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  26. the track "Grand Finale" did not unlock
  27. Missing dlc and loot box content
  28. Unable to see my custom bikes on the bike selection screen
  29. Ubisoft Account Not Logging In
  30. Kuwait contract closes the game w/o saving
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  35. Same issues after patch
  36. About Ubisoft Twitch Drops Reward
  37. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online
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  39. Major problem
  40. Frame freezing
  41. Ubisoft name not being displayed for Switch
  42. Player position broken in Bucharest tracks
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  44. UBI Club Rewards not showing up ingame on Switch version.(Game version 1.0.7)
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  48. Unable to sell Wide Surface Fender in gear
  49. Acorns get set back to 0!
  50. strange error after downloading DLC
  51. Track rotation broken in MP
  52. Cannot purchase certain items
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  55. game crashes increased (ver 1.0.7)
  56. Not being able to progress in the career mode
  57. Lag
  58. [Bug/Glitch] Cannot sell Wide Surface Fenders