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  1. game saves
  2. Does anyone have a working trainer for this game yet?
  3. TTT Locations Question
  4. xbox and life upgrades.........
  5. dahaka
  6. in somewhat of a watery grave
  7. Speed Kill/Xbox/Dark Prince/Temple
  9. Saving on PC? Controller for PC? X-box ?
  10. DVD edition is different from CD ? Can't piece enemy?
  11. killing the two bosss
  12. I stuck in 1st D.prince after first boss
  13. how do you kill those two bosses in that arena with fire around the side ?
  14. I got stuck in the temple rooftops
  15. i need help please,
  16. ttt
  17. ***Spoilers*** Guide to beating 1st boss (others later)
  18. quick question about king sword (spoiler)
  19. Cant get started!!!
  20. Klompa! It`d be easier breaking into Fort Knox"
  21. Southern Passage Dead End?
  22. HELP!!!
  23. How can I make the diffuclty level of the game lower after satrting playing it?
  24. Stucked in room!!POPt2t
  25. Best Thrones Kill!
  26. Alternate End WW begins TTT
  27. Need Help With Last Boss
  28. how do i
  29. The Hidden Sand Power
  30. labyrinth level help
  31. Transition from Warrior to Thrones. Spoilers.
  32. Chainsaw Wepon
  33. Question. Warning, may be spoilerish
  34. skip level The two thrones
  35. stuck at first boss
  36. Old Man
  37. Performing the speedkills
  38. Did I miss anything? *SPOILERS*
  39. i`m stuck ppl need help!!!!!
  40. The DARK PRINCE - VS - GIANT please read
  41. What's with the no-dismemberment !!!
  42. Most annoying thing in this game
  43. dark princes funnyest moments?
  44. Running Wall Extension as the Dark Prince Inquiry
  45. i need help with POP the two thrones
  46. Help With The First Boss
  47. Not really an alternative ending - but something to do if you are bored **SPOILERS**
  48. WW Library
  49. how to get all sand bars up for warrior within
  50. hanging gardens
  51. 1st boss
  52. Wall bounding @ brothel X-BOX
  53. Clear a few things up - Spoilers
  54. stuck in ariena with giant
  55. PPL who have problem with twins on PC, Read this. Possible glitch, Major spoiler
  56. Can someone make me a PS2 Maxdrive game save
  57. the arena
  58. Help me, which are the strategy to win two warriors
  59. ARENA BOSS SOLUTION...I PROMISE!!!! :) **Also ask for help with this boss here**
  60. Life upgrades
  61. still trying Now a bug
  62. The main enemy
  63. Is there a cheat to become invincible?
  64. I'm going to freak out.
  65. HELPPPP!!!!
  66. Sound bug!
  67. Prince of Persia Revelations
  68. i need help for the 9 life upgrade anybody help
  69. plesa help at brothel
  70. Help with the statute
  71. screenshot of a bloody decap?
  72. stealth kill?
  73. TWINS 2ND S/K
  74. help!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  75. I got stuck
  76. health things
  77. Telephone of Sorrow Special Weapon?
  78. Game pad
  79. This is a bug or I'm stuck
  80. Defeat the Twins boss with only one sword? Is it is possible?
  81. Missing videos & decapitations [PC version]
  82. My Two Thrones review.
  83. clocks and water tower - v.v.stuck please help me
  84. Went back to get Sacrificial Altar upgrade ... now I'm trapped!
  85. SOT2's out, now when do we play WW2
  86. The Two Thrones PS2 level - The Lower Tower
  87. What happens to the chane?[SPOILERS]
  88. The Lower Tower
  89. Sword and Axe: How to beat them easily *spoiler*
  90. Can't find the way to Second Tower
  91. help, a glitch has made me stuck
  92. stuck in labyrinth
  93. please please help me help meeeeeeeee
  94. The dagger
  95. help well of ansestors pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  96. Old unknown videos found*unknown move and other Klompa*
  97. bug at the final fight against the empress
  98. how u beat mirror room
  99. where is the other prince*SPOILERS!!!!!!!*
  100. Question (spoilers)
  101. Farahs magic arrows ( Slight Spoilers)
  102. barrier chapter 3
  103. first tower, im stuck...im trying to turn the water on
  104. POP: TTT on Xbox360 ?????????????????
  105. POPTTT teleport tool
  106. How to unlock bonus weapons on PC??? - POSSIBLE SPOILER
  107. Need help to pass level
  108. it's show time! :D
  109. Controller key configuration help needed
  110. arena boss on pc
  111. final boss - savegame needed
  112. POP:T2T / What are sand tanks, what are sand credits?
  113. stuck in temple
  114. ***SPOILERS***Confused, how many princes
  115. stuck
  116. After the brothel
  117. **** twin boss
  118. Stuck in Relevations
  119. upper city please help
  120. time portal in mechanical tower
  121. GameSpot's Professional Walktrough For The POPT2T!
  122. helmp me please
  123. Heres a tip
  124. DARK PRINCE VS final boss movie!!!!!11
  125. Poll on ease of finding life upgrade!
  126. This is Stupid, But I Wanted To Know! ***SPOILERS, maybe***
  127. It's hard for me to say this, but...
  128. Please Help...Well of Ancestors!!
  129. who want fight twin boss as dark prince?!!look this thread!
  130. Warrior Within and The Two Thrones Camera Differences?
  132. STUCK Puzzle Chamber, Start of 2nd Tower (room w/ slippery walls!), Revelations
  133. ok, before I start SoT...
  134. my t2t (And other pop) review :D (bound to be spoilers from all pop)
  135. Fasir?
  136. official battles of prince of persia hints and tips thread
  137. Need help middle tower i think
  138. 360 degree dagger plant speed kill
  139. Battles of Prince of Persia
  140. Find a Way to the Throne Room - Past
  141. possible fix for glitches..worked for me!!!!
  142. Deactivating the sand gates...***SPOILERS***
  143. who is the most longest ?
  144. well, since there are no new PoP-games left to play...
  145. ***SPOILER WARNING***Things that TTT missed
  146. Become The Prince Of Persia!!
  147. I'm stuck (no way out???!!!)
  148. circular room
  149. dark prince vs GIANT high quality movie
  150. State of the game (TTT) - Worth my money?
  151. HELP!! Please.. stuck in place with statue of princes father
  152. WW - to buy or not to buy
  153. 360 degree dagger plant speed kill
  154. Revelations and BOPOP
  155. stone warrior
  156. the balcony's
  157. That wall meant to be there? plz
  158. upset with xbox version of POP: TTT
  159. SoT ending w/ TTT's Farah **SoT ans T2T Spoliers**
  160. life upgrade help
  161. stuck in terrace
  162. Revelations
  163. pop graphic card problem
  164. illegal life upgrade(WW)*spoiler*
  165. please help!
  166. Revelations added part toward end
  167. How many times it took you to beat Vizir?
  168. What Kind of Gamers Are u?
  169. Note: To those who can't unlock swords....
  170. Saved Games - Any place I can go and get saved games T2T on highest difficult level?
  171. Is there any way to skip missions?
  172. Stuck at "Here at Last" level (Observatory??)
  173. After the invisible attackers
  174. Game Crashes Prince Of Persia Warrior Within
  175. Klompa defeat, plus elevator trick.
  176. cant use the slow time action !
  177. Golem throwing flaming beasts
  178. Please Help Me out on this
  179. stuck as the wraith.....
  180. Fighting Techniques
  181. The second boss
  182. Demo Problems
  184. PC - Game Controller
  185. stuck
  186. game startup profile - disk full solution
  187. Help! stuck at water garden.....
  188. Which WW ending do you like better? (Spoilers, natch)
  189. Guards talking (slight spoiler)
  190. the throne and the mask level
  191. Help with the twins
  192. dont know this trick
  193. POP 3 for my mobile
  194. question
  195. pop ww demo #2(please respond)
  196. the brothel
  197. help stuck in lower city rooftops
  198. Found interesting weapon.....
  199. Help me with the palace balcony PLEASE!!!
  200. don't know how to go
  201. hobert district help
  202. stuk at the grave(it`s rosen)
  205. Game Controller with PC version?
  206. X-box speed kills suck. Can,t roll awayfrom twins
  207. Attn: Lethalsponge and rest who answered me before
  208. question
  209. pop:the 2 thrones
  210. moving giant statue?
  211. need help in temple
  212. ???
  213. Revelations added statue puzzle
  214. Help, I'm Stuck!!
  215. Levels. ***Spoilers***
  216. The Arena Tunnel Need HELP!!!!!!!
  219. tips to kill thed finlal boss
  220. NOTHING comes even closer to the "sands of time"
  221. uppercity dagger hold
  222. REALLY need help (Revelations)
  223. Need an Easy mode end game profile
  225. help me!!! its about MAHASTI!!!
  226. ***SPOILERS***i need to kno sumthing' importent HELP!!! & ANSWER FAST!!!
  227. stuck
  228. I need help
  229. I am stucked on the life upgrade #1. Please, help me
  230. Help on Stone Giant
  231. How come there isn't a patch for this game?
  232. GBA version help at button presses after farrah
  233. Got Stuck: Please Help
  234. wassup every1!!!:wazz:
  235. Help, I am stuck!?
  236. burning building puzzle?
  237. Sands of Time Petition *spoilers*
  239. Tower, 2 elevators, 1 stone
  240. Royal Workshop
  241. I don't understand how to do a Speed Kill
  242. To The Developers
  243. Saved Game
  244. StucK!! 19% Ill try to find a way in
  245. [Retitled] Technology, Hardware & Gear
  246. hook me up with a POP:T2T save game/profile (PC)
  247. Saving Areas
  248. I don't know WHY!!!!!
  249. Plz ..am Fed up
  250. I can not pass clockwork tower!HELP!!!!