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  1. List of Vanity items and dyes?
  2. Survival Standalone?
  3. Stash Space
  4. open ideas
  5. Allow sharing modded items
  6. Confirmation box when recalibrating
  7. My concerns about the proposed recalibration of mod slots and new proposal.
  8. "Motion sickness mode"...harrdy harr harr, no...its supposed to be "motion controls"
  9. Tu6 rng
  10. Allow Talents on Any Gear Piece
  11. Reduce Detection Range For Triggering Activity Start
  12. Any Chance Of Getting A Clock in the UI This Time?
  13. Gear Visual Customization
  14. Suggestions for additions based on recent SOTG
  15. Why the sharpshooter 93-R doesn't have two equiped & holstered talents?
  16. ISAAC silence please
  17. four item for complete gear set is so bad, can it return and keep 3 item for set
  18. Improvised gear
  19. TU6 Clan Suggestion
  20. Turn off alarm in whitehouse
  21. Replace items in all loadouts button
  22. Ability to recalibrate MODS as well
  23. The "Divsional" Quagmire
  24. Settlement upgrade additions/expansion?
  25. Unstoppable force
  26. pvp changes
  27. getting the mission number of NPC to scale up on the number of players
  28. New Specializations Ideas
  29. Storage space 300?!
  30. 12 Isn't Enough. Please Raise the Dark Zone Player Cap
  31. Make max stats more visible
  32. can get legendary weapon or stuff available in free play world
  33. Proposed change to the way skill mods are crafted
  34. Unhinged and Berserk
  35. What happened to Sniper Rifles?
  36. Loadout name displayed in Inventory screen please.
  37. Why are you gutting premeditated when shotguns are already subpar?
  38. DZ contaminated loot lost
  39. Loadout Saving
  40. Skirmish & Domination PVP matchmaking
  41. small sensible changes
  42. Season pass
  43. Invite Players
  44. 3-11-7 Build is STILL Too Powerful
  45. Suggestion for Newest DLC -:)
  46. Superior Support Distinction - Shepherd Commendation
  47. Unnecessary Buffs/Nerfs
  48. re: Update 6
  49. Place holder graphics for gear?
  50. Eagle bearer nerf.
  51. The castle. Hear me out!
  52. I honestly disagree with the spotter, compensated, and otr nerfs and here is why
  53. Survival
  54. Darkzone Proficiency cache
  55. Any chance of a permadeath reward arm patch
  56. gear mod inventory
  57. Running animation
  58. Twitch mods
  59. stop nearfing items waepons and gear in Pve ,
  60. Possible Dark Zone changes
  61. Missed Opportunity with Hunters
  62. PVP should only be allowed if both parties have gone rogue!
  63. DZ ''faction wars''
  64. This is why you should not nerf the EB.
  65. Targeted Loot does not solve the core issue, Quantity over Quality is not a fix
  66. Need to be able to manage clan invites or atleast have them timed out
  67. Estimados desarrolladores/ opinion td2....
  68. Tu6 suggestion/feedback so far
  69. Over 400 dislikes and climbing
  70. What have you done?
  71. Suggestion - Weekly Random Character Weapon Buff
  72. DC Collectibles Shay Refugee Camp unattainable blocked by fence
  73. Fire your PR team...
  74. Solution to all Exotics! Massive do you remember the Exotics from Division 1?
  75. Hazard Protection should affect our skills too.
  76. Delete purple loot in WT5
  77. some pvp changes
  78. No rage feedback about the alleged EB nerf
  79. Unsubscribe to newsletter, result in a big meh.
  80. Nerf heals
  81. Fix multi grouping
  82. Raise the ammo cap
  83. New mission
  84. recalibration
  85. HUD position
  86. New Conflict Maps.
  87. About this nerfs
  88. please read
  89. Suggestion to Devs please read
  90. Cross Hair on Scopes
  91. Unique Equip just means we are starting OVER AGAIN!
  92. Don't do the same mistakes as The Division
  93. Suggestion for the RNG Gods for better loot
  94. Fixing The Loot Quality With Math(Stats Distribution,"Lego"System,Gear Mods, Balance)
  95. idea for devs “Veteran mode”
  96. Merge keys on alts too
  97. Getting ready to trash most of the stash
  98. Shepherd and Call for Backup
  99. Please, make it that we don't need to Alt+Tab to seek info outside the game!
  100. Why nerf the P416?
  101. Great job Massive. Love TU6 and the balancing.
  102. DEVS: Stop Counting Mods as Regular Stash Space!!!!
  103. Crye Precision gear and kits
  104. Mixed feelings regarding LMG changes and the T821
  105. hate to regurgitate a youtuber's thoughts but...
  106. would like to know the different of armor
  107. feed back........
  108. Weapon Handling issue
  109. The division 2
  110. Suggestion: UI Item/Weapon Card changes for TU6 & beyond...
  111. ETF obviously did no good
  112. Why are gear sets losing their first two set bonuses?
  113. Future game modes.
  114. Me and my friends would like matchmaking for normal difficulty raid.
  115. Great Job No Sarcasm
  116. Please add consistency to menu keymapping on PC.
  117. to the devs
  118. Bug: New Skill power abbreviations displays wrong skillpower amount
  119. A little think, big vision.
  120. suggested added value for TU6
  121. TU6 Unique Talent Recalibration Perks
  122. Apparel event #4
  123. Future update?
  124. "recalibrate"
  125. Apparel Event feedback: Not feeling the cosmetics in this event
  126. Dark Zone "Normalization" is a Blatant Lie
  127. Perfectly Pointless
  128. turn back the occupied DZ in original NPC number and give a turret there
  129. Pretty disappointed that gear stat RNG won't be addressed in Episode 2 update.
  130. Best suggestion for TU6
  131. When will you fix the biggest problem with the game - the RNG issue?
  132. 3 Mod Slots For All Skills
  133. How can there be no vision at night?
  134. Free vanity skill mods.
  135. Grenades, Down D-pad
  136. "Perfect" talents: All in favor.... All opposed
  137. suggestion
  138. About skill power MOD nerf (battery is 1/3, yellow is 1/2)
  139. Could we get a morph in the virus... make the environment more deadly?
  140. So, can we be allowed get into the prone position now please?
  141. Whos the genius that ruined the DZ in Div2?
  142. Allow All Weapon Bonuses to be Re-calibrated
  143. Skill Mods Need to Scale Based On Skill Power
  144. give Operation Dark Hours raid be able to matchmaking
  145. Apparel Event - Cache Key not found
  146. Gunner Uniform Exclusivity
  147. What we need soon rather than later ...
  148. Exotic Components
  149. Gear and Gear Stash
  150. Solicitação para aumentar o controle sobre trapaceiros no PVP da Divisão 2
  151. A Simple Change to VASTLY Improve Dark Zone, ROGUE PINGING ON MINIMAP
  152. Delta 3 errors are back.
  153. For a looter shooter, this game is the very definition of work
  154. cant match make inside tidal basin
  155. Manning National Zoo & Uplay +
  156. Brand Set Adjustment/PvP Advice.
  157. Auxiliary Battery not being added to skill power
  158. Scrap Apparel Events!
  159. Mask Editor
  160. Apparel Box Suggestion
  161. Pente AR FAL
  162. Joining others' groups and then no matchmaking
  163. Division 2 Ivory chest
  164. Specialist Weapon Skins
  165. 2 week event, 2 projects, not enough keys!
  166. Clans
  167. Less cosmetic restrictions
  168. Add option to change text colors in chat and language/region filters
  169. New idea for random enemies and more loot.
  170. A couple suggestions......
  171. Rewards Need Adjusting In Expeditions
  172. Pvp double heals will have to be nerf
  173. Forced PVP
  174. donot like the game anymore
  175. Cross-save (PC & Console)
  176. Specialization Hat Achievement
  177. Open world modifier.
  178. Article/Interview on the data science used in The Division 2 ?
  179. Can we get a mastery system for our character to enhance endgame.
  180. "User Inventory & Interface in Episode 2" feedback - Min Max rolls on gear visible
  181. Cross platform
  182. Dz switching servers in middle of battle
  183. Attachements
  184. Armor Plates in DZ & PvP
  185. Suggestions [TU7] Skill systerm [Equipment quality, and range improvement.]
  186. [Suggestion] Perfect Talent Recal
  187. [Suggestion/TU7] Proposed re-work for end-game gear-stat budget system.
  188. Vendors
  189. Please buff hardwired
  190. Need help from a legit rifle user
  191. Hunter masks
  192. Please fix the RNG loot boxes (Video)
  193. Lines connecting activities to related CP are too thin and hard to see
  194. Keyboard and Mouse Xbox 1 and PS4
  195. Playing as a Hunter
  196. Remove unequip restrictions on footwear, please.
  197. You know what, I'm just gonna suggest it (how to fix PVP)
  198. Buff Crunch Time talent
  199. Cross platform Save NOT PLAY
  200. Suggestions:Signature Weapon, a multi rocket launcher.
  201. Why 2 support hive
  202. I take a look at Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Official Cinematic Trailer E3 2018 but
  203. Please let me abandon Gunner field research
  204. every one disappointed from TU6
  205. Suggestions for PVE and PVP
  206. Change survivalist magazine mod
  207. Reduce the amount of ammunition overall to make game more difficult and tactical
  208. loadouts
  209. The skills mod slots suggestion (video include)
  210. Add a stash on the clan housing and attach a project on screen
  211. Will we be getting a survival dlc
  212. Bomber drone still not working reliably
  213. My feedback to you the developer
  214. Darkzone redesign
  215. Auto walking/running addition
  216. A future Division in BOSTON!?!
  217. Grenade Launcher ammo pickup problem
  218. hopefully better PvP in Darkzone
  219. Castle Settlement - the DLC that gives us replayability
  220. Seasons between updates.
  221. Recommendation: The second RAID. (Reward & Gameplay Mode)
  222. Division 2 not as social as Division 1
  223. Please give display stats max values when we mouseover a stat in a piece of gear!
  224. No items for sale at vendor or Cassie
  225. TU6, and other feedback
  226. Is this game a Magic Mike simulator?
  227. Tutorials & Hints in Game Pop-Ups
  228. Secret Service Glasses Bug
  229. Roll Dodge Keybind
  230. Restorer Hive still broken
  231. new mod and gear view feedback
  232. Recalibration score has increased from 100 to 150
  233. The t821 is bad broken
  234. TU6: switching load outs says inventory is full when its not....
  235. TU6 Bug Report - cant recal Spark from BP to replace Tech Support on BP
  236. Umm guys the klaxon is still on and annoying.
  237. UI changes essential for allowing mod swap decisions
  238. You people truly don't know what to do with this game
  239. Blueprint Hints wrong
  240. Visual Bug on Projects Screen / FIX IT Please
  241. Field Research: Technician - Stage 4 [GLITCH]
  242. An idea for loot
  243. Gear Sets & Named Items
  244. Message bug
  245. HMMM... i wonder
  246. delta ****ing 3
  247. Feedback about new hive mechanics.
  248. Cant share system mod ;/
  249. Apparel Cache Keys Missing, etc
  250. M60 nerfed to much