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  1. United Freedom Fighters Clan Is Recruiting (xbox U.K.)
  3. Women’s group and Clan
  4. X1 Alpha recruiting
  5. Gunslingers ~ The XBOX One Division 2 Clan for Gaming Parents & Older Gamers
  6. REFUGE Clan Recruiting For Division 2
  7. O.o Many-Faced Clan: Recruiting
  8. Police/Military Owned [PMO]
  9. Brothers in arms looking for agents who love to play looter shooters!
  10. Division 2 issue
  11. Sound problem when close to agent
  12. Forsaken Vanguard Clan Recruitment
  13. TacticalGaming.net
  14. Division 2 UK Xbox clan 18+
  15. Xbox only, JDD Just Dont Die Clan, 18+, Discord
  16. Early Starters
  17. Looking for Clan
  18. [XB1] PixelPub | Discord Partnered | 16,000+ Gamers | LFG | Giveaways!
  19. [XBOX/PC][NA] Atlas Reborn (ARC) is Recruiting! | PVP/PVE
  20. BattleBorne casual Pve/pvp clan
  22. Looking for Clan on XBone
  23. Seal Team V Recruiting!
  24. Looking for players!
  25. The Divs (Clan)
  26. Looking for a clan?
  27. Valhalla awaits You. but Are you worthy [VIK]
  28. Juggernaut, casual clan
  29. [NA] [TTN] Titan is recruiting!
  30. ☆ Join iMMorTalz on xbox ☆
  31. Trinidad/Caribbean Agents
  32. XB1/NA Looking for a clan? Come Join Megalodons!
  33. Adults: We want you.
  34. Are you Looking for an 18+ fun, friendly community?
  35. Looking for a clan
  36. Clan “OldManStrength” recruiting for 35+ gamers.
  37. [Clan] TF Simple Green
  38. Looking for Xbox adult clan mates
  39. Division troops looking for clan mates
  40. Majestic As Flux clan
  41. Top Notch Gaming is looking for people
  42. Open Clan (Bae Bladez)
  43. Open Clan Enrollment (red roses) pve | raids* | relaxed environment
  44. New clan "LAPD SWAT" LAS
  45. [Clan][XB1] The Introverts: Shy solo introverts wanted!
  46. Clan [OLD] Old Oreos (Casual group)
  47. Divisions SRT (Special Response Team)
  48. Newly-formed clan looking for members. Adult oriented clan
  49. Bulletheads [BHD] Clan Recruitment!
  50. Open Clan (Bae Bladez)
  51. Looking for ORGANIZED clan. Much mmo's exp with guild and clans.
  52. Looking for clan members! - Xbox
  53. Shockwave Gaming
  54. Looking for more people to join a clan
  55. The Mighty (Clan Recruitment)
  56. New (Ranger That) Clan XO
  57. Solo player friendly Xbox clan. First Wave Crew [FWC]
  58. RETROACTIVE. (KDA) Is recruiting
  59. (ViO) Vengeance Is Ours looking for members (UK/EU)
  60. Svensk nystartad clan, Skyddsgruppen söker medlemmar!
  61. Looking to Fast Campaign with Someone, or someone willing to get me to 30 real quick!
  62. Looking for long term playing partner or group
  63. Dark Zone Police
  64. Friendly clan, just here to have fun, anyone can join
  65. Aegis Corps is a casual clan looking for members!
  66. Friendly Clan Around
  67. A Starting Clan Looking for Members
  68. Les Libérateurs recrute guilde FR
  69. Bearded Banditz
  70. Looking for help
  71. Recruiting for Division 2
  72. 'The Divs' Clan are recruiting!
  73. Xbox Clan - Casual - Nomadic Legends [NMD]
  74. Looking to team up with some people on a regular basis. Long tearm teams
  75. Nordic Devision hiring
  76. Mist Born is recruiting! Discord, pve, and pvp.
  77. Black Jacket ******s
  78. A chill Xbox only clan, Yeezus
  79. LSB: La Santa Blanca clan
  80. [FAL] Fallen Legion Recruiting
  81. TF Simple Green Clan (need 2)
  82. (SAW) Start a War is recruiting members!
  83. Need at least one player NOW!
  84. Squad Mates
  85. (WOO) British wolfs is recruit now
  86. Clan [ESK] Old Oreos (Casual group)
  87. Empty Skulls open for business
  89. Group Two (TWO) Recruiting 21+
  90. leveling
  91. Arcadians are recruiting, xbone, relaxed play
  92. RealNinjaGaming [RNG] Recruiting! XBOX ONE
  93. Stronghold missions
  94. Revenge DC Division 2 Clan
  95. Kansas/Missouri Clan
  96. [BRO] Agent Bro-Gade is Recruiting XBOX CLAN
  97. Team Paradox
  98. Bearded Banditz is recruiting
  99. Clan “Diabolic” is looking for new recruits! (Xbox)
  100. Team No Sense (BOF) Open for Business! (Xbox)
  101. Handicapped Gamers Clan
  102. Looking for players to squad up with?
  103. Looking for casual adult clan
  104. Shadow Wind-Looking for members!!!
  105. Looking for a clan!
  106. -*-Tactical Force - Recruiting Members-*-
  107. [FAL] Fallen Legion - Casual Fun Clan Recruiting
  108. Emerald Spear - Clan Recruitment, we're fun, we swear.
  109. Clan looking for more members
  110. Rogue Agent Inc recruiting adult gamers
  111. "Meowsters" looking for members
  112. (LUX) Luna Are Recruiting Xbox One
  113. Federal Emergency Bunker
  114. Please check my go fund me.
  115. [Xbox One]Rapture Gaming Community Recruiting!
  116. Agents of Boom [AOB] Recruiting!
  117. DD/Autism friendly clan! verbal or non verbal, all are welcome!
  118. Super casual Clan looking for more members
  119. Ready To Rock! Solid crew looking to add more.
  120. False Hope Recruiting XBox
  121. [XBOX] Casual Clan looking for members
  122. Recruiting for the clan Bend the Knee
  123. [XBOX] [NA] Clan looking for members
  124. Clan 'Lone Wolfs' PVE and PVP. Open to anyone, but particularly solo players.
  125. Looking for older gamers 21+
  126. <XBOX> Revenge DC is recruiting!
  127. Looking for EU based Xbox clan
  128. In-Subordination, a relaxed-competitive adult only clan is recruiting
  129. Templar Knight Gaming Recruiting
  130. Open clan recruiting
  131. SKD is recruiting
  132. Devils of War Now Recruiting any level
  133. LF people to play with
  134. SHD TEXAS | Is Looking for Members - Open to Join
  135. A Clan for Dads, Moms, and the Working Adult
  136. [FAL] Fallen Legion - Casual Fun Clan Recruiting
  137. Paladin Tactical Group - Recruiting Adult Gamers for Relaxed Gaming
  138. [XB1] (TWB) The Windblown is looking to fill its ranks...
  139. SHD TEXAS | Is Looking for Members - Open to Join
  140. Old Age Players
  141. Looking to build the clan!!!
  142. Rejoignez nous ! (seulement francophone 25+ )
  143. Might as well cash in too
  144. Agency of Boom Recruiting
  145. [Xbox] (WPG) Wasted Prodigy Gamer's looking for member's! [Age's 18+]
  146. |Ris| Riot Shield Recruiting
  147. The Old folks Gang
  148. Im looking for a clan to join thats active and on comms
  149. The OMEGA BRIGADE [OMG] is recruiting!
  150. New UK Clan Recruitment
  151. [XB1][CLAN][Free Beer] I Shot Alex is looking for agents
  152. Looking for you
  153. [XBOX ONE] Green Dragons
  154. Hitman for hire
  155. Agency of Boom recruiting players 18+
  156. 32 yr old looking for a pve/pvp clan on xbox one
  157. [NA][Clan] VGX Wants You!!
  158. XB1 Clan recruiting 25y+ for endgame content
  159. XB1 PVE Looter Shooter Clan callin all Agents, Freelancers and Vault Hunters!
  160. Looking for bodies to run DZ
  161. Indonesian Playing the division 2
  162. Come join clan
  163. Clan "Mature UK Gamers" [MUG] XBOX
  164. SadKen Clan recruiting....no skill required.
  165. [FSS] Full Send Squad - Clan Recruitment
  166. Savage Top Dogs Open Clan
  167. (XB1)Brotherhood of Ableforth |Active|Recruiting Agents| Clan Lvl 7|Discord|
  168. [RAR] RardedRaider US Clan 18+ *Not Politically Correct*
  169. (CWD) Hyena's Hymen Clan is actively recruiting!!!
  170. Looking for clan
  171. SHD Networkers clan recruiting
  172. THE IRON WOLVES are recruiting
  173. [XB1][NA] NothingToLose 30/50
  174. WCA recruiting members
  175. Old man looking for clan
  176. Looking for a mature clan
  177. DC Pack Hunters
  178. Clan recruitment. [GGK] Chimera
  179. The GhostRiders are Recruiting on Xbox One
  180. Clan Caydes Rogues [CBS] recruiting agents [NA/EU]
  181. [TBD] TheBlackDragons Clan looking for older/mature players
  182. Small Clan of Division Veterans
  183. Odin Battalion Clan Open For Joining
  184. Clan Ableforth (RUM) / Mature/ Mostly Vet/ Level 11 / Weekly Cache / Discord / Raid
  185. Chillin Prone | Clan | Looking for chill members to grind with
  186. Gunslingers - The Division 2 Clan for Adults and Hardworking Gamers
  187. [Xbox] <REDCON ONE>[RCO] LFM
  188. [XBOX] SAVAGE WOLFPACK 18+ Mics Only
  189. Looking for clan
  190. Legacy of Nil looking for members
  191. Looking for clan
  192. Ragtag Militia Looking for new clan members
  193. (RTM) Ragtag Militia Looking for new clan members
  194. Brand new clan Agency of Boom open recruitment for all players.
  195. LF UK PVP xbox clan
  196. Are you looking for a easy going fun clan
  197. [TOP] Tactical Ops recuitment drive.
  198. recruiting older / mature clan @ Xbox
  199. Looking for a PVE clan,GMT+7,+8,+9Zone
  200. Xbox One Clan Recruitment KingsinthaNorth [KIN]
  201. Clan recruitiment "Los Borrachos"
  202. Im looking for an active clan to join that does pvp, pve and adults only
  203. Discord (Xbox) Eternal Honor
  204. Clan Recruitment: Madcap Protocol looking for Shooty Bois & Gamer Gurlz
  205. Looking for clan
  206. Looking to Grow Clan and Gaming Community Division 2
  207. BTSU Busters--Now recruiting
  208. Looking for a PVE clan
  209. (XB1) Ableforth (RUM) / Mature/ Mostly Vet/ Level 17 / Weekly Cache / Discord / Raid
  210. [XAX] Recruiting!
  211. Evil Nation (EVN) recruiting
  212. DC Pack Hunters
  213. DC Pack Hunters
  214. Clan "BODY BAGS R US"
  215. Old and Dangerous Clan
  216. Clan recruitment Old Foagies [OFF]
  217. Let's Be Cops [LBC]
  218. CoEd Gaming clan recruitment and raid group
  219. Single Players Clan Recruiting
  220. League of Mature Gamers community [LMG] (XB1, Discord, Website)
  221. GRM Gaming
  222. RogueSquad
  223. Recruiting pve and pvp players
  224. *XBOX* 18+ active clan recruitment __Raid Ready__
  225. Looking for help on missions in main game
  226. Small Clan looking for active agents to join/ Adults only
  227. Looking for a laid back clan? Look no further
  228. Division 2 XB1 Clan Recruitment
  229. Leveling Up
  230. Looking to join a group/players
  231. Level 20 clan looking for members
  232. Discord (Xbox) Eternal Honor Looking for agents!
  233. New Xbox One Clan Looking For Recruits
  234. PomPom Gang Looking for new members
  235. Recruiting DZ players.
  236. HDA Gaming recruiting - Xbox
  237. Apex PMC clan looking for recruits (Xbox1)
  238. Small Clan looking for PvE recruits
  239. [XAX] Recruiting!
  240. MR Clan/Group Looking for Players.
  241. Single Players Clan Recruiting
  242. Looking for a clan
  243. New Clan for Newbies or lower levels who have limited gaming time
  244. AgencyOfTheNine is recruiting (X1)
  245. Looking to join a clan
  246. The Spectre Alliance - Adult Gaming Community - Recruiting
  247. Apex PMC looking for more agents.
  248. Need a Clan?
  249. Join our new/ relaxed clan!
  250. Looking for 2 ppl to join my clan!!