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  1. Inventory UI bug; Cannot mark Mods as junk
  2. Hostage rescue and stuck in kneeling pain
  3. NPC revival bug
  4. The bugs I seen so far
  5. Further issues that I have come across
  6. The Castle Settlement not unlocking
  7. Worksite Community Side Mission Bug!
  8. [Bug][Xbox One] Contaminated zone next to castle settlement cannot be entered
  9. Division 2 major glitches and gaming issues
  10. I dont get it
  11. Skills
  12. Fixer Drone Auto-Retracts
  13. Collectables glitches
  14. does this game have Dolby Atmos sound ?
  15. It still happening ?
  16. Xbox One: Hive Skill not deploying - no issues till level 26
  17. Reactivate the SHD network not working...
  18. Drone bug
  19. I can't play with my friend help me
  20. Xbox 1 X - Textures are blurry and do not load in after any amount of waiting
  21. LT Button used twice on same interface
  22. Issues I have seen
  23. Extoic dropped but nothing in inventory?
  24. MK16 Reload Animation
  25. Skills inner workings issue
  26. Endless loop.
  27. Game Crash Endless Queue
  28. Frozen in place after revive
  29. Missing SHD Tech
  30. cant spanw hunter for mask! Help DEVS pls
  31. I cannot equip any mods, am I missing something?!
  32. [BUG] "Teamwork Merit" Commendation Not Being Awarded
  33. Jumped straight from WT1 to 4???
  34. Skills not releasing when pressing RB
  35. Canít select/equip any dark zone perks
  36. Chat option
  37. No more demolitionist ammo
  38. incinerator torret
  39. Ubisoft Club Rewards missing
  40. Skill Glitch ASAP
  41. Game braker!!!!! Capitol Hill mission
  42. [Bug] Button Layout
  43. Craft table
  44. Can't access South DZ after opening main door
  45. Xbox One X - Never fully Rendering
  46. Daily Projects
  47. Drone bug
  48. Help! World tiers
  49. Recoil bug after using Chem launcher
  50. Bugs, bugs, BUGS
  51. Gear drop score changing once they hit your bag.
  52. My assault turret is broken!!!
  53. Main missions
  54. Black screen when booting up
  55. Skills Not Deploying in Combat - Agent just holds and remains stuck
  56. Text on screen too small
  57. Daily Challenge Mission Bug!
  58. Acog sight missing
  59. XB1 - lose motor control of player after being downed
  60. My character changed race yesterday??
  61. Purple Apparel Caches broken?
  62. Skill Park disappearing
  63. Bugged Ladder
  64. Top Notch Gaming's Bug Block
  65. Clan XP Issue
  66. Territory Control bug and ubisoft/beta rewards
  67. Tidal Basin stronghold Bug
  68. Invert Y Axis
  69. Sink hole weapon crate glitch
  70. [XBOX ONE X] Bug/issues report
  71. Bugs/issues after 24 hours of play
  72. Stuck on ladder
  73. Henrey hayes
  74. Disappearing Proficiency Cache--Dark Zone
  75. buggy textures
  76. Missing side mission completion
  77. missing ammo and mods
  78. World Tier
  79. Unable to remove inventory exclamation point
  80. Bug where player is constantly sliding backwards
  81. Stairs by Ivy Tunnel has a glitch where you can't go up or down them.
  82. Junking MOD Problem
  83. I can no longer spawn hunters
  84. Invisible enemy NPC's Ugh
  85. Dark zone weapon downgrade
  86. No noise from helo in DZ or warning
  87. Xbox Photo Mode
  88. "Negative"/Reverse Weapon Recoil Bug
  89. XBOX 1 Powered down!
  90. new game called find the loot
  91. No Cosmetic Drops
  92. Bug: Items displaying incorrect levels.
  93. crit ar build
  94. Wire scavenger side mission cannot complete
  95. Game crashes back to home screen.
  96. Sound glitch?
  97. Dark Zone Bug - Rendered Unplayable
  98. Controller disconnected
  99. Reviver Hive not working.
  100. Downtown West Settlement Side Mission Bug
  101. 50 cal signature weapon hit registration
  102. Stairs at Ivy Tunnel Control Point can't be climbed
  103. Xbox one Hard crash
  104. Bravo-04 error can't connect
  105. Game Freezes
  106. Exclamation mark that indicates new inventory item is not disappearing
  107. Specialization Distinction Commendation Bug
  108. bounty in judiciary square
  109. Blurry Apparel Texture
  110. Electronic device No sound
  111. Kendras liberty exotic
  112. My game was reset!!!!
  113. Clan xp disappeared
  114. Mods Screen - LT Bound to Two Menu Actions
  115. Artist's Tool - SIG 716 CQB Graphic Glitch
  116. Ghost and Spectre Hunters bugged.
  117. Castle Bug
  118. Clan problems
  119. Invisible Wall
  120. Daily Missions
  121. Voices no longer audible since 3/19 patch
  122. Clan XP stops contributing after playing with friends
  123. Worksite Community - Side Quest bug
  124. Incinerator Turret
  125. Didn't receive my clan reward
  126. BUG: Unable to move after being killed in riot foam twice.
  127. Metro Ruins - Can't call for backup
  128. Hyena Stronghold Arena not advancing.
  129. World Tier Bug
  130. Reactivate SHD Network
  131. Bugged Caches
  132. Character deleted itself
  133. BUG: Cut scene audio is choppy, clipping and out of sync
  134. Chem launcher ammo bug
  135. Can't Re-calibrate Conflict Gear
  136. Need new key binds for mods
  137. Gear System Mods Menu
  138. Southwest - Massive Frame Drops
  139. [BUG] The Division 2 - District Union Arena - Cannot Progress
  140. Stuck just above a Ladder . No buttons working
  141. Daily missions not resetting
  142. field proficiency cache bug
  143. Worksite Community side mission
  144. We have enough XP for the clan vendor but it will not unlock
  145. Xbox Keyboard/Mouse support?
  146. When playing co-op vanity items dropping at to high a level for lower players
  147. [Spoiler.. Maybe] Question about Specter and the other hunter.
  148. Bug after complete one specialization
  149. Audio Xbox
  150. Weapon Talent 'First Blood' not working (possibly after transfer of talent)
  151. Movement bug locked to cover
  152. Matchmaking invite bug
  153. Friend is missing his character
  154. Unable to Progress WT
  155. DC Patriot disappeared
  156. Rumble cuts out on Auto Rifles and LMGs
  157. DZ South Recon Mission Not Working
  158. "Autograph Hunter" achievement appears bugged
  159. Performance Issues / FPS Drops
  160. game loading
  161. Invisible walled room?
  162. Dark Zone West Recon Mission not showing
  163. Bug's I've seen so far... (Full game)
  164. Xbox One "X" texture pop-ins are very bad
  165. Character got deleted
  166. Glitches found
  167. UI Issue regarding mods
  168. Unable to equip Digital Scope on TAC-50
  169. Discovered 2 environment bugs
  170. First Blood talent not working correctly
  171. Respawn timer for keys/chests
  172. Clan System Not Respecting Privacy Settings.
  173. Reactivate SHD network can not progress further
  174. Graphics Rendering Very Slowly
  175. TD2 Ultimate Edition rewards
  176. no mask or key from hunter
  177. shade network reactivation glitch
  178. [BUG] The Division 2 - Missing Wire Scavengers Secret Side Mission
  179. Stuck to Wall on Stairs
  180. Bug - the mission Potomac event centre (end up in water under middle boat)
  181. Southwest contaminated zone - Unable to complete
  182. Tac-50 is worthless
  183. Daily missions not been available for over a week
  184. are you sure the RNG is not stuck?
  185. Missing Textures in West Potomac Park Underground
  186. CTD Rayburn House sidemission
  187. Contamination Zone / East Mall (North) does not complete. [BUG]
  188. Ivy Tunnel Issue
  189. Room in Underground, causing serious graphical issues when entered.
  190. Doorway I canít enter
  191. [BUG] stuck reviving CP officer
  192. [BUG] Weapon audio/controller issue during continuous fire
  193. Crafting extoics are way lower then world drops?
  194. lincoln memorial (hard) lift bugged + heavy armor not breaking/taking damage
  195. Firefly (blinder) causing game to crash
  196. Secondary weapon not rendering causing hit box bug
  197. Ghost and Spectre Hunters Invincible Bug
  198. SHD Tech Cache Unreachable
  199. Bugged out of christmas tree hunter ivory keys
  200. Cannot climb down ladder in Downtown West
  201. Really bad performance on Xbox the last couple days
  202. Trapped as rouge in darkzone
  203. Ivy Tunnel control point stairs blocked
  204. Xbox One S Shutdown Roosevelt Stronghold
  205. Dark Zone rouge timer bug
  206. Matchmaking Causes Game Breaking Stutters
  207. Hunter rewards
  208. Osprey 45 suppressor missing
  209. One bullet
  210. Workbench stuck at Tier 3
  211. Window access bug Southwest
  212. Crafting bench & Mod menu bugged
  213. DZ South inaccessible
  214. Game chat
  215. Controlpoints Issue
  216. Glitched Underground room
  217. Enemy fire causes character to become stuck
  218. RE: The Division 2 - Maintenance & Patch Notes, March 22nd, 2019
  219. Normalised values still showing after DZ
  220. Turret and Seeker Mine not deploying
  221. Sound Bug Making the Game Unplayable
  222. 2 Bugs to Report - Videos Included
  223. Xbox One versions of TD2 have incorrect gamma
  224. Subtitles keep turning off
  225. Dialogue box staying on screen
  226. Unable to Progress to Endgame from Story
  227. Agent Brooks side mission
  228. Chatterbox Blueprint Not Dropping Needs Attention
  229. Mission bugs
  230. Bugged crafting bench
  231. Can't finish side missions.
  232. Resolved issues !!
  233. Account Gone
  234. Muffled audio
  235. Mods inventory LT to Navigate and LT to mark/unmark as junk
  236. Crafting table bug
  237. Drone Crash Site SHD Side Mission
  238. Sewers
  239. Map design bug
  240. still missing ambient sounds
  241. Fast travel bug
  242. Textures loading time
  243. Junking MODS
  244. Stuck in world tier 2
  245. Check this.
  246. I have someone else's progression?
  247. Delta-03 STILL!
  248. XB1 Not receiving matchmaking notifications
  249. Worksite Community
  250. Navigate Mods and Junk Mods same LT button!!