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  1. Agent Williams
  2. Please make the PC version use the 360 controller
  3. Splinter Cell Conviction designer on delay, exclusivity, Natal ... and bowel control?
  4. Spies and Mercs LOOKS and abilities
  5. 2 or 4 player coop?
  6. Are the devs listening?
  7. Inside Gaming: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction
  8. Interesting French Interview
  9. Ubisoft has balancing issues...
  10. Where's the proof for stealth ubisoft?
  12. Sam's Techniques
  13. Where are the dynamic lightning effects?
  14. Cover System
  15. demo?????
  16. difficulty?
  17. your style of playing?
  18. Stealth humor
  19. So now that the game has been delayed again...
  20. Cliffhanger?
  21. Looks like Ubisoft is going the way of EA...
  22. Release date poll
  23. "I felt stealth was getting a bit old" Dev. Beland
  24. Constructive Criticism
  25. Interview with Ubisoft's Shane Bierwith (New)
  26. Stealth Issue
  27. Possible "Easy Remedy", a constructive idea.
  28. Further support after game sales begin to slow
  29. Who's gonna start off on realistic dificulty?
  30. Conviction At PAX 09
  31. The Comic Con trailer makes the game look bad
  32. Full OXM interview from last month now available
  33. Conviction @ Cologne trade fair in Germany
  34. Conviction goes MLG
  35. Watches on right wrist?
  36. Subtitles
  37. Panther is watching you!
  38. Is ubi going to change the save features in SCC
  39. Original Concepts for Conviction/Essential Storylines
  40. Splinter Cell ConVictioN at GC in Köln?
  41. My Splinter Cell Music Video
  42. Demo garuntee'd???
  43. doing it in stealth...
  44. whats that thing on his bag??
  45. Realistic Weapons(tracers from pistols):(
  46. End of Mission: Stealth Rating?
  47. Conviction Avatar Outfits now Available
  48. Map editor/World Builder
  49. Ill bet Batman Arkham Asylum is better than this.
  50. Thoughts on SCC's New Storytelling/Objectives Mechanic
  51. PAX 2009 - Splinter Cell Conviction
  52. New E3 demo footage and a preview by GameSpot
  53. New IGN Preview
  54. How would I get Splinter Cell: Operation Paladin made into a book (Preview included)
  55. UBISOFT,What if the Community do not like Convictions New Direction.
  56. Eurogamer Editor's blog: Woman of Conviction
  57. Conviction Music Track on Cohen's Myspace!?
  58. New Screenshots! (Updated)
  59. Splinter Cell: Conviction Hands On - Pushing the Sandbox Aspect to its Limits
  60. I believe in fairness...
  61. why is there no bag??
  62. An Idea For A Police State Splinter Cell Game
  63. New wallpapers
  64. Projection=Sam's mindset?
  65. What Will Happen With Stealth Gaming?
  66. loved it
  67. Avatar Unlockables
  68. What SC games do you still play?
  69. Old SCC build demo with (new?) intro
  70. Bring up any info you find about conviction at gamescom.
  71. Conviction website
  72. Change the Green Text on the SC Forums
  73. Tokyo Game Show, UBISoft last chance....
  74. Poll time!
  75. Question!
  76. Devs Q&A Update?
  77. Ubisoft Game Direction and Gamplay Ellements Influenced by the Fans?
  78. Are stealth kills non existant in Conviction?
  79. What about the game immerses you the most (NOT an arguement thread)
  80. Any word on the Splinter Cell Movie?
  81. Does anybody else agree?
  82. System Requirements PC Version
  83. Ubi what about if you include in the limited edition....
  84. SC: Essentials as DLC
  85. Gamespot- Greatest hero competition- vote for Sam Fisher!!
  86. 24 Hours AkA Splinter Cell Conviction?
  87. What if it's another remake?
  88. GG ubisoft on Crashing teh Forumz.
  89. That one guy
  90. Interrogation Techniques
  91. Storyline Connection
  92. Conviction Stealth Moves
  93. The Story of Conviction
  94. XBOX360
  95. New PAX conviction video (not what you might think)
  96. if this game is coming out on PC why do they only advertise the xbox360 version only?
  97. Stream of Splinter Cell Conviction Demo Tommorow?
  98. Sam's personality change?
  99. Does this interview bother anyone else?
  100. Should Ubisoft go back to the drawing board once again?
  101. Huge News!!! Goggles will be making a return to Sam!!!!!!!!
  102. Let's talk Logistics
  103. Can someone please explain the official storyline from DA **SPOILERS**
  104. This site is all spectulation
  105. Movies That Remind YOU Of Sam Fisher, or Splinter Cell?
  106. You Suck At Splinter Cell When...
  107. The Pro's And Con's
  108. Comic Con Trailer - What is Sam's backpack?
  109. Tokyo Games Show
  110. E3 trailer soundtrack
  111. Whats better for training
  112. [Xbox360] SC: Double Agent Game Night - 13th September
  113. Want to ask about the new magazine
  114. Woah Woah Woah...Slow down. Lambert is alive?
  115. Is Sam Fisher left handed in Conviction?
  116. Co op modes
  117. How old is Sam?
  118. The Second playthrough
  119. The Multiplayer Debate
  120. Stealth kills....from the back
  121. Splinter Cell Fan Kit
  122. Why hasn't Sam tried to change his appearance?
  123. Any advice on games to tide us over till Release/Demo release?
  124. Sill looking for a DA T Shirt....any ideas?
  125. MUST READ - Notice RE: Dev Team Discussions
  126. SC:C Next Appearance?
  127. I made it nicer.
  128. Want to see what Mathieu Ferland is up to these days?
  129. When's the next "BEHIND CLOSED DOORS" feature?
  130. 3rd Echelon needs to know....
  131. To those saying "Sam should be through greiving by now..."
  132. PAX 09: Exclusive Developer Diary HD
  133. Splinter Cell: Conviction - E3 trailer finally in full HD 1080p quality (1920x1080)!
  134. Completelly new game, a distinct possibility?
  135. So uhh....do guards actually patrol?
  136. The Graphics
  137. Sam Fisher: The Most Elite Agent in the World?
  138. Conviction at Tokyo Game Show?
  139. PALADIN: For King and Country *New book writing as well as working on SC*
  140. New interview with Maxime Beland
  141. Lambert
  142. New info coming tonight (facebook said so)
  143. Game modes
  144. Da Music
  145. You're favourite Splinter cell game and moments!
  146. Conviction Collector's Edition box Art
  147. Cinematic replay function
  148. TGS Trailer!!, Release Date!!
  149. IGN Hands on TGS
  150. Silencer fixed
  151. Sam has an ear piece. Who's on the other end?
  152. New gameplay video
  153. At 26, am I getting too old for this?
  154. GameSpot at TGS with a new level from Conviction
  155. Any change of clothes?
  156. Stealth - "The art of going unnoticed"
  157. IGN Video Preview
  158. M&E Dots vs Arrows Option
  159. Is the wetsuit completely out of the question?
  160. What I've done trailer, fan made.
  161. Retirement Plans
  162. Splinter Cell: Conviction first online Details coming soon
  163. No Pre-order Shotgun for PC version?
  164. Joystiq hands on
  165. Collector's Edition
  166. change in boxart?
  167. Why not do a stand-alone?
  168. G4 TGS Hands On
  169. Demo for SC: ConViction on Assassin's Creed 2?
  170. Will there be a game demo on the xbox marketplace?
  171. SOOOO PUMPED!!!!
  172. Maps
  173. Kotaku hands-on preview
  174. CVG Hands-On Preview
  175. TGS 09: Tactics Interview
  176. Solution to easy 'Mark & Execute'
  177. what pistol is at the start of the scc website
  178. System Requirements/Backwards Compatibility
  179. is the pc version 720 or 1080p?
  180. The vidoes i found. Possible prove of being back into NSA.
  181. Stealth is definitely still in! Breakdown of the goggles!
  182. Where are you guys from?
  183. for all the old sc fans does the new changes excite or scare you
  184. Are you getting the game or not?
  185. Will Multiplayer Make or Break Your Decision?
  186. Fansite?
  187. What's wrong with Splinter Cell Double Agent?
  188. This is for the dev team from us fans.
  189. Old Build Release
  190. Another new interview with Maxime Beland
  191. X09 Splinter Cell Conviction - Hands on Walkthrough Video
  192. Thought on control scheme
  193. My Personal Opinion on Conviction
  194. Sam Fisher facts (Jack Bauer style)
  195. Assassins Creed 2
  196. Sonar Goggles Are As Realistic As Anything Else In The Game.
  197. gona be great i hope
  198. So far so good.. but what do you think still needs changing??
  199. What's next?
  200. Splinter Cell ROOTS
  201. Team Fortress 2's take on stealth
  202. Splinter Cell: Conviction Hands-on Preview [Bit-Tech.net]
  203. Soundtrack discussion thread
  204. Sam Fisher's likeness to Michael Ironside
  205. Just something funny i would like to share...
  206. It's Coming Soon!
  207. SCC: A Better Story Than Its Predecessors?
  208. Southpaw
  209. Can SCC match Uncharted 2?
  210. Co-op
  211. resolution
  212. Home made night vision goggles: Project updates.
  213. Sam Fisher Drawing- Conviction Style
  214. When will Convcition be shipping to Australia?
  215. Question for all of you Splinter Cell fans.
  216. Sam shooting Lambert OFFICAL Storyline
  217. "Exclusive ingame shotgun"
  218. Are some of Sam's moves actually possible?
  219. Does that happen somewhere in the game?
  220. rating
  221. gold
  222. question to Razz, or anyone who can answer it
  223. Co-op in Conviction?
  224. New Developer walktrough on Gametrailers.com
  225. Official new mission gameplay
  226. Would you be upset if there's no SvM?
  227. To the DEVs: One of the reasons I am buying Conviction is because of the Multiplayer
  228. "POLL" stealth preference: splintercell or hitman
  229. conviction?
  230. UBISOFT!
  231. Recap
  232. Just a question concerning the forum...
  233. Another question concerning updates...
  234. A image i would like you guys to judge...
  235. Crossbow in Conviction...thoughts?
  236. A new weapon for sam?
  237. Answer for you guys about patrolling guards...
  238. Something i have noticed about fast phasing games...
  239. Splinter cell conviction
  240. Language
  241. Ingame Jokes
  242. Bandaged Hand
  243. death from above animation
  244. So uh, console or PC? and...
  245. The CQC Technique Sam uses is...
  246. So far we know...
  247. So, why can't we just drag bodies 'faster'?
  248. Splinter Cell: Conviction, Project Natal, Forza 3
  249. New Interview
  250. Adventures of Sam and Printy: Episode 1- "New Build"