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  1. Technical Support Contact Details
  2. Tech Site Error Message?? PLEASE READ HERE
  3. Important Announcement - Server Downtime & List of Games Effected
  4. Ubisoft Phone Number?
  5. Wheel of Fortune Nintendo Switch Bugs
  6. "The Child of Light service is unavailable", unobtainable achievement
  7. Monopoly Plus
  8. Unable to access support tickets
  9. Monopoly Family Fun Pack PS4 Needs Fixing
  10. Unable to access cases ubi support
  11. Case up but no reply
  12. Download Fails Mid Way
  13. Live Chat is down?
  14. Remove 2FA without Backup Code
  15. gmai.com instead of gmail.com!
  16. No answer on my ticket
  17. Launching Error (Initializing)
  18. I can not open menu Nav-support, Search, Ubisoft Support!
  19. UNO - Connection Issues When Launching
  20. I'm not getting password reset email.
  21. Uplay Plus - Problem
  22. Live chat down ?
  23. Lost Access
  24. Ubisoft Support
  25. Feeling a bit 'old' and out of touch .. little help for an old man...?
  26. Support wait time?
  27. Two factor authentication is a mess!
  28. Newly bought game doesn't show up in Game Library
  29. Cant start download. Code 17006
  30. GG Ubisoft
  31. Ubisoft service is currently unavailable
  32. Language when opening email from ubisfot
  33. Ich habe ein Problem
  34. registered game not showing up in uplay
  35. Every single Ubisoft game I own crashes on launch.
  36. Not need to know [NO RESPONSE]
  37. Support ticket Check - 09790513
  38. Rainbow6siege
  39. lost email
  40. Bought Far Cry 5 Gold edition, doesn't appear in Uplay!
  41. Promo code issue
  42. Uplay store doesn't show up.
  43. South Park the fractured but whole (Can not move)
  44. buying a game but not getting it , end no support
  45. Lost my uplay level and credits
  46. Is it possible to get my code back?
  47. Bought Anno 1800; doesn't show up in Game Library
  48. Where to change the cover on my profile??
  49. Authenticator Issues - Unable to login, support chat unavailable
  50. Forum is linking my account to someone elses
  51. Wont link to my xbox account.
  52. Iphone Upgrad - Lost Authenticator
  53. Connection Lost
  54. Can't cancel uplay+ subscription
  55. Cant edit my ubi account
  56. Need help recovering my main account
  57. I can t change my emial
  58. Can't acess my account
  59. My email account was comprimised
  60. i can't download my games
  61. NEED HELP - Made a purchase, but it didn't register. - Ticket 09851031
  62. (WhatsApp:+1(512)6493288 Buy IELTS certificate
  63. Pre-ordered Ghost Recon Breakpoint, didn't recieve my game in the library today
  64. I need to change the email address
  65. Aint got no access to my acount
  66. Transferring psn account data to other psn account
  67. Purchase complete but no game in library and no support
  68. Cant access acount
  69. Ubisoft was willing to help a streamer, but not me.
  70. Breakpoints bugs
  71. Change of Email
  72. Cant switch my Profile pic
  73. I can't play the GAME!!!
  74. My account can be logged in at the office, but not at home.
  75. Changing email error
  76. Game not in library
  77. I think UBISOFT did not see this post
  78. Child of Light
  79. Cannot contact customer support.
  80. WHAT IS GOING ON TODAY ???? 10/17/19 cannot open app in online mode.
  81. Can't online Uplay PC still!!!
  82. First Assassin's Creed was removed from my account?
  83. Yellow triangle. Loss of connection.
  84. Purchased DLC's for Assassin's Creed Unity has not been activated on my UPLAY Account
  85. Child of Light crashes on Launch
  86. Uplay PC is still service unavailable.
  87. Cannot Login Account Management using 2-Step Recovery Codes
  88. Account security
  89. Locate installed game????????
  90. Ubisoft Support for defending harassed players is horrible.
  91. Uplay Discount Code?
  92. I am Sorry
  93. Didn't receive 20% off code in my email after redeeming 100 ubisoft points?
  94. Game no show in library for download after order has been confirmed
  95. Downloading Issue
  96. [Store Purchases] [Region-locking] [Gifting A Game]
  97. Forgot password
  98. WhatsApp:+380- 6883- 39445 Buy IELTS certificate Online – Need Real IELTS certificat
  99. i lost my old gmail
  100. overpaid. no refund.
  101. A ubisoft service is not avalible
  102. Cancellations UPlay+
  103. Super Counterfeit Danish krone Available
  104. Where Can I Buy Fake New Zealand Dollar
  105. Need help changing my email address
  106. Unable to purchase games from Ubisoft Store
  107. uplay loading
  108. Wont let me put in my recovery codes...
  109. Disputing the warning i got for my profile picture
  110. Uplay Client update has halved performance since the spring
  111. Ubisoft don't care about us people.
  112. Change password request
  113. lost my authentificator / password
  114. Account problems
  115. My ingame time from Division 2 went from 1200 hours to 6 hours suddenly!!! WHY??
  116. Error code WHALERS-00301
  117. My account got accessed from another location today! What the hell?!
  118. Uplay claims my password is wrong
  119. PRofile picture unable to change
  120. I dont get mail for change of password
  121. UPlay+ error
  122. not able to change email
  123. I Forgot my email.
  124. Google Authenticator error
  125. I cant log me in
  126. Name request
  127. I cant log in because 2-Step verification.
  128. BUY REGISTER,CERTIFICATES,DOCUMENTS, (+14138890035) http://globalnetdocuments.com
  129. Can't change password
  130. Question about Club Purchses/Rewards and Merging accounts.
  131. Banned from custom avatar
  132. This Twitch account is already linked to another Ubisoft account.
  133. Fix your website
  134. My game is connected to an old account
  135. Account accessed from South Korea
  136. 2-step vertifacation lost recovery codes
  137. 2-Step Verification Recovery Codes
  138. i cant buy from my store
  139. I have a problem
  140. Payment Error by Xsolla
  141. 2-Step Verification Codes
  142. I've lost my two step verification code.
  143. I would like to buy two copies of a game
  144. Whenever I try to reset my password it doesn't work
  145. Need help with google authenticator
  146. Cannot access account
  147. Chaged Username and now have ownership problems
  148. 2-Step Authentication- My Phone had to be Factor Reset.
  149. My Act has been hacked
  150. Cant log in due to enough password attempt
  151. Recovery mail
  152. I can't activate 2 step verification
  153. Forgotten password
  154. Anno 1800 not appearing in the uPlay launcher.
  155. Unable to receive password reset email
  156. Ps4 web browser login not working
  157. Locked out of my account
  158. Account name changed??? Other email address???
  159. Can't connect to servers?
  160. Not able to login to Ubisoft club
  161. A Ubisoft service is currently unavailable, please try again later.
  162. Ubisoft service is unavailable.
  163. Issues connecting to Uplay on 5GHZ WiFi
  164. Uplay Shop Reward did not sent an email to me
  165. Account accessed from another country
  166. add more language support in the settlers 7 history edition
  167. https://www.healthsupplementbucket.com/balanced-health-keto/
  168. not getting 2F emails
  169. Uplay & Ubi issues [HOT]
  170. I am unable to submit a ticket via the support website and live chat is down
  171. 2-Step
  172. Forgot Password and Account Name (Recovery Password)
  173. hun help magyarook
  174. My email doesn't exist anymore.... yay 2 step verification huh :/
  175. I bought a game but I didnt receive it???
  177. Purchased the division 2 but not showing in liberary.
  178. I can't make a purchase
  179. Cannot buy Rainbow 6 Siege through paypal
  180. Keep getting logged out
  181. Account Level Reset
  182. Settlers Paths to a Kingdom
  183. Uplay client wont allow me to log in.
  184. Password Recovery Email Not Received
  185. Change E-mail direction
  186. support client down?
  187. Name change wont update
  188. Game bought via Steam doesn't start or ask for CD-key on UPLAY
  189. Lost all traces of 2-step Verification Codes
  190. Can't reinstall Chessmaster 9000
  191. Unable to login through a License Activation Portal
  192. Can't Submit My Case!
  193. After communicating with ubisoft support my account got deleted
  194. Ubisoft Club Units "gifted back"
  195. 2-Step Verification Recovery Codes
  196. Cant access my uplay account due to misplaced 2step verification recovery codes
  197. Lost 2 step verification codes
  198. Ubisoft Store - Don't waste your time/ money (are you guys seriously even trying??)
  199. 2 step verification
  200. I have a strict NAT type in Monopoly Plus
  201. Club Challenges not tracking for South Park: The Fractured but Whole
  202. Lost my Uplay points to "gifting" but it wasn't me
  203. No suport whatsoever, how to get account deleted
  204. Your customer support system is terrible.
  205. I'm dumb, sure, but so is DRM
  206. new pc
  207. your customer support is ****!
  208. Issues regarding email
  209. 20% code for 100 Club Units not in email
  210. 2-Step Verification Recovery Codes
  211. uplay take the money but order failed
  212. Can't buy Anno 1800
  213. How do you change To “Fly Fishing” Mode in the game Legendary Fishing?
  214. UPLAY has charged me but not delivered my games
  215. EDITING our own posts
  216. Uplay's "Remember me" option doesn't work
  217. Anno 1800 purchased in Epic not activating on Uplay.
  218. No updates of my escalated case
  219. 2-step verification code
  220. Anno 1800 bought from EPIC store not activating in INDIA
  221. Purchased The Division 2 but did not receive
  222. Anno 1800 fails activation on epic laucher
  223. Cancelled Uplay+ during free trial but I've been charged
  224. uplay connection is lost error
  225. wtf
  226. So much for Ubisoft support
  227. Bought a game on the 1 Dec, still not received, no refund and support are awful
  228. Bought rainbow six siege and still didnt receive it
  229. Can not make a support ticket/Open chat support on my account
  230. Inside job e mission on far cry new dawn not working
  231. Crash Reports Need To Be Tracked & Responded To.
  232. Homm 3 Purchase help
  233. question
  234. cant login in uplay app
  235. Not receiving authentication code to log in
  236. forgot email
  237. cant play ghost recon breakpoint
  238. I can't acess my account anymore due to upgrading my phone.
  239. (whatsapp: +971 58 671 8893 ) purchase verified ielts, nebosh,gre,pte, esol , gmat,
  240. lost all games
  241. Unable to un-link Steam and Ubisoft account / lost account
  242. Unable to rocess your payment - buy 2, get the 3rd free with 20% discount
  243. Not Receiving Message for Account Recovery
  244. Non-working Champions of Anteria on Windows 10
  245. ubisoft is ******ed
  246. Watch Dogs, Unable to find supported text language" error
  247. Looking for help with account
  248. Account Recovery
  249. Far cry prİmal uplay baĞlanmiyor
  250. HELP: Created a 2nd Uplay account but misspelled my email address, already has games