destroy it
  185. F9 key starts camera rotating like the F2 key.
  186. "For you" quest Stuck
  187. [BUG] NPC's and quest progression stops working. Game has to end.
  188. Problem with Music and Warehouse display!
  189. Ship stuck / not arriving into new world
  190. In the name of the father 4 - The Steward quest bugged.
  191. Game not save!
  192. Manual not found
  193. Stuck on Isabel Sarmento's quest - Wolves in Alpaca's Clothing
  194. [BUG]Quest simply disappeared on completion - No reward
  195. [Bug] No more popup
  196. Issues with notifications, pop-up windows and diplomacy
  198. UI bugs (public service buildings, World Fair building progress; pictures inside)
  199. [BUG]Quest simply disappeared on completion - No reward
  200. [BUG] Quest: "The Strangled Revolution"
  201. games crashes suddenly before playing 18h.
  202. [BUG] - Campaign - locked ships
  203. [BUG] Massive Crowds appearing at Harvest
  204. Bug report: Anno 1800. Ship patrol stops on reaching first "endpoint"
  205. Chartered Company
  206. Bug: 10t of None of your business quest
  207. Load Game issues
  208. Bug: Exodus Mission, patrol ship blocking sewer.
  209. Stuck on "No ransom" quest
  210. [BUG]Quest reward not given
  211. Game crashes during loading of saved game.
  212. Thanks for the Boning!
  213. multiplayer issue
  214. Game crashes during game play with DX error
  215. Emergency Evacuation can't go on
  216. Invisible Cursor
  217. All Quests are gone - Will Savegames be fixed with Path on 25th April?
  218. Played for 14 hours and now game doesn't want to launch anymore
  219. [QuestBug] Selecting Prosperity trading outpost not working after upgrading
  220. Unable to Load Cargo for Trade or Charter Routes Specific Island
  221. Purchased game
  222. Anno 1880 Minimun Specifications
  223. Buying Anno 1800
  224. No Popups in Campaign - Can't Progress
  225. Game crashes on autosave after working fine for 45 hours
  226. (BUG) Changing Start Island in New World breaks Campaign
  227. Small translation mistake
  228. BUG Quest: Political Hack
  229. no money no game
  230. Loosing money with income of +2000 !
  231. [Bugs] Various
  232. Stuck on "The Confrontation"; item missing
  233. SLI bugged, Ships bugged, missions bugged, First Person perspective extremly bugged..
  234. Game stuck on campaing loading screen
  235. Multiplayer constantly disconnects
  236. Players can't rejoin a match when you load it without them
  237. [Bug] Multiplayer- client - ships chase enemy even in passive stance
  238. commuter ports
  239. [Bug] Trade History Fills and Doesn't Update
  240. Finally finished all the Campaigns and
  241. [BUG]: In mp, allied ceasefire ending causes reputation to go to zero.
  242. Bug: Escorts not starting.
  243. Trade from one island to another is a disaster and has to be changed / optimized
  244. Possible bug?
  245. Anno 1800 Bug: Defeat on defeating Beryl.
  246. Anno 1800 Bug: Bright Sands leftover scenery.
  247. Anno 1800 Typo: your your
  248. Zoo piracy (funny typo devs might want to correct)
  249. Quest can not be completed - chapter 3
  250. sudden Campain game over bug