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  2. Trials Rising FAQs and Troubleshooting
  3. [TrackCentral] Tracks added to Play Later cannot be removed other than finishing them
  4. Ubisoft Club Items not showing up in game PS4
  5. Helium bike did not transfer from beta to release
  6. PS Store lists missing Gold Edition items
  7. The normal PS4 Performance
  8. Some Ubisoft club items not showing ingame
  9. Performance on PS4 Pro should be better than this.
  10. Uni of trials lesson 7 not unlocking
  11. Ubisoft items + bonus content
  12. No Ubi Club rewards
  13. Turbo bike exhaust error
  14. Problem with the leaderboards
  15. Items look "original" even though they are custom, and loads forever
  16. Contract "Yoga Posing" for Spirit of the Mountain glitch
  17. [RESOLVED] so my track vanished.
  18. Stadium Events Glitch
  19. Item Bug/Glitch
  20. Customizations and stickers are not saved
  21. Track upload bug? (PS4)
  22. Sneaker colour glitch
  23. Missing squirrel
  24. rotational hinge snags
  25. Inventory Limit Reached
  26. Inferno V error (PS4)
  27. Hit Trigger doesn’t react to object set as “No Contact Response”.
  28. past lvl100, no more crates?
  29. Unbeatable ghosts in contracts/stadiums
  30. Not getting gear crates?
  31. Way to filter OUT contracts and challenges
  32. Rebuilding PS4 database does absolutely nothing to improve performance.
  33. game breaking bugs
  34. Helium sound
  35. Ubisoft club items missing
  36. The end all be all suggestions you’re welcome.
  37. Hard hat zone challenge - Roach-00050001 error
  38. [Completed] Server Maintenance - Sunday March 3, 2019
  39. The Track File/Upload Bug (PS4)
  40. Leaderboard glitch
  41. Can't win object in contracts because my inventory is full of duplicates
  42. Problème sur le classement
  43. Multiple bugs
  44. Pre-Order Bonus and Gold-Code doesn't add content correctly
  45. No beta rewards
  46. Stadium Opponents not using the default times -- Bull Session X-Cross (8-1 Stadium)
  47. more bugs and unfinished editor content
  48. No uplay items, no gold edition items,
  49. Challengers constantly broken
  50. Item duplication
  51. All the bugs and glitches
  52. Tandem bike changing character
  53. Bugged Ghost on KTMs Minewalking
  54. Item Duplication Possible Lead Found!
  55. The last Stadium or whatever
  56. Player shadow artifacting
  57. Normal PS4 small freezes/skips
  58. Item duplicating glitch
  59. Track Central
  60. Grand Finale
  61. Can't buy Legendary Rider Shirt out of the store
  62. Bug Report: Grouping Objects on Different Layers Infinite Loop
  63. Touchdown skill game bugged?
  64. EDITOR BUG with favorites?
  65. Purchased Expansion Pack DLC with full inventory (accident)
  66. Curved data source stops if delay is too great
  67. Crash in Mulitplayer
  68. Trophy Stadium Finals Bug
  69. Earned stickers not awarded with full inventory
  70. Tracks deleting in the editor
  71. Displaying wrong LB times
  72. Game crashed, save corrupted - all progress lost
  73. Pre Order and Gold Edition Add Ons Installed, but not in inventory.
  74. So Many Game Crashes on PS4, So Little Time...
  75. Encountered Bugs
  76. Bali Blast Dual Not Unlocking.
  77. Lootboxes buggy?
  78. Leaderboard hacker or just a glitch?
  79. Game crashing when loading at the title screen.
  80. Customized items inaccessible and loot duplicate issue
  81. Leaderboards broken
  82. Non-Medal Runs not saving
  83. Controls Disabled when Selecting a Not Allowed Bike
  84. Still not receiving gear crates
  85. Broken replays since last patch
  86. Missing Squirrel Items
  87. Not Receiving Coins
  88. broken game since the last patch
  89. Ubisoft Club Items Still Missing in Inventory (April 11th patch)
  90. Level 108 got Easter crate, but not actually
  91. Missing Easter reward
  92. [BUG] Customisation is reseted after game start
  93. Can't access Route 66
  94. American Retro is gone :-(
  95. bugs I experience
  96. Missing League on Route 66
  97. Connection Lost error Again!
  98. New update, new hope, old bugs
  99. [BUG] Time Not Saving on Schoolyard Brawl Supercross - Always Showing Last Place
  100. bundle trouble
  101. Stuck at 100% loading
  102. How do i test play unshared tracks with friends in multiplayer
  103. My Game For PS4 crash 20 times in a row before it deleted All My data[**** Your Game]
  104. Sudden unexplained camera change
  105. game medals and times wrong??
  106. Editor Emitter Bug
  107. No Crates and Missing Items
  108. Minor visual bug
  109. Route 66 and expansion package issue
  110. Can't install Sixty Six DLC on PS4?
  111. Corrupted UGC data caused blue screen at start
  112. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online Buy driver's license online
  113. Track Central Question for RedLynx
  114. Constant freezing in the editor
  115. New Glitch/Bug after recent patch.
  116. Anba contract acorns not saving
  117. Popping textures on object surfaces.
  118. Bug on green belt
  119. Please help, unable to save track in the editor
  120. Favorites Feed Still Exiting Out
  121. Track Central Ghosts
  122. New Bugs Post 9/9 Ptach
  123. Crash and Sunburn DLC Issue
  124. Will those (Micro-)lags/freezes ever be fixed?
  125. Lazy Texture on The Emerald City
  126. Skin clear
  127. Not getting trophy for finding all 18 squirrels in Crash & Sunburn DLC
  128. Ninja glitch
  129. No Money In the Doc Feed
  130. Ubisoft services not currently available
  131. Lv. 217+ Not receiving crates anymore
  132. Ranking glitch
  133. Levelpack disappeared
  134. Can't play TC tracks offline!
  135. Unable to play— error
  136. Helium glitch
  137. Multiple Crash in the Editor after the New Patch
  138. Please read asap (sx) ninja university
  139. Minor name error
  140. Texture Bug ? Need a Fix
  141. Music Name Popup ??
  142. PS4 Physics Bug
  143. Unable to connect to Ubisoft services
  144. Global vs local leaderboard inconsistency
  145. After the ending checkpoint !!
  146. Gear crate issues
  147. Tc bug
  148. How to buy Granny Helen?
  149. After The ending Part2 ...
  150. Uninstalled TR and reinstalled with disc and lost everything?
  151. [Keys/Codes] No Acorn Packs in PS Store
  152. Tracks Disappear from Track Central
  153. [Gameplay] Unlock question - Trials Trophy
  154. ROACH-0001000B error
  155. Cannot see friend's time under 'friends' category on the leaderboards (Cross plat)