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  1. upgrading the crafting station
  2. Massive please don’t delete bug posts
  3. Heat Wave apparel key drops broken
  4. Stretched screen
  5. Raid completions
  6. Can't load Daily Challenge or VIP missions...
  7. Bug Caccia grossa
  8. Dark zone east recon fix
  9. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Common issues and frequently asked questions
  10. Suicide by turret (Skillbuild)
  11. Missing exotic from inventory
  12. "Improovements"
  13. End game fatigue... can't even grind for missing blueprints
  14. 25/08/10 - Invisible(?) Boomer on Razorback stage of Raid
  15. No Daily Missions on 2nd character...
  16. Stretching Texture Problem
  17. Skill power platform mods don’t seem to have an affect
  18. Client Crashes and Blue Screens - Follow-up
  19. Bugs, game crashes on console and Blue screen, Hit Registration - this is the GOTY
  20. double post - please delete
  21. Raid timer not consistent?
  22. [bug] Vegetation popping in and out, "walkable" fence
  23. NPC still hiding inside walls and floors :)
  24. Invaded Missions And Classified Assignments
  25. Players being unable to pick up Specialization ammunition (Demolitionist)
  26. Twitch collection
  27. No Way Out
  28. 198.2% Skill Haste -- what does that even mean?
  29. [bug] Mystery smoke follows agent
  30. Question mark indicates (potential) snitch location?
  31. [Bug] Audio Glitch when switching Weapons
  32. Raid Key Glitch and Raid Chest not accessible
  33. Disconnected mid mission Delta 3
  34. I'm stuck! No bounties, no more invaded missions, no levelling up control points.
  35. PS4 Pro bugs
  36. I can't switch to my Specialization weapon
  37. no sound fast traveling
  38. Dodge City holster question
  39. Conflict lag and latency - HORRIBLE!
  40. Could we please get these 2 simple QoL options added for TU6?
  41. ISAC Is just annoying
  42. Clothes not dropping anymore at lvl 30
  43. [Bug] Random Brand Blueprints image corruption
  44. Clan admin
  45. Stuck in the dz
  46. Audio, Texture, Animation delay!
  47. Lincoln memorial does not count as complete sometimes
  48. American History Museum Discovery Commendation
  49. Hive Revive seems worse than it's ever been
  50. Backpack Clipping
  51. Gunner Specialization mini-gun still remain useless in TU6?
  52. This is why the HUD needs move/resize options
  53. Cassie Mendoza not showing at the location
  54. Daily missions repeat themselves at the same location but different levels
  55. Apparel key won't appear by field proficiency
  56. On the update of 9/24/19
  57. Bounties question.
  58. All of my characters are glitched.. Case submitted but no response
  59. Theatre Settlement and general game issues
  60. Acount name change psn
  61. Patch 5.2 checkpoint issue ps4
  62. Combustion award stuck at 5/6
  63. Skill Mods not going to Stash when moving Inventory
  64. Serious Trauma Detected (audio bug)
  65. Bug or feature? Clip size doubled during combat
  66. Increased NPC Strength/Damage since latest patch . . .
  67. Minor issues
  68. Are the hidden attachments gone?
  69. hardwire gear set
  70. Side missions stuck at 92% - 34/37 - World Tier 5
  71. No keys for explorer apparel event.
  72. Field Research Gunner Icon
  73. Launcher ammo still cant be picked up.....
  74. How do Premium Credits work?
  75. Overlap talent not working
  76. Are apparel drops completely broken?
  77. Clothes bug
  78. Stuck at Jefferson Plaza Invasion[Heroic]
  79. Gunner Stage 5 confuses me a bit
  80. How are Daily SHD Requisition rewards supposed to work?
  81. Stuck inside Truck.......
  82. Inventory visual bug
  83. what the hell
  84. Connecting error server Alfa-03
  85. Massive distortion after loading the game
  86. Darkzone Bug
  87. No Outcasts on map, Anywhere
  88. +total armor calculation a decimal pont off?
  89. Bugs enemies on heroic missions
  90. My character is gone please help
  91. New Classified Marina Supply Route Mission is bugged....
  92. Roosvelt Island Impossible make choice
  93. You are literally killing me!
  94. Superior Apparel Caches
  95. Tu6 still being stuck to wall
  96. Tu6-movement has NOT changed
  97. Loadout mod issues
  98. Normalized stats
  99. Bug in loot boxes
  100. PS4: Duplicate Apparel NOT adding XP
  101. Grenade Launcher Not Appearing or Firing
  102. i didn't receive the haunted supplies...
  103. Loadouts
  104. Apparel Cache Keys Missing, etc
  105. Kenley Chapel BUG i waste 3 hr for this :(
  106. Kenley Chapel bug
  107. DZ bug not opening
  108. The Quartermaster: Perks Tab Locked
  109. Can you undo shared materials across characters?
  110. Cassie Mendoza inventory still empty After TU6
  111. Ruthless and Lullaby Visuals Change Blueprints
  112. Shepherd rank reward not received
  113. Unable to login on my main character
  114. Server issues much? And other TU6 bugs, PS4
  115. Kenley expedition
  116. Vital Stacking
  117. Named weapon talents missing
  118. Bullets not registering/causing damage
  119. Enemies strange poses as they die.
  120. Quartermaster starting quest for TU6 reappeared
  121. DZ perks available bugged
  122. Unable to equip Manhunt weapon skin
  123. Space Explorer uniform (earned but can't find it)
  124. What constitutes a "Mini Tank" . . . .
  125. Berzerk talent not registering
  126. Two UI bugs since TU6
  127. A number of UI and item bugs post TU6
  128. No Control Point Activities On Map
  129. Lag and Invisible walls
  130. LZ activities sound issues
  131. [TU6 Bug] Send to stash equips loadout instead of transferring to stash
  132. Tip Of The Spear bug
  133. TU6 BUG Recalibration
  134. Shield Splinter - Perfect telent
  135. responding to invite while playing
  136. Capacitive on TOS backpack does nothing
  137. Capacitive on TOS backpack does nothing
  138. Cassie is bugged
  139. Bugged talents
  140. Blue screening Distroc Union
  141. Ps4 load times.
  142. Pentagon Mach mating.
  143. Nemesis issues
  144. Fast Travel to DZ East CP Charlie forces server switch
  145. 2nd Black Tusk chest in ViewPoint Museum (invaded)
  146. Rifle ammo dropping while I only use assault rifles?
  147. ViewPoint Museum Invaded crashes every time
  148. Cannot access social menu when you are unconscious
  149. Open/closed loot boxes issue
  150. Specialization load out still floating in the air
  151. Sound bug analysed
  152. Kenly College Metro Station Military Server
  153. New Gear Item Mistake
  154. Dark Zone Perks
  155. NEMESIS Holstered Talent Broken
  156. Sweet Dreams Bug
  157. Joining a team in Pentagon does not work
  158. Flame Turret Duration Bug
  159. End Stats for Raid Bosses Bugged
  160. Skill Freeze - Hive
  161. Cannont roll the talent Spark into vest, any vest.
  162. Cannot donate weapons towards completing project
  163. Bugging Controller
  164. Alarm still going off at Base of Operations.
  165. Ammo is not being replenished at Base of Operations or at Safe Houses.
  166. EMP Grenades Bug
  167. BUG:Ruthless and Lullaby are missing Merciless and Sweet Dreams conversion Blueprints
  168. Crafting Station Bench Upgrade
  169. Controller vibration for automatic weapons is delayed
  170. Enemies stuck inside objects, sometimes can't be killed ANNOYING in Heroic!
  171. Control Point Issue
  172. Apparel keys are disabled.
  173. Can anyone tell me what just happened here?
  174. How Gunslinger Talent Work ??Not Functioning
  175. when will the raid activity log show both groups stats
  176. vedmedytsya chest talent
  177. Cant upgrade crafting bench
  178. Network Stats hasn't worked since launch why?
  179. Multiple Issues With Pentagon Mission
  180. Yaahl Gear
  181. Talents inactive when they should be
  182. D2 PS4 “Missing Wire Scavengers” side mission bug
  183. Oyaj123
  184. Vertical grip
  185. Solid Black Weapon Skin Doesn't Really Do Anything
  186. Talent not showing in stats. Just curious as to why
  187. Spotter in TU6
  188. After switching load outs, seeker not working.
  189. Error CE-34878-0 while in a Heroic, lost loot
  190. PS4 - Invisible walls in the DZ instances are ruining PvP.
  191. Rogue Visibility
  192. Specialization ammo disappearing during travel?
  193. Odea Retail Issue
  194. Missing face on character or broken hands
  195. Loot boxes issues
  196. "An agent is back online" Is he/she really though?! Announcement issue ...
  197. Collectibles logo Antwon Ridgeway is wrong should be True sons (not Outcasts)
  198. Phone collectible near live band stage Campus settlement invisible
  199. ViewPoint Museum Invaded - cannot interact with second Black Tusk chest
  200. Disable fast travel popup for invaded missions unless a squad member started mission
  201. Double duty gun talent doesn't work
  202. PLEASE let us deconstruct or sell the level 1 exotic weapons from year one pass
  203. Sound glitch - Sound of rolling seeker mines behind your character
  204. Air and Space Museum invaded - True sons chest in the final room?
  205. Control point officers saying "we're good on supplies" while they are not
  206. Result boards in raids are bugged since TU6 update
  207. Grid view defaulting to List view
  208. "Fast Travel to Mission" while standing in-front of the mission.
  209. Loot drop, blocking view.
  210. the division 2 game keep give me error ALPHA-02
  211. Raid keys not dropping on all my characters
  212. Sawyer's Kneepads Blueprint is missing
  213. Game still loading at 99%
  214. Dark Zone Perk notification bug (video)
  215. Talents not being activated when they should be
  216. Can't share mods with group members
  217. Talents not being activated when they should be
  218. PvP weapon damage stat
  219. Exotic holster bugged!
  220. Missing Campus Patrol - side mission bugged
  221. Missing Wire Scavengers at 92%
  222. Ruthless disappeared from stash
  223. reviver hive (again)
  224. Character deleted
  225. DZ materials not shared across characters?
  226. Bug-Passive armor regeneration
  227. Can't convert to a RUTHLESS or upgrade a RUTHLESS to GS 500 why?
  228. Delta Errors, Blue screen crash and lag
  229. This is how BROKEN texture streaming is in Division 2. And they won't fix it
  230. Invisible walls and stucco NPCs in dark zones
  231. Missing wires side mission
  232. Eagle bearer drop sucks
  233. Unable to switch weapons
  234. Comical postures courtesy of a broken games engine
  235. Liberty pistol crafting bug
  236. Striker Drone/ Gun Drone, is broken, bugged.
  237. Can anyone help please ( Green Gear)
  238. A few current bugs
  239. Grenada Launcher is broken (Video Inculded)
  240. Weapons missing from inventory
  241. 2 support items
  242. Specialisation resets after entering mission
  243. [Enemy stuck in closed doors] Camp White Oak
  244. patience + composure on kee pads possible?
  245. Inventory Full in Solo play
  246. Specialization malfunction
  247. Free Apparel NOT Collectible 11/19/19
  248. Problem in Kenley College Expidition
  249. Invaded missions
  250. Shots not registering in the DZ again