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  1. Pink screen colour
  2. [BUG] Stuck on Stairs
  3. No mouse cursor in menus
  4. Brightness bug make game unplayable and dangerous
  5. Any way to tell if ill be able to run at 60fps?
  6. Echo Stories Unavailable
  7. Transferring game files from friends computer (Epic -> Uplay)
  8. About time you start answering emails
  9. Got Standard not Gold
  10. Forum Rules
  11. No sound in game?
  12. Ordered through Epic. Ultimate version. Still no access?
  13. Crashes, Sound not working, Freezes.
  14. Freezing - No sound.
  15. Can't see group
  16. game only have sound when not focus
  17. Multiple PCs behind the same connection can't play together.
  18. tobii_gameintegration_x64.dll Unknown file version error
  19. graphic blurry
  20. Unable to buy The Division 2 pre order
  21. Awful Server maintenance.
  22. Checkout Issued
  23. PS4 Controller on PC cannot aim carefully
  24. Downloading from another IP and copying to my Home Computer
  25. Unable to purchase The Division 2 through uPlay store
  26. System Crashed When Playing With Firefox Running
  27. Unable to pre-order TD2, Payment Failure
  28. Pre-order infinte load
  29. CTD upon game loading persists
  30. Asus RGB SW still blocked by Anticheat...
  31. Gates at WH and settlements do not open anymore
  32. The Division 2 Known Issues List – Updated November 13th
  33. Ordered through Ubi Store..not working
  34. Pre Ordered Division 2 Gold....
  35. Sell Junk and Deconstruct Junk key not bound on PC.
  36. Brought Standard Edition meant to buy gold edition
  37. Trying to buy the game for a week now
  38. Upgrade to Ultimate Edition (ticket 08187255)
  39. pre order division 2 i got 404 and got charged anyway
  40. UI bug
  41. Game All ready running....
  42. "Upgrade" my pre-order to Gold
  43. Charged But no game
  44. Character T-Posing in
  45. Preordered ultimate edition but have problems.
  46. why do ubisoft not responed?
  47. Framerate doesnt go above 60 fps
  48. Game not showing in Uplay
  49. Audio Saturation
  50. Pre ordered gold, uplay launcher stuck on Pre-loaded
  51. No sound
  52. Where is my game!
  53. sound problems
  54. Sound problems and screen freezing.
  55. Missing Rewards
  56. My game keeps crashing!
  57. UK Game preloaded but still not available
  58. Division 2 crashes at startup, same as Closed Beta
  59. HDR problem?
  60. Order the Division 2 Ultimate months ago, can't play
  61. FIX Logitech Headphones no sound
  62. The Division 2 PC Access - Epic and Uplay PC
  63. Game shows in Ubisoft Club but not in Uplay.
  64. [Bug Report] Searching for friends' clan results in loss of UI functionality
  65. Preloaded
  66. Delta 3 Error Code
  67. Different store early access times were NOT made clear when buying
  68. BETA Rewards not unlocked
  69. ANti cheat blocking controllers
  70. Agent is leaning to the left
  71. Riva tuner Statistics, NOT WORKING
  72. Logitech Gear not Supported
  73. DX12 : Terrible performance!
  74. Game Crashes
  75. No vibration on Xbox One controller
  76. Fullscreen crashes game
  77. [Progression Bug] Sidequest Group Progression
  78. Pre-Order Version Upgrade
  79. Reload on Level 5 Military MK17
  80. Framerate drops when using Xbox One controller.
  81. Preordered the Gold edition but still says preload..
  82. bought the game but didnt recieve the game
  83. Gamebreaking Quest Bug Report
  84. If you have Gold and live near New York you'll need to wait till 1am! thanks form :)
  85. Bought the ultimate edition but it downloaded the standard
  86. Dolby Atmos distored audio
  87. so you will respond to every issue but the ones who got robed of their money??
  88. bought gold edition, cannot login in new zealand
  89. pre-order Ultimate edition,but i can‘t play
  90. Launching game hangs at Easy Cheat splash screen
  91. Mike - 01 Error
  92. Easy cheat
  93. [BUGS] Uplay Club items and performance
  94. Crashed in Character Select Now I Get Infinite Load in the Connecting Screen
  95. Unable to fire on enemy if they are behind Revive Tag
  96. Headphone Audio Glitch
  97. The Division 2 (Pc)
  98. crash on startup
  99. Crash to Desktop
  100. Discord cut out
  101. VOIP causing Audio static for Logitech G633
  102. "Connecting to Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Online Services" For 30 + minutes
  103. Question about Resolution Scale
  104. Notification sound
  105. Unknown file version (E:\Tom Clancy's The Division 2\tobii_gameintegration_x64.dll)
  106. Mike-01, cant login in
  107. connecting epicgames and ubisoft accounts.
  108. Headphone Audio Fix for SFX
  109. NO vibration with XBOX AND PS4 Dualshock controllers.
  110. Map bug - graphic and audio
  111. Character model bug
  112. really bad performance issues
  113. Audio Stutter - every 3 seconds approx.
  114. Extremely low and or missing Audio
  115. possible solution to no sound if headphones
  116. pre load not showing up in uplay
  117. wrong items showing when opening legendary apparel cache
  118. Performance in Beta was flawless. Now i'm getting huge frame drops
  119. NPC despawn after i died Bug?
  120. did not get my gold rewards
  121. MIke-01 cant login in
  122. Trying to buy the game for a week now
  123. Game freezes every 2 mins
  124. Guns won’t stop firing pc
  125. [BUG] Can't finish Castle Settlement
  126. The sound disappears in the game
  127. Stuttering and Constant FPS Drops
  128. Controller with no vibro feedback
  129. "Masked" video sequences
  130. Black screen start up, just audio, crashes after about 10 seconds.
  131. Game Issues!
  132. Corsair Keyboard RGB lighting
  133. Bugs around DZ South and DZ East
  134. Installed the game with Dutch lauguage.
  135. Got charged for 2 copy's of the game no response from ubisoft!
  136. Delta-03 (or 04) every 5 minutes
  137. FPS Drops and Freeze
  138. Game crashed and a side quest requiring escort an NPC stuck.
  139. When your crash report crashes.. crashception
  140. Classic + gold edition?
  141. Mouse not locking to game.
  142. Outfit Hunting Party and Salvager Crew won't tick off for The Theater upgrade
  143. My credit card got charged but i didnt get the game
  144. Display bug on fullscreen/borderless on a 1440p displayport monitor
  145. [Bug] Stopping Sniper reload by pressing shoot shoots sniper bullet when Aiming.
  146. game freezing and crashing.....
  147. Flying cash registers
  148. Win 10 and easy Anticheat hits me for render initialization error
  149. sound and lag
  150. game does not open
  151. Character's gender changed
  152. No Sound / Game Freezes
  153. Gun / trigger lag, my hits and enemy hits register late : reboot fixes after 2 hours
  154. [RESOLVED] Arrived at the White House, game sent me back to initial area
  155. Did not recieve activation code
  156. Bought Wrong Version
  157. [BUG] Audio (crackling sound) and Video
  158. [BUG] - Easy Aint-Cheat integrity failure. You may need to reinstall your game
  159. Epic Games/Ubisoft aren't linking
  160. Epic Games Launcher will not launch the game
  161. Error ALFA-02 when attempting connection
  162. Changing the Process Priority
  163. stuck at whitehouse, help please
  164. Pink screen colour
  165. Black Screen with sound at launch
  166. Forced into non-functional HDR mode on start
  167. Clipping vanity items / gear
  168. In-Game Menu - Mouse Selection not working
  169. Install data + game required on HDD for PC
  170. Error CHARLIE-03
  171. [RESOLVED] Error Code 23
  172. Inventory Bug
  173. Problems with clashing key mappings in map.
  174. Club Challenges not updating/tracking
  175. These Ranger Glasses Look good
  176. Brightness Bug
  177. Weekly Club Challenges
  178. Upon using Barber the first time my characters race was changed
  179. BUG - Default Armpatch Missing from Customization
  180. A Fix to the Chashing problem!
  181. error need help (russian error)
  182. Unable to rebind "default" keys [v3]
  183. Projects bug or am I missing something?
  184. Missing Preorder Bonus
  185. Can't unlock The Castle
  186. Launch Error - Access is denied
  187. Game Crashes at Character Creation
  188. Code Alfa-02 Services Not Available At This Time.
  189. FPS tanking hard
  190. Ghosts Arm Patch
  191. Division 2 Client disabling my keyboard back lighting and LED's on IQUE
  192. EAC Untrusted system file coreuicomponents.dll
  193. Very bad performance
  194. Weapon skins disappearing
  195. no sound in game
  196. The storage containers in DZ East Recon, extraction area is a secret prison
  197. Cant activate DX12
  198. Find Clan-Friends Clans seems to crash the UI
  199. 100% CPU usage (can lead to freezing and stuttering)
  200. [BUG]Department of Justice
  201. Receiving ALFA-02 Error Code
  202. delta 3
  203. cluster seekers
  204. Errors: No sound, shooting bugged, keyboard lighting off
  205. Audio Issue - Buzzing/Distortion
  206. Division 2 Not working with Logitech Headset! Stutter & No Sound!
  207. Any way to force show dualshock 4 icons instead of xbox?
  208. Game crash every time when i want play in fullscreen
  209. [BUG] Settlement - 'The Campus' - Henry Hayes_NPC - Cant speak to him for quest.
  210. Purchase Issues and Support not responding
  211. Memory Leak
  212. Camera Glich
  213. Settlement Castle bug
  214. [BUG] Getting stuck on Ladder
  215. [BUG] Can't Start Side Mission Worksite Community
  216. Nvidia Fast Sync does not work
  217. Cooldown timer for the chem launcher
  218. CPU & GPU on ~60% usage with DX12
  219. Shadow/lighting flickering
  220. Easy Anti-Cheat
  221. Bug in Key bind for “sell all junk” or “dismantle all junk”
  222. DX11 or DX12
  223. When can I play....
  224. Key mapping issue - F to revive is now non-functional
  225. Major BUG: Modificator abilities don't unlock after reaching needed requirments
  226. Installed via Epic Launcher but being asked for install location again
  227. Gold Caches Say Duplicate Item Backpack when Open
  228. Small Issue With Club Challenge Tab
  229. Cant get past character load
  230. Thanks to let me playing deaf on Div2 3 days before final release.
  231. Dx12 ctd
  232. Ubiclub rewards credits and weekly challenge credits not avaiable
  233. Nvidia Shadowplay
  234. FPS drops contantly
  235. Charged 4 times yesterday during pre order
  236. Metro Ruins control point bug
  237. Frame rate stutter
  238. Black Screen with cursor then crash
  239. Enter the game and the screen freezes...
  240. Massive Performance Drops and No Audio due to Logitech Program
  241. Constant crashes with Dx12, sub-par performance without it
  242. Hit detection issue
  243. Supply drop glitch.
  244. Crates not refreshing
  245. Stuck in wall during Dark Zone recon mission
  246. Division 2 PC version - Controller Vibration Not Working
  247. How I fixed my game
  248. Camera lag when using a mouse
  249. Reporting couple issues
  250. Ordered Gold Edition through Paypal and no game in my Uplay library