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  1. Chat is very... transparent
  2. Some QOL requests
  3. Ps4 pro division 2 issue
  4. Weapon's in loot containers lean heavily towards shotguns...for me anyway.
  5. Add reviver to the drone
  6. PS4 Problem since the patch of 03/14
  7. Subtitles closed automatically during gameplay
  8. Escalator Bug in Control Point : Metro Ruins
  9. Please add The Division 2 offical avatars
  10. [BUG] [PS4] MOD inventory same button
  11. Why are we playing the Private Beta Build?
  12. Please make Clan name tags a shade of Blue or anything not Yellow.
  13. Weekly Clan Challenge Suggestion
  14. Reward from Open Beta for Private Beta
  15. Skill Power value
  16. Stop kicking me from my game for 'Timing out'
  17. [PS4, Feedback] Cannot deconstruct the MPX I received from Ubisoft Club
  18. My compiled list of suggestions so far
  19. Areas Not Clear/Complete In My Session When Returning From Another Player's Session
  20. Friendly resource convoy???
  21. xbox one s supper bad rendering
  22. game runs worse after patch
  23. Need Clarification on Control Points in Co-Op
  24. Unrewarding Repeats
  25. The PC UI does not respect custom hotkey changes
  26. Invisible "Ceiling"
  27. Game crashs continuously
  28. BUG - Stairs in South Dark Zone Landmarks
  29. Please consider releasing a public development API to the community
  30. Player Specific MAPS PLEASE!
  31. PC Feedback/Suggestions
  32. Gear Score values for endgame strongholds should be recommendation not requirement
  33. Leveling suggestion?
  34. Chem Launcher issues
  35. Random Spawns
  36. [XBOX] Interface - Menus
  37. Xbox One X 60FPS!
  38. Add Some Character Customization Options
  39. Suggestions for the shells and Plus 1 (ps4 pro)
  40. Cosmetics and the concept of transmog.
  41. Player Home Page Suggestion
  42. Doesnt Ubisoft Want Money - Division 2 Upgrade Option for AMD Promo - Feedback
  43. Revamp Chem Launcher controls on PC
  44. Division 2 Character Bug
  45. **Enhancement to the Graphics
  46. Please remove the negative features from the weapon mods
  47. Issue With Sniping
  48. Control Points Map Issue
  49. Please amend the social tab area
  50. Pulse skill
  51. Hive Cooldown/Capabilities
  52. Clan color
  53. Crafting Material Capacity increase needed !
  54. Damage font size
  55. [Bug Report] Bugs I encountered
  56. Please add different beard lengths and styles
  57. Is this game worth it?
  58. Day one release issues
  59. Regional Chat , Regional filters..ANYTHING !!
  60. Maintenance in middle of day? 2nd maintenance?
  61. 5.11 Backpack Names
  62. New controller bug today after 900 mb patch
  63. Inventory screen issues
  64. Please fix three UI contrast issues
  65. Adding a friend should be a lot easier
  66. PC Widnows Settings
  67. Weapon slot perk toggle
  68. Clothing Options
  69. PS4 Please let us scale all UI components
  70. rescue the civilians inside the historic district bugged?
  71. SHD Cache in Downtown west, how to get it?
  72. Bug! Idea Retail Store sidequest
  73. I will pay money to let us skip those clips when we boot up the game.
  74. BUG or someting else? Turret Skill
  75. TAC-50 hit detection
  76. Minor changes that mean a lot to me
  77. BUG? Weapon Skins
  78. About menu controls for PC.
  79. Game Crashing
  80. Tidal Basin Stronghold - World Tier 4
  81. Audio BUG
  82. Blue screen
  83. Gun sound fx
  84. Please add a clock
  85. im gonna say it!
  86. Interface not the greatest for PC..
  87. Different Mouse Settings
  88. Dyes/Dye Slots
  89. Please add more hairstyles
  90. Thank you
  91. The best mod ever
  92. Group scaling issues with wide level differences
  93. If y'all aren't planning on selling the Teddy Bear key chain as DLC... then pls do it
  94. TOPPING OFF - Tube vs Box mags - Badly Implemented (like most games)
  95. After Crafting Sequence
  96. Let me quit to desktop from the escape menu while in game
  97. Shd tech points
  98. Air wall in the Ivy Tunnel
  99. Rare/Unique Patches - Change Rarity
  100. ‘Hide chest armour’ option needed
  101. Appearance - 5 o'clock shadow beard
  102. Dark zone
  103. Absolutely must have feature
  104. Clan app
  105. [QoL] Dismantling and selling of items
  106. [QoL] Preview for weapon paints when buying with premium credit
  107. Hey Agent!!
  108. 9 Items to fix
  109. Suggestions, Bugs, And Much needed fixes.
  110. Screen Shake - I can't play the the game
  111. Game soundtrack feedback
  112. [Feedback] Ballistic Shield needs a rework
  113. Hey Ubisoft! AMD promotion is ruining the game for your players!
  114. Screen shake
  115. Ps4 pro
  116. Smart watch support for The Division 2
  117. REQUEST: What we have to do to get a localized character?!
  118. Why mods are so strangely balanced?
  119. Feedback after 55 Hours played
  120. Why no red hair ?
  121. I hate this so much, here's some feedback.
  122. Clan Management... Maybe?
  123. unable to get up the stairs at this area !!
  124. Gear does not scale in co-op with Normalisation. (PvE)
  125. Mods unbalanced - items crap too quick
  126. Error on the division website
  127. Add "Log Bug" / "Quick Bug Submit" Hot Key
  128. Potential upgrade of items
  129. Bug "Empire Autumn Hotel" Mission
  130. Little Idea for Clan Recruitment
  131. Offended by your quote "Games are more fun with friends! Start your friends list"
  132. Please add FOV slider.
  133. Takeover of Control Points
  134. Huds suggestions
  135. Non Rushing NPCs rushing
  136. Mods and AI
  137. Default Arm Patch
  138. One shot from Specialization weapon - one kill? Massive you kill PvP at all!
  139. Amor bar suggestions
  140. Put up the volume ps4 Pro (hitmarker)
  141. Crosshair
  142. Lack of Ambient Music in Division 2
  143. Flashlight and Sniper suggestions
  144. For a better skill modding Part 1
  145. QOL Suggestions - in-world GPS lines and ground clutter
  146. Show Crit damage numbers only
  147. Bugs, glitches, and requests
  149. For a better skill modding Part 2
  150. Where did 'ignore' button go?
  151. Change Clan Name Color
  152. Ridiculous attachments mechanics
  153. A faster walking speed please.
  154. Speed of bullets
  155. Add Quit Game - Please!
  156. Text Chat
  157. AI are too dumb and stupid bring back the private beta AI
  158. Audio Options - More to adjust
  159. Menu visuals
  160. Contaminated Zones feedback
  161. Silencer mods need to have their sound fixed
  162. Please add an incentive to answer the call for "Agent in need of assistance"
  163. Various items
  164. What is with their eyebrows?!
  165. Please add brightness adjustment reference image
  166. Why can't I be bald ????
  167. Feedback from me and my clan mates regarding the state of the game
  168. The in game Menus are still atrocious
  169. For the love of god ... fix the Menu
  170. Why are skin tones tied to face presets?
  171. Can we get a flashlight please?
  172. Weapon Mods make no sense.
  173. Please add DISABLE UI keybind/Remove friendly names/health bars/own health bar
  174. Control Point Officer and Resource Donations
  175. idea for survival DLC - Expansion
  176. Leveling a clan as solo player? Please remove the 4 member requirement.
  177. Totally solo unfriendly
  178. This game needs an option to adjust the Field of View (FOV)
  179. Clan Suggestions - See info on members and manage on website
  180. Please add a world tier for level 1-30!
  181. Some minor issues. And issue with hive skill.
  182. Demolitionist - Diceros Special FIX !
  183. Where do we go from here?
  184. Feedback for the Mortar turret and the flame seeker mine
  185. Change Clan members colour
  186. Duplicate Cosmetics from Craches
  187. Cutscenes letterboxing removal
  188. Can the chararter just simply keep sprint?
  189. Emote Key
  190. Give us a toggle on aimable skills
  191. Problem with skill mods(in general) and normalization.
  192. My eyebrows are red
  193. Can we get some proper reactions from the AI?
  194. making mods and attachments...
  195. outfit
  196. 4 hours later, still no help with missions. i think there's something wrong..........
  197. Lightweight M4
  198. Can u change the Loot for Challenge Quests or maybe any Dungeon.
  199. Add flashlight to this game please!
  200. What happened with the face since Division 1?
  201. Why am I glued to everything?
  202. End Game suggestion
  203. Server status in launcher
  204. Insane amount of requested skill power for mods.
  205. Hive Team reviver?
  206. Blank Icon tile for 511 clothing pickups
  207. Confirmations after disassembling an unnecessary item in the inventory.
  208. You should know which special ammo you will pick up beforehand
  210. Headset Sound zu Leise im Safehouse !!!
  211. Dear Massive: Enough with the 5.11 tac pants! Need more civilian clothing!
  212. Connecting and Protecting Diverse Communities
  213. War photography
  214. User Interface "flare"
  215. Brightness setting pointles
  216. UI
  217. PS4 LZ Supply Drops
  218. Please show folded up shield hanging on our back
  219. Font size
  220. Player owned home!!
  221. Ghosts?
  222. [Suggestion] Small UI fix: Objective marker overlapping map radar
  223. Connection issues
  224. World Tier, Weapons, Mods, Crafting Feedback, and Specialty Weapons
  225. Please increase clan member size.
  226. Send items that were dropped during instances to mailbox.
  227. Aim sensitivity
  228. Ease of life. Endgame issues.
  229. Agent backup request abuse (need a fix)
  230. [QOL] Chat should close after sending a message
  231. Please add a "Logoff and Quit" option into the game
  232. Few enhancement ideas, love the game
  233. Agent Backup Request needs to show player level
  234. Suggestion: Show MAX rolls for attributes
  235. Suggestion regarding poison damage
  236. Currencies, Materials etc are not shared across characters
  237. UI issues (Xbox specifically)
  238. [QoL] Equipment overview to show mod slot type
  239. Feedback - deconstructing gear with mods
  240. F key is hard Keybound to Rez
  241. Feedback and suggestions from my clan
  242. How to get Sweet Dreams Score
  243. Still the lights can not be broken.
  244. NPC "Line of Sight"
  245. TAC-50 Sharpshooter Rifle Bug and Feedback
  246. The Division 2 Companion App
  247. UI BUGS: Mods category and mark as junk PS4
  248. Please Allow this Extra Option in UI Customization
  249. Some trouble in Division 2
  250. Please Make us ....