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  1. Major issue with upgrading existing exotic Ruthless/Merciless weapons
  2. Some Bugs I've noticed
  3. Massive Please Look! - You are able to bring in Special Ammo from OUTSIDE the DZ
  4. Dual Wield Pistols, Flashlights, gas sweeper mine
  5. Improvements to the Shooting Range
  6. It would be nice to have seperate forum for PTS
  7. Crafting Station
  8. Just Not Having Fun in WT4 or 5...
  9. On Kill Procs and Effects - Suggestion to make these viable for non-weapon builds
  10. I think I know what's causing the permanent "new" mark on the inventory
  11. Gear sets are in need of talents
  12. Control point take over unfair in rewarding players.
  13. Add the ability to change region server
  14. Backpack Ornament Idea
  15. 2 shot shotgun to over powerd in dz normalized
  16. probably heard this before....
  17. Uniforms Suck - They should be available as individual appearance gear pieces instead
  18. Ability To Put Tattoos On Each Arm/Leg
  19. My Suggestion About Skill
  20. Soundtrack Ideas on top of the BRILLIANT score already
  21. Let's talk Talent Triggers!
  22. Let's talk Talent Triggers!
  23. Rick Vallasi Returns
  24. Add in checkpoints to Heroic missions.
  25. Ruthless and Merciless changes
  26. AI NPC Skills and specializations
  27. PvP/PvE Balancing Idea
  28. Please thin out the x4, x8 and other scope reticles/crosshairs
  29. New York After Dark mission issue
  30. Skill issues again
  31. Please fix control point loot
  32. Feature request - Ability to shoot lights
  33. Ideas for a balanced end game to cater for all players -
  34. broken NPCs RNG damage
  35. DH Kneepads are not dropping!
  36. Some Thoughts on Specializations
  37. I upgraded my exotic gun and got less damage
  38. Crafting, optimizing and drop rates (and stash space of course)
  39. Weapon talents not proccing
  40. Suggestion for future balancing
  41. DZ Rogue Agents
  42. Suggestions for skill improvements
  43. Dark zone cancer
  44. MASSIVE (Pun Intended) Props to Ubisoft/Massive!
  45. Blue Prints
  46. Control Points
  47. When I leave a party, please just bring me to BOO
  48. Branded Gear Sets
  49. Can we get Red!!!!
  50. Grand Washington Hotel doors !
  51. Make skill mods work like weapon mods so they actually mod the skill in unique ways
  52. Blueprint activities should reward SHD points instead, then redeemed for blueprints
  53. darkzone
  54. Vanity Items
  55. Skills, Skill Varients, Skill Mods - Just some things that are un-Fun-ing the game
  56. Marksman damage seems too low in challenging mode
  57. SotG feedback: More skill mods (battery aux) is DEFINITELY not the solution!
  58. Please fix matchmaking
  59. Turning on/off scopes 8x and higher
  60. Hard wired Prototype bugged?
  61. +Armor, health, protection from elites don't do anything
  62. Losing interest in invasion missions
  63. Static Waypoints
  64. DZ contaminated loot stash
  65. 300 hours Observations/Quality of life
  66. Revert Chem Launch Controls
  67. Viewing Mods for your skills & More
  68. GS 510 still getting 494 high end drops
  69. Slow load times still persist
  70. Hyena Tank Top visual bug
  71. Fix potomac relief camp bug!
  72. Loading Time is not bett
  73. Projects completion stuck at 92%
  74. Randomized invaded missions??? really?
  75. Chat color
  76. Raids
  77. Bring back original difficulty options for Tom Clancy fans.
  78. C'mon let us FAST TRAVEL to invaded missions and strongholds already.
  79. Socom MK20 SSR bloom
  80. Save specialization with loadouts
  81. Recalibration changes and state of the game FB
  82. Would love if demo expert ....
  83. Being able to save different skill types in load outs.
  84. In game patch notes still old version and connectivity option
  85. Target markers
  86. Stuck after respawn BUG
  87. Need better options go get closer to the parts we need for builds
  88. Matchmaking needs work
  89. Suggestion: coharie arms ca-415 rifle
  90. Why is this game so unstable on PS4?
  91. Xbox captures!!!
  92. From The Division 1 3000hrs+ to The Division 2 170hrs+
  93. Why the repetitiveness
  94. [ QOL ] Mark mods as trash inside mods selection menu
  95. Gear System needs rework
  96. [Suggestion] Invaded Rotation Change
  97. Crafting Station Idea
  98. Interactive proof of concept / prototype I made for a better Skill Mod experience
  99. Specialzations: Why i think they are bad, and how i would overhaul them (Very Long)
  100. Accessibility settings
  101. Ghost mode from Wildlands to Division 2
  102. Killed players, they dropped low gearscore items, now we're all upset?
  103. Specialzations weapon skins.
  104. [PS4] Seeker mine
  105. The high-end Shield Splintered AR should be an up-gradable exotic weapon.
  106. Feedback on gear mod slots, attributes
  107. Maybe take some queues from Path of Exile dev team
  108. Blockade
  109. Specialization Ammo
  110. Hunter outfits
  111. Clan leader boards
  112. Please change the helicopter!
  113. things i dislike in the new DZ form the DZ (PvP not PvE)
  114. Division 2 Soundtrack Score
  115. Long Animations - Casting Times - Skills Deployed - Weapon/Signature Swap - Grenades
  116. Fix Crafting and How Loot Drops
  117. Nerf Sharpshooter specialization
  118. Clan weekly cache XP requirements
  119. Stadium conflict map glitch spot
  120. Idea for additional approach to High-End Skill Mods
  121. Suggestion - A Looking for Clan Sub Channel in LFG
  122. Why do we lose all the specialist ammo when quitting?
  123. Performance from PTS (PLEASE SERVER TEAM LOOK)
  124. Give me back the Glock18c
  125. Hard wired prototype project boring AF
  126. Better Mask Customization and Options
  127. Can you please let us abandon the hardwire project?
  128. The Assault Rifles have the same sound
  129. Kicking players
  130. Right Mouse Button (Aiming)
  131. Division 2 problems and what Ubisoft needs to do to address them
  132. The small things.
  133. Heroic Missions
  134. Weapon Recalibration Score
  135. Invaded Missions
  136. PlayStation can't be on PTS server
  137. Is our clan the only clan dying due to the irrelevance of current gear and the SOTG?
  138. anyone tired of invaded missions and Tidal Basin yet?
  139. Stash Space Issues - Change Stash Mods Storage To Work Like Backpack Storage
  140. Fix Tidal Basin Launcher
  141. Stash Space Issues - Re-calibration Requirements Artificially Increase Storage Issues
  142. RNJesus and the endgame grind problems. NOT A RANT but a constructed letter
  143. [PTS] [GEARSETS] Opinion
  144. Second Character, Second Clan.
  145. cant hijack the rope?
  146. Massive - All the balancing will be for nothing if you donít nerf ďOn the ropesĒ
  147. Small QoL change for the ''Distributed Repair'' talent of the Survivalist
  148. Explosions, skills vs run-n-gun
  149. Tactician drone visible HUD when active is distracting
  150. Damage based skills in Conflict
  151. Inventory QoL suggestion
  152. Bug: Compensated gear talent
  153. Clan suggestin
  154. Heroic missions and drones
  155. How about dog packs?
  156. Shotguns need a rework
  157. Enhance PvP
  158. Please Change the Way Gear Mods Are Slotted
  159. Donating to projects from stash
  160. Special Ammo Perk
  161. A propsoal to create build diversity, have Brand Sets give Skill Cooldown
  162. Underwhelming Power of Shotguns
  163. Minigun does little/no damage when nemesis is equipped
  164. Lets Train our Militia! :D
  165. Skills MODs requirements
  166. Patience rebalance
  167. This is how the game should have been made (Video Included) Dev please explained
  168. Unlootable boxes?
  169. Bounty Unlock
  170. More ammo
  171. Shared resources between characters
  172. Warhound EMP Burst...
  173. Key Mapping - consistent for every item/inventory page - let us do it or do it right
  174. Bring back ability to mark enemies
  175. BUG: Stationary MG (Minigun) while Equipped Nemesis
  176. Any Plans to Rework Specializations?
  177. Neutral Lighting doesn't affect loading screen/Megamap (Headaches/Eyestrain)
  178. Hardwired Tech droprate increase needed
  179. Dark Zone Leveling
  180. Rolls range for min/max freaks
  181. thank you for the idea of granting more ammo, but....
  182. Make Skills Great Again
  183. Fun Improvement Ideas
  184. Tier 5 control points solo
  185. Division-Where it is at, and what could be done
  186. Limited stash space + nerfs = I quit / Gold package deceit
  187. Crit range on Assault rifles
  188. [ABSOLUTE BS] Re-calibrating From Weapon Marked As Favorite
  189. Graphics
  190. Put your gear set ideas here,
  191. after mission report
  192. Hunter/ivory key box
  193. the enterance song
  194. Level 4 control point rant
  195. general thoughts about dz
  196. Enemy melee damage, invisible poison gas, and enemy emp grenades
  197. Targetting control points from control points map bug.
  198. About "meta" builds.
  199. Selecting skills via a skill wheel
  200. Rename Rifle to Semi-Auto Rifle
  201. ambushers
  202. Faction chests refresh timer...PLEASE
  203. Staying in cover should grant way more bonuses
  204. Snitch cards may be bugged
  205. Division 2 PTS Solo
  206. Dayly procedural mission
  207. Custom Maps
  208. Big Game Hunter Trophy bugged
  209. The control point system in world 5 need to be improved!
  210. Annoying issues to report to the Dev's
  211. Signature Ammo mechanic isnít working
  212. Lets keep PVE and PVP different.
  213. Our State of the Game, to Dan and the Devs
  214. Weird Inventory bug
  215. Loot, it is all bad
  216. Clan hats changes color, bug?
  217. Shooting ghosts and healing spirits (logic behind talents).
  218. 0% Stat Bug
  219. Introducing Set Bonus Augments
  220. High-Ends vs Gear Sets
  221. Gear Sets - Design Decisions & Where they should be headed.
  222. enemies rubber banding when you initially start to shoot
  224. Can we choose the targets?
  225. something for solo players
  226. Please let us loot faster
  227. first impressions
  228. Favorite Skill Mods
  229. Instead of Zombies why not AvP
  230. Minor thing, but kinda immersive breaking
  231. Loot purple
  232. UX/UI - Place Attributes Above The Description (Green Gear Sets)
  233. Crafting improvements
  234. rotten to the core
  235. Killer and Close & Personal talents not working.
  236. Idea : Castle Settlement
  237. 6 Loadouts is not enough!
  238. new gun suggestion
  239. @devs destroying builds is not the way to go
  240. "new" mission ideas
  241. Fix the cant switch between loadouts glitch
  242. Sharpshooter Tactician 2nd Cooldown
  243. Equipment to check the system really is very bad.
  244. The first and the last thread
  245. Exotics Arenít Worth Using/Too Much Repetition/Gear Grind Seems Pointless
  246. [Suggestion] Adjust loot drop probability based on gear equipped/in inventory/stashed
  247. Scope - Marksman Rifle - Toggle On/Off
  248. Medic Gear Set PLEASE!!!!
  249. Survey-We want your feedback
  250. 25 mobs spawn around drop point