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  1. I played the Prince of Persia Trilogy, now I want my money back
  2. well of anecstor
  3. How to get back to get back to horglass chamber
  4. ~ Battles Of Prince Of Persia....Story Script ~
  5. Y does his health drop?
  6. need more life at observatory level
  7. Game Runs in Slow Motion?
  8. stuck at well of ancestor
  9. Stuck at 64% pleaseeeee hellllppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. How 2 activate colck tower?
  11. Legacy of the Amulet!
  12. "a second chance" - the way back?
  13. I need Help Defeating the twins
  14. help pop warrior within??
  15. Stuck at "A Second Chance"
  17. OMG,stuck at 14%,can't kill his father!!!
  18. please help, stuck at the last tower
  19. Sound Effects repeat on top of itself
  20. pop"TTT" Stuck in the arena tunnel
  21. The Two Thrones for Mobile - Possible Spoilers
  22. I need help please and thanks
  23. Quick question.
  24. i need help..
  25. any cheat codes to refill sand tanks in pc?
  26. There is no lever at the Water Switch (!)
  27. pop save files
  28. Getting to the Water Tower
  29. platforms. a little help please
  30. (spoilers) question about the hourglass
  32. I need help!! Stuck in southern passage
  33. Cheat codes/ ps2
  34. Prince of Persia Melee
  35. Well of Ancestors (start)
  36. Cant get second ending
  37. Help on last upgrade, + short spoiler as well.
  38. Cut scene question
  39. helo on temple rooftops part 1 i think it called
  40. Annoying PSP
  41. A way to skip cutscenes/cinematics??
  42. how to kill vizier??
  43. I am stumped at something that happened...
  44. Observatroy level.. help urgently needed!
  46. Stuck in the Sacrificial Altar (I did a search really)
  47. Backwards Compatability
  48. The Well Saved game?????????
  49. Need help with the flying Monster
  50. help with wall in Labyrinth
  52. Xbox screwed me
  53. health bonuses
  54. I am stuck please help (RED ROOM Dark Prince)
  55. help!!!blades with dark price
  56. The princes looks in the T2T!
  57. different levers and platforms
  58. an interesting point*Spoilers*
  59. the plaza in pop 2t2
  60. warrior within was alot darker than 2 thrones
  62. Cant Find 1 Weapon In The Weapons Gallery
  63. Finishing WW without any life upgrades!!
  64. :confused: Fighting vs 4 catwomens concurrently
  65. Need help completing Weapon's Gallery
  66. Jumping
  68. Stuck running 2nd wall in Fortress
  69. Im Stuck in the Library Past
  70. Rooftops after the dogs
  71. Stuck at the King's roadway
  72. Need HELP Please - POP Revelations
  73. Stuck in Harbor district...Please Help!
  74. Help with the big dad!!!
  75. "Damsel In Distress"..Im fed up with it
  76. help me
  77. alternate ending
  78. scorpion sword
  79. help with twins
  80. please help
  81. No video gallery? Help!
  82. help with the big dad statue!
  83. What are the playstation button assignments?
  84. Finally got around to finishing POP3:TTT, and... (spoiler free)
  85. Just finished POP3:TTT, loved it! *spoler warning!*
  86. Activation Room(past) Mechanical tower-need help
  87. hi
  88. Cards
  89. Stuck at €œGO TO THE TOWERS€:
  90. Need Urgent Help!
  91. stuck at 5%
  92. Cutscenes not included!?
  93. PLEASE HELP - Prince of Persia Revalations!
  94. I need Prince of persia warrior witin help!
  95. help in "temple rooftops" level
  96. help on the "the promenade" level please
  97. help getting new sword in bathes
  98. Help - Installation of Prince of Persia - Sands of Time
  99. how to unlock movie gallery..
  100. Please Help! Problem after installing popsot
  101. the way you get art
  102. help please
  103. help on fun!!!!!!!!
  104. Rooftops? With the Bell...for PS2
  105. How do you speed kill? PS2
  106. I am stuck with Klomba in the arena(the big guy)!! :(
  107. emperess first time problem
  108. Need Temple Rooftops help
  109. POP WW is now tightly XBOX 360 Compatible
  110. Baby weapon
  111. I need help on Klompa
  112. Reach the hour glass chamber (past)
  113. stuck in Temple level in POP3:T2T!!??
  114. Glitch in Middle Tower level
  115. help, cant find a way out
  116. How to end WW differentely
  117. Jumping/climbing walls!
  118. Room with pool and movable stand
  119. life/upgrade
  120. Kayboards Tips
  121. stuck please help !!!
  122. HELP!! Lower City Rooftops
  123. I am STUCK!!!!
  124. Stuck again !!!
  125. how can i do speed kill with dark prince!
  126. clock tower
  127. Two unnamed enemies ?
  128. stuck in fates dark hand
  129. Stuck after fighting the Crow King
  130. Need help with The Terrace/Vizier fight
  131. Life Upgrades...
  132. the extra videos
  133. stuck again, just killed monster in fire place room.
  134. chased by dahaka
  135. i am stuck once again lol
  136. STUCK
  137. Wall Jumping-no walk up room/33%
  138. Wall Jump from standing/no room-help
  139. The Dahaka speaking english!
  140. Need help with the first boss
  141. Help! Lower City!
  142. Stuck after obtaining the 1st life upgrade in " water maiden garden (past)
  143. Where the heck are those damn life upgrades?!
  144. can someone help me wih Vizier??!
  145. Help with the king's road
  146. need help with the statue of prince's father
  147. the best movie ever!
  148. Stuck on the southern passage with the 9 upgrades...
  149. 2nd life upgrade
  150. From "mechanical pit" to "activate towers"
  151. 3D POP1 from Balcony
  152. Stuck at 46% because of blue soldiers
  153. i'm stuck...after killing kaillena
  154. Slow Motion Death Camera does not activate
  155. Location of Secret Weapons (Miscellaneous) and other hints and tips
  156. stuck on part right after the 1st sand gate thing
  157. im stuck on the raven master can you help me
  158. gamepad in sands of time
  159. How to put sword away in order to wall climb? (XBox)
  161. plz! need help with brothel girl! (possible spoiler)
  162. Waters and Gardens (Present)
  163. Having problems with speed kill
  164. please can someone tell me why i cant get the telephone or sorrow cheat to work?
  165. Help! Stuck on the Wraith Run
  166. Sewers faulty and stickies
  167. Manticore?
  168. Getting rid of the special sword (minor spoiler)
  169. Also stuck at 52%. HELP!
  170. Cannot find a way past particular location.
  171. Revelations - utterly stuck!
  172. stuck on a knife plant after getting winds of sand
  173. Dies everytime i try to reach golem 3
  174. stuck after killing the empress
  175. why doesn't the prince become a sand creature? SPOILERS!
  176. First time in PoP, No clue, Help!!!
  177. tomb
  178. Is my WW a Demo????
  179. Can't get to the throne room after getting the mask
  180. Chain Swinging Problem
  181. How do you activate Towers Past???
  182. how do I do the pole fight
  183. Hey guys can any1 help me out in PSP {pop}WW.
  184. Looking for two more regular secondary swords
  185. life upgrading
  186. Stuck big time ***SPOILERS***
  187. just wanna confirm this bug
  188. Help! Can't exit mechanical tower after activation
  189. Just finished the game !!! to easy!!
  190. Stuck in the fortress.
  191. install help
  192. The Sands of Time: Questions of the game and trilogy *SPOILERS*
  193. stuck
  194. help
  195. does any one know how to stop the lady in black from cutting you in the beginning
  196. Two Thrones Script- MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  197. Help!!! stuck after killing giant
  198. pop:T2T: Arena Boss tip for PC Keyboard & mouse version
  199. Stuck after activating the Waterworks Tower-mo-bob
  200. Prince Of Persia 3D Features!
  201. prince of persia saved files not present in docs and settings!!!
  202. *Updated* Rate each POP Game/10 (1989-2008)
  203. Why Water?
  204. T2T New Find
  205. Timed Run to the Reception Hall
  206. Misconceptions about you
  207. can anyone tell me how can i activate the second tower and where it is i cant find it
  208. i'm stuck...
  209. I need help...again
  210. lol, thats just... weird
  211. Got chainsaw, now what?
  212. The structural mental puzzle
  213. mission 4: hole in the wall
  214. Prince of Persia:Revelations (Life Upgrades)
  215. im stuck
  216. Sandwraith, cliffs & already defeated Empress the first time
  217. Glitch Near End of POP2 - Warning: possible spoiler
  218. Purple Lady
  219. The two thrones for PSP??
  220. I am Stuck and need help
  221. The Upper City Need Help BADLY!! *SPOILERS*
  222. help!!!!
  223. Bug In Prince Of Persia? I'm Stuck at the baths
  224. 3rd boss in round arena w/ pillars
  225. stuck how to get passed blade
  226. Bug in Hall Of Learning 69%
  227. please help!
  228. Prince of persia revelations lost in library and mechanical pit: throne and a mask
  229. Please help
  230. I really need help with this area (bug?)
  231. I think there is a bug in my game!
  233. Revelations - tricky art chest...*MINOR SPOILER*
  234. the throne and a mask
  235. Revalations- The Second Tower (past)-Help.
  236. Levels Prince Of Persia Trilogy in 3d
  237. I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  238. Im stuck at the upper city need help
  239. Im stuck in the royal workshop
  240. Pease Help, I'm Stuck.
  241. evidence about the location of the island of time
  242. Why cant I wall jump??
  243. im really stuck
  244. I'm going to kill him...
  245. stuck in the garden after water maiden garden
  246. T2T Question: Possible Spoilers!!!
  247. Sword Problems
  248. CHEAT!
  249. How many discs are there? Please answer ASAP!!!
  250. anyone got some patch or something against...