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  1. A broken game to make you grind
  2. Mini map gamma
  3. Turrets
  4. Weapon mod suggestion
  5. 3/11/7 balancing unbreakable, bloodsucker and on the ropes
  6. Can Ubisoft actually fix anything?
  7. Foam Party and 4 minute load times
  8. Suggested rework for Sweet dreams
  9. App for phone
  10. Disproportionate drops of LMG and sniper rifles
  11. State of PvP
  12. Glitches
  13. Suggestions
  14. Conflict matchmaking
  15. Why did they lock the 20 round extended mag behind a weekly rng wall?
  16. Why do we have names above our characters in the DZ?
  17. The Division 2 & Settlement Radio Stations
  18. Make other mods other than extended magazines relevant
  19. Why did you raise the difficulty of raid?
  20. Division 2 App
  21. Why do we still have Beta issues four months later? Audio, Freezing and Delta Screens
  22. Raid loot sucks /very unrewarding
  23. Being forced into using an assault rifle
  24. What recalibration score really does and how it works
  25. Massive please, read my humble misc suggestions
  26. Bin lids? Seriously?
  27. want see Colthing store in the White house
  28. Buttons for Dodging and Covering needs to be two separate buttons
  29. Cache the loot during missions?
  30. Title Update 4
  31. Inconsistent Button Layout for looting
  32. We need style for Raids, we need decent rewards.
  33. Narration in Tidal Basin, use of the slur 'f*****rd'
  34. Would like someone to actually address the issues with the US West server on Xbox One
  35. Classified Missions
  36. Where are the blueprints
  37. (Prolly has been mentioned) Double Barrel and Premeditate
  38. Gear Mods harder to see on High-End Gear since recent patch, be sure to Favorite them
  39. 380+ hours Only One exotic drop. I give up.
  40. Raid fast travel while in combat
  41. A few suggestions on seeker mine skill change.
  42. Feedback - Audio Immersion Impression
  43. Sharpshooter Skill Changes...
  44. Some great changes coming with TU5 but there will still be 1 Big issue with crafting
  45. NPC's on Mounted Guns don't leave
  46. Coney island-the division 2
  47. Skill power builds
  48. Stop stealing my money MASSIVE!
  49. (PvP) Before changing talents and skills please consider the big problem
  50. TU5 - Change Hard Wired Feedback Loop to 5PC Bonus
  51. Enemies seem to react to red-splats precognitively.
  52. Suggestions for Ongoing Directive gear set changes
  53. [Suggestion] Skill Mod Quick Switch
  54. Double barreled glory in the dark zone
  55. Specialisation Ammo
  56. can i trade the Raid for the classified missions or other story content?
  57. God roll exotics
  58. weekly project does not reset
  59. NPC getting stuck in one place (District Union Arena)
  60. Co-Orinates? Better navigation?
  61. Cluster-mine splitting and targeting.
  62. LoadOuts Save Suggestion
  63. Comparison of skills cooldown and skill haste and concerns
  64. Matchmaking by role
  65. We need loadout marker for skill mods.
  66. Shooting Range Difficulty Option
  67. Duplicate keymapping in PC version Map Screen
  68. Bounties - matchmaking to un-completeable bounties
  69. Gunner Specialization needs love
  70. Add hunter watch belt
  71. Still...
  72. Skill Tree Reworks
  73. Unlocking specialist weapon mod regardless of weapon damage skill chosen
  74. Mission/Stronghold difficulty change SHOULD REQUIRE TEAM VOTE
  75. Show us the max potential weapon roll on a weapon that's dropped
  76. Benefits for Holding Control Points
  77. Hyenas shot grenade and glitched me into a supply container
  78. Tac-50 scope is broken
  79. Suggestion for the shooting range. Normalized stats
  80. Dodge City Gunslinger’s Holster needs to be replaceable and upgradable
  81. Daily Challenge Missions with unique modifiers
  82. Could the Shooting Range remember difficulty settings?
  83. Can I disable the glow on the Exotic Holster?
  84. Raid rewards and stats
  85. Devs: Stay strong
  86. Healing numbers and Heal Crits would be nice
  87. The Division 2-PTS prompt expires
  88. Division PVE hit a milestone
  89. Stat in skill tree
  90. Newest Update 1.09 problems
  91. Wild Life is still dropping special ammo.
  92. SO heart breaking to see an awesome game like this missing so many stuffs
  93. Just DON'T have shock turrets period
  94. about professional weapon problem
  95. Heres my sugestions & feedback with the current game...
  96. Brand gear sets
  97. Fix the Game
  98. Idea for gear drops
  99. Control Point lvl4 large loot box rewards...unrewarding.
  100. Quality of Life things I think the RAID needs (not the usual suggestions)
  101. Do the devs ever respond?
  102. Beep beep beep ...dead
  103. Warning: Toxic hosts resetting missions/strongholds
  104. Bring back the old Tac-50 scope
  105. Sound glitching, can't move
  106. Server connectivity seems borked
  107. Space Admin Quest
  108. Give us our baton back!!!
  109. Tu5
  110. The female Outcast flamethrowers are broken...
  111. Minor annoyance
  112. Poison status effect needs changes.
  113. Premeditated and double barrel need some change
  114. My 10 peneth worth on feedback
  115. Unmodification for recalibration
  116. Great video from Lt Buzz Litebeer about Weaponry & Weapon Talents
  117. Gap in the world
  118. Hard Wired Componants
  119. Raid Group
  120. TD2 Companion app
  121. Rework survivalist AR magazine
  122. Please let us mute ISAC notifications
  123. Make skill mods interesting for everyone
  124. Breaking Basilsk armor is NOT fun. Read: no gunner without Y1 Pass
  125. Raid Gear
  126. Make more weapons viable
  127. Short-cut to level 30
  128. Short cut to lvl 30
  129. Quick menu for grenades
  130. what's with the gear requirements?
  131. What I wouldn't do for some "donor" backpacks with decent AWD on them...
  132. my opinion of pvp
  133. Liberty Pistol Issues
  134. Mouse-Over-Selection needs to go
  135. PTS Exotic change criticism.
  136. Aesthetics
  137. Open Map Icon
  138. Initial feedback on skills and crafting bench
  139. Federal Emergency bunker
  140. TU5 PTS Initial feedback and ?bugs?
  141. TU5 Skill Haste
  142. West Side Pier idea for Division 2
  143. Please remove toy snakes in the game
  144. Escopetas pvp
  145. Sharpshooter signature weapon amo
  146. Aim Assist ? Causing Gun Erratic Behavior
  147. Could we get these simple QOL changes added to TU5 before it goes live?
  148. For this PTS and Future PTS to come
  149. Extremely timid NPC’s
  150. One Tiny Little Feedback about a Chest piece Talent
  151. AR talent that moves crit range to 0
  152. Display total Skill Power for ALL skills, not just equipped ones
  153. Live Game BUG on PC: Grenades won't equip
  154. Wrong Stats showing
  155. What's the point of Ubisoft Support?
  156. Crosshair and damage wall of text
  157. How did they go from perfect D1 force feedback, to this!?
  158. pls dont be so greedy as ArenaNet
  159. The butchering of the badger
  160. Maybe add some "Model" Rifles and some other ideas
  161. Rolls on gear are trash-devs spoonfeed content creators with godlike loot
  162. armor for players is still dog**** and the new minigun is worse than a pistol
  163. Blurry rendering
  164. Buff shotguns
  165. So when are we getting the update to Barber?
  166. Duplicate Protection for Key Caches
  167. All the feedback the developer team really needs
  168. ODZ doesn't make any sense
  169. Manning National Zoo ideas.
  170. Refund Option for Year One Pass Holders
  171. Buff pistols
  172. Bug: dismantling turret makes loot disappear
  173. Let the flashes be used for the Exotic weapon and the main weapon
  174. Latest State of the Game
  175. Ubisoft caters to pc not consoles
  176. What is the fix for PvP in Division 2 ?
  177. All weapons are equal, some more than others!
  178. This gear makes no sense
  179. World Hole?
  180. Please give us P320 pistol full-size version
  181. Classic M44 Carbine
  182. Bounty problems
  183. Please implement an "Inbox filter" for loot.
  184. The game needs better loot progression and better items rather than more of them.
  185. RNG rework WIP
  186. Swap secondary weapons on the go, or give us more ammo
  187. Group difficulty modifier
  188. mudanças e atualizações
  189. After 2k hours in Division 1, and lots of fun, I am considering leaving D2 for good..
  190. Lost signature weapon ammunition
  191. Aces and Eights -New buff
  192. Suggestion to Streamline the Gearing Process
  193. Survivalist Redux Idea
  194. They still haven't fix the bug,or bother to mention it in the SOTG.
  195. Give me back my money -Gold pass
  196. Weapons nuff said!!!
  197. Providence holster
  198. I'd love a WT5 setting for "CP3/4" difficulty.
  199. We need a counter to tanky players solution add more red talents
  200. Sharpshooter X-Stat Armor Kit - Supplimentary Talent suggestion
  201. So unlocking gunner spec
  202. For a True PvP Normalization
  203. Where's the fun in this? A PTS question.
  204. Gamedesigners, seriously?
  205. Td2
  206. No Badger Tough mask blueprint.
  207. I'd like to see resistence in division 2 again
  208. Sniper tower glitch, inside the sniper tower next to checkpoint.
  209. The game sucks
  210. Feedback on Specialist Ammunition
  211. Please mute Inaya al-Khaliq
  212. Please let us fast travel to invaded missions and strongholds.
  213. Improved accessibility to RAID systems Set up compensation for all users
  214. Is PvP and DZ Being Ignored? What Is Redstorm Doing?
  215. Can we please get the ability to skip the invasion cutscene?
  216. Buff/Cool down indicator for Rooted talent
  217. Suggestion - Small UI change for mods slots on gear screen
  218. De-bugging the revive hive
  219. Please do not gut shotguns because of premeditated
  220. Bug: Unable to pick up Specialization ammo (Grenade launcher)
  221. Nemesis scope bug
  222. Shotgun nerf should be deployed early guys dz is just full of shotgun tanky squads
  223. Minigun.exe has stopped working
  224. Got all HUNTER masks but not all ivory keys
  225. Shotguns should only be nerfed in PvP, and buffed in PvE.
  226. Seller from Clan Area - Stopped selling cosmetics?
  227. PTS Feedback
  228. Fix Black Tusk explosive spam or i will stop playing
  229. Bug: Cant fast travel to invaded missions/strongholds
  230. Bug: Over-aggressive Black Tusk NPC behavior on Normal difficulty
  231. Bug: Invaded strongholds only reward 5 specialization points (should be 10)
  232. 5 Run Raid Patch
  233. this is a little overkill isnt it ?
  234. War dogs!!!
  235. Overall Feedback
  236. sell without being at the safehouse/whitehouse or give us more space
  237. Control Points- Donation Box option
  238. Gear/weapons
  239. DZ Time To Kill Is Too Slow (No Longer Cover Based)
  240. Feedback on the TAC-50 (OR why the TAC-50 is more trouble than it is worth)
  241. Vikram malik
  242. Bug Roosevelt boss not spawning
  243. More player spots in online mode 4 v 4 leaves most of our clan out
  244. Rifles need 50% more base damage. At least.
  245. A revamp of recalibration and normalization for better PvE and PvP experience.
  246. Complete guide to "fix" PVP - Guide by Veteran PVP player
  247. New Gear Set "Haste and Hardy" - Awesome!
  248. Please double the amount of Electronics - Titanium
  249. Well if finally happened
  250. Buff sniper ammo capacity for aces and eights gear set