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  1. Normal cover is too basic, I'm defying gravity
  2. Weekly project not resetting
  3. Jogadores trapaceiros!!!!
  4. Bounties
  5. I'm done with this broken game
  6. Commendation tier 10 reward bugged?
  7. bunch o' issues going on
  8. Console FOV causing UI overlaps
  9. Constant Delta 03 errors at regular intervals
  10. Seeker mines should not target drones
  11. Operation Dark Hour RAID Completion is not counting on Leaderboard
  12. Specialization Ammo Bug Persists (VIDEO)
  13. Delta 03
  14. Persistent Exclamation Mark in Mod Inventory
  15. Can support help me please
  16. "new items" icon on mods
  17. Armor invincibility
  18. Crossbow bolt not behaving correctly
  19. text on screen is annoying
  20. Snitch cards no longer dropping from bosses even when missing in database
  21. Unable to view donations
  22. Having a Hard time whit Twitch Prime and Ubisoft Club
  23. Gunner progression stage 1 locked
  24. Bounties from the BoO outside, don't activate daily bounties
  25. 3 different factions lvl4 cp same boss
  26. True Sons don't climb, they rise up!
  27. Raid Keys Bugged Door Key #2
  28. Invisible enemies
  29. After TU4 when using the Nemesis the game will freeze and crash
  30. Arrow to the Knee achievement won't pop
  31. Wicked not working for pulsed status effect.
  32. Optimized Talent not working?
  33. all 5 specializations complete and stuck at 160 blueprints
  34. crashing my xbox again
  35. Cannot meet the coordinator or the president
  36. Enemy NPC disappearing
  37. Nemesis scope bug
  38. Collectible phone that isn't obtainable
  39. Neutral Lighting Problem
  40. Ticket Response Times
  41. cannot recalibrate armor tallents
  42. nyc after dark bounty bug still not fixed
  43. Raids Complete Bugged
  44. 3 things that need fixing
  45. Eagle bearer vanished!
  46. Players have discovered how to craft exotics into lower bracket DZ - details inside
  47. Fireflies causing seizures
  48. Congress Rats Bounty
  49. Armour on kill
  50. Game crashed, now wont re-start
  51. Achievements not unlocking for my game
  52. Bravo-09
  53. New Install - Stuck on Setup | Extras Screen
  54. Bravo-09 Status Xbox Live
  55. Unable to recraft dodge City holster
  56. Exotic drop rates
  57. No More Blueprints and No Sturdy Extended 7.62 Mag!
  58. How long takes to support to answer ?
  59. My character was deleted
  60. My most upto date list of bugs
  61. Classified mission BUG
  62. Elevator doors
  63. Cannot Meet Coordinator or President at BoO playing solo
  64. Recalibration issues
  65. Game crashing to dashboard
  66. Exotic holster issue
  67. Game crashed again !!!
  68. Control point supply crashing and grenades issues
  69. Washington Hotel Mission bugged
  70. District Union Arena Bugged
  71. Special Ammo Bugged again
  72. Unable to shoot glitch?
  73. Can’t get past setup screen
  74. raid completion
  75. I getting the SPECTER hunter mask for people today
  76. solar farm Cp4 crash
  77. Can't equip signature weapon
  78. +% pistol damage incorrect
  79. Bug: Mission Summary at end of Grand Washington only showed 2 out of 4 players in grp
  80. "New skills available at the Base of Operations." Plus disappearing Bounty Screen
  81. Reformation Weapon Talent not working
  82. Missing Ivory keys
  83. Showdown at High Noon Saloon
  84. can't craft Dodge gunslinger holster
  85. Raid
  86. missing weapon mods
  87. why are the wrong factions leveling up CP's?
  88. Manning Zoo back to DC Bug
  89. Xb1 game crashing constantly
  90. Uncollectable Comms in the White House
  91. disconnected and crashing
  92. Broken items on XBOX
  93. Lost Connection during Investigation, now unable to reconnect
  94. Crafting Bench?
  95. glitched settlement and yet another borked cellphone collectible..
  96. Loot issues or bad rng?
  97. Not receiving raid keys
  98. Game crashed again !!
  99. invisible walls
  100. Long Loading Times
  101. Raid groups
  102. required xbox live services unreachable... except theyre not.
  103. Audio issues, e.g. crackling enemy voices and no gun sounds.
  104. After TU5 : Audo issues, cracking noises, RECORDED FOOTAGE
  105. AfterTU5: XB1, Cant invite for Raid via XB1 Party anymore
  106. After TU5: Stuck at Spawn point at Potamac EC, no Progress possible
  107. Jefferson trade center
  108. 'Spike' Gun Talent does not proc
  109. Alligator Pit in Zoo
  110. Classified Missions Disappeared
  111. Unresponsive joy pad xbone x
  112. New Missions not appearing
  113. White house recordings
  114. No season pass with dz edition
  115. I want my raid keys!!
  116. Firefly burster
  117. Expedition Care Package – July 26th not got
  118. Game Unexpectedly Froze & Quit During Camp White Oak Mission
  119. Sound issues since update 5
  120. Cluster Seekers Bug
  121. Ivy Tunnel Underground access
  122. expidition cache drop
  123. space administration HQ bug
  124. Missing Expedition Special Care Package - Have tried all. Please Help
  125. Firefly burster with proof of bug.
  126. WT 5 No Daily Missions and Control Point Alert Levels not raisable on xbox one
  127. Game freezing since latest update.
  128. Turret skill power not registering
  129. The Game is Crashing when i open the Megamap
  130. Friendly Activities
  131. MISSING - Missing Curators
  132. Restocking after Expeditions
  133. Missing ivory keys
  134. not receiving BP form any source
  135. Enemies not taking damage
  136. Collectibles reset/unable to pick up new ones
  137. mobs falling through the ground/droids staying in combat
  138. Pestilence w/Survivalist Specialization
  139. PVP skills dmg not always applying proper dmg.
  140. Multiple phone collectibles not able to pick up.
  141. Seeker sound issues
  142. Seeker killing me !!
  143. Seeker not going for enemy
  144. Bugs
  145. Negotiators gear set is broken
  146. Long loading times
  147. [Bug?] castle settlement, again?
  148. Issues with craftable Exotics
  149. No Expedition Care Package in Stash for Episode 1
  150. wraith will not spawn anymore
  151. E credits missing
  152. Nemesis hs no scope
  153. Game Crash
  154. No Outcasts spawning, No Outcast CP's,
  155. Kenly college missions
  156. spike will not activate
  157. Raid completions not correct
  158. Account share blueprints not visible
  159. this need fixxing now ubisoft is to lazy
  160. [Xbox] Sweet Dreams/Lullaby Armor Bug
  161. needs dixing asap ubi
  162. Striker drone and turret dmg report
  163. Missing Missions.
  164. Year One BUG /Classified door (portal) ,not there
  165. I want my money back
  166. Turret Type Changes Automatically Upon Saving Loadouts
  167. Nelson Classified Assignment Door Missing Bug
  168. Can’t start/complete Capitol Hill and acces World tier I
  169. No blueprints!!
  170. had it now it time for ubi to fix this game
  171. Heat Wave Event Concerns
  172. Please help
  173. [Xbox] Gunslinger Specialization Perk is Bugged
  174. Manning National Zoo - unable to enter room for final Echo
  175. Recalibrate glitch
  176. Gunfire sound
  177. dz is poo
  178. Gear Score Dropping from 500 to 444
  179. Gear Score drops from 500 to 444
  180. shot though cover and walls
  181. Classified assignments not accessible
  182. Bug restorative hive
  183. Deconstruction of selected junk item actually deconstructed my Exotic!! please help
  184. Bravo-09
  185. Cant upgrade crafting bench to to 500 gear
  186. Unable to do federal emergency bunker
  187. Confused who to contact
  188. Ivory Key and Ghost not spawning
  189. Diamondback broken?
  190. Map not invaded
  191. Problem with diamondback
  192. Theater Settlement 3/4 bug fix/workaround
  193. Classified assignments year one content not working still
  194. Boomerang rifle talent half broken. Please fix!
  195. Heroic Tidal Basin
  196. Enemy not spawning
  197. Can't answer call for help?
  198. Diamondback drop?
  199. Optimization issue.
  200. Bug report: “Wicked” Talent.
  201. Bug Report: Nemesis GS500 - Headshot Damage Bonus Only 121%
  202. Classified missions not working at all still
  203. no sound
  204. Error
  205. Oscar-03
  206. Mobile app Sam Backpack Trophy and Armpatch
  207. DZ skill dmg not hitting properly!!!
  208. Sound and tier 4 control piont issues
  209. This game is total BS
  210. Audio issues
  211. Might need to increase target Intel capacity...
  212. Player keeps showing up in DZ servers after being blocked multiple times through Xbox
  213. Question about the timer for Kenley Expedition
  214. Division 2 Servers are bad.
  215. Exotic holster issue?
  216. Game freeze and crash
  217. clan beret bugged
  218. Character retrieval
  219. Boomer this weekend
  220. Eagle Bearer Nonexistent Drop Rate
  221. Hello with voice communication on xbox.
  222. Blueprints are not showing up account wide
  223. Hit registration issues - Follow-up
  224. Why is there no official acknowledgment of the game freezing and or crashing
  225. Manning national zoo
  226. NPCs Hiding in Grand Washington Hotel
  227. Bought Season Pass month ago can't do classified assignments still
  228. sync issues
  229. special weapon wont equip unless on secondary weapon
  230. [BUG] - Outcasts Humanity Comms - Missing
  231. Numbers dont add up!!!
  232. stuck at 100% connecting after character selection
  233. Can't Talk to Manny Ortega
  234. Cirt chance/damage not procing even though I have 60 % crit chance. (SEE VIDEOS)
  235. Exotic holster
  236. Hunter near Demolition site ?
  237. Can't reactivate SHD network Capital Hill locked
  238. Drop notification lag
  239. unable to get chem launcher burn accolade
  240. Server issues EU region?
  241. shepherd rank stuck at 13
  242. Camp white oak bug
  243. Terrible Lag in connection
  244. Unable to get invaded missions for second character
  245. Cannot join raid
  246. No daily missions
  247. Reinforcement issue/ mission zone inaccessible
  248. The last Kelso's apartment comms
  249. Agent Kelso profile comms
  250. Cannot Access Invaded Missions