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  2. Trials Rising FAQs and Troubleshooting
  3. Closed beta helmet locked for participants
  4. Reward Duplication keeps doing it
  5. [RESOLVED] Some earned Club rewards remain locked.
  6. Issue starting Challenger mode.
  7. Black screen on Siberian Skies
  8. No sound at all on xbox one x
  9. Rider items disappeared
  10. Bunny hop tutorial didnt unlock at level 42
  11. Bucharest Breakdown contract text is wonky
  12. Editor bug
  13. Gear Crates not appearing
  14. Screen tearing and lagging
  15. Error after completing Ninja Tracks
  16. Trial rising local multiplayer
  17. Can't play game on another console
  18. Help!
  19. Low FPS on UK Upper / Nippon Springs
  20. Replay reconstruction data is out of sync and replay cannot be viewed further.
  21. Found Glitches That Should Be Fixed
  22. Cant post new times on stadium final tracks
  23. All Track Progress Reset
  24. [Completed] Server Maintenance - Sunday March 3, 2019
  25. The item bugs are getting worse every day. Its a complete joke.
  26. [BUG][TRACK EDITOR][SEED BUILDINGS]Seed buildings not working
  27. Track Editor Bug Xbox 1 X
  28. Sticker positioning after customizing.
  29. (Help) I lost my track!
  30. Ubisoft services are not currently available
  31. Impossible Contracts
  32. Crash off data source state event and lots more
  33. Stadium finals not unlocking
  34. My skill games score doesn't add up correctly
  35. Trails rising - grand finale
  36. No More XP To Earn
  37. Golden Hero Achievement
  38. Getting stuck in the ground on the skill game Bomb bouncer on xbox one.
  39. Difficulty changing once I upload
  40. VERY annoying bug
  41. Gear i Have Unlocked Has Vanished From My Garage
  42. How does the friends leaderboard work?
  43. "Grand Finale" track did not unlock
  44. Not Saving New Highscore if Eliminated
  45. Possible leaderboard error
  46. Saved track creations disappearing
  47. Wrong region on leaderboard
  48. X1 bug summary
  49. Item duplication and item deleting bug.
  50. Clothes and bike default
  51. Leveling up stopped giving me gear crates
  52. Bug: Chilling out in menu on Profile Status
  53. All career progress lost
  54. [Bug][Xbox one]Leaderboards not saving records/replays
  55. Missing acorns
  56. Can't delete OPE without game crashing
  57. For those with duplicating inventory
  58. Most items gone
  59. Stadiums not Unlocking Correctly
  60. Other platform players show up as a - on leaderboard
  61. lag
  62. Skill games with altered buttons.
  63. Gear crates still broken
  64. Track loading failed an unknown error has occurred.
  65. Stadium Final First Heats Still Broken
  66. [BUG] Hitting RB from Loot Crate reveal screen causes items revealed to be lost!
  67. Bug - Selecting an unavailable bike causes the game to crash/freeze
  68. Closed Beta Helmet Gone
  69. Outfit not saving
  70. [RESOLVED] My Favorites category in the editor keeps crashing the game.
  71. Replays glitched?
  72. Can't pick Rhino in testing!?
  73. Editor won't load
  74. Xbox Private MP lobby bug
  75. Power Bike WR taken away
  76. Master's Degree not unlocking!
  77. All my sponsored items are gone
  78. Not Reciving Any Loot Boxes
  79. [BUG] Cadillac Rancher - Burnout Contract Impossible to complete?
  80. Serious stuttering issues
  81. Blue belt not unlocking?
  82. My scores are not synced in leaderboards
  83. Green belt not recording my time on the lb
  84. Game stuck loading now unplayable
  85. Game crashes when selecting “Notifications”
  86. Squirrel Helmet gone+numerous rims
  87. Loading times in TC
  88. Duplicate helmets and missing University of Trials gear I have unlocked
  89. few bugs need to be fixed
  90. Anyone get stick drift on xbox one?
  91. Ship it contract bug?
  92. [BUG] Inappropriate text: "shine"
  93. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online Buy driver's license online
  94. Leader - 00050002
  95. Grand Finale STILL not working...
  96. Crash on MP now get roach 5001 error
  97. University of Trials Glitch?
  98. Missing Items
  99. Closed Beta Helmet
  100. Ninja Leaderboards Broken
  101. Impossible contract on cadillac rancher
  102. Rider Customization Resets To Default Every Time I Close/Open Game
  103. Xbox One X - Game won’t launch
  104. DLC:C&S Secret achievement 'Leave No Trace' still locked
  105. Missing sponsor gear
  106. Why does all my gear say can't share?
  107. Found a glitch for FREE acorns!
  108. Upside Down Squirrel Achievement Not Unlocking
  109. New track not appearing in Recent catagory
  110. Not recieving acorns for squirrels
  111. Statcoulomb Bug - Donkey can't complete
  112. Oh No So Shiny Achievement and Skill Games
  113. STICKERS SECTION TEXTURES not working well in Trackeditor
  114. Anniversary Event Bug
  115. Camera Screen TV/monitor real time visualization.
  116. Season 5 Outfit not rewarded
  117. Viewing Track Pack Leaderboards Causes Game Crash
  118. Acorn issues
  119. Hi i purchased 100 Acorns 20/5 But i didnt get any.
  120. Editor ... Is not working well ...
  121. No gear crates received
  122. Gigatrack
  123. [Bug/Glitch] New Item Count
  124. [Issue Not Listed] Need a track deleted
  125. What's the server issue?