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  1. movie idea
  2. Nsa
  3. traditional cutscenes or not?
  4. Do you think...
  5. Suggestion for SC Lovers...
  6. Conviction Old Build Questions..
  7. Please stop saying that this game isn't dumbed down...
  8. Constructive Criticism: How would you do it differently?
  9. New to this Forum But not to splinter cell
  10. Maxime Beland's Green Jacket
  11. Interigation
  12. Splinter Cell music?
  13. Most likely not getting Thermal and Nightvision back...
  14. black arrow
  15. Do the Devolopers care?
  16. WEAPONS?
  17. A Question and A Topic
  18. Razz or Developers, at attention please :)
  19. why i have no hope for this game
  20. Are the Splinter Cell books Canon?
  21. mark and execute
  22. splinter cell da&c the spy girl
  23. One thing I am completely thankful for...
  24. A bit more of the warehouse walktrough video :)
  25. Time to say goodbye!
  26. how would u do the emp stage ground level stealthy??
  27. Rebuilt from plans from 2 years ago?
  28. Confirmed : Conviction isn't the end of Splinter Cell series
  29. SCC:Tired of waiting and worried about Stealth aspect ... I'm playing SCCT :)
  30. The Black Arrow officer and the rest of the guards
  31. Is it the goggles that make the man?
  32. What Inspiration For Conviction Do You like Best?
  33. I enjoyed Double Agent MP (dare I say it) & other thoughts
  34. Happy Halloween!!
  35. Maxime Beland interview
  36. Old friends?
  37. Your speculations/ideas...
  38. New Splinter Cell: Conviction screenshot!
  39. Splinter Cell Conviction Collector's Edition
  40. mouse button mapping
  41. New Exclusive Create A Hero Doc
  42. New to Splinter cell
  43. pre-order woes!!!!
  44. The Sarah "Alive or Dead" thread
  45. Splinter Cell: Conviction Preview at Strategy Informer
  46. A new walkthrough of the EMP level
  47. Game isn't out yet. But i already found a bug/glitch...
  48. I was playing the Forza Motorsport 3 demo the other day...
  49. Just a funny thing i would like to do.
  50. (Official) Sam Fisher Drawings
  51. Toggle On/ Off
  52. I do not like Mark and Execute AT ALL!
  53. Listen Up Community/ Ubisoft
  54. michael ironside voice of sam fisher
  55. Lambert
  56. sams outfit
  57. Mods Please for the love of god !
  58. Combat System In-Game
  59. Thoughts on Conviction from a long-time SC fan
  60. Sam in Academy of Champions: Soccer
  61. Ubisoft : Fix list/ How to Improve
  62. Sam could move like this after all aka parkour
  63. Splinter Cell Fan Fiction
  64. Sonar Vision or Focus Vision
  65. Another new feature - Advertisements during Interrogations + More!
  66. Chaos Theory Versus Mode - Do you still play?
  67. Splinter Cell Hybrid project?
  68. Exclusive Conviction Downloads with Assassin's Creed 2
  69. Query about Conviction screens
  70. Splinter Cell Conviction at Uplay
  71. SC:C New ringtone (EXCLUSIVE)
  72. PC CE question has it been answered?
  73. Achievement thread :D
  74. I think i found a bad thing about the Reward system...
  75. Wondering what happens when you try to M&E someone out of range?
  76. Please someone reply!!!!
  77. Switch Stance?
  78. First Time Poster Long Time Reader
  79. Mark and Execute: The Downside
  80. [Novel]Question about SC: Endgame and Conviction
  81. Law Enforcement on Street Level
  82. connection between end of DA and Conviction
  83. I just thought a new gameplay for non-story single player minigame...
  84. Splinter Cell: ConViction at VGA's?
  85. Interactive trailer
  86. Splinter Cell Music....?
  87. What if the AC2 team development work on Conviction?
  88. What does the multiplayer skin reveal about multiplayer?
  89. SplinterCell.com Info ("Hacked" Site, etc.)
  90. Happy thanksgiving
  91. Do you play multiplayer in a clan?
  92. Takedowns/Pistol
  93. Co-op, "a brand new mode" in Splinter Cell: Conviction
  94. After game release.
  95. iPhone Wallpaper and Signitures
  96. A couple new details
  97. Rating
  98. contacting the producers or the developers
  99. COOP story possibilities???
  100. Xbox360 Collector's Edition
  101. CARS system. Thoughts?
  102. As a fan of Splinter Cell and Tom Clancy...
  103. Conviction, the Book by Clancy - Minor Spoiler Alert
  104. Multiplayer Maps Perhaps?
  105. Sam Fisher Interview
  106. Steath Action Done Wrong - Warning Foul Language
  107. Does Sam have his knife in SCC?
  108. New gun in Splinter Cell Conviction ?
  109. New O&A interview w/Alex Parizeau
  110. I saw something cool on the streets...
  111. other tom clancy games
  112. where is the hacked site?
  113. Opinion = Conviction Training Level?
  114. Petition to Bring back some Pandora maps
  115. Will SCC Best MGS4
  116. Sam Fisher... Same guy?
  117. Splinter Cell Multiplayer Maps
  118. A movie of Sam's story...
  119. Countdown till game release?
  120. Sam's running
  121. get download
  122. Funny Story...
  123. So we cannot fight the enemy in real-time?
  124. Hacking
  125. Pre Order
  126. I am blown away by Assassins Creed......
  127. I have a major question on you now and past games.
  128. SCC Co-Op Thread
  129. If you don't like the direction but still want to buy...
  130. New Developer Diary at IGN
  131. custom multiplayer outfits
  132. I'm excited about Splinter Cell: Conviction
  133. Real Splinter Cells
  134. SOOOOO disappointed in the new book
  135. New HipHop Gamer Show Interview - Demo
  136. Y EYE THINK VS Y/N?
  137. Keyboard layout?
  138. Are the servers of CT and/or DA going to be taken down as Conviction comes out?
  139. Movie
  140. Where Do I Find Official Multiplayer Info.
  141. Like new SCC stealth?
  142. SpikeTV VGA's
  143. uplay Conviction rewards
  144. pushed back a month (rumor)
  145. New Info on Co-Op
  146. What is Uplay?
  147. Why did they make this game splinter cell?
  148. Sam + Grim
  149. Do you think the new changes are good?
  150. conviction to use PEC system
  151. UK Collectors Edition + Multiplayer Preview
  152. Thoughts on PC Demo
  153. 1st Infiltration Video
  154. Infltration only for UK and Asia?
  155. Infiltration Mode
  156. Multiplayer Mode Face Off (Possible SvM or Free for All) Article included!
  157. 16th December Xbox Live MP Info - PLEASE READ
  158. Limited Edition WTF!?
  159. A request to console gamers for 12/16/2009
  160. No Spies v.s Mercs - Rumor
  161. It's Wednesday, where's the marketplace content? **Merged with Co-op trailer thread**
  162. Deniable Ops....By yourself?
  163. Co-op Discussion - OP updated w/Brand New Previews
  164. dont i feel dumb
  165. Collectors Edition for Europe and Scandinavia.
  166. Multiplayer
  167. Where is the MP info?
  168. Clarifying between SP, Co-Op and MP
  169. No splitscreen in co-op?
  170. Coop Trailer
  171. Question About U-play
  172. UBIshop now has Sam's Bag! - I want to see more.
  173. one worry
  174. Co-op Walkthrough
  175. SvM: There Will be No Spy vs Merc!
  176. I wouldn't mind a game based on Kestrel and Archer.
  177. the Panther is the wrong animal
  178. Is Co-op walkthrough on Gamespot is the same for the demo on the 18th?
  179. What Happened to Lambert!!!!
  180. Real Fans know what to expect (Demo & MP)
  181. Multiplayer Fix list
  182. Unofficial - Lambert is alive!
  183. UBI!How Hard Is It To Tell YES OR NO?(Spy vs. Merc)
  184. If SCC has SvM should Merc's have repel hook from ledges?
  185. Splinter Cell: Conviction Multiplayer Preview from Kotaku
  186. new interview!!!
  187. Splinter Cell Conviction Demo
  188. Soo Unfair - Ubisoft!
  189. CO-OP Partner?
  190. new new interview about Face-off
  191. Shadow armor...
  192. Confirmed - NO Spy Vs Merc
  193. Face off mode
  194. Hello everyone
  195. gamespot interview(co op)
  196. Gamespot demo - the civil discussion (spare us your hate)
  197. My thoughts on the exclusion of Spies versus Mercs.
  198. Someone clear this up for me please....
  199. Did I miss something, or did Ubisoft offically anounce No "SvM"?
  200. Message from the Producer [UPDATED: No SvM]
  201. Archer and Coleslaw
  202. The Gamespot Co-op Demo Presentation thoughts
  203. PC Requirements...
  204. PEC Questions?
  205. Conviction Novel by david michaels
  206. In LIGHT of recent events.
  207. new comers thread
  208. Splinter Cell Conviction=New Ideas (get over it!)
  209. Why hide the truth?
  210. Animation Thread (merged)
  211. A small reminder...
  212. Message from Alex about Co-op (STICKY)
  213. Just facts
  214. Hunter Becomes the Hunted Interview
  215. questions related to Hisham
  216. Splinter cell: Conviction
  217. a real good ai
  218. Assist. Director Williams
  219. Question for someone who has access to Splinter Cell: Conviction artwork.
  220. SCC vs THI4F
  221. I hope there are plenty of apologies going around after launch day
  222. Sam Fishers Memories Pack (DLC)
  223. james bond?
  224. you guys are crazy
  225. Uplay Reward + Xbox 360 Avatar Outfit hints that there's Spy vs Mercs
  226. Face-Off has great potential...
  227. Possible good/ bad news on future sc games
  228. L&S Filter (Sepia or B/W)????
  229. Archer, Kestrel, & Voron Info
  230. Xbox.com Splinter Cell Conviction (Updated Page)
  231. Game Boxart
  232. Concerns over the PC version of SC:C
  233. Splitscreen Missions
  234. New Interview and Coop Gameplay 12/20/09
  236. like the book?
  237. Newly Updated Wikipedia Page
  238. Something doesn't add up...
  239. Cool moves you would like to see in conviction? (Suggestion/ideaflash thread)
  240. ConViction: reign of hell Splinter Cell
  241. Music during Singleplayer and COOP?
  242. Demo for pc?
  243. Definetly no svm
  244. Will Assist Director Williams appear in conviciton?
  245. Inc Gamers Face-Off Q&A
  246. the interrogations
  247. Archer vs Sam Fisher
  248. How to evolve SvM - idea thread
  249. All black?
  250. n4g article