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  1. Final Enemy diappeared
  2. Can i force the game to launch in offline mode?
  3. [BUG] Buried castaway.
  4. Season pass not working?
  5. Season pass not working??????????????????
  6. Double mouse clicks constant
  7. [bug] won't load goods! Trade route
  8. Does anyone know a work-around/fix for pirates not returning?
  9. [SPOILER] Main quest bug
  10. Where to post your co-op playtest feedback?
  11. Game crashing
  12. Where are my 116 UPlay points?
  13. [BUG] Ship orders auto changing without my orders.
  14. [bug] cargo ship bugs after last update
  15. stuck in campaign
  16. Frequent desync in multiplayer
  17. https://supplementrise.com/superior-keto-bhb/
  18. If you're having problems downloading (Australia)
  19. [BUG] Html tags in description
  20. A Promise Kept in Sunken Treasures - Queen Ship escort stuck at edge of map
  21. Show me this problem - Anno 1800 has stopped working
  22. [BUG] - My farmers dissapeared from the topbar with workforce
  23. item lost from Harbourmaster's Office
  24. Salvanger destroyed - how to get a new one
  25. Expedition bug
  26. (BUG)Cannot change appearence
  27. Lots of lag now
  28. [BUG?] Island shore building tiles
  29. [BUG] Quest "fellowship" will not close
  30. File corruption detected
  31. [BUG] Localization bug
  32. Disapearing Command Screens
  33. [Bug] Disappearing Repair Crane after 5.2 update
  34. Problems with ANNO 1800 download re activation code
  35. [BUG] Minor issues with UI and one bug with planning mode
  36. Ubisoft, what is going on?
  37. Very Low FPS
  38. DLC Season Pass will not show and Start
  39. Trains stopped on my islands!
  40. [BUG] Damage on Charters
  41. Still no reaction on the problem wit the sunken treasure DLC is missing in the game..
  42. I have Season Pass and deluxe edition, but cannot unlock any rewards.
  43. Cant load savegames.
  44. Launch hangs since latest Windows update
  45. Can't maintain population on newly established islands, farmer houses turn to rubble
  46. GLITCH** During trade between MY islands, items doubling up in slots
  47. [BUG] - Complementing items in Town Hall not adhering written text
  48. [BUG] Ship stuck in expedition mode
  49. Purchasing query (region)
  50. Game freezes on loading Campaign game
  51. Multiplayer Bug
  52. Game Manual
  53. Gasparov quest "Dedicated follower of fashion" cannot be completed
  54. Public pier when attractiveness is negative..
  55. [BUG] - AI ships can avoid ships/guns outside of map boundary
  56. Game stops downloading and never finishes.
  57. Greyed out multiplayer - Tried everything
  58. Can't click on "Workforce Asignment" button
  59. Crashes and weird performance issue
  60. Can't take photo in photo quests
  61. Who could solve my electricity issue?
  62. [?BUG] Expedition Ship
  63. I have quest bugs (quest icons show up in my ships, and when sunk stay in ocean)
  64. I completed "The Great Exhibition" questline and did not get credit in Club Challenge
  65. Season pass problem
  66. electricity problem
  67. Game freeze on save (auto and manual) in multiplayer
  68. quête d insaisissable scofield
  69. Can't Invite Player From Previous Game
  70. The Battle of Trelawney
  71. The 5.3 update has broke the game
  72. Anno 1800 does not launch since last patch.
  73. No Gods No Masters Part 5 chaos bug
  74. when will ubisoft fix the issue with launch and stop telling us that it is our rigs?
  75. Bug: Mines/Crops/Etc fixating on delivering to factory; Halting production.
  76. [Bug] Expedition timer only ticks down when you have no active expeditions
  77. [Bug] Sounds leak between The Old World and Cape Trelawney
  78. Anno crashes randomly
  79. Please insert Disc. DLC Game ?
  80. Season pass not working
  81. Unable to complete QUESTS (BRIC-A-BRAC & RAIL TYCOON)
  82. DLC's gone missing midgame
  83. resolution
  84. 游戏闪退bug
  85. The Big Blue Quest stuck
  86. the people don't take my sewing machines
  87. The game doesn't work
  88. Problem with getting achievements !!!???
  89. Move text
  90. Since this morning the game loads empty maps (steam/win 10) and than crashes
  91. HELP my anno 1800 is GONE
  92. Problem with getting achievements !!!??? I have fulfilled all the conditions.
  93. Lost Sunken Treasure DLC and Game after update 4.X
  94. https://supplementblend.com/weeslim-france-review/
  95. [bug] I Don't Buy It - Quest - Dr. Hugo Mercier
  96. Just DIED
  97. Can not launch game from Epic Games Launcher
  98. Game crash on loading
  99. [bug] Can't get the Chartered Company achievement
  100. Follow Quest problems
  101. Not able to acces the new location
  102. Tester Anno 1800 The Passage
  103. Bug Ship has Arrows on it "Take a photo"
  104. what is the error cpde 1205 ??????
  105. Zinc unnable to be auto loaded onto ships!
  106. Stuck on Chapter 2
  107. Bought the game and got no product key/code to finish installing and play
  108. Can I DL The game onto a 2nd PC?
  109. Game freezes during play
  110. save game
  111. Bridge replacement in multiplayer
  112. Saved games synchronizing issue
  113. [BUG] - Ships stuck when on patrol or escort duty
  114. [BUG] UI elements vs player interaction
  115. Anno 1800 reserving all the memory
  116. Once again crash with a Direct X problem!!
  117. DirectX Error
  118. over 300h and i still dont get train delays
  119. [BUG] - New World island requesting Public pier while not available.
  120. No way to get another Salvager?
  121. [BUG] Bright Sands not conquerable (Campaign spoilers)
  122. Just bought 1800 gold editon, season pass not showing as owned
  123. Cannot change font size
  124. Isabel Sarmento
  125. Multiplayer Unavailable, with NAT Open
  126. Endless crashing, texture glitches, Direct X crashes
  127. Assistance online on how to Travel and work abroad WhatsApp ....+49 15216980991
  128. Ghost Ship-of-the-line
  129. will not finish downloading
  130. Question
  131. My savegame just got deleted!
  132. BUG: Sunken Treasures DLC 'The Queen's Favour' NO ACHIEVEMENT!
  133. [BUG] expedition rewards in water
  134. use beta-installation for full-game
  135. Quest = a Promise Kept , Problem/Bug
  136. Does a 20% discount for 100 club points work on the current sale?
  137. Need Activation Key
  138. Game Keep clashed at starting
  139. Game crashes
  140. [Bugreport] Tile can not be upgraded after being placed in Blueprint mode
  141. Anno 1800 multiplayer and dlcs don't work on uplay
  142. anno1800 Gold DLC club rewards cannot be claimed
  143. Bug in several quests
  144. Still that annoying bug
  145. BUG: Quest "Free from Free Market" from Anarchist is impossible to complete
  146. Constant crashing and no sound at all
  147. [BUG]? ~ Positive pollution count?
  148. Anyone else with constant pirate attacks
  149. Save game invalid: requires Sunken Treasure DLC
  150. ANNO 1800 - Crash every 5-6 minutes of gameplay
  151. Seit 8 Monaten keine DLC-Inhalte.
  152. Anno 1800 640 x 480 resolution help
  153. Gods and Masters part 5 Bug
  154. Game Updage 6 at what timezone?
  155. The Ubisoft Companion Program
  156. [BUG]/[UI] ~ game glitch expedition result
  157. Low Framerate and Jerky Movement
  158. Blasting Rock Away & Tutorials
  159. Fog of War not disappearing on islands
  160. No main menu
  161. How to start DLC (The Passage) at a later state
  162. No matchmaking / multiplayer connectivity
  163. Ships stuck transferring on World Map
  164. Road Graphic error - tile clipping
  165. Trial keeps crashing
  166. No Purchase Button Shown of Holiday Pack on Steam
  167. Excellent game to begin with but patch locked me out. Uplay fail.
  168. Benchmark?
  169. Escorting Princess Qing
  170. Base game locked out from saves until purchased the Season Pass!!!!!!!!!
  171. Bugs
  172. Anno 1800 dx12 crashes
  173. Own game can't play with trial game multiplayers?
  174. Game owner cannot invite a player with trial access
  175. Dropbox corrupting Anno 1800 saves?
  176. Is escorting broken?
  177. Did Shares Value change after the letest patch ??
  178. recent DirectX error
  179. BUG. photo quests co-op
  180. why u cant copy railway tracks ?? bug ?
  181. Can't level up
  182. Problems buy game
  183. game (Anno 1800 Trial} doesn"t start up, error code: 1205
  184. Cannot complete quest A Novel Proposal of Captain Nobody's due to no Mosasaurus Fossi
  185. Game resets resolution if you alt-tab
  186. [BUG] pritscreen without top left infomation bar
  187. Eror 1205
  188. [BUG] Huge freeze
  189. Anno Trial savgame files in the full version
  190. The game extremely "lags" after 30 hours of gameplay while actual FPS is 50-60
  191. [Question/BUG?] "The North Pole"
  192. Help me pls, i cant enter game.
  193. Campaign: cannot pickup fish
  194. [HELP] Multiplayer bug
  195. Game Crashes after update - 17/12/2019
  196. game crash since yesterdays update
  197. [Bug] Sea animals reward only from expeditions
  198. Anno Crashes after 17-12 Update
  199. Game crasch after the new update
  200. [CRASH][LOADING THE GAME] A Crash Occurs when loading the game
  201. Transmuting Scrap gone?
  202. Unable to activate the game on Uplay from epic.
  203. missing pirates and command ship
  204. Graphikeinstellungen
  205. DLC Passage Expanding Sky Trading Post Storage
  206. Coop is unplayable
  207. Game jump out
  208. Costs of buildings are wrong
  209. Verbindung verloren
  210. [Bug] No warning about major fires/riots
  211. [BUG] Missing goods in the summary of the single commercial route
  212. Can't buy Christmas DLC
  213. Cant upgrade to engineers (Screenshot attached)
  214. negative influence after reload
  215. [Tech Issue] GPU won't lower clock after exiting game
  216. Rename yourselves from Ubisoft to Useless...
  217. Bug: war between allies
  218. Anno 1800 Entry Point Not Found error -- anyone else?
  219. Bug: Bad language message appears for unsettled island
  220. Where is the income/loss of trade routes?
  221. Language bug of GMG version of Anno 1800
  222. [BUG] Sunken Treasures DLC - no quests after reaching Cape Trelawney
  223. Multiplayer Game Freeze
  224. [BUG] Negative influence after reload caused by miscounted buildings
  225. Bug: Sandbox Hugo wins as soon as game loads
  226. Visual glitch/bug
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  239. Trade route Island bug
  241. Annoying glitch/bug
  242. can't go online in uplay
  243. Distance that ships set to "Active Defense" will chase enemies is ridiculous!
  244. Ship AI is broken.
  245. Lost Crown Falls (Island of the DLC after battle) and with it the Quest
  246. [BUG?] - Anne just declared war on Jean - really?
  247. Crash during fire after 8 hours of gameplay
  248. Game is crashing aftrer 5-10min
  249. Influence Bug after Reload, 31-DEC-2019
  250. Game crashing only when im AFK for longer time