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  1. AC III Remastered CZ language
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  3. [AC3 R] Character models and lighting look worse in these screenshots
  4. [UPDATED] March 29th 2019 - Availability - Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered - PSN
  5. [AC3 R] Can't play the game
  6. [ACL] Downloading Assassin's Creed 3 where do I download Liberation at
  7. [AC3 R] No support for Xbox 1 controller for PC users?
  8. [AC3 R] No sword bug
  9. [AC3 R] Support FAQs
  10. [AC3 R] Startup issues...
  11. [AC3 R] Why the game always break
  12. [AC3 R] (BUG) reinforments
  13. [AC3 R] PlayStation 4 issue posting here hopefully someone from Ubisoft will see
  14. [AC3 R] Bug: Doesn't launch
  15. [AC3 R] Patch coming ?
  16. [AC3 R] snow texture glitched
  17. [ACL] Voice issue (No voice at all)
  18. [AC3 R] Black screen leading to full PC lockup
  19. [AC3 R] Reins
  20. [AC3 R] crashed
  21. [AC3 R] Subtitles not turning off
  22. [AC3 R] Ubisoft Club Weapons not appearing
  23. [AC3 R] Chinese subtitles are too large
  24. [AC3 R] Soung bug
  25. [AC3 R] bird flight last part
  26. [AC3 R] Lexington Database Entry glitched?
  27. [AC3 R] need some help AC won`t start
  28. [AC3 R] Downgraded shadows and bad lightning bug/glitch/dev mistake
  29. [AC3 R] (bug) the whittler's weapons
  30. [AC3 R] Anyone else notice how you run?
  31. [AC3 R] Snow glitch
  32. [AC3 R] Liberation Audio Issues
  33. [AC3 R] R2 button doesn't work
  34. [AC3 R] Shadowplay won't record gameplay?
  35. [AC3 R] Switch the button to run back to R1 please
  36. [ACL] No VOICE sound in game
  37. [AC3 R] high framerate mode
  38. [AC3 R] My bow is glitched (the bow has just disappeared and I cant equip or use it)
  39. [AC3 R] Assassin outfit black material in shop window
  40. [AC3 R] Maybe it's less likely inside of the Homestead Tavern...
  41. [AC3 R] AC3R HDR Settings In The Options Menu!
  42. [AC3 R] AC3R Recording Videos In Game Is So Bad :(
  43. [AC3 R] Broken ambient occlusion causing odd looking graphics?
  44. [AC3] Wrong mapping on Xbox One controller[PC]
  45. [AC3 R] Viewpoint Music BUG
  46. [AC3 R] R2 button not working on ps4
  47. [AC3] Opened Chests won't add - glitch?
  48. [AC3] Sequence 3 final mission optional objective BUG
  49. [AC3 R] ubisoft clun rewards bug
  50. [AC3 R] treasure chest maps bug
  51. [AC3] Missing Bow and Arrows
  52. [AC3 R] Can the view distance be increased a good bit?
  53. [AC3 R] Lumber doesnt restock
  54. [AC3 R] No enemy convoys to attack
  55. [AC3 R] Game makes new save by itself
  56. [AC3 R] Did anyone at Ubisoft even bugtest this release?
  57. [AC3 R] 5 important bugs that need to be addressed
  58. [AC3 R] AC3 Remastered Bugs i stumbled across and other things...
  59. [ACL] achievement bug
  60. [AC3 R] Words of advice for Ubisoft
  61. [AC3 R] Please address the cutscenes and models, Ubisoft
  62. [AC3 R] Lanterns don't cast shadows
  63. [AC3 R] Outfit bugs that need a fix
  64. [AC3 R] Viewpoint soundtrack bug!
  65. [ACL] Infamous Smuggler Camps bug is still there.
  66. [AC3 R] such a bad remastered game
  67. [AC3 R] Black Screen of Death: AC Liberation
  68. [AC3 R] Pedestrian pop-in and sound balancing issues.
  69. [AC3 R] Shops still saying not visited.
  70. [ACL] How do I switch to Liberation?
  71. [AC3 R] Benedict Arnold DLC missions not working!
  72. [AC3 R] French Naval Axe reverting to Hessian Axe
  73. [AC3 R] Connor
  74. [AC3 R] I really suspect Ubisoft directly adapt AC3 from PS3 to PS4 without testing.
  75. [AC3 R] Has anyone else's bow just completely vanished?
  76. [AC3 R] Benedict Arnold DLC is Nowhere to be found.;...Please Fix This....
  77. [AC3 R] Sequence 2, Inflirtrating Southgate filter
  78. [AC3 R] crashed launcher since game release until now
  79. [AC3 R] (BUG) Encyclopedia of the Common Man is Bugged
  80. [AC3 R] The last 2 days AC3R has decided to just flash on the Seizure warning screen...
  81. [AC3] Can't receive Scottish flintlock ubi reward
  82. [AC3 R] Canít sprint
  83. [AC3 R] Sprinting
  85. [AC3 R] Double pisotl bug (with proof)
  86. [AC3 R] Multitasking Achievement Bugged
  87. [AC3 R] 2 bugs regarding combat and 1 regarding stealth and detection.
  88. [AC3 R] A comprehensive list of bugs in Assassin's Crees III Remastered.
  89. [ACL] AC Liberation Remastered: Reversed audio bug
  90. [AC3 R] New York chests......... bugs or I'm missing something here.
  92. [AC3 R] Some Bugs that should be fixed. Some new, some old
  93. [AC3 R] Voices from NPCs too low volume
  94. [AC3 R] Fix your lockpicking system
  95. [AC3 R] assassins creed 3
  96. [AC3 R] No Blood in Snow! Bug
  97. [AC3] campionati esteri in
  98. [AC3 R] The Tyranny of King Washington Lost all sidequest progress and projectiles on reload.
  99. [AC3 R] A list of problems and bad things about the game I encountered
  100. [AC3 R] Iím having a glitch with the fight music
  101. [AC3 R] Help !!!!
  102. [AC3 R] Help !!!!
  103. [ACL] [PC] Missing parasol gun
  104. [AC3] Do any of you guys like TOKW in it's current state bugs and all?
  105. [AC3 R] Question and Bug report concerning King Washington DLC
  106. [AC3 R] Can't speak with Dobby Carter in new york north district
  107. [AC3 R] Fully pre-rendered cutscenes use Music volume slider.
  108. [AC3 R] Game freezing up console.
  109. [AC3 R] No crowd during sequence 11 funeral
  110. [AC3 R] Naval routes risk rates
  111. [AC3 R] Benedict Arnold DLC isnt listed in DNA progress tracker
  112. [AC3 R] New York chests glitch?
  113. [AC3 R] unidentified flying object
  114. [AC3 R] TOKW Episode 2 - super glitchy convoys
  115. [AC3 R] Some animus hacks are missing
  116. [AC3 R] AC3 Liberation (inc with remaster): Crashes to desktop
  117. [AC3 R] What the hell is this?
  118. [AC3 R] Please add 21:9 (ultrawide support)
  119. [AC3 R] Shay's outfit bandana....
  120. [AC3 R] Some Outfits need to be tweaked, most concerned with Alexios and Arno outfit
  121. [AC3 R] TOKW Episode 2 - heavy axe disappears from inventory
  122. [AC3 R] Steam reviews
  123. [AC3 R] Hood toggle option......
  124. [AC3 R] Missing Rewards From Ubisoft Club
  125. [AC3 R] Dead Chest's Island 100 % requirements (bugged)
  126. [AC3 R] Almanac collection stuck on 89%
  127. [AC3 R] All Delivery Requests bugs
  128. [AC3 R] Crash with a freeze
  129. [AC3 R] This update wont cut it
  130. [AC3 R] Bug: Consumables that get used do not return to you on checkpoint
  131. [AC3 R] Tokw episode 1 the infamy - can't get to the memory fragment.
  132. [AC3 R] Did the Twin Holsters bug fixed in AC3Re?
  133. [AC3 R] Assassins Creed 1 Remaster or Remake?
  134. [AC3 R] Changer le language du jeu
  135. [AC3 R] {bug} several. Sequence 7 - Fight between logger - disappearing chests - PS4 Pro
  136. [AC3 R] Still haven't even been able to play the game
  137. [AC3 R] stuck on the tailor with ordinary men enciclopedia.
  138. [AC3 R] Update???
  139. [AC3 R] Club Rewards, challenges don't unlock
  140. [AC3 R] Still Needs Work...
  141. [AC3] There won't be a patch.
  142. [AC3 R] Memory 12 seuqence 1...
  143. [AC3 R] Some Bugs and A Request
  144. [AC3 R] Sounds out of sync during some cutscenes
  145. [AC3 R] Sequence 2 glitch - help needed
  146. [AC3 R] Missing Treasure Chests?
  147. [AC3 R] Connor doesn't get wet
  148. [AC3 R] audio out of sync
  149. [AC3 R] Can't speak with Dobby Carter in new york north still! district
  150. [ACL] Movement Key bug and auto disconnect from ubisoft server
  151. [AC3 R] The new patch
  152. [AC3 R] Are the dev team aware of audio issues?
  153. [AC3 R] Game asking for a CD key?
  154. [AC3 R] The stores remain "unvisited"
  155. [ACL] UbiSoft Club Weapons disappeared after Sequence 4
  156. [AC3 R] (PC) Running problem. Is it only me?
  157. [AC3 R] Assassination Contracts not completing
  158. [AC3 R] Please fix the game's performance and a few more graphical problems.
  159. [AC3 R] Tyrany of Washington bug
  160. [AC3 R] Can't buy weapons - 97% completion of the game
  161. [ACL] what happened in my savedata :o
  162. [AC3 R] Remastered!! What a joke
  163. [ACL] Unable to kill last Citizen E
  164. [AC3 R] Sequence 7 Cross the Battlefield
  165. [AC3 R] Benedict Arnold missions
  166. [AC3 R] AC3 R still have ufo mission glitch ?
  167. [ACL] [Glitched Achievement] 'The Truth' not unlocked
  168. [AC3 R] Worst AC game to 100% EVER
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  171. [AC3 R] So... Is the support already dead for this game?
  172. [AC3 R] No blood hitting the floor in the snow/Connor not getting wet from swimming.
  173. [AC3 R] Petition to Fix the bugs on Assassin's Creed III Remastered
  174. [AC3 R] The Giant and The Storm full synch is still broken, actually feels worse
  175. [AC3 R] Selling Cvv Good Fresh Valid/ Dumps Track 101 201 with Pin US UK EU
  176. [ACL] AC3 Remastered Liberation HD Connection Lost to Server on Startup
  177. [AC3 R] a Official Petition To Fix The Bugs and Issues in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
  178. [AC3 R] Bugs and Issues in AC3 Remasteterd
  179. [ACL] https://www.facebook.com/events/930138620664195/
  180. [ACL] ACL R Cannot get out of Return to Mexico
  181. [AC3 R] Bug with assassin recruits
  182. [AC3 R] Ultrawide 3440x1440 still broken
  183. [AC3] Resolving BullGuard error 100
  184. [AC3] stadia support?
  185. [AC3 R] Nintendo Switch : Problem with sequence 11 and 12 Ubisoft Club Reward.
  186. [AC3 R] To Ubi people here...
  187. [AC3 R] AC3 Switch costumes donít work!!!
  188. [AC3 R] Unable to get "Eye witness" achievement on PC
  189. [AC3 R] Getting full sync on missions
  190. [AC3 R] Experiencing 2 glitches
  191. [AC3 R] Trading System Unsolved BUG
  192. [AC3 R] Just experienced 7th crash of my 35-hour gameplay
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  195. [AC3 R] Ubisoft email addresses to tell execs how we feel
  196. [ACL] Procedure to fix BullGuard not uninstalling
  197. [AC3] https://vitalcrown.com/flat-belly-fix/
  198. [ACL] What is Bullguard parental control feature designed for?
  199. [AC3 R] Directional brightness issue
  200. [AC3] Unplayable with 1050 GTX 2gb?
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  208. [AC3 R] Assassinís creed 3 remastered trophies not unlocking
  209. [AC3] what the ****, assassin creed?
  210. [AC3 R] Rope Dart Sound Issue
  211. [AC3 R] So disappointed, Ubi
  212. [AC3 R] AC3R PC - Some bugs found in game.
  213. [AC3] Can't start the game
  214. [AC3 R] Assassin's creed liberation remastered
  215. [AC3 R] No one attacking the dr in boston for homestead mission on switch
  216. [AC3] The Tyranny of King Washington DLC!?
  217. [AC3 R] Where is the update for the oldest known bugs?
  218. [AC3 R] My Save file data is 6.4 GB?
  219. [AC3 R] sequence 1 achievement not unlocking
  220. [AC3 R] Dna indicator almanac bug
  221. [AC3 R] Wolf Cloak won't work in King Washington DLC. Please help.
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  229. [AC3] Missing achievements from Uplay.
  230. [AC3 R] Magna C*m Laude is glitched
  231. [AC3 R] Arabic language
  232. [AC3 R] Assassin's creed remastered does not open on Steam
  233. [AC3 R] Uplay Assassin's Creed Remastered does not work
  234. [AC3 R] Broken Game
  235. [AC3] my game will not open after installation
  236. [AC3 R] Saving problems
  237. [AC3] No multiplayer games
  238. [AC3 R] Delivery Quest Glitched - DNA Tracker impossible to complete
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  240. [ACL] ac3r libations
  241. [AC3 R] Doctor on Homestead don't do anything
  242. [AC3 R] AC Close Bug (HELP)
  243. [AC3 R] Achievements Not unlocking and club challenges not completing
  244. [ACL] Who program those idiot missions... i was having a blast with liberation
  245. [AC3 R] Ubisoft Club challenges not completing
  246. [AC3 R] "Failed" Bobcat Mission
  247. [ACL] Help
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  249. [AC3 R] Cannot fast run
  250. [AC3 R] Keyboard, mouse and controller doesn't work at the first lauch