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  3. The Division 2 Code of Conduct
  4. Patch notes???
  5. Nerfs are not Good (Same old massive logic)
  6. How can we test without patchnotes?
  7. If PTS nerfs go live I'm quitting the game with many others
  8. PTS changes information
  9. What changes are we testing?
  10. Changes
  11. Listen to the Feedback
  12. If Massive wanted to lose as many players as possible, PTS changes are the way to go.
  13. Blockade
  14. Hey massive can you hear that?
  15. Free Proficiency Caches
  16. Where is the armor and skill changes promissed?
  17. Please remove Damage to Elite% (DTE)
  18. Locking skills behind red/blue/yellow stats is not a good way
  19. nerf the stpd WARHOUNDs, make SKILLS usefull and handle the LAG thats all we need ...
  20. Just a reminder to Massive about something they said in their own words.
  21. Noticed something in PTS thats a plus.
  22. Berserk
  23. How can we test the changes???!! Please read!
  24. What is up with the crit nerfs?
  25. Why does normalized remove recalibrated bonuses?
  26. PTS - How is scaling in groups of 4
  27. PTS Tip: BOO vendor sells FPC for 0 credits
  28. People said the same thing 15 years ago in WoW
  29. The Purpose of this Phase of PTS
  30. Green gear set.
  31. Feels better already?
  32. Massive -- is the April 18 patch on live servers also on the PTS?
  33. Why Aren't the PTS Changes Listed Here?
  34. Recalibration more powerful now?
  35. Launch time is terrible Ubisoft
  36. Might as well remove talent "Patience" from game
  37. For those of us who won't pvp...
  38. Material for Recalibration experimenting
  39. Weapon balance - MG5
  40. Recalibration station change in pts
  41. Seriously People, Chill
  42. Make Contole Poits +3-4 worth of engaging again
  43. Pts doesn't work without detailed official patch notes.
  44. Mostly positive but far from ready PTS summary
  45. Pulse Future
  46. Why doesn't the game tell you that pistols have 50% headshot bonus?
  47. Vectormancer/ clutch build is still op on the pts please get rid of this
  48. In Phase 2, Please add these features so we can test changes.
  49. Stash Space Issues
  50. Are we meant to get mainly sub 500 drops still?
  51. Ubisoft: Can we get official awards faq for Conflict?
  52. Please Remove the cooldown on safeguard
  53. When is this going live?
  54. Unbreakable talent needs a nerf before patch goes live
  55. Drasticly increase armor mods power
  56. New battery skill mod won't fix skill mods being bad
  57. Raid on hold to fix PvP?
  58. Play my first Solo mission on Challange (air and space) - Tier 5
  59. assault rifle stat cap??
  60. On The Ropes
  61. PTS update from this morning?
  62. Can we get an update on the ETA of Phase 2
  63. Massive's definition of diversity?
  64. Any plans on making Specialist Sidearms able to be Recalibrated?
  65. Berserk Talent Change
  66. Unstoppable force has been nerfed as of the current PTS patch
  67. Update
  68. Specialization ammo
  69. PTS Characters are 2 weeks old
  70. YO weapons Team Exotic Idea Here
  71. Bloodsucker 11 Offensive attributes? Not Defensive?
  72. Shields still wet tissue paper?
  73. You buffed health/Armor by almost double and nerfed damage from 70 to 40
  74. Thoughts on pts
  75. What if hacking SHD consoles in DZ revealed player locations?
  76. Reviver to slow...anyone else?
  77. SMG Balance
  78. Do These Forums Matter?
  79. Blue Gear Mods at new vendor/crafting table?
  80. Hackers, Cheaters on the increase?
  81. Any official statement on 500 crafting bench?
  82. Regarding Dark Zone brackets
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  84. http://www.high5supplements.com/slimlook-forskolin/
  85. Gear attribute changes in the upcoming 3.0 update
  86. [GEARSET idea] "I am legion" - summons based gearset
  87. how about the NEMESIS Sniper gun
  88. New DZ Brackets introduced in 3 PTS
  89. 안전놀이터 메이저놀이터 추천">안전놀이터 메이저놀이터 추천 by good
  90. My thoughs/ feedback.......Division 2 status and upcomming
  91. Chatterbox pieces
  92. Ethan Michaels, is he an Easter Egg or a new placeholder for a feature in the BOA
  93. World Tier 5 - What Am I Missing???
  94. Clarification and thoughts on Ongoing directive
  95. Small change I don't care for. Mouse over new items takes away the !
  96. when when when ?
  97. Is it possible to get exotics from Bounties?
  98. Hard Wired - PTS - Working as intended ?
  99. boa noite
  100. convince me to buy?
  101. Now that the PTS is shutting down - Can we get a list of changes we should expect?
  102. Gear Setups?
  103. Unable to install TD2 PTS?
  104. Generic Protocol Mod and Generic System Mod can no longer be equipped in HE/Gear Sets
  105. 1 year pass on PTS ?