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  1. Xbox party invite to raid does not work anymore
  2. This is just too funny
  3. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Common issues and frequently asked questions
  4. big al
  5. Bug or glitch
  6. Division 2 Crashing while Playing Xbox One X
  7. Game Crash at Projects
  8. Not picking up ammo...
  9. Stuck at Capitol Hill on 4th Character
  10. BTSU Issue
  11. Game graphics rendering, fps and audio
  12. Missões Invadidas não aparecem no Tier 5
  13. Blueprints not dropping again!
  14. Tidal Basin (solo) leader board not updating
  15. Impossible to play any invasion after WT5
  16. Enemies Spawning in Under the Escalator
  17. Cannot Switch Specialisation Outside BoO?
  18. Problem with Tidal Bassin on Hard, Challenge and Heroic?
  19. Cannot Enter Dark Zone -- Recon mission vanished
  20. Rifle Damage value down
  21. Cannot Access Heroic or Invaded Missions
  22. Control Point enemy NPC's
  23. Clan Commander Gone Rogue
  24. Client Crashes and Blue Screens - Follow-up
  25. Problem TD2 - Video
  26. Grand Washington Hotel NPC bug
  27. Ubisoft can't stop cheaters
  28. Gear sets??
  29. Can't finish Heroic Bounty - Hyenas (Cleric ??)
  30. Bug: De-sync issues.
  31. Really bad razorback end of raid glitch
  32. Thunder in Camp White Oak-Sunny Day!!!
  33. Roosevelt Island invaded bug
  34. I get a txt box
  35. Cant complete classified mission
  36. Sound goes off and on
  37. Cant reactivate the shd network after talking with the president
  38. Chatterbox blueprint issue
  39. fires automatically when aiming
  40. Game freezing
  41. Breakpoint Beta Access issue, Ubisoft Technical Support Useless
  42. Map Display/ Projects during Group Mission
  43. Raids completed not being registered on Leaderboard
  44. Primary locked!
  45. still no way to collect Shay Comms: Refugee Camp
  46. nemesis sniper rifle
  47. Grand Washington Hotel NPC Stuck in Room under Escalator
  48. Bogus Weapon Damage/Only Purple Loot
  49. can someone explain what just happened
  50. Capitol Building Stronghold - BUG
  51. Endless Struggle mission glitched.
  52. Daily Hard and Challenge in same mission
  53. Unable to choose difficulty setting on VIP and Daily Mission if same location
  54. Ivory key issues
  55. DEVS: Are ALL Keychains in the Loot Pool?!?!
  56. cam to close on new emote
  57. Getting queued in conflict
  58. The 2nd Raid?
  59. Division 2: EMP grenades still having effect after they are destroyed
  60. Some progression data lost after reinstall of game
  61. Hunters are gone when I respawn
  62. Can't crouch!!!!!
  63. Shepherd Reset
  64. Leaderbord/Raid/Clan time
  65. Getting queued
  66. World tier stuck
  67. Unable to shoot with shield deployed after throwing grenade
  68. Cannot Update
  69. Apparel Key Cap?
  70. text on screen never leaves
  71. Console Patch 1.05
  72. Graphical problems on charactors skin
  73. Specializations and loadouts. TU6
  74. Division 2 Broke down after TU6 installation
  75. Division 2 Broke down after TU6 installation (Previously on Division 1 forums)
  76. Destroy 6 Shooting Range Targets in 10 Seconds Glitched
  77. Gear set chest pieces and backpacks - talents?
  78. TU6/EP2 Bug Report
  79. Restorer hive & mender seeker issues
  80. Project Donation Issues
  81. TU6 mods missing from loadouts
  82. Buddy & Lucy Glitch
  83. Bugs...!
  84. Auxiliary Battery Bug?
  85. Bugs that I have encountered.
  86. DZ Check point limbo
  87. Don't see Pentagon on map
  88. Unable to share gear mods
  89. SVD Ammo bug
  90. Named items
  91. Occupied DZ
  92. Persistent Task.
  93. Liberty pistol HUGE BUG!
  94. student union arm glitch
  95. After TU6, frequent DELTAs and can't sync with servers
  96. Pentagon mission
  97. Pentagon mission
  98. Phantom Crit DMG
  99. Can't access Manning Zoo, Camp Oak, and The Pentagon
  100. Players name in groups
  101. Almost all sound effects/music doesn't play when streaming through Twitch app
  102. Aces&8 BP
  103. Aces&8 kneepad BP
  104. Talent PVP/PVE Values
  105. Problem setting ATH, Where is the configuration option?
  106. Fixer drone functionality issue.
  107. No Audio while capturing game footage
  108. Technician stage 4
  109. Feedback ..still no event keys since TU6 xbox
  110. Unlocking all research for Technician - No Cosmetic!
  111. marksman issues
  112. Exotic visual upgrade blueprints
  113. Kenly Chapel is Bugged NEEDS to be Fixed ASAP
  114. Composure talent
  115. repeated invaded map 'highlights'
  116. 22./23.10. Toggel for Invaion not working
  117. TOTP Aggressive Recon Issue?
  118. New Character, Weapon Mods Missing
  119. Multiple different messages in lower left corner that do not go away
  120. Bugged Projects
  121. Kenly college Chapel locked even though bottom right of the screen says Chapel unlock
  122. Bugged Chapel Door at Kenly
  123. Visual bug - Drone
  124. Foxtrot-04
  125. Signature weapon ammo
  126. Invisible Explosive Damage and Audio bugs
  127. Gunner misson
  128. Need help asap my clan has been hacked
  129. Kronos Max and Titan cheaters
  130. 12 masks and 7/8 ivory keys
  131. Berserk
  132. Is it typical since the new update to go 10 to 15 proficiency caches and earn no keys
  133. Year 1 pass content
  134. hud in the way
  135. Loading Loop
  136. Kenly College Chapel Locked when it should have been unlocked - lost chance at reward
  137. Long Press Into Cover Setting Bugged
  138. Unable to share
  139. TU6 bugs not on the know issues list
  140. Manning Zoo bug with setting difficulty and swapping to invaded
  141. vertical grip bug
  142. Perfect talents.....
  143. [BUG] Cannot roll "Concussion" Talent to replace "Spotter" Talent
  144. Conflict XP
  145. Vendor Reset - 5th November 2019
  146. Can we please get an Official update on the Kenly Chapel Locked/Lost Diamondback Bug?
  147. New York Comms “Update: Rikers” Missing
  148. Recalibration - Vigilance
  149. no emp grenades
  150. Thieves Den Vendor in DZ South Not in Thieves Den
  151. Shots not registering
  152. Sorting Mods & Weapons is not working properly
  153. BUG: (Watch your Six) It's driving me crazy
  154. Large Pouch for LMG.s
  155. Can't Upgrade Crafting Bench
  156. Vertical Grip Bug
  157. No Game Chat
  158. No audio when streaming
  159. Deleting gear and skill mods
  160. Division 2 uninstalled itself
  161. Signature weapon is unequipped when joining a group
  162. CAnt install the game after las update
  163. Damage to Armor/Health not calculated within the firing range meter
  164. Darpa Research Lab Mission
  165. No map blank screen
  166. Unable to change to invaded mission mode
  167. Specializations keep dissappearing
  168. Thieves Den Vendor
  169. [Xbox One] Unable to Complete Installation
  170. Mods missing at crafting bench
  171. Motherly love gloves at Casey Mendoza
  172. X-Box 1: 5% sound RAID and game play ALL WEEKEND.
  173. Invisible Barrier Glitch
  174. More Weapon Attachment Bugs
  175. project exclamation mark and txt on screen and dz bag
  176. Uninstallable is getting ridiculous
  177. Ivory Keys and Mother Gloves
  178. update installation stopped at 97.5%
  179. [BUG] Stuck in geometry on Roosevelt Island
  180. Division 2 xbox one install
  181. True Sons Comms "Negotiations" Missing
  182. Gamer Tags/ Games you are playing ATM?
  183. Prime Hockey Outfits Disappeared...!
  184. Everyone with Install problems not able to play game look at this regarding rights
  185. i want to play my game ffs(The division 2-xbox one)
  186. Division 2 update issues question.
  187. Division Shields rewards in The Division 2
  188. Xbox - UI Freeze
  189. Control Points Stuck on Story Mode
  190. Unable to respawn
  191. Things that we can do regarding Unisofts shambolic efforts re Installation issue on D
  192. Confirmed Installation problem won’t be fixed until new season patch
  193. UBISOFT How many new threads are you going to have on here before you fix this game!
  194. Install issue will be fixed when the next scheduled patch drops
  195. Get the install fixed now!!!
  196. Dark Zone Unplayable
  197. Closing threads.
  198. I can't install the game (digital)
  199. So this is how ubisoft help their customers!
  200. Year One Pass - Apparel Event Keys Missing on Xbox One
  201. NPCs attacking before fully spawning in
  202. Year One Pass - Apparel Event Keys Missing on Xbox One X2
  203. Efficiency caches not giving apparel event keys
  204. Hardcore Mode and Xbox One
  205. Grants
  206. Equipping The Sleigher removes the targeting reticle until logging out
  207. Still unable to install game
  208. Grenade boxes
  209. Problem With Sleigher?
  210. Negotiator dilemma grenade not damaging enemies and issues
  211. Fix the bug with four hunters cross.etc
  212. [Xbox] Technician technomancy node on the tree doesn't work with shield skill
  213. Invaded toggle Dec 2019
  214. Xbox - Character Selection screen not fully loading
  215. Weapon mods not unlocking
  216. Dolby Atmos (Home Theatre) Not Working
  217. grand washinton hotel
  218. Badger Tuff Crafting Blueprints
  219. BUG - Expedition, Kenly College, accessing The Chapel
  220. Character deleted, trying to get it back
  221. Can't equip minigun
  222. Glitch in the shooting range?
  223. The Division 2 Known Issues List – Updated February 12th
  224. No Specialization Available
  225. Server Issues that need addressed.
  226. BUG - Unused Specialized Ammo do not save upon logoff
  227. Unable to pick up drops
  228. Tidal Basin
  229. Thieves Den Vendor has no inventory
  230. No Legacy Cache Keys received
  231. Dark Zone / PVP
  232. Raid group b stats not showing
  233. Missing Dark Zone Comm
  234. 4 months with this text on screen
  235. Seeker Mine Loadout glitch
  236. Cannot start game, stuck in setup
  237. Clan XP zero after maintenance !!!
  238. 21Jan2020, no clan reward nor XP after Maintenance
  239. Unable to craft exotic holster (hardcore)
  240. xbox bugged after 21th jan maintance
  241. Manning Zoo
  242. Talents no longer working in Division 2
  243. Project blueprint reward error
  244. Exotics keep disappearing
  245. Hive falling through floor
  246. Seeker Mine Non-Responsive After Switching Loadouts w/Different Specializations
  247. Kenly university
  248. Crafting station bugged
  249. Character changed face
  250. Skills