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  1. Oak Island wolves
  2. Assassins Creed 3 remastered
  3. Assassin's Creed III Remaster Multiplayer?
  4. Assassin's creed 3 remastered
  5. Information About Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered
  6. Forum Rules!
  7. [AC3 R] Preload & Release timings
  8. [AC3 R] Mandatory Prefixes when posting
  9. Assassin's Creed III Remastered - Frequently Asked Questions
  10. [AC3 R] Is it the 29th yet?
  11. [AC3 R] First thread and already downloading OHH YEA
  12. [AC3 R] Two things I hope for.
  13. [AC3 R] Pirates got the game before us.
  14. [AC3 R] PS4 Download
  15. [AC3 R] I don't have the season pass, do I have to wait till 29th to purchase it?
  16. [AC3 R] Day One Patch Notes
  17. [AC3] Sequel
  18. [AC3 R] Release/Pre-load Question
  19. [AC3 R] An open letter from the Development Team
  20. [AC3 R] Download Sizes For Consoles?
  21. [ACL] Russian Sound
  22. [AC3 R] AC3R Cant find on PSN Store
  23. [AC3 R] Character Models and Cutscene Lightning
  24. [AC3 R] Isn't 29th already?? how long do we need wait to play?
  25. AC3 remastered is in PS store!
  26. [AC3 R] New missions?
  27. [AC3 R] Available on Xbox
  28. [AC3 R] Try updating PS4 software
  29. [AC3] Thanks
  30. [AC3 R] My Custom Canvas, Steel Tomahawk + 4K Screenshots (Xbox One X)
  31. [AC3 R] Uplay Pre-Load Not Working
  32. [AC3 R] Still not in ps4 usa store
  33. [AC3 R] Bring Desmond Outfit to AC3 Remastered
  34. [ACL] customisation of keys
  35. [AC3 R] Controls customisations for character and ships arent separate
  36. [AC3 R] When I will be able to play it ?
  37. [AC3 R] No Achievements on Steam
  38. [AC3 R] Steam (PC)
  39. [AC3 R] Czech language
  40. [AC3 R] Just disgusting.
  41. [AC3 R] Spirirt Animal Outfit
  42. [AC3 R] What's up with the downgrade from the original assassin's creed III
  43. [AC3 R] I have all these spare keys on my keyboard... Why can I only bind 4 gear/tool?
  44. [AC3 R] 60 FPS Lock ?!
  45. [AC3 R] it doesnt load to the game!! STEAM!!!
  46. [AC3 R] Desmond's Hair Still Bugged
  47. [AC3 R] Disappointed with truncated ship sequence!
  48. [ACL] PSA: Liberation doesnt use Uplay Cloud
  49. [AC3 R] What the heck happened to .......
  50. [AC3 R] Why is there a 60fps cap in 2019 ?!?!?
  51. Why is there a 60fps cap in 2019 ?!?!?
  52. [AC3 R] Issues on Console...
  53. [AC3 R] Game wont start on PS4
  54. [AC3 R] Hidden Ones & AC Revelations Outfits
  55. [AC3 R] Aquila uniform and Mercenary outfit?
  56. [AC3 R] Lack of Ambient Music Feels Boring
  57. [AC3] Two kills with a bow
  58. [AC3 R] Aside from lighting, what else was improved graphics-wise?
  59. [AC3 R] Assassin's Creed III remastered
  60. [AC3] Title-safe area and HUD scale
  61. [AC3 R] about skinning things
  62. [ACL] Worst game yet
  63. [AC3 R] Future support&patches?
  64. Remaster game
  65. [AC3 R] Glad Ubisfot went open world RPG from original AC recepie, t'was horrible & limited!
  66. [AC3] I noticed some good changes well done
  67. [AC3 R] Lincoln's Sword/New York Chest
  68. AC 3 Remastered Completely Broken and Cheating AI, please fix the AI
  69. [AC3 R] Want to know
  70. [AC3 R] Mandatory Prefixes
  71. [AC3 R] How do you sprint?
  72. [AC3 R] Few things that Iíve noticed
  73. [AC3 R] Overall great Remaster, with a couple small issues
  74. [AC3 R] 2 more bugs i come across
  75. [AC3 R] **Check Out These 4K Screenshots I Took! (Xbox One X)**
  76. [AC3 R] Has anyone even noticed???
  77. [AC3 R] Quality of life improvement: stop hiding the optional objectives.
  78. [AC3 R] (Suggestion)ability to remove hood
  79. [AC3 R] Stealth mode
  80. [AC3 R] Assassin's creed black flag Xbox one x enhanced
  81. [AC3 R] Future updates & content?
  82. [AC3 R] ** assassin's creed 3 "fight club" turned into a hip hop song **
  83. [AC3 R] Ubisoft Club items are not unlocked in the shop
  84. [AC3] Smoke Bombs no longer available.
  85. [AC3 R] While i am enjoying this.
  86. [AC3 R] Forsaken should be rereleased
  87. [AC3 R] War Tomahawk? does anyone know where to find the recipe?
  88. [ACL] https://bitly.com/2I1BvkD+
  89. [AC3 R] How synced are you so far?
  90. [AC3 R] Connor's Aquila Captain outfit (not the Uplay one)
  91. [AC3] Help, no more over shoulder free-runing
  92. [AC3] Problemi di gioco e di grafica
  93. [AC3 R] Is there any posibility that the team add a fov slider on pc?
  94. [AC3 R] Unlock FPS/Framerate limit?
  95. [ACL] https://themasterss.de/
  96. [AC3 R] Please allow us to use the actual Aquila Captain outfit
  97. [AC3 R] AC3 music video
  98. [AC3 R] Crafting recipe for weapons.
  99. [AC3 R] What's the ETA on Update?
  100. [AC3] Why Remove The Old AC3
  101. [AC3 R] Sword Fight Style
  102. [AC3] AC Series VR Co-Op Possiblity Simple PSVR patch/DLC
  103. [AC3 R] Patch for liberation remastered
  104. [AC3 R] Assassin's Creed III Remastered Screenshots
  105. [AC3 R] Hood toggle option...who's with me....
  106. [AC3] REQUEST bring the Arno's Original outfit and/or Master Assassin outfit
  107. [AC3 R] Random AC 3 question
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  109. [AC3 R] Crouching
  110. [AC3 R] Is there any point in synchronising tree top viewpoints?
  111. [AC3 R] Liberate Assassin's Creed III functions, please (if you can)
  112. [AC3 R] Privateer contract 12 The giant and the storm
  113. [ACL] Aveline
  114. [AC3 R] How did we ever survive this...
  115. [AC3] Favorite lines
  116. [AC3 R] Assassin's Creed III Remastered - 1.0.2 Patch Notes
  117. [AC3 R] ++++***###[DIRECT_tv]$$!~!~!-Nantes - PSG EN Direct Streaming <Live>
  118. [AC3 R] [PC] Mouse sensitivity way too sensitive
  119. [AC3 R] how to remove enemy white outline from the the focus target?
  120. [AC3 R] Bug in Sequence 3
  121. [AC3 R] Extra Copy After Buying Odyessy
  122. [AC3 R] There is a 1.03 16GB patch in the works, yes??? Size may vary.
  123. [AC3 R] Review after playing AC 1, 2, 2.1, 2.2, 4 and 3 Remastered. Thank you!
  124. [AC3 R] Question Is Simple?????Are you Working On a Update??????
  125. [AC3 R] Whats with the animus hacks?
  126. [AC3 R] Tackle from above in Sequence 10 Memory 1: Alternate Methods?
  127. [AC3 R] Assassin's creed 3 remastered Hunting maps
  128. [AC3] Assassins creed 3
  129. [AC3] http://www.photomuse.org/Level8-Keto/
  130. [AC3 R] Mods?
  131. [AC3 R] Multiplayer
  132. [AC3 R] Every Ubisoft employee should know the name "jackfuste"
  133. [AC3 R] Club Challenges Location?
  134. [AC3 R] Assassins Creed III Remastered for PS VITA
  135. [AC3 R] Assassin's Creed III Remastered - 1.0.3 Patch Notes
  136. [AC3 R] 10GB patch for lightning!? Are your devs ******ed!?
  137. [AC3 R] Patch size larger than dev stated
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  139. [AC3 R] Game still looks very subpar
  140. [AC3 R] am i 1.0.2 or 1.0.3?
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  159. [AC3 R] Please add option for "Precision Mode"
  160. [AC3 R] Nintendo switch: changing outfit and weapons
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  167. [AC3 R] Is this game no longer being updated?
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  171. ACIII 360 Update
  172. [AC3 R] Suggestions
  173. [AC3 R] Assassin's Creed III Remastered - 1.0.2 Patch Notes [SWITCH]
  174. [AC3 R] Saves
  175. [ACL] Liberation has really interesting and rich characters.
  176. [ACL] Assassin's Creed III Liberation: A truly terrible game.
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  188. [AC3 R] Original Gamer Achievement HELP!!!
  189. Another spin off Assassin's creed game like liberation
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  192. [AC3 R] How does AC:Liberation compares to AC:III ?
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  199. [AC3 R] Can I use my old Assassins creed 3 PC save on the remastered edition?
  200. [AC3 R] Assassins creed 3 free update to the remaster or adding a remaster to your account as
  201. [AC3 R] Could we ever have a Civil War Assassin's Creed???
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  214. [AC3 R] Is thie game worth it?
  215. [AC3 R] Is this game insanely buggy for anyone else?
  216. [AC3] Redeeming Uplay rewards via website
  217. [AC3] Assassins creed usability experiance
  218. [AC3 R] How does Assassin's Creed III Remastered now fare on the Nintendo Switch?
  219. [AC3 R] Charles Lee question. Spoiler....maybe!
  220. [AC3 R] 1 Year Since the Last Patch
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  226. [AC3 R] 60 fps cap? Really?
  227. [AC3 R] quick question about ac3 remastered for both pc and nintendo switch
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  229. [AC3 R] Infinite loading screen
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  231. [AC3] Is this remaster?
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  239. [AC3 R] Question about Grand Temple door texture
  240. Do the Developers even test the games before release?
  241. [AC3 R] Swap between Liberation and AC3R
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