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  1. Kendra Liberty Pistol buff
  2. Make blueprints & Weapon mods shareable across characters
  3. Tech Proficiency Progression: A New Skills Modding System (suggestion)
  4. Solving the 'too random/too much RNG' problem.
  5. Can we do away with the NPC controlled weather?
  6. Dark zone map change
  7. Australian servers suck!
  8. My thoughts to improve gear sets.
  9. Come on guys!! The 31th? Really... and Valves grrr
  10. Idea to fix crafting
  11. Wow Ubisoft, Just Wow
  12. Loot drops are just awful right now regardless of content played
  13. Heroic Loot
  14. Vendor suggestion!
  15. Rng and healers
  16. RNG too large
  17. Exchange gear for Clan XP
  18. location problem (impossible to loot )
  19. Normalization vs. Base Numbers
  20. Enemy aggressiveness is not fixed, despite patch notes
  21. Dear Ubisoft, this is my feedback on the current state of your game.
  22. Chatterbox
  23. Base of Operations Ground Floor Alarm
  24. Pls make recalibration better
  25. Selling items organization pls
  26. where is the balance in the weapons?
  27. Knee Cap talent isn't useful
  28. Improvements to the long-term use of content in Division 2
  29. TU3.1 Monday
  30. Heroic SOLO invasive mission.
  31. True Patriot Suggestion
  32. Pulling Out Signature Weapon
  33. Hello Ubisoft, This is my current problems i encountered and my suggestion to you :)
  34. Suggestion: add 20% Healing bonus on Hardwired 3 piece bonus
  35. SHD tech
  36. RNG - this requires a MAJOR overhaul from a gear/weapons perspective
  37. inventory: show only new items
  38. Bug with weapon talent Measured?
  39. Viewpoint invaded mission
  40. Add chat filters or add a unlimited mute list...
  41. Optimization Feedback
  42. Cheryl Bryant Vendor Idea Change
  43. Summary Feedback to alllow developers to focus
  44. Moving weapon damage on brands
  45. QOL changes for shotguns
  46. Switching Specialization weapons like the D50 into recipes instead...
  47. Stop nerfing and buffing
  48. add mission and raid money to buy items
  49. Fix specializations before you think about adding new ones.
  50. Make respawn timer shorter due to loading times on console.
  51. Trauma Talent Proc is too short
  52. Make bleed and fire damage do a fixed % of the enemy health
  53. Enhance PvE useless skills please?
  54. VIDEO Assembly switching does not work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  55. Feedback and Personal Opinion of the Current State of the Game
  56. Friendly fire
  57. [ Suggestions ] 给这个多层需求的随机掉落系统写个建议
  58. Normalization Exploit
  59. Normalization in Dark zone
  60. ??? how do i respond to a "call for back up" ...? on PS4
  61. Your Game is DYING Already!! Fix the DZ, PVP is what gives this game longevity
  62. After buff the Pestilence is still weak
  63. Have the Vendors sell good usable 500 gear. The money is pretty much useless
  64. Ruthless Exotic Not Showing Up!
  65. Fix aiming mechanics on consoles.
  66. TU 3.1 Missing Fixes!
  67. Still Missing My Week One Dark Hours Patch
  68. Hunter keys and other issues
  69. Hotkey for skill builds
  70. Raid suggestion
  71. "Loot all as junk" still not fixed after 3.1 PC
  72. 500 Gear Score Loot
  73. Clan villages and other suggestions.f
  74. Loot dilution and RNG.
  75. Gear, Attributes, Talents, Rolls, Goals... and BLOAT.
  76. My Gasmask
  77. The Maury Povich show revival
  78. Inventory Mini Game! I JUST LOVE IT! Pls FIX
  79. skill mods
  80. Attributes Decreasing upon Recalibration
  81. Eagle Bearer Fix
  82. It's time to open the raid to matchmaking
  83. Zone Broke?
  84. Clan Insignia additions or import
  85. What needs to be honored
  86. Thanks for the patch
  87. Freedom for recalibration! Let's optimize our stuff instead of praying!
  88. Sort armor by mod type.
  89. Lullaby and sweet dreams glitch
  90. Rng
  91. Collect components : total failure
  92. Suggestion -- Add the ability to mark item/attributes you want
  93. Sell items marked as trash from Stash in bulk
  94. Can I start doing more with my E-Credits, please...
  95. Week One Completion Arm Patch Still Missing
  96. Hello Massive, here is my insight of what needs to change PVP only.
  97. Why did you make the Hunters a gimmicky after thought?
  98. A better alternative to the planned nerf of generic mods & some other suggestions
  99. Add Honey Badger rifle
  100. Character linking
  101. Occupied DZ NPCs
  102. MODs taking a nerf?
  103. [PVP] LMG hip-fire
  104. "Name contains restricted words or profanity"
  105. Suggestion for the "turn in weapon / gear with specific talent"
  106. Last man battalion outfit
  107. Quality of life suggestions regarding Inventory management
  108. Nerf Mercillis
  109. the division 2
  110. Bleed Needs Something More
  111. Apparel Becomes Customizable!!!
  112. Operator outfits juggernaut?
  113. Conflict: Eagle bearer
  114. Mas materiales de fabricacion para recalibraciones
  115. Maybe a wrong size of Police M4
  116. Change Rogue agents in DZ
  117. NPC's fix
  118. Delta
  119. Matchmaking for DZ zones
  120. [Suggestion] Make A Reward For Completing All Bounties
  121. Covert crafting materials
  122. Suggestions
  123. about weapon crate and gear crate
  124. Firing range suggestion
  125. More options to re-customize agents in Barber
  126. concession?...
  127. Crafting suggestion
  128. Hunters SILL not spawning after update and Call for Backup still glitched.
  129. Week One Completion Arm Patch Still Missing
  130. PTS server !!!
  131. Hi all!
  132. Help reverting the Ruthless back to Merciless
  133. Why can't I switch my builds
  134. I'm On Fire!!!
  135. Is anyone still using Safeguard ?
  136. Repost of what I said
  137. We need PvP content soon. (XB1)
  138. Siren at White House
  139. Pvp-less dark zone or new Pestilence drop areas
  140. New problem similar at exploits of armor
  141. PTS forum?
  142. Generic mod clarification needed.
  143. Weapon Magazine looks smaller
  144. Return of ultra aggressive NPCs????
  145. Please allow us Heroic difficulty on ALL missions
  146. please remove the heartbeat sound everywhere.
  147. 2 QOL Comments
  148. Stack healing for the win in the dz!
  149. ODZ PVP + NPCs = No Fun, No Ammo.
  150. Always get something from deconstructing
  151. Do not make a Division 3.
  152. The Division 2 in Console
  153. PvP rewards are very few for its long long waiting time
  154. R N Gesus Way Too Stingy
  155. Clan suggestion
  156. Aux battery mods
  157. Nemesis headshot damage bonus
  158. RNG feedback.
  159. Mission objectives and AI
  160. Emma Richards to help with recalibration
  161. Some UI Consistency Would Be Nice
  162. Inherent problem with damage calculation
  163. Disappointed
  164. Dark Zone Roque Farming
  165. Raid loot.
  166. PvP, Representante Brasil, competição - clã x clã - 8x8
  167. Suggestion: Please release us from the Invasion Animation
  168. More HUD/UI Customisation (Spotter notification especially)
  169. Upgrading your game edition
  170. Old things that would like back and some new suggestions
  171. Pulse suggestions
  172. Donate X Items Project - Proposal
  173. Black Tusk grenade spam/explosive drones
  174. "Damage to Elites" should trickle down - sure doesn't seem like it does.
  175. Game needs sooooo much work
  176. List of fixes that need IMMEDIATE attention or this game will die.
  177. BUG: Nemesis shots not registering and no shot!
  178. Exotic Part disappears
  179. Firefly Burster and Demolisher
  180. Specializations don't feel specialized
  181. Division 2 is becoming less fun
  182. Quality of life improvement shd project
  183. raid bully
  184. One AR for everybody. Is that what we want?
  185. suggestion for EFFICIENT talent
  186. On the Ropes
  187. Armor rolls / allocation of talents, attributes and mods
  188. Is anyone going to fix the Logitech headset issue??? Ever???
  189. Request to open the raid box with 4 keys
  190. Punishing Crafting Station.
  191. [Suggestion] HUD blocks crosshairs, allow us to move/resize it
  192. suggestion: Rouge in PVE
  193. Sticky Post Suggestion - Player Concerns
  194. Improve Supply Drops
  195. Return mask and eyewear for outfits?
  196. Regarding update 4 and the change to mod slots
  197. SURVIVAL MODE! Gameplay mechanics, objectives... And the return of Aaron Keener.
  198. FX Slot for Battery
  199. Pooled resources and blueprints
  200. Afk/idle disconnection duration
  201. My thought for The Division2
  202. Can we get a UI option to hide the World Tier icons over NPCs?
  203. Please pay attention to your fan base/Customer base! #LikeFTW
  204. White house alarm and red light
  205. Activity log: projects
  206. Bring back Consumables and their animations...!
  207. Raid checkpoints lost (not weekly reset)
  208. Clan communication
  209. Suggestion: Equalize Skill Droprates - Example: Projects
  210. Gunner's minigun needs more audio punch
  211. Game hackers
  212. Skill Builds Rework - How to Make Skill Builds Viable Again
  213. The Glitched Shiny Backpack Trophy Looks Really Cool! Can we have more?
  214. Skill builds; and the talents that help. Episode 1.
  215. The Castle
  216. How does this guy take zero damage? I think he's hacking?
  217. Pets
  218. We need tougher content
  219. Idea’s for the future.
  220. Logical Ideal: Fix all the bugs before nerfing!
  221. Ballistic shield now have bug on reparing.
  222. Play video or Deconstruct all? Why not both? No game never both, never both.
  223. Suggestions for RNG, progress and build diversity
  224. Maybe we could do about the settelment "The castle" that got destroyed.
  225. Ubisoft, you need to give us updates. Stop leaving us in the dark.
  226. Week One Completion Arm Patch Still Missing
  227. It doesn't make any sense to log me out "due to inactivity" when I'm waiting for your
  228. Muting in between conflict matches
  229. Become a Hunter
  230. Normalization needs to end
  231. Recalibration
  232. Why is no one addressing this ?!?!?!?!
  233. Suggestion: Loot preference selection
  234. Crosshair color
  235. Pin items to loadouts for management
  236. Firing range buff toggle
  237. nerf on exotic/merciless items
  238. Spec weapons
  239. Idea for credits; premium vendor/crafting specialist
  240. Re: State of the game #124
  241. Hardwire Gear set
  242. Negotiators Dilemma Gear Set Feedback and Suggestions.
  243. Bullet Registration Issue
  244. DZ & Rogue System Suggestions
  245. Crafting, UI and Quality of life...
  246. Division & Drones (skill system rework proposition)
  247. PvE has become too easy, what now?
  248. Why ???need an admin to anser me....
  249. Make status effect scale with the enemy health
  250. Whats the point of the police magnum when the 1911 has the same damage?