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  1. Yourshapecenter.com ?!?! Where?
  2. Welcome to the Your Shape Fitness Evolved Forums!
  3. Your Shape Center
  4. Profile change with Kinect ID identification process
  5. Re-scan body size?
  6. Issues with XBox/Windows Live integration?
  7. Couple questions
  8. Floor exercises?
  9. Profile Picture, Fitness Test
  10. Kinect problem
  11. Changing Personal Training
  12. Personal Training - Suggested Features
  13. UbiSoft: PATCH suggestion
  14. Game start issue
  15. Zen class not recognizing my squats
  16. Better in game stats please.
  17. gym game with kinect
  18. No achievement for linking my account
  19. API
  20. after claming rewards ????
  21. Can 2 players simultaneously workout??
  22. Tai Chi?
  23. Calorie Converter
  24. Mens tips
  25. How do you exit?!
  26. Have a friend come over to work out with question..
  27. Friends on YourShape Center
  28. Add on I'd like to see
  29. Calories not counted towards goal.
  30. Is the Web site down?
  31. Skip an exercise?
  32. Why no custom soundtracks? Is there a patch forthcoming?
  33. End of the workout
  34. Anyone else do Cardio Racer yet?
  35. Weigh in
  36. EVOLVING TOGETHER - A Couples Journey to Fitness
  37. Re:My Image move away from the green zone
  38. how do i link my gamertag to uplay?
  39. How about a Pilates DLC?
  40. Last Sync: Date outdated
  41. Auto save major broken
  42. Calories not even close.
  43. I have done enough the fitness test I would like to use the rest of the game...
  44. Turn off kicking?
  45. Linking an existing uplay account to an xbox account
  46. Changing "programs" loses progress?
  47. Your Shape Center - You Got Questions? Post here!
  48. Break a Sweat: Same Workouts
  49. Can I change the gender of my trainer? How??
  50. Hey UBI!!! Can you hear me?
  51. Program Recommendation
  52. How Often
  53. Your starting to lose me...
  54. Your Questions Answered! (Update 3/1/11)
  55. Feet not showing in game.
  56. Same 2 excersizes over and over in Cardio
  57. daily calorie progress
  58. skinny jeans workout
  59. RGB image durring scan, IR image everywhere else
  60. Has anybody tried Motion Sport?
  61. Daily Workout Routines
  62. How to view in kJ also what is the measure of calories
  63. Your Shape Fitness Evolved General Information Questions and Answers: Update 12/09/10
  64. Your Shape patched this morning!?
  65. Blue Touch Screen Not working?
  66. Workaround for lost progress in personal training
  67. Wheelchair user
  68. It sure would be nice to see this with DLC
  69. When will we see an event on the website?
  70. Leg curls not working
  71. Yoga
  72. Your Shape Center Update: Compare player feature is now up and running!
  73. Chest Exercises
  74. i want hi-low workout
  75. My 2 Cents
  76. EA sports Active or Biggest Loser
  77. New DLC, anyone having problems accessing it?
  78. Ending the program
  79. New "skin" request
  80. Poll: Are you having problems with the game tracking your feet?
  81. Has anyone tried the Mens Health Fat Burning program?
  82. idea: support for ea's heart rate monitor
  83. Language Support
  84. How are people using the game
  85. Percentage error glitch in cardio boxing
  86. Gym Game High Scores
  87. Are lunges a trainwreck for anyone else?
  88. Yourshapecenter.com problems
  89. Workout Friends!
  90. Question about "skins"
  91. New Here! 1 rant, 1 question, 1 suggestion.
  92. Initial Body Scan - Anyway to "Re-do"?
  93. Thanks, Gypsy816
  94. Weights
  95. Cardio Racer routines
  96. My Christmas gift to myself...
  97. Training with knee problems
  98. Link
  99. kinect!!
  100. blue abs
  101. How do you get two profiles to count during 2player?
  102. Never been more annoyed! Can't start game with wave
  103. Syncing Ubisoft and Xbox???
  104. Wrong dates shown when comparing stats
  105. Gold Cardio Kickboxing Class
  106. Please patch for recalibration option
  107. Do I need to do fitness test every time????
  108. Registration/linking problem on yourshapecenter.com
  109. Lightweights?
  110. New DLC is available...
  111. Daily 100!
  112. iPhone App
  113. Probably a stupid question - I messed up my gender?
  114. Official Your Shape Updates Thread
  115. how long should i be using this each day?
  116. Virtual Smash 1045 points
  117. How do you delete your YourShape profile and start over?
  118. Need help registering please !
  119. Ubisoft team. Any plans to update workout programs.
  120. Does Compare with Friends feature work for anyone?
  121. reviews on add ons
  122. Is there really no way to skip specific exercises?
  123. Unlocking new sessions
  124. Kettle Bell Workouts
  125. Gamertag/Profile Question
  126. Facebook - Default sharing message
  127. Cardio Boxing Unexpected Stutter/Pause
  128. Suggestion - creating our own daily routines
  129. Calorie Challenges are not Fair
  130. Possible future patches?
  131. How can I move onto the next session?
  132. Add me as a work out friend
  133. Temporary leg curl fix
  134. Weight Loss?
  135. PLEASE HELP!! Are these annoying glitches???
  136. What happened to the feedback system?
  137. Movement recognision
  138. Events - Where are they?
  139. Your Shape Center Update: We couldn't retrieve your game data
  140. Developers please fix the "save your progress" bug!
  141. Virtual smash - Virtually impossible to kick/knee lower blocks?
  142. My main beef with YSFE
  143. Help: User profile erased out of no reason!!!!
  144. Incorrect Height
  145. Virtual Smash kicking problem solved!!
  146. Interesting discovery about side to side lunges...
  147. General information - Country
  148. Friends List issue
  149. A problem with the Compare Stats feature
  150. Picture
  151. Punching Bag...where is it?
  152. Leaderboards are messed up
  153. Unlocking "After Baby: Cardio" Without Xbox Live?
  154. How disable some exercise
  155. Downloadable content wont work
  156. virtual smash kicking ?
  157. How do I know when I am done for the day?
  158. Ab workouts?
  159. Question about Compare Stats
  160. Why does NEW YEAR NEW YOU
  161. In personal training are there combined cardio, sculpting, toning workouts?
  162. Is platinum boxing worth the moola?
  163. When is my personal training finished?
  164. Can anyone confirm that...
  165. Bug: Calorie count has decreased when I start next time
  166. Same exact workout for every session!
  167. Re-Scanning your body
  168. Country Leaderboard
  169. Purchased content / 1 xbox / 2 users
  170. How to advance to next level
  171. Newbie Question - Where are my downloads?
  172. Personal Trainer problem - can't get past Mat sync test/demo
  173. I am not a Xbox Live member but my husband is....
  174. Has anyone found a workaround for Leg Curl?
  175. Trained?
  176. Personal Training Keeps going to 11 Sessions!!
  177. Keeps saying I have only 8sessions when i should have less?
  178. Personal Training Sessions Restarting
  179. 2 suggestions or wishes
  180. Is your iPhone App doing this?
  181. Challenges???
  182. YourShapeCenter website missing workouts in monthly view
  183. Missing progress???
  184. Misleading Info
  185. Dates on the website are European
  186. Cardio Racer - where is it?
  187. I think I may have figured out session repeats....
  188. Jannu Step 100% - Finally!!
  189. angles
  190. your shape fitness evolved not tracking info
  191. Nice & Easy revisited trainer voice all out of wack!
  192. Heart rate monitor
  193. I give up! Anybody,please?
  194. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved DLC Information
  195. New demo available
  196. My Fitness journey
  197. uplay session missing
  198. Please help with Xbox live login
  199. Redeem Codes from twitter?
  200. Tips on Cross-Ski
  201. Request for new workouts
  202. Community Member Appreciation
  203. 9 serious problems with Kinect Your Shape
  204. health nightmare begins...
  205. Green and White Feedback
  206. Platinum Cardio Boxing Workout Session
  207. Longer game periods?
  208. Unlocking Cardio Sessions
  209. Score not right also on website
  210. Is there a list of routines / exercises
  211. When Will There Be An Event?
  212. How to recalibrate if you are having problems
  213. Can't link Uplay to Xbox Live?
  214. Dear YSFE Developers,
  215. uplay not logging all my workouts
  216. YSFE Has Me Mixed Up With My Wife
  217. More weight lifting excercises?
  218. UBISOFT announced "Fit in Six game available in March
  219. hanging / freezing /music glitch, possibly from downloading content
  220. "In Rhythm" is why Yourself Fitness Fails.
  221. Goals not reflecting total workout.
  222. Session Question
  223. yourshapecenter icon - what is it ?
  224. Fitness Mat: Interference?
  225. Update?
  226. Not saving between Personal Training Exercises
  227. Any difference when you change height of the Kinect?
  228. New player calibration problems
  229. Calorie Crushing Challenge?
  230. Repeating Tutorial AND first Personal Training
  231. Straight Leg DeadLift Out of Rhythm
  232. blue panel
  233. Got logged off - now can't get back in
  234. Mine and your ideal workout game would go something like this...
  235. Recent update
  236. day to day accuracy changes
  237. Did I succeed with my personal goal or did it just disapper
  238. Cardio Boxing Speeds
  239. How do I turn off the tutorial?
  240. Sculpting: same routine every time. Am I doing something wrong?
  241. what happens when you complete the 12 sessions
  242. Stack 'em Up tips
  243. Ubisoft/YS:FE support email address or live chat?
  244. Xbox site login?
  245. What's Working For you?
  246. Migrating to EASA2
  247. Updates for Your Shape Center and Your Shape iPhone App
  248. Data not synced with website
  249. So, Cardio RAcer is definitely not an intermediate program
  250. Why not show us how far apart our legs/feet should be