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  1. Empty Room Bug (Out of world)
  2. Character recovery?
  3. No access to room with collectible in it
  4. C.Points Alert Level 3/4 - Randomly becoming Green with no rewards
  5. BUG: Map loading results in severely dropped frames
  6. Reactivate SHD Network Mission Bug
  7. Ubisoft Has Zero Customer Service
  8. Dissapearing rifles
  9. Stuck at tier 3
  10. High End Blueprints?
  11. Recalibration station not transferring talent.
  12. Last update broke my build
  13. Glitched out of DZ West recon mission.
  14. Issue with Weapon Skins
  15. Roosevelt island stronghold
  16. Lost gear on transition to world tier 1
  17. Prone Target Award commendation
  18. Work bench won't upgrade to tier 4
  19. Bottom Left window BUG
  20. Southwest Contaminated Zone Not Showing Complete
  21. Talk to Henry and shd reactivating work around
  22. Special weapon ammo not dropping
  23. Inventory exclamation marks
  24. Rendering issues
  25. Unreachable weapon crate
  26. Bought Weapon Skin - Can't use it?
  27. Recaibration Station Bug (unable to roll an eligible talent)
  28. SIG 716 CQB Precision Mag bug
  29. Gear Score Returns after Dark Zone?
  30. LT triggers 2 functions in Mods sub - menu
  31. Map screen
  32. Jefferson trade Center bug
  33. Windows near Red Dragon Control Point
  34. Dc-62 quarantine mission bug
  35. Dz East recon mission glitched out
  36. Mod Menu Items
  37. Not playable after latest server update. Bug report
  38. BUG: Reticle becomes disfunctional
  39. BUG: transparent map
  40. BUG: Hostige Situation
  41. Hunter Ivory Keys
  42. bounty visual bug
  43. Game disconnects my controller
  44. dark
  45. Breaking down skill mods issue
  46. Constant Donating item sound
  47. BUG: Constant End game Cutscene
  48. Gamma too dark - Xbox issue?
  49. Gunfire sounds stops
  50. Backpack straps are to large and bulky.
  51. Reactivate SHD Network Glitch
  52. Texture Pop In / Models taking forever to load
  53. Bug - Rescue Operation The Theater
  54. Unable to complete initial setup
  55. Can't get past the loading screen on main account.
  56. Order of gear in calibration station
  57. Face bug still not fixed
  58. Character stuck in place on Space Administration HQ hard mode
  59. Major issue with solo and bounties
  60. Bad lag at night
  61. Missing Wire Scavengers Side Mission won't progress (XBOX)
  62. Horrible graphics
  63. The navigation for gear system mods is broken.
  64. Stuck at tower in west potomac
  65. Killed Hunter- no mask rewarded?
  66. Ladder Glitch The Division 2
  67. XB1 Memory Leak
  68. Memory Leak
  69. Unable to choose Specialisation
  70. "A friend in need" achievement is bugged and not unlocking.
  71. Clan Cache Rewards?
  72. Sig 716 mag not showing
  73. World tier problem??
  74. I'd like to report a bug with the clan cache
  75. Jumping from WT1 to WT3
  76. [Group Bug] Cut scene to show "Tidal Basin" on map after leaving group
  77. World Design Issues
  78. Charles Douglas Missing
  79. Tidal Basin still locked
  80. Damage with the same build varying between different play sessions
  81. Annoying sound and severe pop in
  82. Conflict mercy rule causing delta
  83. BUG: NPC in the air
  84. Bugged Perks
  85. BUG: Broken window reflections
  86. BUG: DELTA Error
  87. Preorder Backpack Charms(teddy) not working
  88. Talk to Agent Kelso - Castle Settlement
  89. Judiciary Square bounty bug
  90. UI Issue - Marking Trash Mods and Navigating Mod Categories require the same button.
  91. Skill mods not working (chem launcher, seeker)
  92. M4 weapon skin only showing red
  93. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - patch missing
  94. Please fix Henry Hays
  95. Can't Recalibrate Gloves
  96. Recommend adding zoom to display adjustment settings.
  97. Graphics mess up
  98. Broken Graphics in Tunnel Room
  99. Retrieving a Lost Weapon Skin
  100. Missing the Facebook items
  101. Commendation tier 5 reward.
  102. Abilities glitch
  103. Progress Halted on the Dark Zone South recon mission
  104. Beta trinket and patch
  105. Vanity/ Gear Dye/ Weapon Skins NOT Dropping!!!!
  106. Skill Power Requirement
  107. BUG: Bounty for Clover
  108. Skill reset bug
  109. Recalibration Station Not Working
  110. Big game hunter achieve not unlocking
  111. Theater: Deploy main rappel rope prompt won't go away
  112. Here You Go, The Division 2 Devs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  113. Daily Project Not Working
  114. Skins and dyes still missing after update.
  115. Shoot to deploy rope line bug - XB1
  116. Ongoing Issue in DZ with Caches Bugging - no option for pick lock
  117. Campus gone
  118. Henry Hayes
  119. WT4 Tier 3 control points not giving blueprints XB1
  120. Done the update this morning and game has deleted itself
  121. Weekly clan cache
  122. Ivory Key Bug?
  123. DZ South door glitch
  124. achievements not being acknowledged
  125. Cassie Mendoza not working on XB1
  126. gear mods broke
  127. Suppressors not suppressing since update
  128. Update deleted my game
  129. Xbox One Matchmaking Issues (Video Posted)
  130. Character changed skin tone after new update
  131. Recommend adding screen zoom to display adjustment settings
  132. Game crashes during launch on Xbox One X every time
  133. Sound loop bug
  134. Update bug
  135. Skills still bugged ?
  136. U/I Bugs
  137. Delta during conflict matches
  138. you realy need to fix enemy mob physics
  139. Weapon DPS halved.
  140. Multiple issues from not being able to move, to modification for skills not working
  141. Stuck in World Tier 2
  142. [Project Bug] Daily Project "Brand Request: Gila Guard" - Cannot donate
  143. Capitol Hill Stronghold - Can’t exit.
  144. Tactician drone not working
  145. World and enemies not loading
  146. Stuck in revive animation
  147. Aug reality club rewards not showing in game
  148. 2 ummarked drone mods still showing up in my inventory
  149. Henry Hayes Bug
  150. Friends Clans on Xbox
  151. Xbox Ladder Bug
  152. Gamma too dark for SDR Screens
  153. Xbox and PC?
  154. Is it possible to appear offline in the games clan and friends list?
  155. Reveal perk not working anymore?
  156. Small bug
  157. Bugs Found After Latest Patch! One Since Private Beta
  158. Agent Lost
  159. Conflict disconnects
  160. Dead guy floating in air after killed
  161. A spot that u shouldn’t be in
  162. PSA: Don't deconstruct your gear in the stash.
  163. Recalibration bug
  164. transitioning to world tier 1 cost me loot in capital building mission
  165. BUG: Can't move after respawn
  166. Unable to buy blueprints
  167. [BUG] Various BUGS I have found while playing on XB1 since patch
  168. Roosevelt island stronghold keeps crashing
  169. Map not loading properly and items disappearing
  170. ChatterBox Blueprint
  171. Glitched on a ladder with no way off
  172. Various loading issues
  173. [BUG] Can't Recalibrate Talents
  174. We report so many bugs, what happens to them ?
  175. My agent is gone??
  176. Missing walls
  177. Skills do not work properly
  178. Enemies out of playable area at final fight at space admin
  179. Voice chat not working
  180. Sound bug/glitch plz help its rather annoying
  181. Any update on Worksite community mission bug?
  182. Unable to get Downtown West SHD Cache
  183. Bugged Collectible
  184. Close and Personal talent not triggering
  185. Audio bug when shocked or nearby when a shock occurs
  186. Missing 7-10 Shade Tech
  187. [[Collection Bug] Collectibles -> Artifacts -> Memorabilia -> T-Rex Figurine
  188. Gear mods: Incorrect Icon?
  189. Invert y axis
  190. Disappearing hunter
  191. Switched specialization and skipped the video
  192. Sharpshooter damage
  193. Gear score is 0 when attempting matchmaking
  194. Roosevelt crash
  195. Big game hunter not unlocking. Post number two
  196. Artillery Mods for Demolition Specialist is not working
  197. Can Update(s) Be Downloaded Via PC to USB Key Then Installed On XBox Via That USB Key
  198. My Character as Dissapeared!!
  199. MAJOR Ubisoft Support Fail - Gamekilling Crashes & Visual Issues
  200. Game is completely broken for me. Please help!
  201. Story Progression Bug
  202. Heracles Dexterity Gloves talent recalibration not working
  203. Skill Points Bug
  204. Crafting Bench Upgrade Bug
  205. Terminate Talent issue
  206. Ivy Tunnel
  207. A Friend in Need not unlocking
  208. Cannot Talk with Control Point Officer
  209. IN game voice not working
  210. Unable to pass through doorway
  211. The division 2 hyena cache and crates not dropping loot
  212. Peacock Award Commendation and Solid Black Gear Dye
  213. Bug - Distinguished Service Distinction commendation
  214. Poor video rendition quality
  215. Recall Clutch not transfering
  216. Can't Craft Liberty
  217. Weird graphical glitch with Gun and slightly behind the backpack
  218. C est rageant à mort !!!!
  219. Specialist ammo lost on matchmaking
  220. Ubisoft Club rewards unlocked through Messenger app "Isaac" mini game not in-game
  221. [Audio bug xbox one] Annoying sound repetition.
  222. Worksite community side mission gitched
  223. Unable to remove clan invite from someone who has since joined another clan
  224. Can't Apply Digital Scope
  225. Bug prevents me from recalibrating gear
  226. Still no news on missing ivory key
  227. Diceros special lvl 30 and is not a gear score
  228. Normalization
  229. Sewer room map broke
  230. Projects Broken.....again
  231. Echo-01 Error NOT FIXING
  232. Reviver hive fail videos
  233. Crafting Station unable to upgrade
  234. Cosmetics
  235. Tier Glitch
  236. Crossbow - Survivalist
  237. Bezerk talent randomly stops workng
  238. Gear score not changing
  239. New Item symbol not removing
  240. Invisible wall - bounty
  241. Stuck on ladder, have to shut console off
  242. Any update on Outcast Work Camp side mission fix
  243. Stuck in WT2 post patch
  244. Graphical Bug in Sewer location
  245. Gear Score
  246. materials dissapearing on ogout
  247. Deleted items
  248. I have accidentally deleted my character
  249. Unable to Complete Daily Project
  250. [Audio Bug] Repetative Sound - Will not stop