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  1. Stuttering in PC version
  2. Pre-load question
  3. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  4. AMD Rapid Packed Math ?
  5. PC troubleshooting for various issues
  6. Connection issues? Check here!
  7. Game still not unlocked
  8. FOV locked
  9. Far Cry New Dawn FAQs and Troubleshooting
  10. Far Cry New Dawn FAQs and Troubleshooting
  11. Got stuck
  12. Crashes after intro cut scene
  13. Reverse!!!!
  14. 2070 Black Flickering
  15. [Crash] Game crashes in Tutorial Mission
  16. Music volume too low
  17. Sound Issue (NPCs)
  18. Game crash after Upgrading the Training Camp
  19. Report on various bugs
  20. Constantly crashing to desktop
  21. Cannot take down people "F"
  22. Game not starting at all
  23. mouse/keyboard commands with controller
  24. Remaping keys issues
  25. Bugged Mission!
  26. Steam HD Texture Pack - Available Now
  27. No Cut Scene Voices
  28. No Cut Scene Voices
  29. Noise in graphics
  30. Cannot purchase Club Rewards
  31. Is Sli Supported or not?
  32. Autosave Stutter
  33. farcry new dawn problem
  34. Game will only allow russian or chinese as language
  35. Game pad problems
  36. Auto Aim settings not saving
  37. [BUGS][LA-Open World][DROP FPS] Memory leaks and many LA issues
  38. A bit of lag with the GTX 1070
  39. Can't hear any NPC voice acting PC
  40. [BUGS] In-game store crash
  41. JetSki and boat unusable in expedition
  42. Subtitles keep turning back on.
  43. Mission Bug: Far Cry New Dawn - The Prophecy Main Mission
  44. bookworm-4c7c267c on Far Cry 5 and New Dawn
  45. Seaplane Key Bindings Not Working
  46. bug - No keyboard key is given to hold up amulet on pc
  47. Unable to start the Game [Far Cry new Dawn has stopped working]
  48. [BUG] Da loot goes on ...
  49. Can't enter home base to upgrade
  50. The game does not show up on any activity pages, public profiles on Steam.
  51. Error:Granite-2000000
  52. My save disappeared after 10 hours play, anyway to solve this?
  53. BookWorm 2cea2bdc
  54. Error:Snowshoe-4C6346c4
  55. static/refresh issue
  56. Black screen after liberating outposts
  57. Fix for controllers for farcry new dawn and farcry 5
  58. V-Sync disabled on fullscreen, maybe since day-one patch
  59. Into The Bliss
  60. Buying Far Cry Credits Issue
  61. So Completage Bug?
  62. newsletter subscription
  63. Problems with 360 controller on PC....and no its not the steam version
  64. upgrading perks blocks off stash?
  65. Error code Snowshoe EA8151F
  66. Games Crashing - No Error Message
  67. [MINOR BUG] The Rook outfit (Club Rewards) shows Joey Hudson's name instead of "Rook"
  68. Statics are wrong? 93%
  69. The Prophecy bugges
  70. Hdr10 bug
  71. Deep Dive buggy
  72. @ MODS, a few BUGS
  73. HD Texture pack using up memory and crashing
  74. Subtitle settings always reset after restart.
  75. HUD bug or something
  76. Cant move after respawn
  77. An error occurred Alberta-FFF0BDC0 - happens during coop
  78. [RESOLVED] no matter how hard I try , I can't align the symbols on the 3rd location
  79. Game crashed and no saved games left
  80. No music or stations on vehicle radios
  81. The Judge's AI is broken
  82. [RESOLVED] Cant quit mission
  83. Vram Leaking
  84. Unable to pickup sniper rifle
  85. Error granite 2000000 help me please
  86. Cant Finish Nick Rye Rescue Mission
  87. game will not play offline mode after yesterdays uplay update
  88. Achievement bug
  89. i simply can't play
  90. black screen after a outpost
  91. Mission: Upgrade Prosperity - Rescue All Specialists 4/5
  92. Large black boxes and weird shadow effects + other issues
  93. the prophecy mission
  94. Colour/brightness terrible, stuttering gameplay
  95. Co-op server error: Maine-5F
  96. Elite Take Down Challenge Issue with Eden's Gift
  97. Ennemies spot you behind a walk, even at 10 miles away
  98. Game won't even launch
  99. Switching off subtitles doesn't save
  100. Mission Fail Bug
  101. Story progress 80% far cry new dawn
  102. Recommended Graphics settings.
  103. Can't use guns for hire in co-op even though support page said I could?
  104. missing upgrade and perks and other fails
  105. wondering the eta of next update/patch?
  106. Mouse Problem
  107. Update just downloaded.
  108. My "fix" for the constant crashing to desktop
  109. Prophecy lvl 3
  110. How to get 100% completion
  111. Black Screen after Twins-Kids-'Nade scene. Prosperity stuck at Lv 1.
  112. Farcry new Dawn
  113. voice chat not working
  114. Blue Flashes!
  115. game still in v1.0.2
  116. Update fixed nothing.......
  117. Have finished game but look at stats.
  118. Collectables are white - as if I have a cheat enabled.
  119. GFH command/battle cry mismatch and/or several at once!
  120. Challenges
  121. Game not loading
  122. Problem during Installation
  123. Crashing at the beginning of the game
  124. Continues instant crash after small game client patch (5-7 reports sent)
  125. bought the game on steam but does not show up in UPLAY
  126. Goodbye Ubi
  127. No Cover From FC New Dawn For Ubisoft Club
  128. 1.12 patch for 5.. UBI you screwed up again! No offline play in FC5 Or ND get error.
  129. Unable to open parachute - plus lost items
  130. missing perks !
  131. Items not adding up
  132. Bug: bringing ethanol truck to "The Chop Shop" does nothing
  133. Missing Far Cry 5 Rewards
  134. Blue Sceen of death (BSOD) DPC_WATCHDOG VIOLATION
  135. FayCry New Dawn Freezing
  136. Game freezes for a few seconds
  137. Funny concept of navigation
  138. 50% off far cry new dawn, before i buy, the game still has autosave stutter?
  139. Lipsinc
  140. Far Cry New Dawn Rewards Not Unlocked!
  141. Great easter-eggy bug
  142. Issue with variable graphics focus
  143. Highway man jumps into sandbags
  144. Timber refusing to revive
  145. Some AI's do not know when they are done.
  146. Ultra-wide (21:9) cropped to (16:9) in menu, cutscenes and when using binoculars
  147. Invisible outpost enemys and co-op player stuck in place
  148. Game will not launch
  149. Buy Driver's License, Passport, ((macbrown799@gmail.com))whatsApp ((+44(7405872978))
  150. Solution for the Autosave Stuttering
  151. Club Challenges not unlocking
  152. Play 1920x1080 on 3840x1080 monitor
  153. Ubisoft, when will the Autosave Bug finally be fixed?
  154. When will the Autosave Bug of FC ND and FC 5 (Primal?) be fixed?
  155. There was an Update Today 10 July 2019
  156. New Bug
  157. Ubisoft, what's up with your Support?
  158. Ubisoft, what is going on? We need some informations
  159. Could you please fix the autosave stutter in FC5 and FCND?
  160. The autosave bug
  161. Inventory items stripped out during co op
  162. 4 out of 5 specialists?
  163. Issue with Days of Blunder Mission
  164. Far Cry Credits Purchase - Not Working!
  165. Issue with keys
  166. Mission Info Stuck On Screen
  167. My last Question about the Autosave Bug
  168. Do People get ripped by Ubisoft?
  169. Amulet placement - last one, the Mill bug
  170. Farcry New Dawn Uplay achivement and challenge issues, can someone please help!
  171. Far cry new dawn
  172. Going Backwards
  173. The unfixed bug
  174. Can't revive Horatio or Timber bug
  175. Blackscreen after scavenging, keys and mouse dead but audio remains
  176. Blackscreen after scavenging, keys and mouse dead but audio remains
  177. New Danw limited radio station
  178. Can't install game
  179. Purchased the game didnt show up in my Library
  180. Uplay HD texture patch freeze at 99%, can't launch game.
  181. crash:alt/tab
  182. Mo' Mommy, Mo' Problems
  183. Lost my save progress
  184. Graphics: water reflection
  185. Crash Due to cldflt.sys on Exiting FC New Dawn
  186. Can't use ubisoft club rewards items in the game
  187. Alberta-FFF0BDC0 error using same network
  188. Xbox 360 controller No reverse in land vehicles and no descend in helicopters
  189. Problem authenticating
  190. Bugged Achievements
  191. New Dawn restarts my computer
  192. Was working ok for 2 weeks, now it wont load saying authentication problem
  193. Another patch but still no autosave bug fix?
  194. Can you idiots fix this basic issue?
  195. Game isn't showing up on Uplay library
  196. New Dawn will not download
  197. none
  198. lost game
  199. Restarting Problem Solver mission
  200. Game stuck at outpost
  201. How to co op campaign
  202. Irwin Smalls Mission
  203. ps4 controler
  204. No flamethrower hit registration
  205. Discord and New Dawn/Ubitrash games
  206. Can't buy FC Primal on my region in Ubistore
  207. Completed Far Cry 5 on Xbox One No Redeemable items Available On PC Far Cry New Dawn
  208. The Game crashes after some playtime
  209. Far Cry New Dawn mission help
  210. Neeed to go back to my save before I died Help please??
  211. The game freezes after defeating Ethan
  212. Game crashes to desktop when it launches expedition
  213. Progress Reset
  214. Activação de chave dupla
  215. Dual key activation
  216. Bug at Chop Chop
  217. All crafting material lost and 2nd slot on weapon wheel inaccessible .
  218. New player in Far Cry new dawn PC
  219. Odd question
  220. This product cannot be activated right now...
  221. BuzzKill Mission Glitch
  222. game wont start
  223. female not playable?
  224. Can't redeem Sin Eater reward in New Dawn, but i finished FC5
  225. Didn't receive Far Cry credits.
  226. [PC] FarCry New Dawn I didnt recieve my badge
  227. Account epic
  228. Gamepad control through Epic
  229. The game wont start at all now
  230. the weapons i bought with REAL money are no longer unlocked??
  231. Deep Dive mission will not complete
  232. Help!!!(Glitch) Achievement and Club Challenge not unlocked - FarCry NewDawn
  233. I can't buy Far Cry New Dawn on store. Please help !
  234. Cheating
  235. The game does not appear
  236. Need an activation code but never got one
  237. Inside Job bug
  238. Stutter due to autosave
  239. 3970X w/2080Ti and low FPS
  240. Why is my Ryzen 2200g outperforming my 2600?
  241. i just want to play
  242. Pls help
  243. Can't redeem the Sin Eater club reward in New Dawn on PC, but i finished FC5 on PS4
  244. Voice Chat is Bugged _same as farcry 5
  245. Bug with Gina Guerra after she hits 15+ kills she doesn't get the skill
  246. Far Cry New Dawn Uplay challeneges not triggering
  247. Game Shows Keyboard Prompts When Playing With Xbox Controller
  248. Far cry 5 veteran rewards not available
  249. replacing deleted game
  250. Narration sound too low