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  1. Splinter Cell: Double Agent
  2. Do You Like SF (Sam Fisher) Bald?
  3. What would you do?
  4. New Info coming up...
  5. Are There Any Cheat Codes For DA?
  6. Sam's Hair Style? **POLL**
  7. So this is what Splinter Cell has come to
  8. Since Ubisoft is in love with Nokia
  9. Conviction's Approach: Looks Good
  10. Similar to GTA?!?!?
  11. What splinter cell game is the best? *POLL*
  12. police station
  13. Well I just registered here so...
  14. Conviction good or bad?
  15. PLEASE Post here if you feel what im feeling. (Game Mechanic Change Issue)
  16. Will there be splitscreen COOP in Conviction?
  17. Cover System
  18. What new moves would you like to see?
  19. How would like the story of SCC?
  20. Specs for Splinter Cell ConViction
  21. Splinter Cell Back to drawing Board?
  22. Ubisoft denies Conviction redesign
  23. Sarah's death...
  24. Sam's new look fits him...
  25. Its been one year!
  26. Maybe this is a brilliant marketing ploy...
  27. All i want to do is play a new splinter cell!...
  28. Splinter Cell: conViction at Ubi Days.........
  29. When is the release?
  30. New Delay Rumor?
  31. According to Gamespot
  32. Mission Ideas...
  33. Is lambert alive or dead? {Spoilers}
  34. Is ConViction dead?
  35. hey im new to splinter cell and have a question please answer
  36. Thanks UBIDays for crushing my soul...
  37. New redesign of SC: Conviction
  38. ...Bloody hell... how long to go......
  39. Conviction's Long Development Process
  40. question about UBIDAYS
  41. Who else is glad this is going back to the Drawing board?
  42. At least UbiDays showed the best Sam
  43. What we know....
  44. Vote for your favourite figures
  45. Why isnt this game being released on the PS3?
  46. Had Anyone Seen This..
  47. ConViction = Double Agent all over again?
  48. Ubi Days?
  49. Rubbish!
  50. Dogs from the first Splinter Cell...
  51. kotaku doesnt even no what eh truckstop is going on
  52. My thoughts and feelings about Conviction...(rant)
  53. Light means no stealth?
  54. Evolved?
  55. Ok, we get it
  56. Who has fanboy stuff?
  57. Release Date Pole
  58. We Need More Than One Multiplayer Mode
  59. I know this has been disgused before, but...
  60. Then dont play it
  61. You know you've been playing Splinter Cell too much when...
  62. SvM
  63. SCC= Robert Ludlum's Bourne Trilogy, Not Tom Clancy's Works
  64. E3?
  65. Missing CT style Mplayer.
  66. Stand Alone Spies Vs Mercs Title?
  67. Unused awesome ideas in Double Agent
  68. No more Michael Ironside for voice of Sam Fisher???
  69. Splinter Cell Gets Delayed Again: February 2nd, 2009 Release Date
  70. In a way...
  71. heyyyy
  72. He's alive
  73. Since Endwar supposedly ties Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon.
  74. Where would SPC take place in?
  75. My take on convictions
  76. Complainers!
  77. Apparently this game is for DS...
  78. Probable reason for exclusivity....CLICK
  79. xbox live
  80. Splinter cell conviction release dates?!
  81. DX 10
  82. conViction
  83. So SC is ruined but...
  84. Apparently, Scott Mitchell and Sam fisher are going to be in endwar
  85. the good, the bad...its ConVicition! All Haters and Waiters for this game read here!!
  86. To All of the Ubisoft storyline writers
  87. Splinter Cell vid i found on youtube
  88. Wow you guys seem bored so...
  89. Favorite Sam Fisher Interrogations and One-liners...
  90. How would the games have been if...
  91. Splinter Cell la Assasins Creed
  92. SC:Conviction on DS?!
  93. Bring back the Osprey!
  94. Improving Splintercell Versus mode
  95. I WONDER........................
  96. To UbiRazz
  97. Stealth Gameplay/Which one do you like better
  98. Have you seen/read this
  99. The Sam Fisher/Splinter Cell quiz...
  100. Far Cry 2 Concept of Day and Night gameplay mechanics.
  101. Does anone remember...
  102. Innovation cause for celebration?
  103. There is one way that Sarah could still be alive...
  104. Sneaking?
  105. how would you feel if...
  106. Different Kind
  107. Music topic...
  108. End is near?
  109. ETA
  110. If Sam goes back to traveling the world to prevent world war III...
  111. Spies Vs Mercs
  112. Release us a demo/preview run of Conviction!
  113. Stealth_chills secret project
  114. Splinter Cell = how close to reality ?
  115. Hitman
  116. ***UPDATE***Adventures of sam and printy the movie ***UPDATE***
  117. Guess When!!
  118. Things you have learnt from Splinter cell
  119. Sama and printy movie guest star contest!
  120. important to ubisoft. how hard cores feel
  121. Splinter cell isnt dying out
  122. Vocie actors needed for ADV of sam and printy movie
  123. Conviction opinions
  124. Re: A letter from the Devteam A Splinter Cell Fan's response
  125. Ironside will be in Conviction
  126. CUDA
  127. Splinter Cell Conviction Petition
  128. I have an update on the Ironside situation.
  129. Why Shanghai?
  130. If SCC is released for PC...
  131. need a plot?
  132. Splinter Cell poll
  133. Boss battles...
  134. CT multiplayer is still alive
  135. Cool R.D. Physics
  136. What a Coincidence For SCC and The Outsider
  137. SC multiplayer (yes another one of these threads, but hear me out)
  138. Ever play SC in real life?
  139. Strange Fileplanet "demo"
  140. Where the hell were Grim and Redding?
  141. In your opinion...
  142. Am I The Only One ?
  143. Blood in Splinter Cell . . .
  144. The Reason for the Delay
  145. What levels do you want to see?
  146. A small problem...
  147. If I were to make a Splinter Cell music video on youtube...
  148. Gamestop officially makes me lol
  149. If ConViction was cancelled, is that the end of Splinter Cell?
  150. Many MANY delays...
  151. Splinter Cell Conviction Wallpaper?
  152. I love Ubi Montreal, but...
  153. What changes to L&S gameplay would you make if it were to come back?
  154. This game may be taking the Diamonds Are Forever route...
  155. Three Green Lights
  156. Why so many superfluous threads?
  157. favortie locations...
  158. Question I need to ask...
  159. bomb defuse at mission 10
  160. New L&S Game
  161. SC6 L&S again?
  162. Going Prone?
  163. Montreal/Shanghai Styles
  164. I may be wrong, but...
  165. Who still plays the orignal SC games before Double Agent?
  166. Things Sam Fisher does that you would never do...
  167. WTF?....Febuary 2009 now?
  168. Would you consider buying Conviction if...
  169. Games Convention 2008
  170. If You Had Your Way...
  171. Spies vs Mecenaries stand alone
  172. Financial Success of the Splinter Cell Titles
  173. Hello
  174. Is this lying?
  175. What about the storyline?!
  176. Does anyone Play Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid?
  177. Will you buy SCC?
  178. My Two Cents...
  179. Why Ubisoft targeting a "run'n'gun" audience will ultimately fail.
  180. need help
  181. In another Splinter Cell game...
  182. Splinter Cell is Dead
  183. What Do the Fans want out of this game?
  184. Feeding the Fire
  185. Have I missed anything?
  186. SC music inspired?
  187. What's going on?
  188. Some level ideas.
  189. is this box art real?
  190. If the game does well...
  191. Favorite SC Uniform?
  192. Why we are so angry about SCC...
  193. I'm getting an XBOX 360 this weekend and...
  194. Happy Birthday Fisher!
  195. ready for this???
  196. The Lambert Mystery Solved!
  197. OXM: SCC to be shown "soon".
  198. please help
  199. Please help me out.
  201. splinter cell prequel
  202. Would this be an appropriate song for an SC music video?
  203. Why hasn't Amon Tobin come back to do the soundtrack?
  204. One thing i really dont get about conviction...
  205. is the splinter cell concept truly finished
  206. do the devteam reguarly browse these forums
  207. Definition of Stealth Gaming
  208. A new form of Stealth
  209. george clooney - sam fisher ???
  210. If these forums were abandoned...what would Ubisoft do?
  211. hacking
  212. is there anything else we can talk about ??
  213. Has Ubisoft changed the game?
  214. if ubisoft really wants to change up the game that much, then.....
  215. Chickens!!
  216. Favorite SC enemies?
  217. Shut down the forum...
  218. i think conviction must be like that!!
  219. Will SC: C be at GC: Asia?
  220. i finally found some proof of something...
  221. I bet the new info is coming soon...
  222. multiplayer
  223. New info!! People who love L&S better get their tissues.....
  224. L.T.L. patrol guards ? Chopper and or Satellite observation ?
  225. Is SC: ConViction coming to PS3 or not?!?!?
  226. They made a mistake
  227. GFW Live
  228. Community Conviction Concerns Thread
  229. Community Pro Convictions Thread
  230. Community Convictions Speculation and Ideas Thread
  231. Who should do the music?
  232. sam's attitude and emotions
  233. sam
  234. Useful Links & Information (23/02/10)
  235. Is Enrica Hot?
  237. EndWar VIP demo giveaway
  238. Splinter Cell: Conviction's new "visual direction is simply much better"
  239. bruce willis = sam fisher
  240. EndWar VIP Demo Question
  241. IF SC5 waz L/S?
  242. Conviction's room
  243. Wanna challenge?
  244. Player Select
  246. EndWar and Third Echelon
  247. Quantum of Solace is stealthier than conviction
  248. ConViction beta/ demo?
  249. Do people sill play Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory?
  250. Splinter Cell in First Person