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  1. Day One Patch PS4
  2. What happened?
  3. Subtitles
  4. Day one patch PS4
  5. cant find Assassin's Creed III Remastered on psn
  6. Ubisoft whatís wrong with you
  7. PS4 framerates and stuttering
  8. Why are we forced to wait for a game that people are playing already
  9. AC3 not downloading/can't find in store.
  10. game won't start - get a black screen after game title screen (PS4)
  11. Defend Dr. White
  12. Graphic artifacts on the snow. PS4
  13. Ubisoft awards and support doesn't even this game
  14. Can't Sprint
  15. Worse Snow Ever!
  16. Canít craft and frozen
  17. Bug with missions of the Frontiersmen
  18. Connor's Pre Production Outfit
  19. [SUGGESTION] Connorís Outifts
  20. Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered download on PS4
  21. Unable to Get this Game
  22. Future dev support for Assassinís Creed 3 Remastered?
  23. Black Screen of Death on Liberations!!!
  24. Sequence 4 bait and snare
  25. Assassin recruits spawn without weapons ac3 remastered
  26. When are you going to add a Korean language pack?
  27. Bug and subtitles
  28. No powder kegs in New York tunnels
  29. Bug crochetage dťbut de jeu
  30. View point music ongoing
  31. stores
  32. No sword bug
  33. Canít complete encyclopedia of the common man
  34. Sequence 8 after your saved from hanging
  35. delivery request glitch
  36. Dual Pistol/Holster Glitch Still not Fully Fixed
  37. "An Extraordinary Man" Trophy, bug again?
  38. Store not visitited error
  39. Flames to bright
  40. Character Models
  41. [Ubisoft Connect] Ubisoft Club rewards not showing up in-game
  42. [Crash/Freeze] AC3: Tyranny of King Washington crash
  43. Crash Tyranny Of George Washington Convoy The Infamy DLC Crash PS4
  44. The Tyranny Of George Washington Side Missions Won't Save
  45. what's up with all those crashes?
  46. [Bug/Glitch] Viewpoint music bug on Assassin's creed iii remastered
  47. Liberation Crashing
  48. No Blood (Ground Bug)
  49. Almanac pages progress glitched
  50. lighting levels
  51. Game bugs
  52. New York Bug
  53. Sequence 7 100% error
  54. Asian Language Pack on PSN
  55. Liberation mission not appearing (Clipper Wilkinson)
  56. Benedict Arnold missions
  57. Sequence 1 can't break pick the lock
  58. How do I claim the game with Odyssey seasons pass?
  59. No recruit missions
  60. Sequence 3 - Destroy powder carts is bugged
  61. Assassin's Creed TOKW bugged side missions
  62. AC3 Liberation skip cutscene
  63. New York transport instantly
  64. Missing poster Icon
  65. Bow and quiver
  66. Ufo frontiersmen mission glitch
  67. Still no blood in snow! Please fix it!
  68. A Serious Supply Problem!
  69. voice overs in naval sections barely audible
  70. This is not uncut like the previous 2012 Version
  71. LŪngua falada
  72. Combat bugs (more to come)
  73. Assassin's Creed TOKW bugged citizen missions and treasure
  74. Combat music
  75. AC3R - Any timing on the patch?
  76. Can't start, freezing after clicking the game on ps4
  77. Halls of injustice
  78. Chests reappear after quitting a game session. All upgrades gone
  79. Bow missing.
  80. (PS4) Sequence 3 Bar Fight Bug
  81. [Bug/Glitch] AC liberation, eggs are bugged
  82. Missing Treasure Chests?
  83. Stores on Frontier (not visited)
  84. Frontiersmen UFO mission glitched
  85. AC III, can't play offline, the game crash on loading screen
  86. Tyranny of King Washington: Episode 2 game breaking bug.
  87. AC liberation: Upper Left Bayou
  88. feline feet glitch
  89. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online Buy driver's license online
  90. Canít even continue past the first mission
  91. [Achievement/Trophy] Assassins recruit glitch - max level 11 but only 90%
  92. Weapons fail to save to inventory. [TOKW]
  93. Dead Chests Treasure
  94. "Ghost Ship" Peg Leg mission freezes every time
  95. Ruins at Cerros
  96. AC3 Remastered Sequence 10 alternate methods "tackle from above" not working
  97. Frontiersmen challenge set 1 glitched
  98. Outfits
  99. 船隻副手的問題
  100. Predator Trophy bug?
  101. No avaiablel weapons after completing seq: missing chest recipes+ special iron lingot
  102. AC 3 remastered DLC
  103. Shay's outfit
  104. Tyranny of King Washington - broken savegame!
  105. Delivery Requests Glitch?
  106. Delivery Request Bugged
  107. Chasing Charles Lee game crash
  108. [Accessibility] Game Data Corrupted on PS4
  109. AC 3 Remastered is offensive
  110. Can't win morris game at homestead
  111. Canít trade for (buy) fox, hare pelts
  112. Talk to Barnabas in Sami Harbor - The Big Break
  113. Find the mysterious women (treetops, homestead)
  114. Crafting experimentation bug
  115. Almanac Pages stuck at 89% in the progress tracker
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  117. Can't open the lock door in the first sequence.
  118. Resource Bug
  119. Fix the game that we paid for
  120. Cannot begin Frontier Assassin Contract
  121. Bugs and more bugs
  122. Bug en DLC misiones secundarias
  123. Can't get accepted to frontiersmen club
  124. Combat Music Audio Problems
  125. Delivery Request Still Bugged Since 11-10-2019
  126. Tavern Music Bug
  127. Troy's Wood Delivery Request
  128. Missing 14th Chest in Southern Boston
  129. Navey Convoy risk bug
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  131. PS4 Pro AC3 HDR Query
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  133. boston brawlers it doesnít even appear to me,
  134. [Bug/Glitch] No character voices bug
  135. [Gameplay] Multi kills pls help
  136. [Bug/Glitch] Can't get past the launch screen.
  137. [Download/Installation] Assasins creed odyssey pase de temporada
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  139. [Ubisoft Connect] Ubisoft Club
  140. [Bug/Glitch] Can't get 100% sync stephane chapheau stuck at 90%
  141. [Crash/Freeze] AC3: TOKW An absolute joke!
  142. [Gameplay] Valhalla map
  143. [Crash/Freeze] AC Liberation crashes consistently on ps5
  144. [Achievement/Trophy] AC Liberation: Assassins coins glitch
  145. [Bug/Glitch] Assassinís Creed III Sequence 5 Memory 2 ďA Trip to BostonĒ - Suspicious Man glitch
  146. [Bug/Glitch] Cannot collect one of the Abandoned Mine Keys in Jotunheim.
  147. [Bug/Glitch] Cannot finish the Anomaly in Snotinghamscire.
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  149. [Gameplay] PS5 HDR settings AC3 Remastered
  150. [Bug/Glitch] AC3 unplayable on PS5 due to HDR problem
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