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  1. [AC3 R] Any planned performance improvements?
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  14. Assassin's Creed III Remastered - 1.0.2 Patch Notes [SWITCH]
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  20. Finnish subtitles
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  24. Bow and arrow disappeared
  25. Can't see game in Ubisoft Club
  26. How I was able to get 60 club units. AC3 Ubisoft Club Access story.
  27. How to access DLC ?
  28. Sequence 4 analyze clew animation
  29. bow bug
  30. Software closing when i press the + button
  31. Game not showing on the Club
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  33. Craft tutorial bug
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  36. [Bug/Glitch] Horizontal black lines at the bottom of the screen, noticeable when moving in towns
  37. [Bug/Glitch] Sequence & Holding the firing line glitch
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  40. [Gameplay] Legacy Outfit
  41. [Bug/Glitch] Legacy: Alexios Outfit has glitched texture
  42. [Bug/Glitch] Buy abortion pills in dubai whatsapp:+1(424)4443857
  43. [Ubisoft Connect] Cannot connect to Ubisoft Club
  44. [Crash/Freeze] *Screen freeze* PLZ don't know what to do