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  2. Xbox One troubleshooting for various issues
  3. Connection issues? Check here!
  4. Far Cry New Dawn FAQs and Troubleshooting
  5. [RESOLVED] ubisoft club reward how to sign up for news letter ?
  6. Can't claim Rook outfit or Sin Eater.
  7. Dolby Atmos appears broken
  8. Problems with the Mission : The Prophecy
  9. Automatic Takedown Loot/Hunting Bugs.
  10. Problem with mission: Upgrade Prosperity
  11. Shooting alarms does not disable them - The Refinery
  12. Invert Look
  13. Game Bugs
  14. Ethanol Inventory Glitch
  15. Anger Management Not Unlocking
  16. Bug/Issues List
  17. Prophecy mission glitch
  18. Missing cattle in game
  19. Vehicles vanishing.
  20. 2 Weeks and still no Credits.
  21. Should I just buy an Xbox One X.
  22. Supply drop landed in river in radiation zone.
  23. “Legend has it” Ubisoft club challenge bug
  24. Help plz
  25. 'Before' achievement not unlocking
  26. Key missing from "Go With The Flow" treasure hunt
  27. Can't download the game
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  30. Far Cry New Dawn Buffering/ Loading Issue
  31. Entities such as vehicles, dead bodies and animals disappear if I look away
  32. Game Breaking bug: The Prophecy: Holding amulet up to windmill does not work.
  33. New Eden mission not showing up
  34. Cannot draw out amulet nor photos
  35. Inside Job Glitch
  36. Last Achievement Stuck on Locked
  37. Can't redeem Rook outfit and "Sin Eater" but I completed Far Cry 5
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