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  2. Arm Patches
  3. The Division 2 Known Issues List – Updated September 3rd
  4. HDR doesnt work.
  5. Not received ultimate edition content on shared account
  6. Frame Rate Issues
  7. Unable to boot up early access
  8. XB1 Download Dark Zone Edition
  9. Shield Rewards not on TD2
  10. Capitol Defender and Battleworn DLC Redeemed but not appearing in game
  11. Kicked from host server
  12. Missing Purchases/Items
  13. only getting arabic text in the ubi club challenges Screen
  14. Capital Defender Pack Items Not In Inventory
  15. Capitol Defender and Battleworn DLC Redeemed but not appearing in game
  16. Running around and suddenly by Xbox froze and powered itself off
  17. Dolby Atmos home theater.
  18. Flamethrower doesnt trigger
  19. Delta-04 Errors
  20. Can't interact with Inaya.
  21. Castle Settlement Progress Blocked
  22. Intro mission Bug
  23. Shiled Tier 3 Gear Dye
  24. Division 2 Preorder bonus not showing up in stash
  25. DZ intro Mission not working
  26. my gear skin is gone
  27. A bit too eager frustrum or occlusion culling
  28. Enemy spawn issues.
  29. Castle Settlement
  30. Capitol defender pack
  31. Bugs/Glitches and random wrong things that Ive found.
  32. GPS-Lines in Group Play
  33. RC Car Bomb Audio Bug
  34. Controller vibration not working
  35. rescue operation on downtown east near demolition site issue
  36. @club
  37. Legendary apparel box didnt give any loot?
  38. Unplayable game due to lag so bad nothing is alive in the game.
  39. Mod trash button
  40. Frame rate drops or lag were the screen staggers
  41. "Mortar Mission" bug
  42. Purchasing weapon skins preview stays on pistol
  43. Reporting a few issues ingame... *spoilers be careful*
  44. un-openable room
  45. textures won't load
  46. Dark Zone Stats carrying over outside of it
  47. Mini-Map Not Dispalying and Orange Exclamations
  48. Blocked stairway by ivy tunnel
  49. Meet with Division Commander bug
  50. Year 1 Pass Exclusive Cosmetics NOT in Stash
  51. Frame rate troubles?
  52. ubisoft club rewards bugged
  53. Lost all Ubisoft club rewards
  54. Unable to get past "ReActivate SHD Network Mission"
  55. Skill Mod - Mark as Junk / Navigate Categories both LT
  56. Capitol Building Glitch at end
  57. Unable to talk with Alani Kelso. Entry won't open
  58. Worksite Community
  59. SHD Network Bug!!!!
  61. Weapon bug
  62. Turret not deploying in cover
  63. Can’t Deconstruct/Sell MPX
  64. Pulse stops at first enemy
  65. Demolisher firefly targeting
  66. Pre-Ordered Ultimate Edition Items Disappeared
  67. Inspection and clan bugs
  68. LMG sound
  69. Viewpoint, last True Son on roof fell through stairs
  70. Beta Reward Pathfinder Armpatch and the City Runner collection still logged
  71. Co-op completed Task on others Agents map, not showing in own map
  72. Audio bug
  73. Hotel Washington - Enemy stucked due tu clipping error on top floor
  74. Main quest line stuck at 'meet up with the division coordinator'
  75. Exclusive Paint gone from inventory?
  76. Random Crashes
  77. Unresponsive Turret
  78. Textures taking a long time to load on Xbox One X
  79. Seeker Mine Mod Blueprint Issue
  80. Unable to rename clan
  81. Shield issues
  82. Lost gear skins
  83. AC Odyssey Arm Patch missing from Apparel Inventory
  84. SIG 716 CQB missing clip
  85. Dying while stuck from an enemy chem launcher caused me to be stuck when respawning
  86. MADE OUT LIKE IM A CRIMINAL - missing content
  87. Cannot Progress Bug
  88. Wasn’t able to access specializations pre patch
  89. Subtitles issue
  90. Bug - Minor - Grenades don't refill
  91. Delta-03 Error After Patch Update
  92. Turret disappearing seconds after deploying
  93. Shield problem...
  94. Subtitle Bug
  95. Unable to Matchmake on Xbox One [bugged matchmaking]
  96. Invisible Enemies - Game Breaking!
  97. DZ Group Invite
  98. SEVERE frame drop issues.
  99. Elevator/Lift Menu Screen Bug
  100. Schloss Bug
  101. Is Firefly skill bugged?
  102. Constant Delta-03 Disconnects
  103. Possible xp glitch
  104. Post mission area inaccessible.
  105. Projects bug
  106. (BUG) Broken Stairs
  107. (BUG) Mods Inventory: Left Trigger belonging to two different functions
  108. Inverse Recoil Glitch when using Chem Launcher
  109. Skills not deploying / Cooldown issues
  110. Bug - Reviving and Activating Hive heal Dashboards Xbox One
  111. Barber changed my character sex
  112. Never had a problem untill
  113. Crafting Material Storage Perk Issue
  114. Made it to tier one bit can't pick a specialization
  115. Lots of issue !
  116. The ssound is gone again ?
  117. Radio Broadcaster not playing music
  118. continously fired weapon sound in Mission after Game froze and kicked me back to xb1
  119. Getting freezing issue and cannot reboot the game
  120. Another one to add to the list of missing Ultimate Edition content
  121. Skills vanishing and more
  122. UbiClub Weekly not recognizing/progressing
  123. Enemies showing on HUD, but can't see them!
  124. Vibration disapearing on long auto rifle, Smg and LMG
  125. Contaminated Zone In Southwest error
  126. Southwest contaminated zone, stuck in elevator
  127. Season pass and dlc content not linked to second account on same console.
  128. Between 12:00 and 12:15 AM CET Lincoln Memorial Mission 3 times kicked out to xb1
  129. South east SHD cache in downtown west inaccessible after side mission
  130. Party member scaling seems .... off
  131. Ubi club rewards missing
  132. Friend in Need Achievement not unlocking (XB)
  133. Reactivate the SHD Network Bug
  134. Majority of skills are bugged
  135. Everybody in my squad disconects during misions and open world at the same time
  136. Stash not working
  137. Become traped and cant move while claimimng SHD tech
  138. Rope descending issue
  139. Xbox one controller issues
  140. Faction Keys and Faction Crates Issue
  141. Since 12 Noon 15.3. Missions almost unplayable , Region: Germany
  142. Outside play area glitch in middle of the map!
  143. (BUGS) List of some Im getting in last and latest patch
  144. Bug Report the voice repeating there's a device nearby
  145. Capitol Defender Pack Missing
  146. Dark Zone South Error
  147. Ubisoft Challenges Progress
  148. Xbox Graphics loading
  149. List of bugs/annoyances encountered during play time
  150. Anyone one else having there game crash.
  151. Xbox Gear mods Inventory Menu Bug!!
  152. World/Building drawing glitch
  153. Bugs - Getting stuck in place after death and turret issues
  154. Missing Gear dye is removed from "known issues" is there a fix?
  155. blue screened
  156. Major problem with Snitch Bounties
  157. Bug: Weapon and Gear Talents don't consider all gear mods
  158. Bug Report: Cannot Clear Contamination Zone (Southwest)
  159. Outfits clipping
  160. The Division 2 UI Bug/Error
  161. I can not change to the default Badge
  162. Bug: Crafting Material Perk not working
  163. Reactivate the SHD Network (xbx1)
  164. Stuck on main mission progress
  165. Ubisoft club 2 question about 2 rewards help please
  166. Floating Paint Cans Demolition Site CP
  167. Gun sounds, broken audio, and lag.
  168. Pane on Stairs preventing movement
  169. Hard system crash on character creation.
  170. [BUG?] Lullaby & Ruthless gearscore upgrades missing
  171. shd tech cache-no way to get to it?
  172. glitch report - map area traps player
  173. Stuck in world tier 3
  174. Audio trouble: can’t hear teammates thru headsets
  175. Isac computer voice wont say "you are in a safe area" or leaving safe area !?
  176. Can't deconstruct mods
  177. Audio issue- no sound with voip
  178. Unable to proceed with Campus Mission
  179. Error Code Mike-01
  180. Stuck in Activity
  181. Broken ladder
  182. Weird door
  183. Rope bug
  184. Menu invite bug
  185. 16.3. , East Mall, Castell does not unlock. One time done with friend
  186. 16.3.19 , DC 62 Lab Mission played and now need to play again
  187. Gear mod categories/mark for deconstruct
  188. Assault Drone disappears
  189. My XP is not tracked for clan XP
  190. Deconstructed gear skins lost
  191. Can not delete 3 weapons
  192. Losing controller feedback during gunfights
  193. Skins don't apply on SIG 716 PS4
  194. Clipping issue character stuck in DZ East
  195. Graphics/Textures Issue
  196. Map elements too close to edges of screen
  197. Magazine is invisible when modded.
  198. Frame Rate Issues Xbox One
  199. Black Box Obscuring screen
  200. Cant play Capital Hill Mission
  201. Meet up with Division Coordinator not working as intended
  202. No LZ supply drops.
  203. Lags during the game
  204. Cant download new patch data.
  205. District Union Arena
  206. Cannot navigate items in MOD Inventory
  207. Recent Patch
  208. Worksite Community Side Mission Glitch
  209. Can't get past setup
  210. Dark Zone Recon Missions Glitched
  211. Campus District SHD Cache
  212. skills still broken after patch
  213. Character’s face keeps changing!!!
  214. Character deleted accidentally :(
  215. I'm the Clan Commander, and I stopped earning Clan XP
  216. Worksite comunity side mission bugged for me
  217. Sticking to objects,disappearing enviroments,loss of controller feedback,bullet bounc
  218. Recalibration station bug
  219. A Friend in Need achievement not unlocking
  220. Unable to exit Main Menu with Back button
  221. Division 2 Skills disappear after deployment
  222. Divsion 2 side mission bug
  223. Game crashes to Xbox dashboard on character select load In
  224. fast travel bug
  225. Oscar 3 - new patch
  226. Space Administration Bugged
  227. Turret glitched out
  228. Ubisoft club
  229. Issues on XBOX one
  230. Personnage effacé
  231. Workshop Community
  232. Work-site community mission
  233. Skills Automatically Resetting?
  234. My list of bugs
  235. Audio - quiet sound
  236. Clan XP not counting
  237. Skill issue
  238. Hyena Stronghold - Story Mission - "Armored Car" Section - No progression possible
  239. BUG LIST: Bullet damage delay! (Xbox One X)
  240. Rescue operation bug
  241. open a door, world vanishes
  242. Sniper lag
  243. ruthless bugged?
  244. Server que
  245. Loadouts
  246. Oscar-03
  247. Gear mods menu button assign issue
  248. Private beta rewards
  249. Hunting Party & Salvage Crew
  250. Inventory UI bug; Cannot mark Mods as junk