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  1. Name Filter
  2. Performance slower than in Closed Beta
  3. More colors please
  4. Is there a toggle grid hotkey?
  5. Button to take a photo appears in Newspaper
  6. Infuriating Controls / UI
  7. About the current state of balance on Hardest settings
  8. Coop-multiplayer
  9. Settlement renaming
  10. DirectX 11 vs DX12 Comparison
  11. Suggestion: Manually Designating Production Outflow
  12. Bugs & Glitches Open Beta
  13. [Suggestion] Editbox
  14. [Suggestion] Additional confirmation to set goods as tradeable
  15. Feedback/ Suggestion - Very bulky UI
  16. [BUG] [CAMPAIGN] Black Bear Zoo quest doesn't fulfill
  17. Wrong wording in item description
  18. Is the open beta also limited to 3rd tier citizens?
  19. Problems and solutions and playing the game (Game / campaign not starting)
  20. demolition expert
  21. Trade History Bug
  22. Why did you shrinkthe islands
  23. Multiple Trading Posts per Island?
  24. A Quest Issue
  25. So it's intended that the newspaper photo include all the UI? or it's just a bug?
  26. The quest menu is too large and clunky
  27. [BUG Report] Baker Trade Union Bug
  28. Reserves
  29. Map is small and not representative
  30. Demo not beta
  31. Impressions on Open Beta
  32. Is there no font size adjustment?
  33. My workers are gone! Wha' happen?!
  34. Is there a Carribean in the game?
  35. Pipette not working or a pointless feature?
  36. [Suggestion] Pause the game while I make expedition decision
  37. How *do* I create a trading post on another island?
  38. Multiplayer changes who i'm playing as
  39. So 2 things I want to talk about.
  40. Tiles for parks
  41. Angle building
  42. Coal Mine Bug or Feedback
  43. Picture quest result looks weird
  44. demolition men
  45. QOL Feature: Trading history in Notifications tab
  46. UI concerns and other feedback
  47. Problems with the Beta.
  48. Strange checking name rule....
  49. Upgrade bug
  50. Island full of trees and can't get wood from them?
  51. Been playing 2 days now and still don't know what is going on in the game.
  52. Being able to pause the game and still be able to build.
  53. Minimap isn't accurate to where your viewing.
  54. [Question] FMV in 4k
  55. The extra hard AI in the sandbox needs limitations
  56. [Suggestion] Achievement System!!!
  57. Boat destroyed, cant find my new one
  58. Some Feedback, Issues & possible QOL Improvements [List]
  59. rotation of modules and buildings not intuitive
  60. Residences & Habitants amount
  61. Spending Influence points
  62. No fertility seeds in Old World
  63. Various suggestions, criticisms and praise
  64. Anno 1800 open beta feedback
  65. More hints please for noobs mode.
  66. need surplus on needs to stablize income
  67. Ships passive defence . Anno 1800 open beta
  68. Thank you very much for let me playing the game!
  69. Trade route balance
  70. Feedback
  71. some bugs i discovered
  72. My first impressions
  73. Add a working UI during pause
  74. Map orientation + volatile economy
  75. >> Multiplayer Gamers Wanted <<
  76. Beta Thoughts - from 1404
  77. wrong button assigned
  78. Loading a save game crashes
  79. How do I get engineers? All buildings earned...
  80. Is this a bug or did I by mistake press a wrong button?
  81. Ships slow sailing against the wind and sometimes slow down for no apparent reason
  82. Longer player name + more colors
  83. What do you think about more micro add-ons ?
  84. Is it possible to have Sir Archibald Blake always visible?
  85. [Suggestion] Hide the cursor during cutscenes
  86. [Suggestion] Add a Cross when u cant built a harbour
  87. Hostile Takeover of an island should include the production on the island
  88. My Open Beta Feedback
  89. My Overall Beta Feedback
  90. Waypoints for 'international' traderoutes
  91. 'More guidance' option seems to do nothing - many things unexplained
  92. Custom panel to indicate user-defined resources
  93. Resource limit besides storage capacity
  94. New World
  95. Suggestion: Trade routes only active up to an amount
  96. UI Scaling
  97. "Trade History" at the trading post is really buggy and frustrating
  98. QOL Suggestions
  99. When pre order bonus time end?
  100. bug: Trade route ship's capacity limitation issue
  101. Eagle bug
  102. Need clarification on BETA game builds vs the build the game will launch with
  103. DVD looking?
  104. My feedback of my thoroughly enjoyed beta weekend
  105. Economy
  106. Highlighted or easy to find quests?
  107. Feedback about the issues
  108. [customisation] A lot to ask
  109. POS Feedback about the game
  110. Feedback
  111. Bug Report (Multiplayer)
  112. Camera dependent shading
  113. Feedback regarding windowed mode
  114. Free Coast
  115. [Suggestions] Pre-rendered photomode and day/night cycle
  116. Why are there no crosses on church buildings?
  117. A timer for shared parts ?
  118. Needed features: statistics and warehouse limits
  119. unlimited money bug
  120. Blocking BUG Steel beams
  121. Price Display Bug
  122. Newspaper photograph also included player user interface
  123. Is the Beta over? If not what time does it end?
  124. [BUG]Sperm Whale VS Whale Shark ZOO animal mismatch
  125. [BUG] Fire station meter incorrect and cannot mobilize
  126. [BUG] Hospital shows FIRE stations info
  127. [BUG] Ship Picture mission bug
  128. [BUG] PIER Trade route broken, bad pathing
  129. Super Buggy or just me?
  130. Fantastic Game - Thank you.
  131. [FEEDBACK] My whole open beta feedback
  132. Button Bug Found - MrDragonfyr #1A
  133. Thank you all !!!
  134. Open Beta Feedback
  135. Suggestion: Add build templates that can be saved
  136. What i did miss in this game are.
  137. Thank you for the brief play on a good game
  138. Zoom levels and ui scaling
  139. How to get chess table? Uplay rewards...
  140. Crewless Ships are SAD
  141. Trade route New Word -> Old Word
  142. Bug: returning expedition went to conquered island
  143. Overview missing
  144. Items/Characters increasing cargo capacity
  145. Map orientation and shortest route to New World
  146. Multiplayer : all players playin the same faction
  147. Plaza squares ? And performance option