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  19. 144Hz
  20. Please respond, Ubisoft
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  28. Missing effects
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  42. Extra Content
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  47. Sound balance is bit broken
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  49. no idea
  50. Mouse Acceleration?
  51. I have the bow glitch (the bow has just disappeared and I cant equip or use it)
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  63. Assassin's Creed Liberation Remastered PC
  64. BGM glitches
  65. Is there no 19:10 support
  66. Wet texture is missing in the remaster.
  67. refund
  68. Black Screen on Fullscreen
  69. subtitles wont turn off
  70. Reason for Bluetooth controller problem
  71. Will there be a patch to fix the facial textures and textures period?
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  74. Crashing while load Frontier
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  86. Is there any posibility that the team add a fov slider on pc?
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  89. Garbagge !!!!!Wanted make something better but end up being garbage !!!!!
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  108. what happened in my savedata :o
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  112. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online Buy driver's license online
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  121. Баг с альмонахом
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