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  1. 3E ECLIPSE or MARK 5 ?!?!
  2. Declining Sales Figures (Article)
  3. Hosting a game on conviction?
  4. Anyone else got 100% ?!?!
  5. video settings
  6. The Other Side of The Coin, The Reboot, The Loop Holes & Conviction 2
  7. Why did Sam Fisher become weedy?
  8. Splinter Cell: Six - Co-op
  9. Ideas for hacking and lockpicking minigames !?!?
  10. Gamebreaker: Third Echelon HQ level
  11. What Splinter Cell 6 Should Play Out Like
  12. Thinking about Splinter Cell Double Agent
  13. Kinda afraid that they will go back to the old school splinter cell?
  14. The Church of the First Shadow: How many friends did you "convert" into SC Fans.
  15. The history of Splinter Cell (great video series)
  16. Conviction in the eyes of a child (highly amusing video)
  17. Deniable Ops and Coop of that Sort?
  18. Victor Sullivan and Victor Coste!
  19. SC
  20. My splinter cell 6
  21. Making the most complete Splinter Cell game (Update: August 23rd 2011)
  22. Splinter cell agents
  23. I Need A Partner
  24. splinter cell stealth redefined...
  25. The important questions of Splinter Cell's futur
  26. Rank the series' soundtracks
  27. Levelled Co-op
  28. Player assigned objectives
  29. The Man From Nowhere
  30. Megiddo.
  31. what splinter cell 6 should have
  32. Sam! Jump through the window! *Sam walks over and switches a light switch*
  33. Article regarding 'Predatory' gameplay
  34. So THAT'S why nobody notices Sam's sticky-cams: Optical cloaks hide objects in day.
  35. Splinter Cell-ish ?!
  36. Deus Ex Stealth Gameplay.
  37. Splinter Cell: Retribution
  38. Let's discuss AI, shall we?
  39. microsoft loyality made Conviction exclusive
  40. Should Splinter Cell 6 stay Xbox exclusive?
  41. Holy Poop, Crazy Awesome
  42. splinter cell costumes
  43. Viral marketing for next game
  44. Sandbox trend: Choice of playstyle in recent games
  45. Return of Sam for SC6
  46. Need the best partner.
  47. Sam Theft Auto
  48. Think Im getting worse at this game.
  49. Ubisoft at Tokyo Games Show
  50. Unable to invite friend to game
  51. Co-op Issues?
  52. Advertising Campaign!
  53. Youtube video
  54. UBI Screen Shows Not Availalbe
  56. It can happen to you!
  57. splinter cell pandora tomorrow problem profile
  58. Do you play like a "Predator?"
  59. The Takedown Workshop +
  60. Longevity vs Replayability
  61. Co-Op and Faceoff partners
  62. Splinter Cell Six
  63. Rebalancing the Gameplay in the SC Franchise
  64. SC6 Ranking System and Other Gameplay Ideas?
  65. Understanding of the Voron Logo?
  66. How do you enjoy to play Splinter Cell?
  67. splinter cell conviction
  68. When Did Gamers Become So Soft? (Article)
  69. SC6 news, Coming Soon
  70. Splinter Cell 6 news "within the next months"
  71. Jade interview
  72. Reality Check! (old but 'good' article)
  73. Should dogs return?
  74. Sam's weapon(s)
  75. THE most UNDERrated SC Game (By Far)
  76. Over a year after release... Conviction vs. the Originals
  77. Splinter Cell in gaming articles...
  78. Game mechanics from GRFS to SC6
  79. Poll: Enabling disabling
  80. Splinter cell haloween
  81. Online Manual?
  82. Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots
  83. Splinter Cell on Twitter?
  84. Is SC6 being worked on by only one team?
  85. Poll: The Character's Characters
  86. double agent?
  87. keycode DOES NOT WORK?
  88. (IDEA) Splinter Cell RPG
  89. Location Immersion. Question?
  90. chaos theory
  91. Still any chance of Conviction coming to PS3?
  92. Who Else Would Prefer SC6 be on Next-Gen Consoles?
  93. can someone help me get started
  94. Can't play because of uPlay
  95. Skyrim anyone?
  96. Splinter Cell: THE BROTHERHOOD (random Idea)
  97. Please help me!
  98. scmg
  99. Vintage Splinter Cell levels for (SC6) D-Ops?
  100. I still refuse to accept SvM's death.
  101. Managing Director Jade Raymond and Art Director Scott Lee talk to CGSociety
  102. The Assassin Straw Box!
  103. Splinter Cell Comics
  104. Splinter Cell Games Graphic Evolution Over Time.
  105. SC6 Futuristic Gadgets
  106. Xbox Live Co op Crashing
  107. Michigan Ave scientist will not talk
  108. Comparing Conviction to previous Splinter Cell games
  109. ????? ?????
  110. I'm never getting over it!!!
  111. Conviction not loading
  112. Server
  113. A look back at the Conviction forum
  114. Install key not working!
  115. HQ should get mad and WE should get trophies!
  116. MGS: Rising Redesign- What would you do?
  117. The Ultimate Simulator Gadget
  118. How do the rankings work for the matchmaking system?
  119. Co-op: Skipping chapters in missions?
  120. What Splinter Cell could have been...
  121. Evaluating Conviction as a Shooter
  122. Can't log in
  123. I never thought...
  124. Problem in Splinter Cell Conviction
  125. December 25th Servers Down
  126. What did you like about the old games?
  127. Mission Impossible 4 gadgets for SC6!?
  128. Does anyone want to play the multiplayer with me?
  129. Bonus Points for remembering this
  130. CD Key won't work
  131. Welcome Back Home
  132. Forum Rules
  133. False Conviction: The Illusion of Choice.
  134. Can you reset PEC challenges?
  135. Sniper Elite V2
  136. history of tom clancy games (article)
  137. Crazy Coop Dream
  138. The HUD?
  139. Tutorials always wreck the 1st mission!
  140. Where did they go wrong? Volume I: Splinter Cell
  141. Problem with key
  142. um.... i'm korean and i have some question
  143. problem with steam and cd keys
  144. Can't start the game
  145. Can't play Splinter Cell Convictions. My serial gets rejected
  146. Should I buy the Splinter Cell HD Trilogy?
  147. Alredy keywords
  148. Did you like the classic VS. mode of Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory, if so, read.
  149. SC Conviction: Is there BETA for GR:future soldier?
  150. Next Splinter Cell Suggestions
  151. Next Splinter Cell
  152. Stealths Return to greatness
  153. A New Splinter Cell game idea(Splinter Cell Online game,not SC6)
  154. The health system that should be used in SC6
  155. Lost all unlocks after uplay migration
  156. New environments idea
  157. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Retribution: 2012 release!
  158. What detection system should SC6 have in place?
  159. My Splinter Cell Cosplay.........(lot PICS)
  160. Why im i banned
  161. Mass Effect 3 COOP
  162. Splinter Cell Conviction Multiplayer
  163. Co-op Advice
  164. unable to connect to server
  165. Splinter Cell 6 Theory
  166. Splinter Cell: Extinction
  167. does not come into play
  168. error with the login and flogged (help me urgently)
  169. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ splinter cell conviction 4 PS3
  170. Splinter Cell Conviction for Windows Phone 7: Bugged Achievement?
  171. Hitman's Absolution own version of Mark and Execute.
  172. Upcoming Splinter Cell Ideas
  173. Fisher To Russia
  174. Mercs vs spies
  175. Getting CTD when trying to enter a multiplayer game
  176. Splinter Cell Conviction Weapon Bug
  177. Lost all my saved game data during recent outage.
  178. 10 year anniversary
  179. is there any way to remove stuff from weapons?
  180. Ubisoft Toronto about to announce AAA title
  181. Co-op
  182. Convictions Conversion
  183. What about SC6?
  184. slow game
  185. Using REENDEE Codes???
  186. New Splinter Cell 'will explore one of franchise's root themes'
  187. Forum Rules
  188. Scda mp
  189. GTA V Scope for Stealth?!
  190. Trade Secrets: The Stealth Interview Series
  191. Controllers?
  192. Splintercell + assassins creed = new tenchu
  193. I need........
  194. Splinter cell conviction
  195. Need help
  196. First Splinter Cell 6 Images from SneakyBastards Interview
  197. There is no good reason infinite pistol magazines should be present in SC6
  198. Why splinter cell conviction dont start
  199. Key codes binding....
  200. Job posting (3D Programer - Splinter Cell 6 PC)
  201. What do you guys think SC6 should look like?
  202. Reset PEC
  203. Clint Hocking Question
  204. Splinter Cell at PAX
  205. Help
  206. Afterglow gamepad
  207. ATTENTION!!! Someone from SC wiki is stealing this forums stuff!
  208. Zack Cooper - Our new Community Developer?
  209. Spinter Cell Conviction.
  210. Splinter cell conviction graphic problem
  211. 360 controller stick ****on push.....
  212. Thank you ubi
  213. Reasonable things we can assume about SC6 (discussion)
  214. I need everyones help. Please
  215. Fantasy SC mission walk throughs. (Add yours).
  216. splinter cell conviction?????
  217. Sc rp
  218. Something funny I found.
  219. Uplay problems/troubles/etc.-i don't have the number of Uplay credits i should have!!
  220. Your preferred multiplayer experience
  221. Cant play my new game! Help!
  222. Splinter Cell Conviction! ( help )
  223. Splinter Cell.
  224. Got Splinter Cell: Conviction on Steam for my mac and I'm having some problems
  225. Dead agent in solo
  226. Could the next game be a reboot?
  227. Matchmaking... ?
  228. convtiction + dlc problem
  229. Spy Classes
  230. Splinter Cell 6: a possible launch title for the Wii U?
  231. Soundtrack in SC6
  232. Deal of the Week- Tom Clancy titles (Xbox 360)
  233. 3E Eclipse or Shadow Armor?
  234. merluzo, tribute game
  235. I just discovered something new in Double Agent!!
  236. need spas 12 code thats valid
  237. Ways SC6 could reconcile Conviction and the old games styles
  238. cercasi giocatiri per modalità multiplayer
  239. Favorite and Least Favorite Missions from Each Game
  240. U should luern from MAX PAYNE 3 in conviction
  241. Ubisoft’s Jade Raymond calls upon developers to take more risks.
  242. Agent Ben Hansen
  243. Splinter Cell 6 Timeline Placement
  244. My Splinter Cell Conviction
  245. Splinter Cell: Conviction (I bought a rock.)
  246. Son of Sam
  247. The END of Sam Fisher. A new protagonist enters.
  248. SCC Horizontal Ledge Run: Amateur Hour
  249. The Totally Miscellaneous and Random Speculation and Ideas Thread About SC6
  250. Rolling/Dodging/Running on the 'Take Cover' button