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  4. Far Cry New Dawn FAQs and Troubleshooting
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  7. Unable to do CO-OP
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  9. Adjust Screen Edge Display?
  10. Can’t progress in main story
  11. Subtitles come back
  12. Trophy for unlocking all perks does not trigger
  13. Monstrous Cougar does not spawn in any the locations noted on the map.
  14. Weapons didn‘t Fire anymore
  15. 100m bow shot trophy 'Archery Expert'
  16. Friend Didn't Unlock the Act 2 Perks
  17. Black screen after upgrade Prosperity to level 3
  18. Far cry new dawn trophy missing
  19. Difficulté mal dosée
  20. Arme rouillée
  21. Ubisoft rewards for finishing campaign are still locked despite completing campaign
  22. Flickering in HDR-Mode on ps4 pro
  23. McKinley Dam bug
  24. Catching all the fish type, skinning one type of all animals trophies did not unlock
  25. Can’t play
  26. Vita Remote Play Button Mapping
  27. Ai/follower bug/bugs
  28. Glitches and black screen with audio
  29. Stream Friendly Gameplay Not Stream Friendly in Navajo Bridge
  30. Guns switching by themselves
  31. Weaponwheel bugs
  32. Inside Job mission bug
  33. Get to the point trophy and the Wrath perk bug
  34. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online Buy driver's license online
  35. Inside job escape bug
  36. Buy passport online Buy identity card online Buy driving lic
  37. Show Me Money Challenge bug
  38. inside job glitch
  39. Game won’t launch
  40. Creeping forward when aiming!
  41. The Mission Inside Job Is Not Triggering
  42. Can't walk in a straight line
  43. Show Me Money Challenge not working
  44. Monstrous Bear and Cougar not spawning
  45. Can’t pass saving nick rye
  46. Far cry new dawn nick rye help
  47. Não existem cariacus no game!
  48. Gameplay
  49. Prosperity - Level 2 Glitch - Under Siege
  50. Movement issue
  51. [Performance] PS5 30 fps is a joke
  52. [Bug/Glitch] https://dumpsarena.com/vendor/amazon/