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  4. UI RMB problem
  5. Ballistic Shield Bug
  6. Selecting Items Bug
  7. 500 gear score lullaby still missing talents
  8. Merciless explosion doesn't trigger ongoing directive
  9. Reloading sound seems to be unaffected by volume sliders (its super loud) + merciless
  10. BUG: semi auto rifles not firing at given RPM values.
  11. Bug: Blacktusk mask's position is a bit lower.
  12. PTS access
  13. Crafting Bench stuck at WT2
  14. Rooted CD still at 55 seconds not 25 like the tooltip says on PTS
  15. Why do I have a old build on PTS
  16. UI Bug and removed functionality
  17. Reporting 2 major bugs in PTS
  18. Invisible weapon after dying
  19. Don't let today's update install
  20. [Bug] Gear & Skill Mods UI Stuck
  21. depth of field option off option on console
  22. Double Barrel Sawed Off SHotgun can't be recalibrated
  23. Rogue timer stopped in dz
  24. 2 or 3 bugs-that have been in the game for awhile that i have seen no mention off
  25. Menu Items Not Clickable
  26. No longer dropping Vanity items.
  27. Easy Anti-Cheat error System32.pdh.dll
  28. PC - Black Screen at Launch & Crash on setting change
  29. Control points not showing as completed
  30. Control points not showing as completed
  31. Nemesis Bug / Minigun Bug - When Wielding Nemesis, Miniguns Do Not Work
  32. Any fix on Ivory Keys yet?
  33. Unable to switch loadout
  34. Weapons have fixed value no point to recalibrate.
  35. Weapon Talent accuracy doesn't show up on weapons nor on stats
  36. I still have problems after the last update
  37. I didn’t obtain the nemesis blueprint?
  38. UI Bug - V Key/inventory
  39. Crash on new Menu Quit button
  40. [BUG] Every semi auto weapon has RPM issue
  41. Putting On Gear Takes More Thank A Double Click
  42. minor bug when switching loadouts
  43. Deinstalling PTS causes this
  44. Civilian Soldier at Capitol Hill Mission
  45. Chem launcher bug
  46. Side Mission Missiog Wire scavengers
  47. "Parkour" interactions with skills
  48. Cant proceed to WT5
  49. Cannot "CUT ROPE" - Occupied DZ
  50. Preservation talent broken?
  51. Wicked Talent working as intended or bugged?
  52. Game will not load. Launcher just spins indefinitely.
  53. [PTS] Bug report #1
  54. [BUG] Battery skill mod doesn't work.
  55. [BUG] Semi Auto fire still broke in phase 2
  56. There is still few instances of conflicting keybinds for menus in PTS
  57. [BUG) "Mission completed" looping
  58. [bug]True Son enemies showing up during invaded Lincoln Memorial mission
  59. Average 500 GS, Drops still Dropping below 500/490.
  60. Bug: Death messages in the Japanse client shows Chinese language
  61. Bugs in the DZ
  62. Stuck on World tier 4
  63. Can‘t find The PTS version on Uplay,even i already had The DIVISION2.
  64. New Spotter talent is not consistent (video)
  65. WT progress and DZ unlock
  66. Bug: Stuck on geography
  67. Cannot leave Dark Zone control points if the area isn't clear on the map
  68. Bugs I have encountered so far
  69. Roosevelt Island bug, enemie will not spawn
  70. Crafting BUG.....
  71. PS4 application crashing issue
  72. UI Bug's
  73. Bug: Chem launcher fire starter still can't get buff by player's explosive damage
  74. [BUG] Badger Tuff 2 set
  75. My sniper build on PTS is bug-ridden
  76. [BUG] Tactician Drone + Spotter unintended behavior
  77. No Control Point Connections
  78. Endless update loop
  79. [BUG] Visual mine mod icon
  80. Hive (Healing) not working
  81. BUG: Firestarter Chem Launcher bugs the Flame Turret
  82. Shield skill power major bug
  83. Did not receive Commendation Cache when I hit Tier One
  84. Worksite community side mission
  85. anti cheat ********
  86. [BUG] Tactician Drone + Spotter unintended behavior
  87. Crafted 2 Hard Wired pieces of gear that vanished.
  88. Graphics are gliching
  89. Classified Mission bug on PS4
  90. can't connect
  91. Can't Choose Gunner
  92. Collectible at Police Station near East Dark Zone still bugged
  93. Bank Mission
  94. Imagem ao mirar com a luneta baixa.
  95. Jefferson plaza bug
  96. Bug at Jefferson Plaza
  97. Jefferson Plaza Boss Glitch