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  1. Fix controller vibration feedback please.
  2. the YEAR 1 PASS AND MULTIPLE PSN PROFILES in different regions?
  3. Forum Rules
  4. Trying to upgrade standard to gold through psn
  5. South American Server
  6. The Division 2 Known Issues List Ė Updated September 3rd
  7. Physical orders not arriving from the ubistore till after the early access starts
  8. Texture problems on PS4 / PS4 Pro
  9. Day One Servers a Joke
  10. MIKE-01 ERROR!!! region lock
  11. Need Help!! Button layout change??
  12. (PS4) Division 2 in game lag
  13. Uplay coin refund
  14. Ubisoft club rewards
  15. Bugs and lagg (ps4)
  16. Performance Issues on a normal PS4
  17. The division 2 gold edition question about share content between PSN profiles
  18. 'Loot menu > L2' doesn't loot as junk
  19. Collectable Bug Stil in Game???
  20. Romanian subtitles
  21. Do not get the apparel cache on ubiclub store
  22. Lag/framerate drops dramatically
  23. Phone inaccessible
  24. Issue with CLUB reward GOLD Apparel Cache
  25. Ultimate edition bonus content issue
  26. Copy Application to PS4 issues
  27. Unable to equip purchased apparel collection
  28. Castle Settlement bugged
  29. Ultimate Edition Items Missing
  30. Issue claiming TD2: Ultimate Edition Items / Purchases
  31. Unable to equip emotes from store.
  32. The Division 2 Ultimate Edition; Missing Items(Purchase/Items)
  33. Unable to claim ANY Ultimate Edition items
  34. Can't equip default SHD patch
  35. No rewards/bonuses what so ever
  36. Deflector shield randomly breaking
  37. Bug- Graphical Glitch
  38. Ultimate edition dlc not appearing in stash
  39. No Division 2 Ultimate Edition content showing up
  40. Purchased store items not claimable
  41. item purchased with premium credits did not show up in inventory
  42. Apparel Cache not Working
  43. canít meet division coordinator
  44. Dark Zone tutorial bug
  45. Missing icon for shirt
  46. Talk to Alani Kelso in Castle
  47. Ultimate Edition Preorder Items, Premium Apparel, Ubisoft Club, Shield Items Missing
  48. Not able to save loadouts (PS4)
  49. Supplies nodes not respawning
  50. Gear Dye Missing and Patch Missing
  51. No voice PS4
  52. Stability, Rendering and other Issues
  53. Season Pass and Phoenix Shield Day 1 Content not Appearing
  54. Gear mod menu glitch
  55. Game Crashed the Console? ISSUE PSN Code CE-36329-3 like in Anthem?
  56. The amount of blue screens Iím getting is Crazy!
  57. Gear Mod Bug
  58. wall texture issue
  59. DZ South Mission Bugged
  60. Audio Bug
  61. Cant get to white house (invisable wall)
  62. PS4 Pro: Missing Audio, Extraction, Environment "white noise"
  63. PS4 Pro: "Missing" texture on QuarterMaster 7.62 Mag
  64. SIG 716 Skin issue
  65. You have items in your mailbox
  66. inventory box problem
  67. Stuck on ladder
  68. PS4 Pro Textures
  69. BUG : Occlusion Issue
  70. BUG : Glass collision over windows in Vault Control point
  71. Everyone keeps referring to my female character as "he" or "him"
  72. A Friend In Need Trophy/Achievement
  73. Castle settlement greyed out?
  74. Same Button for 2 important uses?
  75. Unable to access Ultimate edition items still !! Ubisoft not helping
  76. Problem with the Club reward
  77. Character Changed Appearance When I Logged In
  78. Missing Apparel items
  79. Lost weapon skin when I sold weapon with it equipped.
  80. Trophy A Friend in Need glitched
  81. Face/head model glitch
  82. Subtitle settings will reset "None" when I start this game every time
  83. Cannot equips any hats
  84. Delta 3
  85. No PreOrder or Club rewards showing In Game
  86. Taken out of crafting menu everytime I craft a mod
  87. Reloading bug
  88. Bought gold and nothing is appearing
  89. Release hostage
  90. Server rollback Castle settlement bug.....
  91. Multiple Error CE-34878-0 Codes
  92. Side Mission "Missing Curators" not available
  93. Bug - Near Crash Site Control Point
  94. Controller vs. mouse and keybord on Playstation
  95. On screen text size
  96. Seeker mine Problem
  97. Gear Mod issues, Menu bugged
  98. In-Game Shop einkaufe nicht erhalten!!!!
  99. Not happy
  100. Random Audio
  101. PS4 error freezes
  102. Any ETA for texture lag ?
  103. Audiolog bug
  104. My character disappeared.
  105. My characterís face changes randomly. Bug?
  106. Error Delta-03 end 05
  107. Delta error & getting kicked PS party chat
  108. BUG: I cannot reactivate SHD network
  109. PS4 Download set back
  110. Skills canít be used
  111. Maintaince ps4 bugged game.
  112. Control points wont activate after completion
  113. Cannot Re-Equip original SHD Armpatch
  114. Sound quieter than in the beta.
  115. Skins from opening cache missing
  116. Shield Rewards and UbiClub Content
  117. Lots of game crashes (worse since maintinence)
  118. Invisible Wall
  119. Exclusive emote from Welcome pack not appear
  120. Missing rewards
  121. [BUG] Contaminated Zone in Southwest - Elevator Bug
  122. PS4 - A Few issues.
  123. Credit For Completion - Control Point
  124. Match Making Broken
  125. Group Scaling Broken
  126. AC: Odyssey arme patch not showing up in game
  127. Seeker Mine Not Deploying, Stuck In Animation
  128. My Characterís Appearance is change
  129. Where do I get my Beta and Ubisoft CLub rewards?
  130. Starting Division 2 is shutting down my PS4
  131. Some Errors to report
  132. Character sheet bug
  133. After update by characters appearance changed
  134. Skills are BUGGED!
  135. Invisible Floor from specific angles.
  136. Capitol Defender Pack / Ubisoft Club Items Missing
  137. The Divsion 2 SouthWest Contaminated area Elevator bug
  138. Division2 March 14 patch problems
  139. Loading screen stuck at 10
  140. [BUG] Audio wallhacks and hearing things that aren't there, lack of ambient sounds
  141. Skill Power Broken?
  142. [BUG] Multiple Side Missions bugged
  143. The division 2
  144. Menu Box Stuck In Lower Left Corner?
  145. Photo mode UI bug with HDR
  146. Cant damage enemies
  147. Textures delay
  148. radio broadcasts bugs
  149. Can we get a manual
  150. Audio bug with local npcís chatting
  151. [BUG] Projects not counted into settlement upgrade
  152. Looting of containers bug
  153. PS4 Game continuously crashing
  154. After server maintenance. Character has completely changed the look! Please help.
  155. Bugs. With gun SIG DMR 7.51
  156. Division 2 Inventory Notification Bug
  157. Mod Inventory maps Junk and Categories to same button (L2)
  158. Henry hayes not at the campus
  159. All hostage rescue behind doors are bugged
  160. Outfit rescue team, project bug?
  161. Character Customization Reset
  162. DELTA-03 in DZ EAST
  163. Salvage screen has inconsistent key assignment
  164. Crashes every 2 minutes.
  165. Blue Screens WTF
  166. [Serious BUG] Report {PS4}
  167. Supply Drops GLITCHED!!! in Open World Division 2
  168. Gamebreaking Skills Bug - The Division 2
  169. A Friend In Need Trophy
  170. Talk to Henry Hayes (Henry missing)
  171. White house graphics issue
  172. issue with the capital defender pack
  173. Side Missions Bugged
  174. Texture that shoudn't be there....
  175. Jefferson Plaza (Mission Bug in the Castle)
  176. Skill mods are dropping with unattainable skill power requirements.
  177. Skills quickly deactivating and 15 sec cool down
  178. Skill Selection Not Saving
  179. Skills Broken (3 second and they reset)
  180. Zero Clan EXP?
  181. The Theater - Deploy Secondary Rappel Rope Bug
  182. No Endgame (Talk to kelso)
  183. Texture error blocking players.
  184. Delta-03 error
  185. Assault turret is bugged
  186. Infinite Supply Drop Loot Glitch
  187. Delta-03 error
  188. error
  189. Theatre side mission upgrades bugged.
  190. Reach The Castle
  191. Reactivate the SHD Network
  192. Character changed appearance
  193. Weekly Dark Zone Quest
  194. Skills Bug
  195. Hive Reviver bugged ?
  196. Kicked from game when picking up bounty from the snitch
  197. CE-34878-0 error
  198. Alani Kelso
  199. Audio problem (bug)
  200. Drones reset during side mission
  201. Castle Settlement - Kelso
  202. Skills deactivating randomly
  203. Turret Failing to deploy
  204. Can not replay Invaded Missions
  205. Path Blocked (Image location and bug image)
  206. Bug in Southwest Contaminated Zone
  207. Isaac's voice not thru controller ps4
  208. Wrong behavior when deconstructing MODS
  209. [BUG] Render problem at these coordinates (PS4)
  210. UPlay Club Tasks Not Tracking Progress
  211. Skill Mods Inventory Problem
  212. MOD Menu/Item List Buttons
  213. several bugs
  214. Canít progress in main mission after helping friend with the Castle
  215. Missing Club Rewards
  216. Couple Issues PS4
  217. The division 2 -PS4
  218. Odea Office Side Mission
  219. Colorblind Mode (Deuteranopia, specifically)
  220. Saved game glitch
  221. Canít take damage
  222. [Performance Issue] Massive Frame drops/Stutters
  223. No Rewards by Ultimate Edition
  224. Bug: Climbing down ladders freezes controls. Needs restart
  225. I have lost my darkzone loot 3 times now
  226. Character keeps changing
  227. Please Fix
  228. Gear Dye & Weapon Skins Disappeared
  229. Sniper glitch and no roof in DZ
  230. Rain/Weather
  231. Canít Unlock the Castle Settlement
  232. Broken Ladder in Downtown West
  233. Got Stuck on Federal Emergency Bunker
  234. Mod inventory (Bug)
  235. crash del gioco durante le missioni storia
  236. Issues completing things in a group
  237. Bug with Turret, hive, drone, seeker mines.
  238. Inventory - repeated L2 option button in mods
  239. UbiClub reward doesn't appear in game
  240. No longer accruing clan exp
  241. Weapon sell, deconstruct or delete broken
  242. Mod menu bugged
  243. Unable to get rid of exclamation mark in menu
  244. ISAC Audio Problems?
  245. Weekly Challenge - Sidearms Shooters not updating
  246. Never did get my AC:Odyssey arm patch
  247. Unable to progress in game....
  248. Cannot interact with ladders or rappel points & PS4 download size question
  249. PS4 Skills disappearing of not allowing launch
  250. Unable to enter train car to get to weapon crate